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Noticing the mask and releasing the persona

The Ghosts of Fall

Identifying in the mask or extending Identity through a transparency of mask:

One can live as if one is the persona and defend and develop the persona as a strategy of persona self interest. This is also called ego-centric.How we choose to define ourselves and the definitions we inherit or imbibe without much sense of choice or basis for choice at the time all make up our personality construct of definitions, feelings, beliefs and thoughts, perceptions and actions and learnings or conditioning therefrom.
Jesus gave no time to Hypocrites (actors in Greek), because there was nothing actually being extended or communicated to communicate with BUT an assertive mask, but in a larger attention would use the event to illustrate and awaken true hearing or recognition in those who were free enough of the mask to let anything in.
The shift to an embracing consciousness perspective tends to come from the collapse or disintegration of the mask - which is also associated in many with more desperate attempt to assert it - as if it is one's true identity.
The mask is ALREADY a kind of virtual reality overlay to actual energetic which is sort of relegated to 'unconsciousness of disregard' whilst playing oneself in story. Mindfulness offers a way to notice more of what is actually here - not merely outside but our perceptual and emotional and definitional ideas.
The mask is essentially a strategy of coping with fear of self conflicted or painful experience. Fear operates to obscure the felt qualities of Life, it asserts itself in forms of dissociative identity.
What is it we fear but to be unmasked. In order to protect against this every strategy will be employed. Fear of evil operates itself as an inner mask to protect that which it forbids you look upon. Yet to look at this fear without seeing through its own beliefs is to recognize that it was love all along that was so fearful or rather" what we have made of love and believed true.
Fear can be used to mask and to hide in and to keep apart from. It can also be used to unmask and realign to true self.

This next bit did not fit the character limit… but here it is:

So if the world at times reflects the fear of coercive and deceptive assertions, propaganda and failure to relate or communicate or even see or address what is going on, then use that to uncover one's own participation.
Who knows not the assertion of mask over true relation can throw the first drone.
To see another AS ourself is to relinquish the voice of the lampshade and see through to the light. beware of the urge that 'loves' to hate - for that is the hiding of what we do not want to own. But no one can change what first they do not own   and persisting in war is the worship of the mask that denies knowing and being known truly.

A Capital idea - What!

Capitalism is under scrutiny - whatever it actually is - due not least to the financial system becoming clearly associated with a scam and a shadow power beneath mere appearances of governance.
This page brought the subject up. I simply wrote from where I feel to stand in what the idea brings up for me.

Capitalism: defending one's investment in getting more for less?
Capitalism: extending a tangible worth by growing it.

I feel everything in the world of a polarised and alloyed mentality can serve dual purpose. Nothing has but the meaning and purpose you give it. A split mind attempts to mix mutually contradictory purpose and loses all sense of foundation amidst its own convoluted spin. In believing its own spin dresses up in cleverness or pomp but has no real presence - as coercive and deceptive strategies reveal obvious.

In a 'seller's market' which is where a sense of lack, scarcity or insecurity is bought into or believed true in the terms framed, one can sell ideas that seem to answer the lack in the short term, yet capture and disconnect the sucker from their true nature, sustenance and wits.

The drive to sell to get operates the cultivation and herding of marketshare, mindshare.
Pyramid schemes pattern energy in consolidating tyrannous hierarchies.
After a while it is accepted as the human condition.
Of consciousness and society.

But Maslow's pyramid is upside down and inside out.
EVERYTHING extends its foundation and NOTHING can be unlike its foundation.
Once a split minded and devious thinking could be sold in exchange for promise of power and protection, a false foundation HAD to subvert every natural impulse to the mentality of a polarised struggle for survival. Because a lie HAS to struggle in asserting itself to survive AGAINST all that would expose it.

Everyone protects their investments. But to invest in a lie is to identify falsely.
Identity theft is the market of scammers. All trying to sucker each other or shifting alliances that sucker another, or protect against being suckered by others. Maybe wake up to find we are all suckers to identity theft.

So drawn into the drama of the game that few pause long enough to discern what they are truly doing and why. It runs like a template. There are moneylenders in the template who would interpose between a natural need being fulfilled so as to usurp the relational unfolding of growing trust and uncovering true synchronicity through extending communication.

The 'coercive will' operates primarily through insinuating and propagating definitions that frame everything in its own image. It owns the mind in which one thinks - until the identity theft is uncovered.

In a system where all aspects of it reinforce all other aspects of itself there is no real alternative but from a different foundation - only redistributions of assemblages in complex ... but increasing hollow... presentations.
What is the foundation? Is it not the lie that sets everything else up as a means to prevent and deny its own exposure?
The last or indeed the never thing one would meet or allow to be?
Yet is that not exactly what is being revealed on our Big Screen of a world; our foundation exposed? - and its inevitable results or consequences.
There is a true foundation to our existence. I don't ask you to believe it and certainly not to think or define it. But its re-cognition to awareness occurs exactly where a lie is seen as a lie, a wish as a wish, a story as a story. Because in that instant one is no longer identified within its frame. Now you can 'believe' and live out from that which Is you - beneath all that seemed real before.

Regardless of whatism, extending a tangible worth by growing it, operates in conscious alignment with Life-Purpose.

Recognizing what one is NOT is part of more truly knowing who you ARE. When the foundation shifts - all else shifts with it. Integrating and accepting may lag - but everything has changed without anything 'external' having to change.

Needs met, has been so materially defined as to deny the need of our own consciousness for a manually managed mechanical imposition upon us by powers set above communicability.
So one aspect of need that I put forward is for consciousness responsibility - for what passes as conscious is a conditioned reaction. Foundations are not ideas to impose - but qualities to make manifest - to give witness to.
Without the old foundational belief - the template crumbles. We have to 're-learn' how to live, relate, communicate. How to recognize and release a falsely identified investment and focus wholly on that which really embodies the Life as each is inspired or enthused and amused to pursue. Is that more frightening than Armageddon? If so, at least one understands why humanity self-destructs.

The lie is dependent on the truth it 'denies'

I wrote the following, after reading the posting shown below mine: (It addresses the way a lie can subvert and usurp a truth so as to reverse them in its own asserted beliefs and definitions).

- - -

A lie, to succeed must graft onto truth. No one fakes an 11 dollar bill.
Mind-control is the foundation of - the wish for - the father of ... the lie.
It starts at home, an inside job running as a false flag...

Mind is One - but a fragmented vision is legion. How this 'operates' is by asserted deception. Minds then seem each a body. How many look to their foundations? Few indeed, for the deceiver is not really 'out there' or somewhere else.

Because a negative or separating and segregating mentality can usurp the knowing in the heart, bait the mind in reaction, and convince the fearful that it speaks power, that it speaks of protection, that it speaks for you, then it can serve as a sort of template for human experience in which divide and rule operates always to subvert and usurp the original nature.

Christ is not an ideology - and it's 'religion' is universal recognition. Christianity operates a cover over the Christ-light - but only for those who want to persist with what their own thinking tells the eyes and ears to report.

The thirst for truth is not the thirst for power over. Each has its own 'world' and both are in our mind until we see through to the powerlessness of a lie to share, to know or be truly known, to give and receive, to truly have and to be. A world made in our image with no room for the unique creator signature that actually IS every one and every thing - is a dead concept, a stone god, a false idol.

It isn't that there are not inspirational reflections to intuitive knowing in the teachings - but that only the need for truth can discern them, whilst the fearful MUST seek, and MUST sacrifice or crucify joy in the power that shame of powerlessness demands.
The lie would make a shameful nakedness of powerlessness, to hide in the figments of a deceiving and convoluted mind. But truth merely accepts and allows the movement of being to rise as a connected and unified power - yet power OVER nothing and no one - because power over is LOSS of wholeness. This is incomprehensible to a fragmented thinking that thinks it thinks alone.

Not arguing with your political perspective. Consolidation of power operates as a negative or segregating and divisive agenda of a separate self interest. It has personification in various movements, events and individuals, but is also like a frequency channel that one feeds by tuning into it. It's perspective upon itself is self-justification - but who, resting in the truth of their love need justify or explain anything?

In a split mind projected world is both Caesar and Innate Being (aka God/Creation).
The mind of Caesar cannot SEE anything but materialism and the politics of power though it can USE any kind of belief as a leverage for its OWN agenda.
The unified mind cannot see separation - though it can utilize all such beliefs to teach there IS none.
There is NO communication between the two - but both share the same mind in mutually exclusive perspectives.
To invest in a lie and hold it true will lose the capacity to tell one from the other - thus truth is redefined as whatever can be asserted and witnessed as effect. Though insane, such a mind is highly disciplined in defending against exposure, and rules by terror yet disguises in seeming kindness. The more one fights it the stronger it gets, for it is the idea OF conflict.
Love your enemy as your self - not as a strategy, but as abandonment of a secret worship of 'holy hatred'.
Where else would we hide the hatred we disown and deny to our awareness but on the 'other' - who instead of sharing Life are deserving the withholding of Life from?

Christ is also an idea that strengthens by sharing. Not the cult of a special and separate blood sacrifice. Not the appeal of guilt or emasculation of true presence. But a living idea cannot be packaged and bottled and sold. It can only be recognized, welcomed accepted and shared.

As a rule of thumb, if coercion is using the forms of something true, it is at best an alloy and at worst a scam.
As an absolute truth, all truths await the acceptance of your own heart's discernment as to their belonging in and AS the true of You. That which is 'written in your heart' is already present but for uncovering, recognition and acceptance.
These things too have always been known. But knowing is set aside for the experience of an unfolding drama of self in mutual definitions of a world of separate and competing interests. Until its call stirs our attention.

Commenter 'B' wrote:

Strangely, Mr. Machan neglects Nietzsche is this treatment of morality, a topic touched on in every one of his works. Nietzsche showed Kant's ethics to be an idiocy, but here there is no mention.

And regarding Christianity, Macan would do well to study Nietzsche's criticisms of it - Christian asceticism is ALWAYS a vice.

But for something that Nietzsche did not know - or did not find out until very late (a possible reason for the malaise of the last ten years of his life) - I recommend everyone on the DB to read Joseph Atwill - you can at least watch the video, its less than an hour.

Here's the Cliff's Notes version if you simply don't have time:
Jewish unrest in 60's CE
Romans destroy Jerusalem 70 CE
Romans start new imperial cult ~80 CE and write parody books, set in Judea ~30s CE (aka the New Testament)
Christianity starts in Rome, not Israel; first saint is a cousin to the emperor.
Jews allowed to start new Rabbinical School in Lebanon - Romans approve teachings, Messianic Judaism is stamped out, Rabbinical Roman Judaism is born and the Imperial Cult is grafted onto Jewish history, making Rome's history just as deep as the Jewish one.

To know the reach of the Empire known as Leviathan - look no further than the reach of Christianity. And yes, the Queen knows this already, but she was never going to tell you. Neither would her son. Nor his son. Nor his son. You think little Georgie will learn Christian ethics at Eton??? Ha!

This was in comments section of this page (if you want a gist of context for commenter 'B').

'B' replied to me thus:
Lots of lies seem to do well with nary an iota of truth. The rest of your post is incomprehensible to me, though I seem to recognize the tell tale language signs of Scientology in it.
A lie has no foundation in truth - apart from that it is untrue. But to operate in place of truth it must appear true and mingle in and or mask the true.
To the desire that a lie be true - truth itself is incomprehensible.
Such is the power or capacity to make yourself in your own image and forget that you truly are.
I don't have anything to do with cultish pyramid schemes that set up hierarchies of control and dependence.
But if the forms of the true, become associated with the coercions of deceit, then truth will not communicate through such vocabulary.
One of my points to your summary of the Christian subversion is exactly that; such subversion is the driven purpose of the corrupting lie. To make of something simply revealing, into something false and concealing - and therefore also something then to be opposed and rejected instead of embraced.
In all things we meet but our self truly... or amiss. But true intimacy shares a perspective that is not coercive one upon another. This quality of life is not likely to be believed by one who has been long in the dark of a coercively conditioned mind. But that there IS a quality of relationship available and potential to us that is not coercive is something I feel to witness and invite.
No one comes BETWEEN you and the Life that lives you excepting the wish to control it. THAT is the realm in which the game of powers operates. But it is not the only way to play Life.

US air force fires two more nuclear commanders amid leadership crisis

US air force fires two more nuclear commanders amid leadership crisis

Maybe the hand in the puppet regime doesn't want anyone commanding who shows hesitancy or inhibition in using weapons against their own population and construct any excuse to replace such faulty items with loyal dependable fully conditioned units.

The odd thing is this is thinkable in our current milieu. That a shadow power can infiltrate, subvert and usurp its host and thus operate through what had once operated under the guise of a national sovereignty.

A shadow power is that which operates to coerce and deceive in exerting power OVER life - and is inherently a 'death cult' for that is the power we give death in absence of a full recognition and acceptance of the power OF Life.

However 'blame' is distributed or assigned, however 'hate' is focused and directed, humanity does this unto itself of its own thinking, of its own choice as to being OF Life or OVER Life. The shadow is not in itself real, but in hosting it, we give it our reality and our power and it gives us a delusion of being a power, apart from Life, in and of our self. It hollows out and discards and destroys its host - for such is the nature of the lie.

The father of the lie is that which 'wants' it to be true, that finds some meaning or validation or justifiction for itself that it wants to keep instead of welcoming truth.
In truth we  each and all ARE the power that can withdraw allegiance from that which is insane, meaningless, and invalidating to all Sanity of integrated Meaning.
We have 'loved' flirting with power - even unto the ends of the Earth, as if it resides in a separate persona or even a separate god. But none can operate alone and apart for the basis for the ability to blame and hate and destroy is nurtured in every mind thinking it thinks alone.

Let the dead bury the dead - for such thinking is dead. Attend the Living. It's not so far from you but thinking makes its so. Are you under orders to believe your thinking?
The power to deny an intimate appreciation of power to share is a very strange use of the mind. Whatever the choice was to spell it out and entrance ourselves, is it what we choose Now?

An insane thinking is Legion - of multiple personae in perpetual war. Abandon the persona-gods and address the thinking from where You Are - from Life.
Listen in. Don't feed the troll! - let ONLY the truly meaningful 'go forth and multiply'. Don't be baited to reaction. Don't be surprised that such a pattern is deeply conditioned and takes a persistent commitment to self-worth.
Everyone is worthy of love's awareness, no matter what. Beware the mind that 'loves' to hate, for fear of love is a master of disguise. It demands sacrifice of Everything and delivers nothingness dressed in dreams that fade to misery in a prodigal pain of isolation and utter humiliation. Isn't it better to KNOW one is mistaken?

Monday, 3 November 2014

Reality Distortion Field

On FT.com reading some comments - which are often more insightful than the article was a conversation regarding those who are perceived to have instigated the financial errors of crash or post crash failure to regain confidence and growth.
X: "this could be just a dangerous modelling mirage"
Well said - the equilibrium that exists here is the relationship between central banking hubris and unforeseen consequences.
Y: "unforeseen consequences." for who?  Pretty sure Mr Greenspan is happily retired and so will Janet, Kurodo, Ben etc.
X: Indeed they will have a secure financial retirement. However their egos will not retire - they will re-locate to the Re-writing of History Department. Mr Greenspan is already distancing himself from the lineage he spawned.
Y: Doubt they will feel much behind their own reality distortion field.
- - -

A reality distortion field operates to redefine reality so as to 'feel' better (self-validating assertion). Mutually defined fields operate in multi layered complexity of constantly shifting parameters which by design are ultimately un-understandable excepting to recognize this is understanding.
The overlay and insertion of coercive distorting 'dynamics' generates ever more subtle and complex 'lies' to protect from exposure of lack of true foundation.
True foundation has no need, desire or call to mask itself or reality. Though some seem closer or further from the Emperor, all are complicit in fear of their own bastardy or lack of Author-ity, whether puffing up or aligning in obeisance to the puffed up.
The voice of the perspective of an innocent curiosity shares not this fear but gives of a natural authority without side, edge, grievance or agenda; "But look, the Emperor is naked". THIS is the point at which the injected lie of a fearful self-doubting which was given the Emperor's vanity for self-specialness - can be itself invalidated as a true framework for choice to operate within or outfrom.
In a similar story (the Fall) the denouement operates as the prompting "And who told you you were naked?". Reality distortion field can also be known as personae - plural because we each make a version for everyone we meet.
Enquiring of our own self definitions to illuminate our own fig-leaved shields and maskings allows a perspective of a fresh take. Not to fix down a better basis for 'reality control' but to yield back into a sanity from which a vanity and carelessness of thought baited and entranced our investment. Everyone protects their investment - but if one invests in what CANNOT bear true fruit, there is every reason to re-evaluate what we are investing and why.
Materialism at best seeks to manipulate definitions - but will not expose its own.
On the other hand, the pain of a living lie calls out to be released.
Negotiating with the 'face' that thinks it faces out alone must embrace the validity of its experience enough to establish a channel of communication. But that does not mean to share the beliefs that ARE the reality distortion field.
Communication breakdown is the nature of a fundamental self-doubt. Operating outfrom attempts to manufacture self cannot share in the power to inspire or effect real change. It can only persist in delaying the inevitable... dawning in the mind of what was always present but denied currency of acceptance. Living outfrom a unified and unifying perspective appreciates that which appreciates instead of giving love (one's investment of identification, energy and attention) to the fear of loss.
To go forth and multiply fear of loss is to in-debt ourselves to that which hides and distorts our true presence. The win-lose mind is an either/or dilemma. A fight/flight life/death switching focus. The both/and mind is an embrace, not a rejection, and can seek and negotiate and find win/win outcomes.
By all means continue to manipulate and generate complex devices by which to prop up a model that simply is not fit for purpose. Unto Caesar as is due - but let the heart's discernment unfold the new.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

From Eternity to here

Reality is.
Existence has one quality - which Is. Also phrased "I Am".
There is no defining appendage to the "I Am" apart from "I Am That I Am".

No conceptual or symbolic differentiation is possible to the Indivisibility of "Is".
Any image of symbol or idea operates the extension and reflection of experience
"I am That I Will be" is not a time reference. Will is Creator. Cause and effect are One.

The One Is the All; the All Are the One.
Who knows the effect/part/son, knows the cause/whole/father.

Indivisibility of giving and receiving is the instant of experiencing existence.
Inclusion embraces all that is given. There is no loss or gap in "I Am".

Experience is the Movement of Being as an ever shifting focus and perspective with an infinitely rich communion/communication. Every facet of every movement is a unique perspective within the whole and a gift to the all of the all as experience of 'Know Thyself'. Experience reveals Existence in ever new appreciations.

Creation Creates only of Itself - there Is nothing else. The idea of creating UN-like itself is part of the freedom of infinite imagination to forget in order to remember. The idea of separating self can be played without loss. The idea of self-image can be played within an embracing wholeness of both/and. While the mind within the self-definition operates either/or. The experience of the separate self sense conditions the identity to a temporal spatial reference that crystallises or solidifies through assertive persistence which then operates as a seeming disconnection from the embracing wholeness of ones Existence.

Imprinted catastrophic trauma, perpetuated over millennia, gives rise to adaptations of a disconnected self-sense operating an inversion of creative expression. Cause is projected onto 'external', to other, and to past, and power is asserted in denying, defending against, and exploiting or subverting such a world to the agenda of a disconnected sense of lack seeking fulfilment externally.

The 'lie' of separation operates in secret minds kept apart from true communication by mutual agreement of definitions that protect fear, division and perceived power as the fragment to be saved from loss and the self-concept to 'become' real or powerful or accepted in its own terms and in its own right.

The model of the world becomes in a sense a contractual substitute for an intimacy such that each operates alone to get for themselves, or join in shifting and temporary alliance to get for themselves and to gain by another's loss.

All the abilities of the separate self sense actually become a consciousness capable of unified action - and though it knows not, the Unified Self never left or it would not exist. Beneath the range of the 'private mind' of command and control, Life abides and operates un-conscious. But as the structure of the consciousness ripens or opens, so is the unifying will rising into the conscious awareness - but interpreted within the terms of its dream of separated identity that it then transforms to reintegrate the wholeness of indivisible and true individuality.

All abilities developed for a fearful agenda become transmuted to a reintegrating purpose - including those which is uncovered in the subconscious or 'hidden mind' as well as the unconscious or denied and discarded mind.

So a contract can be a form of deception wherein a separative power can operate in competing or even cooperating interests.
And a contract can be a good fence maintained and honoured between good neighbours who share the idea of just and honourable exchange of energy and worth-ship within a greater appreciation of Life-Energy and Love-Worthiness. That is, the contract reflects a Covenant of a self-honesty to one's own unified will, as it arises of the movement of being, as the revealing of Existence unto Itself - as human relation.

Most of what passes as currency of religion is no less the realm of author and identity confusion than any other aspect of living and probably more so because the forms of spiritual revelation or cultural inspiration are those within which fear based power seeks to hide in and use to justify itself in, and thus degrades, and subverts to a fearful coercive agenda.

Organized religion is oxymoron - for true 'religion' embodies an unselfconscious and spontaneous intimacy, whose presence communicates to all of a like reception - without any sense of separated self strategy whatsoever.
The key or fundamental issue is what foundation is being operated out from. The disconnected sense has to generate a justifiction for its existence - for it has no actual existence apart from the wish it be true. The wish does not truly create - but does distort and deny true awareness. It has all the power one gives it. This is often confused with the will to survive - but it is really the will to prevail over.

The rage of wish denied ravages our world through every kind of perceived and imagined grievance. Contracts to limit power operate the minds of the 'service to others' polarity and agendas to consolidate power operate the minds of 'service to self' polarity. Both operate a polarity framework that denies Unified or Integrated and Inclusive Self.

Perpetual war is the 'religion' of hating love, so as to love and protect fear and make it seem fair by projecting hatred onto others whose vilification calls forth the sucking of power from the Innocent. For the guilt belongs entirely in the mind that projects. All that is given is received as it is given and no amount of tricksy clever thinking can do more than temporarily obscure the truth of one's choosing and gifting. Our experience IS our gift of knowing and sharing Existence.

The evil of blind and terror driven self

This reply to one who brought up the occurrence of abusive and coercive acts of Satanic abuse in 'high society' as touched on by the film 'Eyes Wide Shut' as well as other acts of gratification or indeed blackmail set ups. The post to which I reply is shown at the bottom of this reply.
- - -

I am aware that what you say does go on. I don't care for coercive persuasion - I always take such to be the deceiver as a simple matter of course - for truth does not operate persuasion techniques.
However, I also feel your humanity so I am happy to share with you such as we are moved to share and in clear decision to share with eyes open to what is within as well as without.
Focussing on the difficult makes fear the master - but sharing the experience of the easy grows the courage to move through fear.
So what can be said or indeed done about such evil as violates, corrupts and deceives?

I wrote a longer missive - but instead I simply state that if you have even an inkling of the Nature of Mind you can have a sense of what the idea of an oppositional power would manifest if you were to take it seriously and project it. Jesus said that we look through a lens darkly. I tell you that one cannot shatter the Peace of God nor break off a figment and make it truly separate - but one can believe one HAS and experience one's belief with all the mind that would equally go forth and multiply light, love and joy.

The power of belief is talked about as if our surface thinking beliefs have power - yet the surface belief operates to maintain a powerlessness that secretly worships the 'power' of terror, guilt and death - for 'death, pain, sickness and corruption all 'witness' to power OVER Life - and that wish is the root of a 'split minded' consciousness that 'chooses between' the true and false. Between Is and is NOT.

But it effectively conceals this simple 'choice' within a falsely framed choice of good and evil - both of which serve to engage and reinforce the mind within its own experience - for neither can exist without the other, though each operates on the denial of the other.

Jesus witnesses a unified consciousness. This doesn't 'fight evil' it undoes it and redeems that which lies beneath the distortions. One 'comes into' the human world through a conscious choosing to justify hate in judgement - and one 'overcomes' or transcends the world, in the willingness to release or forego what is felt to be absolutely justifiable hate or judgement in yielding to the Father's Will - to the Unified Perspective that speaks truly of your original nature.

there is NO limit on what a mind can imagine but there is a limit on the pain one can abide as a result of self limiting judgement. Even as ye do unto the least, ye do unto Me, is EVERYONE's awakening recognition. Forgive them for they know not what they do is your release of thoughts in your mind that suggest you have a will in opposition to your Source. Put it behind you and be fearlessly open to truth OR hearken and obey the call to war; to perpetual war. It is always by your choice and you can always choose to change your mind. But you cannot choose to make your mind your own but that God's Voice is in you. You can cover it with diversion of terrible compulsive tyrannies - but your Consciousness is not yours to create nor indeed lose.

This much I feel to join with the awareness of evil - that it be not hidden in deceit or pretended not to be where it is actively operating 'unconsciously'. But the only call I would sound as alarm is that which calls to look within and OWN that our mind is split, own that we are out of true, own that we need and desire healing and immediately release that which has no true belonging in us.

Yes, we can communicate truly in thought word and deed and bear witness to the presence of Life. We may restrain or check harmful behaviours, we may expose deceits, but we cannot make another's choice and if we elect to attempt to, we embody coercive will.

I might say that if you choose to relinquish such will, you find it sneaks in again and again and again. But persisting in true forgiveness uncovers the triggers within one's personal belief system whereby one is baited to react and lose perspective. We never really forgive another. All forgiveness is self-forgiveness.

Everything true of Spirit has a subverted egoic corruption. It is not human mind that properly denies or undoes evil - but Divine Perspective. It is simply foolish to assert that evil is not real while one operate as part of its botnet. Discerning the true of you is NOT the same as generating self-righteousness.

EVERYTHING depends on the foundation we accept. Waking to the foundation we have falsely accepted and been deceived by is disturbing, but it leads to the next, and that is to dissociate from that which hurts or denies the joy and worth of Life - as it is given you to notice you are party to.

Personifying the mind is to make a mask upon which to play out multiple personae. Others may choose to - but you don't have to. Focus on the discernment of truth and not the distracting play of personal investments or you lose perspective, communication of support, guidance and dispirit yourself.
God is no respecter of persons - means look beneath appearances to the communcation of Life that is thus embodied truly and clearly, or through a glass darkly.

Don't even for a moment think that we are going to out think the deceiving mind, for that is its art. or understand in terms of gaining leverage, prediction and control, for that will control you.
Everything we give, we receive. A negative loop has to disintegrate for the grace of being to inspire a positive - integrating and unifying loop. Don't feed the troll!

Is death an inevitablly of embracing change?

 OpEdNews : Contemplating My Own Death, Contemplating Yours By Mike Rivage-Seul

The above linked to an enjoyable reflection on death and humanity that I felt to comment into.

- - -

When a word is used for contradictory meanings, it may be time to redeem it by always only meaning one thing, or let it rest and find fresh ways to communicate.
'Love' can come to mean a disguised form of hatred to lose, but truly, love is yet love.
'Death' can suggest the meaning that love is but a hateful illusion, easily broken and thus weak and faithless to its worshippers.
Currency is the shared accepted value. When we adulterate or usurp true value, we suffer the death of an awareness of the true, for a lens by which all is distorted.
Words define or SPELL our experience. Wise then to be mindful the word we give, for by what is given, is our measure received.
So I question 'death' as 'inevitable' in the same Spirit as Jesus, for the release of the self-defining beliefs by which the 'world' of a blinkered and split off human consciousness projects itself as time and space, is not a change in the state of Existence Itself, nor of the innate nature of Mind, as the unfolding of the ever new, but is a change in Perspective.
I embrace daily the 'death' in free willingness that releases what seemed my own will until pausing enough to challenge its currency.
I appreciate this contemplation of death for all that is communicates and reveals of the deathless. We who are so fixated on the external projections of a divided mind forget to recognize the One in All, and to know, to truly know our integral belonging as the All are One.
Sharing 'dead' concept persists the sense of disconnected and temporary 'power'. Let the dead bury the dead and attend the Living.
Love's gifts are freely given and freely shared. The gift of a cutting loss is a hard lesson to bear. I choose to abide as the love and be willing to lose the knife, and this is releasing the currency by which our personae play out the world. 'For his true love has flown into every flower grown, and he must be keeper of the garden'. Live this day well - and embrace this moment as it moves through you. 'Know Thyself'

Fear and loathing in the war on Consciousness

Fear and loathing in the War on Drugs | Western Morning News

The issues of using or abusing drugs - legal or illegal - are one example of where the PERCEPTION of events is coercively asserted upon the actual relations, and this device IS very similar in kind to certain aspects of drug use itself.
ALL issues have a root in what I call 'consciousness issues' but that simple and direct fact is obscured by a kind of thinking to which humanity as a whole has become addicted and identified with. The mask or persona is - let's face it - not what we are - yet exclusively identifying in it, operates a split minded, coercive and fearfully confused struggle of an existence that has painful or indeed joyless and dreary aspect from which we then seek escape or mitigation of symptoms by various means including various substances. There is a psychology of seeking 'outside oneself' for the life and love and connection that is NOT accepted or recognized in oneself - as the gift of presence that we actually bring TO our relationships.
Fear is the 'enemy' of consciousness WHEN we seek to use it coercively, when we seek to hide in it or hide it from our awareness.
We can all have opinions as to particular takes on the complex interrelatedness of life and fear issues working themselves out or being denied such healing, but opinions do not listen or really relate - for they are investments and assertions of persona. Of course we have investments - because we care for what we value. Fear of pain or loss can inhibit ANY movement to more truly align with What Is - instead of defending and asserting perceptual propaganda. Belief in gain and pleasure can override ANY movement of a truly connected knowing - IF it is unchallenged.
Look and see that a set of cultural and personal definitions determines or dictates ALL outcomes despite the personal spin in which we seem to operate as a sense of warring and competing powers who thus work out a 'personal salvation' as if to be separate independent existences. That fantasy is never true - but it is truly experienced.
If such 'control mentality' were to be identified and replaced with a truly aligned willingness for relationship and communication - of an honest owning of our fears and desires - then each and all of us are needed, for we all play a unique and integral part. The desire for a 'special' sense of self comes from a lack of truly felt love of life. Humanity does not HAVE to deny its true life in preference for a dream of wealth, power or excitement that then evaporates to leave a hollow and joyless existence within an ever tightening mask. True choosing is not framed by fear, but observes the fear and discerns its nature.
If the movement for reform is actually being directed by the drive for opening and growing markets, and pharmaceutical 'answers' (markets), amidst diminishing opportunities (failed market manipulation), then the cards are not all on the table and the findings of such as Dr Nutt are being used to serve hidden agenda. This sort of thing is normal  but unnatural.
I write here to invite consciousness responsibility. It is not without challenge but the reward is blessed. If we are the poor in Spirit, it is because we forget to be and share our true presence, but that doesn't mean it is not present as our true inheritance to BE accepted. Learning must be allowed, and mistakes are inherent to discovery and true integration. Worry and fear operate destruction to a true appreciation, lending only to the 'dark arts' of a deceptive manipulation or outright coercion.
To extend love and trust one has to have it - or an active willingness to learn and share it together.
Transitional process is wise in shifting from one set of beliefs to another.
Give unto Caesar what such residual belief needs - but no more. And wean from it by leaning to the alignment and allegiance in life lived truly. If we cannot feel connection and embrace in our existence, it is because we choose to focus elsewhere. No blame in where we chose amiss. But a true capacity to choose anew.