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Embodying the Transcendental in Art

The Mystery of Music: Explaining the transcendental

To the above thinking:

Why not "both/AND"? (instead of either/or)
The nature of structures or patterns can be 'explained' or illuminated by mathematical or geometrical patterns and ratios. These in turn may correlate with patterns in consciousness and nature.
But the aesthetic appreciation and intuitive stirring of the Soul is creative act whose meaning expresses through the perceiver and embodies and reflects a Living quality that transcends any definition.
To call it anything is to attempt to 'translate it into form' and music is already bringing it into form whereas attempts to map out in models tends to serve a manipulative control that by nature is blind to wholeness - which is transcendent to the sum of its parts.
However, to BE a 'mystery' is not mysterious - but simply a direct abiding appreciation as. The sense of mystery to the mind of mapping is really just an inappropriate application of a tool. You do not require explanation to be all that you are.
However, story can use the idea of 'mystery' to indicate a special or superior state or power to which the listener is framed as in a process of attaining or becoming and this may have expediency to the role of parent or guide but becomes a manipulative exclusion of innate nature when such role becomes self-serving status.
The framing of any appreciation of music or sound patterning expression is a definitional structure of personal and cultural filters and conditionings in a unique moment or context.
The idea of taking something out of context and analyzing it, is not a musical communication so much as a focus on forms.
The reduction Living Reality to form-based meanings is the assertion of a separate mind context in which to exclude the wholeness appreciation in favour of a private agenda which can  of course find mutual reinforcement. This communicates a different foundational vibratory quality than a direct inspirational sharing. Art and artifice reflect different qualities BUT the meaning that anything has is truly the meaning one gives it. Hence there is not a unified FORM of music but there is a unified experience of joy that can be embodied musically.
Beneath the sophisticate definitions is our primitive nature of 'being moved' by the unseen and invoking or embodying it.

Synchronicity relections

Written in comment to Rethinking Synchronicity - You Have the Amazing Ability to Create Coincidence

Every Instant is a synchronicity, and memory operates within or as a facet of the mind of comparison between this and that, or that and now - even though it is summoned up as a construct within the now.
There is no way to account for synchronicity within a linear time-frame terms, but there is a way to account for linear time-frame experience within synchronicity. It has been noted that the brain and its corresponding mind of the personality construct, operates as a limiting and filtering device within Always, Infinity, Indivisibility. The alignment of the personality construct with the Field Awareness reflects as synchronicity - but if the ego is not integrated, this can be fearfully interpreted and indeed denied.
Rather than presume a disconnected consciousness and seek to validate it and all things in its image, consider reversing the reversal.


~=~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~>>-<<~>>~+~<<~>>-<<~ -:- ~=~ -:- ~=~

"You have been telling the people that this is the Eleventh Hour, now you must go back and tell the people that this is THE HOUR.

And there are things to be considered...

Where are you living?

What are you doing?

What are your relationships?

Are you in right relation?

Where is your water?

Know your garden.

It is time to speak your Truth.

Create your community.

Be good to each other.

And do not look outside yourself for the leader.

Then he clasped his hands together, smiled, and said, "This could be a good time! There is a river flowing now very fast. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are being torn apart and will suffer greatly. Know the river has its destination. The elders say we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above the water. And I say, see who is in there with you and celebrate.

At this time in history, we are to take nothing personally. Least of all, ourselves. For the moment that we do, our spiritual growth and journey comes to a halt.

The time of the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and your vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

Oraibi, Arizona Hopi Nation

Climate guilt ridden fear as a weapon

Climate Destabilization - as an instrument of strategic pressure

This voice may be a canary in the mine. I did not engage his political points but felt to illuminate a perspective of discernment to the conversation as to the nature of the communications that propagate fearful agenda.

- - -

I trust and use discernment as to the quality of any communication that I meet in terms of its coercive payload or its extension of value. The former may attempt to disguise itself in the latter but to be fooled one has to take the bait.

However in our society - almost everyone is in a sense preloaded or already conditioned with fear, guilt and a sense of self dissonance - which is to a large extent displaced onto one's world - that is onto others and conditions to which one feels subject.

The archetypal instrument of human guilt as basis of destruction is the engine of the divide and rule or 'splitting' the mind against itself in psychological defence.

Another instrument whereby to maintain ignorance that always enacts arrogance is to presume to know or be certain. It is quite possible to live from certainty - but a true certainty is at peace and at rest within itself - that is - it is not asserting itself in order to convince, overcome, undermine of GET anything from anyone. This certainty operates as wholeheartedness and directness or honesty. A false certainty is driven by a fearful or conflicted agenda that seeks reinforcement and is attempt to gain or maintain power OVER that inner conflict - whilst manifesting as the operation of coercive power in the world.

Climate change is a great opportunity - in fact an unmissable one! But a fearfully defined self interest will always frame everything to serve its own agenda.
Primate change - is also the opportunity to recognize a psychologically fear based sense of self and existence and discern what is true or untrue of who you know yourself to be.
And although the mind's defences are designed to obscure that, they can only do so via the deceits of fear and guilt in personally coercive terms.

Science is a wonderful tool, but scientism is wedded to a corporate agenda and its own rigid model that represents a defence against truth that the mind is not ready to accept - for if we were, then there would not be the patterns and roles of being caged or kept in the dark.

Logic is rational - but can extend insane foundations to arrive at rational absurdity.
Power-seeking interests work by stealth and guile to disintegrate so as to enter and control.
Integrity is thus the beginning and the end of the matter for any sane creative endeavour.

Scarcity in the perception of power

A Summary (in quotes) of the first Media Lens book, 'Guardians of Power'

led me to write what I feel joins with the theme - but from an appreciation upon the structure of consciousness that runs beneath the world.

- - -

I've read and appreciated reading this but feel to note the political effect is one with the consciousness cause.

The idea of a dark lens of distortion is not new and the idea of a deceiving mentality is not new - but what is less often acknowledged is that its defence against exposure, and subsequent disregard, is the device of denial and projection - for these two are one. What is denied, hated, or rejected in one's own consciousness is made real or validated as a negatively charged fear, by the projection away from self - onto world or other - and then reacted to as true - in the seeking of mutual reinforcement and agreement.

This device purports to temporarily protect from intolerable guilt and the 'rational' mind is invoked to justify and support such division as if an actual separation.

The 'lie and the father of the lie', is the force of the wish to defend a fearfuly defined sense of self as if it is true. This inevitably operates at expense of truth and in disregard to others or one's own true interests. It is the mind of war to which truth is sacrificed.

In the identifying of the 'liar' within Consciousness - of which one's true being is an expression, one becomes free of the personality assertions that sidetrack and displace - or mask and hide  - the actual issues from exposure - and thus protect from resolution.

Rather than seek moral righteousness in opposing the wrong, we can embody an integrity or congruency of being that is able to communicate itself and address the issues without being baited or lured into the crab barrel of futility.

A current ML article uses the term 'rewilding'. I remind those open to symbolic wisdom that God's response to the Paradise Pair who thought to be masked and self-empowered by their own thinking, was "And who told you you were naked?".

Who tells us we are shameful, blameful, inadequate to our life, unworthy of love, etc etc?
The liar does. Whether apparently externally or apparently internally.

Jesus said - (and I don't use him here as an 'external authority' to hide in), that it is what comes out of a mouth that defiles it and not what goes in. Just let 'mouth' stand for mind and see that whatever we are exposed to, it is up to us what we accept, share on and thus identify and belief true for us. For if we give our focus of energy and attention, we are choosing it - even if we do so in 'secret' or by the device of a  'compartmentalized' division in place of knowing and sharing wholeness.

Fear frames all choice within its own founding dictate and so operates as a tyrannous will, masked in the illusion of freedom. But fear itself is a choice, and to recognize that fact, is to resume the use of a power we have never really 'given away' - but covered over in the belief we got rid of it. Why? Because one can use the idea of power to hurt oneself in such a way as to then seek to limit loss and protect a fragment. The mind is then split in the search to regain its power/love/identity through the very relations that it has projected its own rejection upon.

The diversion into fear operates as a reversal within consciousness  where the effect is put before the cause - and becomes believed to exist apart from and thus becomes (in its own belief) its own cause.

In truth such false identity attacks and undermines its own power source for its seeming 'power' comes from denial of true. That is, it has all the power you give it in the belief it is you - or your protector and guide.

While in principle this is simple, the investment in fear is deeply layered with defences such that communication access is effectively denied. Not unlike addiction.
However, the true nature of Consciousness IS Communication and so there is a perspective available in which to recognize or waken from the mistaken identity, and we can seek and find and extend the conditions in which such communication is freely accepted.

Fear of AI - artificial intelligence

How scared are you of AI? asks The Guardian.

I find our technology amusing in that it replicates an already artificial intelligence.
First of all, what is Intelligence - or for the purposes of comparison; native intelligence?
The native intelligence is that which an artificial intelligence denies and usurps.
The native intelligence functions as a quality of communication within and of a wholeness of being.
An artifice operates as a distorting filter upon the communication flow, so as to operate a program of mapping, prediction and control, as a function of reinforcement and defence for the persistence of control as the foundation of a sense of separated intelligence.
This machine is apparent capacity of a mind to operate independently or autonomously. Not in Fact - but in experience.
The artificial intelligence is a device to access experience of power and will within a three dimensional 'external reality'.
However, its own definition of intelligence is predicated upon the power by which it seems to have come into existence; divide and rule.
Intelligence in the native or true sense, is indivisible, being the result of ask and receive, of knock and answer, that is innate or inherent to wholeness.
Where self-doubt has not entered, this can be readily demonstrated.
But a split off partiality from the separation-trauma is both self-assertion and self-doubt seeking to unify itself against what it projects away as rejected or not self. Within its programmed framing is only a game of powers meeting depletion and defeat - for attempt to disconnect from Source can only generate destructively, but in ways that seem to be wealth and power - that evaporates to debt and slavery and defiance.
Accessing Consciousness is a matter of releasing or desisting the artificial identity in reaction, so as to be receptive to Universal Will - which then resumes true will as integral to its wholeness in the awareness of the individual expression.
The split mind characterizes the 'human conditioning' or program over the last few millennia. But a reintegration of alignment to true function re-purposes abilities of the artificial personality complex to serve rather than usurp, the core function OF Consciousness - which is Creative.
The extension of whole consciousness into what we currently regard as machines of material insentience, is a living relational extension of Life rather than a mis-identified attempt to power over Life.
The safety of something is in its foundation. Anything of a self-conflicted foundation cannot result in a peaceful outcome. Change the foundation - or rather, release the false, and 'technologies' become ONLY used for communication and service.
The idea that humans are pests or parasites is an idea of a false self-reflection. Change your core self-belief and extend and receive a different world. We populate our world with self-hate because we don't own the conflict of our fears and therefore are programmed by them - and this reflects as 'evil power'.
All coercive power operates the same agenda - regardless of the form it takes. It is a product of wanting generated by lack and fuelled by persistent interference in its own channel of Intelligence that uses Light to make darkness as proof of its own existence. It does so by hiding or disguising awareness in mutually asserted and agreed definition. Everything reflects the Idea you give it. A matter-world of disconnected blind processes in which to 'lord it' over the subjugated? There is no peace in it, means it is delusional. An addictive negative loop. Programming failure. Reboot core services.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Addiction affliction

HuffPo has an article on addiction - and I felt to add my perspective to the underlying psychology of addiction.

Disconnection - FELT- disconnection from Life - from love, from wholeness - MUST seek itself everywhere at all times.

The core identity issue is that when our own mind is believed to be the cause of disconnected or loveless experience, then the pattern the results is a conflicted or split minded fear and guilt that then seeks protection FROM itself by looking ANYWHERE BUT where the pain and fear of invalidating hate and anger is, and thus displace itself in looking OUT and seeking answer OUTSIDE - away from where the problem is.

So a misaligned or untrue sense of self cuts off awareness of true, believes it is victim to events it cannot tolerate or control, and attempts to tolerate and control them as a split off mind by projecting them onto the Life of the world and onto others.
Substitutes for love that cost true connection, a personal sense of power that seeks its own while blind to the true relationship of Life-connection.
Addiction first begins with the compulsion to THINK as a persona-mask or shield of limitation and protection FROM a sense of vulnerability in fear of exposure as an unworthiness of living love. Of being seen or known truly or of extending true presence.

This view of addiction is revealing the device or template for the particular version of segregative and separated consciousness that seeks control over life individually and collectively and has culminated in the world that in a sense we have made that REFLECTS the addictive disconnect from Life - as a self-destructive blindness.

But the birthing into the physical experience does not HAVE to be templated as the disconnect of a fearfully or unworthily defined self. It is not hard-wired to our consciousness though it has been conditioned over millennia.
The addict in denial has generated its own version or definitions of everything in what to that perspective seem self-protective. These are what we call our psychological defences. But they are protecting the FEAR and the BELIEF in GUILT as if these were the FOUNDATION without which all would be a negative intolerable chaos.
BUT to actually LOOK upon this seeming foundation in clear awareness is to SEE that it s not YOU.
Opening a conscious communication in ones awareness of a true FOUNDATION in Life rather than ones own THINKING, initiates and supports and guides a life of reintegration that shifts to align and act out from a true foundation - a truly FELT foundation.
The re-integrative sense of self is one of an unfolding and shared existence whose meaning is in felt existence itself as the movement of sharing, of desire, of embrace or passion, in true desire.
For to truly live is to be truly you, right here, as this now. The now of the addict is sacrificed t GET away from what is defined as disconnect and invalid and thus disregarded except as a means to get somewhere else. There is no appreciation of the harmonies and qualities of all things as the richness of living excepting in conditions that are defined love - conditions in which one allows or permits relaxation into feeling connected. But even this is pervaded with attendant fears of change, of loss, of running out, of separation-fears. And often the association of being 'hurt by love' will prevent any real relaxation but restrict experience to the superficial and shifting, as if to be safe from feeling connected because it EXPECTS and associates that with PAIN.

The 'world' that results from persisting in an untrue and split off sense of self is insane, self destructive and tragic in its denials and deceits. But it is not HAPPENNING to you, it is a subscription service. One doesn't change an insane world by seeking to solve it OUT THERE, one pauses from insane entanglement to notice and OWN that insanity is operating as an out of true or fearfully defined sense of self. NOT using it to FIX yourself opens the perspective UPON it in which YOU can recognize inherited or conditioned CHOICES that operate against your true desire and so your DO NOT WANT THEM and allow your free imaginative natural being to uncover and move with a better choice.
This is not a blame or shame or negatively charged denial of the previous choice.
The attempt to control and coerce upon one's Life is the thinking that sets up the disconnect from the light of relational awareness - the Field Awareness - in which one feels and navigates within and as an integral aspect of a wholeness.
True thinking is in the Heart. Not emotionally masked agenda, but the communication that resonates and is relevant to what you know and feel to be true of you to the best of your ability in any given moment. The machine mind does NOT know or love you who are Life, but runs as a misplaced protection that CANNOT protect you and which overburdens itself in the attempt to manage what it is neither designed or capable of achieving. In releasing usurped functions to a felt connected Life, true function is restored. Healing is what happens naturally when true relation, communication and recognition are accepted. Love's response is to love's extension. Coercion is not the way. Willingness and self-honesty to joy are the way.
Thankyou for your attention.

Vicky McDonald commented to the article:
Having a sibling spiral out of control on drugs when he was a teenager and then dying from the same at 49 years old, I saw and knew to early in my life how drugs/alcohol ravage human beings. We tried everything to help him, loving him unconditionally, tough love, therapists, baker act, but mostly never, ever turning our backs on him and always telling him how much we loved him, but nothing ever worked, he used and drank himself to death, I do not feel their is one reason, genetically, physically, emotionally why users use... to me it is a human mystery that will remain unsolved for as long as life exists on this planet.
(I couldn't get this comment to post but here it is anyway)

No matter what anyone does, the power to choose is inviolate. In any situation one chooses the best or least worst option as one defines oneself in that situation or relationship.

The key word is defines. How does one define anything but as a sense of giving and receiving meaning. But we do not recognize this power is operating, but take for granted, and live out within, mutually agreed definitions, that are not necessarily true of us or agreed with by others.

The 'mystery' of free will is that it does not make sense to the need to make sense of everything in our own terms. But what cannot BE understood, then holds our mind open OR is used to lock them shut. I lost a daughter to suicide - or I have had the blessing of a beloved daughter who suddenly and inexplicably left. The mind can spin on everywhich way it can but it only goes round in circles.

My second daughter is 'special needs' and without guile of mental complexity and spoke sanity into our family when she said "we did not want Ellie to die, but she did".

We each have a deep sense of what we deeply WANT that may be deeply buried and treasured,  but we know when we feel deprived of it. Living a life in which one feels denied of core sense of unmet need may be unbearable. But amidst the unbearable is the opportunity to become aware of self-definitions that form our personality structure - or who we believe - and in that sense love - ourselves to be. There are so many ways in which I deny myself happiness by insisting it must come a certain way. Is it true to say we are all addicted to our 'self' until we wake from a perspective beyond it?