Thursday, 9 May 2019

Hatred is NEVER truly shared 

Hatred is NEVER truly shared but joined with as a subjugation of self for a sense of relative righteousness or superiority.

Hatred can and does set up the 'other' as a scapegoat or foil over and against which to assert a self raised upon their invalidation or denial.

The mind of hatred hides or masks in the forms or appearances of love or concern, in sympathy or protection - excepting when the 'evils of the other' justify attack in righteous and vengeful self-vindication.

The answer to hate speech is to not give it currency as anything worthy of joining with or under.
Don't join in hate, or you will forget who you are for the self hate gives you instead.

That there is hatred in the human heart is evident. The attempt to eradicate or deny hated evils on others and world is its destruction - and ours.
Facing or feeling our feeling, to uncover the beliefs and definitions that the feeling is the result of is bringing the dark to the light - regardless we hate to feel hateful - but BECAUSE we want to heal rather than hide or deny.
The attempt to bring light to darkness is entering a false frame of a personal sense of power that corrupts and makes sacrifice of light and life to conflict - which is the means of denying free awareness AS light.

Guilt and manipulation are anathema to communication because they call forth hatred and attack - as our triggered 'defence'.
The Internet cannot be allowed to serve communication, any more than the mind - for it would then uncover the lack of substance in the established order or 'authority', and so defences are triggered and the devices of denial are activated.

Free speech like any communication can be usurped by manipulative agenda - knowingly or otherwise. But then it is not free speech but an alloyed communication of both signal and noise OR no intent for communication at all, but simply leverage adopting the form of a communication.
I do not have to associate or join with anything that I feel undermines integrity in myself or others - but that does not mean I am in a position to judge others.

The wish to judge others and play in its fantasy or act it out upon them is the symptom of a lack of self integrality. But finding the sins of others and hating them there is not freeing ourself of our own, but it is a primary defence against our own exposure.

Self hatred is the underlying conflict that the world was made to hide. Everyone makes a slightly different world by nature of the particular forms of self judgement or rejection that set our personality structure. identifying in the mask is at the expense of sharing in the true. But within the mask there IS no truth but what is made up or used to mask in. If what we WANT is out of alignment with what we ARE then dissonance and conflict serve an eventual correction or healing. It may be RIGHT to want love, power and freedom - but completely wrong to set these in terms and conditions of futility and destructive or hateful assertion.

That a collective identity can generate a 'shutdown' of communication as a result of triggered fears is not obvious when everyone sees everyone else as being the cause or justification for polarising into hateful or exclusive identity.

Environmental guilt is the target by which fear is leveraged

Environmental guilt is the target by which fear is induced. While there is a consumer complicity - the essence of the corporate 'ego' of unchecked power is to 'outsource' not only the effects of consequence to the actual corporeal reality of others - but also the guilt of the intentional act - so as to enable such a parasitical and predatory intent to be sustained on the willing or dictated self-sacrifice of the populations being so used or abused.

The pivot to a negative energy 'Economy' at a new level of granular and global control is the 'Prize or Victory' to the illusion of power OVER Life. As if to Create Life and Health in our Own Image - except the god of such a wish is not a power shared and 'gives' only to take away and destroy.

Fear porn operates the degradation and undermining of our will and our mind as the expression of a true willingness. Fear of outcomes is no less deadly than the outcome - regardless whether truly founded or truly flagged or false assigned to diversions.

The Good News for any waking to a hell is our true need of true willingness - instead of the reactive dictate of fear-defined' necessity'. Fear can rob us of our wits and our true witnesses - and deliver us to evils in complex instruments of packaged deceit.

'Amygdala capture' is a self-sustaining investment in fear, and where fear thinks to see 'curtains' is where a true apocalypse draws them aside. The association of an unveiling with destruction is of fear of exposure in sin, shame or loss. Yet giving allegiance to such a fear is aligning in a purpose of sin, guilt and penalty.
No one wants it to fall on themself. No one wants to lose. Everyone then makes a world of denial by the apportioning of blame and penalty in power struggle to save their self and identified group identity.
Managing such a world becomes a task for A.I enhanced systemic identity management - in which the destruction of your true identity - albeit in distortion - is effected by a compliance to systemic 'protection'.

Without which life is to become at least believed to be impossible or terrible to think on.

Weaponising and Marketising New Insight or Perspective

What's in it for me in the ANH health blueprint?

One of the ways I see a fundamental error protected from correction is the weaponising and marketising of any new insight or perspective as the subversion of a Living Movement to a systemic control mentality.

The costs of the 'control mentality' are the symptoms of sickness, that then 'drive' the agenda of a negative economy.

The generation of a captured opposition is the 'sustainability' of a system of control by means of exacting allegiance and compliance - while undermining challenge of opposition - not least by claiming the 'territory' of 'CARING' in the creation NOT of health but of its language and definition.

The underlying 'post-truth' politic is the use of persuasions and 'incentives' to engineer consensus.
This IS the switching of allegiance from relational honesty to systemic identity.
Regardless the content of any communication, I urge discernment as to its methods and targeted fears.
Anything that targets our fear in appeal for acceptance is a salesman with a private agenda. This does not invalidate them, or all of what they say - but it is a conscious alert ness against being 'friended' or 'liked' into a phishing ruse by which identity theft operates through a systemic replacement.

The 'ego' MUST frame the New into its own thinking because that is ITS function. YOU do not have any such constraint because Your function is to behold all things New and see that they are Good. Or in modern parlance, to recognize and share in wholeness of being - regardless of the conditional and conditioned mind of reaction. It is a willingness and not an act of will seeking IMPACT.
Letting Life in rather than presuming to create Life in our own image.
It is true that the Creative extends through our willingness - but the moment we take this as our own power is the usurpation of consent by a tyrannous and blind dictate. THAT we forget is ongoingly evident. Willingness for Life is a change of heart - or rather a bringing of the mind to an honestly felt quality of wholeness instead of seeking to run off with the role of Lord Protector - and believe it!

Let Life abide and become in you. Don't abort the movement for an old Herodian conditioning pattern.
This means accepting love's wholeness through the willingness to share it. This moment is all that is needed to realign in health and wholeness - by Letting - which is always some form of getting out of our own way or trying to DO Life's function as a sense of control.

Don't just DO something - stand there - in willingness to receive of a different purpose than set by fears and self-deceits. Wholeness is connected and at rest in itself - even as a dynamic expression of active endeavour. Do not get in the way - will not be effective because it focuses in the negative. Do only as the way unfolds or aligns - which means you are listening, on purpose and trusting the timing of each step as part of a whole that is IN each step - even if the framing of the mind-in-the-world cannot yet see or appreciate this yet.
The attunement to discernment is the translation medium of all 'tongues'. 
The belief that others are stupid or unable to understand is the resort to 'change' them 'for their own good'.
This is very dangerous thinking to anyone tempted to accept it by acting it out.
Rather, learn toe READ the situation through a true discernment. What obstructs such a gift but our own conditioned thinking - and therefore what is the situation but an opportunity to accept healing for ourselves instead of fixating on errors seen outside us and attempting to resolve our conflict 'outside' ourself.
A key understanding is that everyone involved is both teacher and learner. The professionalisation to models of 'health' seeks to change the patient to 'help' them. The patient seeks to maintain evasion of relational conflicts set in external terms without distressing consequence. The agreement to physical causation is a mutual evasion that goes back millennia - as a displacement and re-enactment of power-struggle in and upon the body. Because this is such a deep conditioning, it is invisible and presumed to be self-evident reality - beyond rational challenge or question.
The program of the seemingly escaped sense of dis-embodied self-separateness is 'what's in it for me?'
This works a LACK-based sense of self against any alignment in wholeness. It works backwards in a world that has learned to think backwards by assigning Cause to effects - and WANTING it there. And attacking it there.
Discernment uncovers what is truly yours to give and receive without taking from another or dumping on them in attempt to use them lovelessly - for what we can get from them or get rid of on them.
So discernment brings the loveless INTO awareness for healing - by better choosing. Whereas the systemic manipulation of our psychic-emotional experience works to keep the loveless HIDDEN so as to make its persistence sustainable. This on surface, feels better - but at cost of denying our consciousness for a superficial substitute for life - RUN by fear.

By the way - I speak to your intuitive stirring - not to set your mind. The capacity of a direct and simple curiosity is the power to ask and be answered. Life is NOT a system to manipulate (without thus being manipulated), but has relational integrity LIKE what we identify as systems being of unified and unifying purpose. But the framework of the body presumes a closed system in its own spatial timeline. This is a very limiting and distorting focus - and brings corresponding results.

You are integrally in and of Life - which is BIGGER than anything we can model or conceive of. And so is your brother - who is brother BECAUSE of sharing Life - and not because he or she supports or agrees with your sense of how anything should be.

The term 'broad spectrum dominance' is often used militarily with regard to every other vector of influence being weaponised. It is a broad spectrum subjection to a corrupted idea of power.
The mind can be a true servant or a deceiver operating a secret service. How willing are we to relate without coercion or deceit? Not at all if we do not even recognise it in ourselves! But only in the context of a desire to heal - and no more as the sustaining of a blame economy or mindset. Responsibility is where freedom wakes the heart of a truly shared moment - and movement of being.

5G and the Internment of Things under systemic degradation

The ideas that drive and set global planning - such as has been emergent through Financial, Corporate, Medical, Political and Educational vectors of influence - are fundamentally accepted and given allegiance as policy to be enacted and enforced via a 'post truth' processes of manipulative deceit - that are not considered deceit by those who use the toolset - because they see a goal to be achieved, either of overriding evils to achieve a new order or system of control relative to such evils - or of survival set against extinction.

The 'Internment of Things' is an inherent infrastructure to an 'A.I' assisted real-time surveillance and control of all systems of energy exchange. Instead of the original Nature of Moving only as we are truly moved - and knowing or sharing the true in the fruits of our endeavours, we will have effected the BACKWARDS of only allowing movements that are officially accepted and permitted within the 'algorithm' of system dictate - as determined by system designers and managers through extended or amplified effect.
The development of systems running in place of and as substitute for conscious relational being is the development of a consciousness in which “Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". ( ~ Michael Ellner).

The implications of recognition and acceptance of the above are of waking to an already running systemic 'thinking' that is extended and magnified in its effect through such vectors of influence as SEEM to be causal and which we SEEM to be subject or victim to. Under which the hate or evil SEEMS to be an externality to be feared, resisted and overcome - but where the forms of such are fragmented and shifting perceptions set in polarised identity and reaction.

The cognitive dissonance is collective with a shifting focus in narrative controls of the attempt to manipulate and redistribute the psychic emotional energies of an insanity or 'backwards' attempt to engineer a substitute for Life in private agenda set upon the Whole.

That this is now a global agenda - fuelled and powered by a global development of consciousness as the intent of defining in order to predict and control - we have brought our 'private idea' to its collective conclusion or logical outcome in a living death under the degradation and depletion of the support for Life - such as to enact and effect our own destruction - not via CO2 - or as a result of 'vaccine hesitancy' or 'lack of pharmaceutical' or any other interventions claiming 'protection', but by invested identity in hates or evils under the mind of deceit - such as to SEEM to be set over and against them.

On a specific 5G issue - the nature of biological communications - (or rather of the nature of the principle of oneness or total communication - that can be pointed to, in the idea of the One in all its Parts - and all the Parts in the One), is of a limiting - and limited - rendering of the Life as the embodied realm of visibility and tangibility. In order to HAVE our human experience, we had to develop limiting structures by which to generate such experience, and without which the phrase Everything Everywhere refers to a Timeless, trans-dimensional quality of our being.
So in the attempt to escape a perceived mortal prison, we have been developing the prison - not the recognition of - and sharing in - the true of being.

Those adapted and invested in the escape from FEARED and hated life - call upon 'power' for control and give allegiance in return for 'protection'. But protection from 'knowing what we do' is not healing - but hiding the intent in the mind and the acts of 'others'.

There are fundamental self-honesties that are the predicate for conscious alignment and allegiance in Life that the 'systemic' of unconscious thinking 'in the world' is effecting a blocking and distorting signal against.
Rallying around any cause that in effect is joining in hate against an evil, is part of the sustaining of the evil in the guise of opposition. The mind of good and evil substitutes for - or usurps - the discernment of truth or the true discernment and alignment in the Living.

Wholeness, health and function are one. The attempt to be a private 'whole' set over and against a feared and hated chaos is the predicate to the driving force of a fear-driven agenda that SEEMS certain of its reality in terms of its persistence and sustainability - but only under the mind of a private or separate-self sense - protected from undoing of such investment and identity in true relational honesty. In other words the appearance and presentation of progress must be sustained by the protected, defended and necessarily hidden lie.

That 5g will operate collateral damage is no different in some sense to that mass vaccinations or pharma interventions already do - much of which is a slow death or degradation of functional expression. Their common root is in a global top-down imposition of suggestive persuasions that become legal mandate overriding the willingness or consent of any living being.

Seeking a better or more sustainable place on a sinking ship is still an allegiance to the idea that never could float. But there is a need for transitional support. In this sense the demonising of anything that another finds helpful denies them transitional support. At the true of our being, there is no law but what we give is the measure of our receiving - and that 'release as you would be released', allows what IS true to Rise of Itself to a shared appreciation.
If I seem over 'spiritual' or otherworldly of over abstract, that may take away from the recognition that all abilities and developed  perspectives have a role and a place within the healing of a fragmented and conflicted psyche - according to the needs set by the terrain or specific contexts.

Because deceit is the core issue - and its sustainability is 'threatened' with 'destruction' by a rising truth, no science or reason will prevail AGAINST it - but CAN and must be utilised FOR healing.

Speak to the Living in ALL - regardless their current state of mind - but by attending the Living - let the dead deal with the dead concepts and systemic futility of the attempt to give them life and make it true.

Be a witness to that which shares of itself - and reversing the reversal of thought by moving only as you feel truly moved. This is a crash course in self-honesty - from which all our relations extend. The CRASH is HERE - but the course we choose to take is a choice - WHEN we wake to the willingness to move from fear to a desire to heal - and maintain vigilance AGAINST deceit that would re-interject itself as a blind fear-seeking protection.

I hold that we have invested in a mistaken identity - and defend it against all else - and at almost any cost - as our very lives - and that we do this together 'in the dark' and for the reward that it offers or that we still seek there.

Do we WANT to embrace Life? Or do we say we do under a guise of a private sense of terms and conditions set upon what it must be?
Fears rising to awareness can be 'whack-a-moled' piecemeal or systemically. But never healed thereby, only denied and delayed resolution. Buying time against an 'inevitable' by investment in the unsupportable.

But fear of truth or fear of love's awareness now, is but fear of Self - and that makes no sense - excepting to a self-sustaining self-evasion of self destructive denial and degradation. THAT then is what needs bringing to a true evaluation and account, so as to reintegrate the living and release what has no call or desire to live and hence no belonging in our embrace of Life now.
While I discern a love of life in ANH, I write in love to awakening in our true nature as the willingness of its movement of expression - which is unique to our particular circumstance in form - but unified in spirit or purpose. Let there Be Life!

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

The Voices In My Head

in reply to a comment linked above ending with; "but the voices in my head kept on saying over and over..."

Your last line prompts me to  point out that a self-defeating futility is not in the act itself but in the invested identity in outcomes or attempts to change the 'other'.

Do 'voices in our head' EVER support anything but a kind of mind-capture?
The prompting that I joined with in writing this observation was felt first as a formless recognition in alignment with the desire to be free of deceit - and share in 'the living'.

I was pleased that you addressed some of the devices of deceit - because merely personalising evil and attacking it in others invokes voices in our head by which we are given to hate rather than witnessing to love's honesty.

Thinking in the heart holds a quality of guidance and support within a relational sense of being - but the head of our own tale-spin works a passive victim to a correspondence or sympathetic resonance of hatefulness - or evil - that like vomit is projected away from self as to get rid of a toxic 'violation'.

But when we get rid of evils onto our world or to others in it - we are putting it there as a way of seeming to escape or mitigate a FELT dissonance, conflict and hatefulness in our self.

The liability in giving away or outsourcing guilt, conflict and pain of loss to others and world, is that what we choose to give sets the currency of our awareness and acceptance of being - and only SEEMS to be a personal or private profit under the split off sense of incorporated allegiance in doing so - that is of joining in hate as a source of power and protection against fear of pain of loss.

To hate the deceit would best be resolved by giving it no power to have real effects in our self, by interjecting between us and our awareness of true relation. Else we hate in the other what we fear and give power to in our self - and effectively engage in a battle of hate - which is a psychic distortion and contagion that works through the attempt to take power from the other that is unconsciously given them.

While what I seek to articulate is not hard to understand - the readiness to accept it may make it impossible - because a primary sense of personal power and protection is achieved through blame. In other words, assigning, framing and directing guilt and associated penalty is an underlying corruption to any true currency of exchange. The undoing of guilt is not in displacing it from a self-exceptionalism to a body or world, but by recognizing instead an error calling for correction. Once an error is associated and framed in irrevocable sin, a part of us - and of our Reality is set 'outside change' and forever apart - as a 'crime upon History' where history is itself framed as a personalised victim in the enacting of the death of love.

The collective enactment of the denial or killing of love is a joining in hate as a world set 'outside change' and forever apart. This is 'mind-capture' or mind control - but who or what exactly is captured by or capturing? Deceits are founded in deceit.

In order for programs to run, the appropriate operating system has to be running. Or in a variation of this, in order for malware to run the system, the system has to be hacked. Our minds are not merely quantitative but qualitative, and yet investment in form-based meanings blinds us (by phishing reaction) to qualitative communications.

We give meaning to our world - either on true current-see or in attempt to change the meanings we have given power to, 'outside ourself'.

Those who align in fear are those without awareness of belonging in light as an integrality of being - and not in some scripted self-specialness set over a hated world.
The wish to rule the world is a misplaced identification in divided self that engenders chaos as its source of justification, validation and right to power.

Sunday, 5 May 2019

What can the matter be?

Matter indeed has been classified by our own definition into externally measurable or subjectively tangible - such that although thought and feeling matter to us, and direct or form the basis of accepted definitions, they are no longer material fact and therefore accepted fact except and unless correlated to material cause such as neuronal or biological activity.
In this we have chosen or accepted a model in which our cause is outside and apart from us.
The modelling or reality - in current terms suggests an already reality to be mapped or 'discovered' - 'Out There' with the alternative of an entirely subjective reality.

My observation and understandings lead me to see - in our own terms - a catastrophic basis FOR and FROM WHICH - such a division and conflict arose - and is maintained under a constantly shifting narrative identity of the attempt to unify inherent contradictions - because only what is Real exists, and what is unreal does not and never has existed. This uses the term Reality as truth - rather than the 'reality-interpretations' and experience of following our own invested thinking.

Separation trauma - as loss of Self - capitalised because it needs no name or reference excepting a sense of separation is accepted as the mind OF a sense of lack-seeking-completion - instead of the function of Mind as giving or extending Completion.

In giving a contradictory meaning to What Is (One Meaning in all its Parts)  - is the receiving of conflicting messages and of a split purpose and thus a split or conflicting and contradictory mind. The experience of such a result is the basis of the belief in attack and loss, and the resulting mind of a defence against loss by means of attack.
Stated in the raw, this seems unbelievable, but if we shift at least initially from the body to the mind - the operation of judgement operates as a denial of wholeness and coherency by which a limited and limiting version is selected and given light of acceptance as the validation of a personal sense of lack-driven need or desire - while anything that does not support is ignored, rejected or denied such as to not even register.

The shift to a 'self' protected and empowered by judgement against a now feared Reality in loss of self, is thus an expression or development of the idea of 'making reality' rather than extending the function of Creation. Mind is creative, for whatever is given acceptance, extends - or in older terms - goes forth and multiplies or bears the fruiting of its natural result or reward. If we give contradictory meanings then the modern terms applies: 'garbage in; garbage out'.

The attempt to understand and manipulate 'garbage out' as material fact not only invests identity in persisting and reinforcement of 'garbage in', but actively undermines the capacity to abide with what is in a genuine desire to see, understand and release obstruction to a true appreciation in recognition of shared being.

The undoing of division between mind and matter is in a shifting of perspective and recognition as a result of pausing the mind of judgement or assertive 'meanings' to let Meaning abide and become in us as a result of being truly moved - despite or regardless of the seeming shout, urgency or compulsive habit of an invested identity from past adaptations or phases of development.

The world of our developed abilities is not then destroyed - but given new purpose in serving an integrative and healing movement of being - in and of which 'heaven and earth' shall pass away as separate states.

the Electric Universe Idea serves the undoing of a 'Thing universe' to a Total Communication or Integrality of being.
A self-made self is a circular reasoning in which a mind of spin can seem to exist independently to Mind - now seen as other, and not life - and as likewise separate 'selves' and 'things'. We see what we are looking out from.

Reaction, prevents revision, so if we are willing to see with new eyes, we must observe our mind-in-reaction rather than give it the illusion of  'autonomy' as if our own.