Saturday, 15 November 2014

Poverty of Spirit and obscene inequality

The subject of wealth distribution and the politics of our way of organising our affairs:
This article on an editorial, "Why Are We So Obsessed With Everyone Else's Wealth?"

My comment:

Lets all blame it on the symptoms!
"God is dead - there are ONLY symptoms!"
"Symptoms lock us into a war that we cannot opt out of!"
"You are the problem - I hate you. No, you are the problem - I hate you and your hate proves I am right".

Many at the Daily Bell know that a significant aspect of problem is actually the assertion of 'answers' that really perpetuate the problem in disguise and are not answers at all - but are traded AS IF they were. They 'redistribute problem'.

A true accounting must remove falsely framed agendas and assertions so as to simply know.
Thinking about and opinion-asserting is grabbing at straws.
The idea that truth is ours to determine gives rise to a personal or private mind, and agenda
If such 'power' then consolidates so as to Lord it over a world it effectively dictates - why would we be surprised?
But without its game of power such 'lord' is nothing. Nothing at all.
What is it that pays tribute unto this dark 'lord'
but fear's displacement.

Thank the reflection for revealing a truth that it neither frames nor imagines.
Even if that such is to recognize what has no belonging in a unified purpose and so none in me.
We invest and trade and identify in a currency of ideas. This but reflects 'downstream' as the world such identity establishes.
Until the whole thing is brought to account, there can only be the desperation of positions within a fear of loss.
Upstream is the consciousness at template level that operates in secret and guile only because of what it is being used FOR.
Upstream of that is the Creative - which the ingenious denies in seeking self-specialness without consequence.
No one in their right mind seeks self-specialness.
Wrong-mindedness may become the norm here, but it will never become love. Hence it MUST deny love to seem bearable.

Power-envy operates the manufacture of grievance.
Who has ears, let them hear!

- - -

On the same page was a comment by GF:
Wealth Redistribution is almost as pernicious and destructive as Monopoly Central Banking. Both should be eliminated from the human lexicon, and relegated to the dustbin of history, where they belong. Yeah, I know, fat chance. : )

I reply:

Isn't the attempt to eliminate the way we KEEP things rather than release them? History does shoe remarkable persistence in repeating itself - albeit in ever more complex forms. But I like the idea of redefining everything clearly so that coercion is coercion is coercion no matter which 'side' of the fence it appears to be on - or how much justifiction it generates from its polar opposite.
History can mean what is not here now unless we choose to repeat it by reacting as if it is here. It can also mean the coercive narrative of a justification for wielding power at expense of living presence.
The coercive mentality makes its own version of 'directed history'.
By the way if the 'banking system' COULD be made a transparent and fully accountable service - such that no sleeves existed to hide false cards, no table to hide signal under and no loopholes that could be exploited to corrupt its service - what kind of system would it be?
And if wealth distribution was a movement of free will rather than of pernicious withholding via artificially imposed scarcities and reflected patterns of value shared.
The deceiver works both ends of the market, or the conflict, by interjecting a false framework onto a communication breakdown. I feel a world of difference between siding with freedom rather than 'fighting for it' for all wars are in a sense 'the banker's wars' although the corruption in the template is not IN the symbol that reflects it - nor the scapegoat offered up to relieve it from exposure.
But healing our mind DOES mean being more and more aware and responsible for our currency and usage of thought and word and therefore of the deeds that effect automatically from the only level that can be truly changed - for coercing behaviours is not freedom no matter what is 'eliminated' thereby. Reclaiming power must begin with recognizing and owning our part in a deception regardless 'who seemed to start it'. Merely operating a grievance aims victimhood at whoever and whatever the conditioning dictates as 'enemy'. I'm not suggesting there are not strong feelings associated with our sense of grievance, but they do not mean that the self-definition that gives rise to them is the whole truth.
History is also a perception and all perception is selective. One can perceive from a sense of lack and grievance or from a sense of wholeness. Many find great self-forgiveness approaching death and become illuminated by a tangible peace. I am not suggesting we put off today until tomorrow - but that we are not LOCKED into perspectives but by our own pride - along with a lifetime's conditioning to operate 'command and control' or else feel failure and powerlessness.
The microcosm is the portal to the Macrocosm. But one can indulge a sense of powerlessness so as to no longer feel obliged to live the capacity that one does have to embody and communicate a better way of living than fearful greed and shameful envy.
When everyone chooses NOT to choose their own integrity, the 'market' is wide open to corruption. Waiting to see if others will change first or justifying the status quo because 'what difference would it make if I changed' IS the investment in the status  quo - at the level of measuring everything primarily in terms of the sense of personal loss or gain that y/our history sets as the available options.
Though I include you in reply here I am of course addressing a wider attention and not focussing on you personally. That thinking makes it so is forgot in the wish that our thoughts be true. A disconnected thinking costs the mind an extraordinary overhead in defence and of course leads via bedlam to a prodigal wasteland.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Locked into war?

Tech firms need to fight jihadist material online says David Cameron

UK prime minister unveils joint initiative with Australia to ensure that internet does not become “an ungoverned space”
This article is buried in a misleading headline, for what it actually reports of Mr Cameron's plans goes far beyond tech firms being compelled to censor the Net.

- - -
 “If we are to bust the myths that stand in the way of the great new trade and investment deals now before us".

The "we" and the "us" surely refers to what might be colloquially called gangster elitists and the rest are "busted".

The tempter suggests with isistence (oops! that was a slip of the fingers) - that "the country" - well, most of the globe really -  is being locked into "an idealogical war" from which opting out will be denied - IF of course we do no opt out while the trap is not fully set.

I'm quite willing to accept that otherwise honourable and loveable people can be conditioned or in some sense subverted and corrupted by insider dealings that seem to make sense in the forms they are framed.

But how far can a mind stretch in knowingly speaking out the sense-less because some alternative scenario insists that to not do so is worse?

Un-owned fear is the 'cause' of projected hatred.
Of course one acts to side WITH freedom - even if we are clumsy or imperfect in so doing. But to FIGHT for freedom is to make war the only freedom.

No one can give what they do no have. A greater perspective will not come from the fear-driven, and a blindness of self-agenda will not serve excepting to demonstrate a lack of wholeness of mind - the alarm of which serves to awaken the NEED for Perspective - unless it is used to perpetuate war.

Double-speak - double-think is the ideology of a split mind - regardless of its flag or label. Ideology is dead - long live the king of negatively defined ideology. We now have none of our own and have to import it from opposing IS.

The negatively defined self IS the root problem. All split polarities feed each other to mutually reinforce identities that otherwise disintegrate.

This kind of thinking has been engaged, employed and developed for a long time. If it is not disengaged from operating in our own minds we will be baited into reactive futility. My invitation is to pause in the idea that one is not locked into personal reaction, but can pause our own 'thinking in its liability to doublespeak us falsely, and allow perspective in which we feel connected not with energy of self righteous vindication, but with a core sense of value that MUST extend and include others - even if they suffer thought disordered estrangement from such value in themselves.

Mad or delusional identity takes any form of multiple personalities to assert a coercive agenda. In desperation it becomes more obviously deranged and dangerous. But the answer to danger is a true accounting and this the moneylenders in the template will not allow. So look to the altar of your own devotions and dedications in life and see that all is facing in one unified purpose - for if not, your dial is set to another channel and doublespeak is all that will be heard. It really is a matter of choice - and not coercion - but to know that one has to step out of the framework of a coercive deception. This goes far beyond the particulars of the political shenanigans - yet is contained within it and within all that likewise teaches fear as its power and protector and its god.
Fear must be faced within a true accounting for a grounded and true perspective to emerge. Proxy parents who seek to make children in their own image" deny the very power of living in exchange for delusions of power that evaporate as quickly as they arise. They also become intolerably burdened with controlling what is completely beyond control. Life is not coercion. But we are free to choose to give our power away to that which then gives back in the same measure we give out.  True governance must serve the whole - not the notional security of the undue influence of a private agenda which cares nothing whatsoever for aught but itself and sacrifices its own as easily. This indeed is 'locked in' and cannot or dare not even imagine escape.

The ancients said 'as above, so below' speaking originally of the Creative that we might call 'within' but not within our framework of thinking. But a within from which one can observe the thoughts that otherwise deceive. The politics of our world will reflect the politics of our consciousness and our true freedom is not to rearrange the political furniture but to embrace a communication within our own being in which coercion is put aside. For the two are mutually exclusive. If truth is the first casualty of war - then no less is war is the first casualty of truth. If it is not a war - then it is a belief in war being played out by deception. The idea of deception is not a new one - but the height of folly is to presume the deceiver left our mind when we decided we were rational beings. Reason is a sanity of heart and mind as one. A truly joyful and extending presence does not need to define truth, but shares it wordlessly and can listen to people of every kind of tongue.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mind Machines

Mind Machines

Is it possible that the human mind is a radically different thing from a computer?
Debates a panel of participants at

Everything in our times is converging to promote the awakening of consciousness to its devices and deceptions.
Differentiate the usage of the idea of Mind Itself, from the idea of  Individuality of expression that is a Soul Consciousness, and differentiate such a Unified and equally non-local integrality of wholeness from the idea of a self-segregating definition of separate or independent consciousness. Whereas the mind denoted capital M Mind is 'God' and the Extension of such Indivisibility is 'Sonship' or Creation - these are not within the time and space framework of consciousness as we generally believe and experience it to be. The Non Local is All pervading. Our local perspective and experience has in effect been designed to forget or cover over our Eternal or Universal cognition as an unfolding framework of experience and consciousness within the Universal Movement of Being within Consciousness that operates "Know Thyself" or Self-Reflective EXPERIENCE within Infinite reflective play of possibility and probability arising from unique expressions of Being that is likewise Creative but does not create Itself.
The generating of a feedback of physical experience of the Movement of Being is one of innumerable facets, but at its foundation is an intentional device of inducing a divisive and polarised binary blocking template through which the communication of Wholeness is experienced as  split off or fragment Mind. The seemingly split mind associates its mind almost exclusively as residing within a body, as a differentiating protective mechanism, and grows a persona to integrate and consolidate a fragmenting and fragmented 'split mind' as an experience of continuity and some stability amidst an equally fragmented and chaotic 'world' of others, of forces and events that are unrecognized and therefore in which the self seeks to survive, exploit, and prevail over.
The disintegration of inevitable failure to integrate the un-integratable is reflected in discoveries and insights that bring paradigm shifts. The discovery of the mechanism of the manifest Universe includes the programmed or conditioned personality structure and its corresponding  patterning and pathways as the totality of the body mind expression.
So there is an aspect of our consciousness that is in a sense designed as a communication device through which to explore and share in a physical experience... a separation experience - but that flips to become a re-wakening experience.
The communication between the Non-physical non-local Mind and the personality structure is  re-opening even as the intensity of the segregative 'divide and rule' mentality seems to rise to dominance.
Letting the Light back in that was never really absent - but was in a sense mapped out of awareness or mapped into a disguise.
Until the Light is welcomed and Recognized, the incoming insight and discovery will feed the control mentality with destructive and degrading effect. The overlap of machine and brain is already in play but Higher Mind or the truly Creative is not a machine or a process in linear terms of cause and effect for it IS Cause/Effect as One Totality and can never be other that because there is no other. The sense of otherness is the self-differentiation that derives experience of what one is - which is never definitive or conclusive excepting its qualities and laws are always present whatever other local 'laws' are derived from them.
The elephant in this room is the so called self that thinks it thinks alone and apart and therefore is and has the power to assert itself upon the whole from such an imaginary point of view.
Mechanism in service to Life is invisible - like a well played instrument. Mechanism operating coercively upon Life is opaque and ultimately renders Life as a joyless and meaningless experience of loss and conflict stuffed into an ever smaller box until it is a coffin. The Wizard of Ox seemed to enjoy his Big Identity - but was as lost and powerless as everyone else when the curtain was undrawn.
A mechanism of itself cannot accept a decision but can replicate certain aspects of a previous decision or programmed set of conditions. It only has a rear-view mirror of what its database holds as already happened to interpret what is actually happening according to the rules of its programming. BUT nothing truly is without or apart from Consciousness and Consciousness with a C is Creator to all that it Knows as All That Is.
The interface between physical and non physical is not as absolute and ultimate as materialism wishes were true. Nor is it a personally coercive imposition or interference as religionists wish true. The true resolving of the split mind and its chaotic reflection is in a unified appreciation arising from an abandonment of the core mechanism of victimhood, powerlessness and the striving of an identity based on lack to overcome its intimately self inflicted predicament.
The Creative choice between mechanism as power over or mechanism as vehicle to communicate and experience through is at THAT foundational level. The exposing of a false sense of power is the portal to choosing ONLY what we Are. Each experiences and comes to accept or delay this Creative Freedom in their own way. The mistaken belief that rationality and technology are already creative freedom is the least able to see or hear because it wants to USURP Life and render it in its own image.
There are facets that play a vital role in certain processes but if they replicate out of context, they become antagonistic or even parasitical upon the whole and in ways that can subvert the defences that should check and contain it, to operate in reverse.
When a house cannot stand - go to the foundations and check the template - clear out anything from the temple that does not belong and embody integrity in all that comes hence.

Monday, 10 November 2014

The self is a construct of the collective!

An evolution article:
Why Richard Dawkins is no scientist, the survival of the least selfish, and what ants can tell us about humans

The 'self' idea is a construct of definitions,and beliefs that generate feelings, thoughts and perceptions, from which proceed actions and behaviours and conditionings.
Clearly, and observably, foundational self-definitions are imagined and accepted or created in consciousness - but this is not equivalent to the 'definition' of a personal or private 'consciousness' which in our current human template operates AS IF it is a thinker that thinks alone and apart from all else.
In antiquity there were mythic models of a world on the back of a tortoise. In modernity the world seems so much more 'realistic' yet the framework within which which it is perceived and manipulated is no more substantial than an imagined tortoise.
There is no self but Self (for want of a word for the All in All). There is no self as is presumed and asserted and supported with emotional force and intentional identification. But there IS a belief/definition 'self' that has all the currency of its mutual acceptance but only the value of what it fulfils as consciousness experience.
The mechanism of the delivery of experience within consciousness can be explored AS experience, but to do so is to differentiate from the indivisible in order to experience a point of view. But there is NEVER a separation in FACT from the experience observed. It is provided to the desire because it is part of the desire. The desire that has dominated and driven scientific exploration in the main is an expression of a 'disconnected urge to define, control and prevail over Life Itself. And as such is clearly insane to anything but its own self-conditioned blindness.
The cutting off of consciousness from its true nature is a device of dissociation and denial well known to those who would use psychology for the manipulation of other minds rather than heal their own and others. But it operates a splitting off of dissociated 'conscious' personae within a negatively or fearfully determined and segregated self-sense.
The nature of a deception operates defensively against its own exposure by invalidating all else in such wise as to seem associated with the power of it god - from which it derives authority. The god of the separating self sense is the idea of asserting coercive power upon life - but beneath this 'power' is a self that defines itself in victim-hood and thus in hurt, fear and anger. The halt lead the blind. Nothing will come of a fearful foundation but fuel for fear.
The idea of self can be reintegrated to its true nature and consciousness. This is not determined and controlled but yielded to and accepted INSTEAD of yielding to the god of fear. AND in a true willingness for Life, our Arts and Sciences will uncover a wealth of INTEGRATED inspiration in all that it explores to experience in shared reality instead of seeking to manipulate as dictated by private agenda.
WE ARE all already cooperating to maintain a culture of lovelessness, because we are not actually separate from Consciousness and must TEACH what we define and accept ourselves to be. WHAT we teach depends on what we choose to learn. Definitions operate invisibly until you want to check in with what is really going on right here and now where 'reality' is presumed to be. Now are you opening to a truth that you do not make - because that which observes definitions is not defined by them. Just because one can follow thinking, doesn't mean one has to. Aligning with true joy and passion is not a fear-based compulsion. Fear OF consciousness is scientism's shadow. True Science seeks to know the truth - not just the filtered truths that can fuel a fearfully derived agenda.

One commenter offerred this to the article:
Use of the word "selfless" here undermines the argument. Selfless suggests a conscious choice (and therefore ability) to go against ones needs or instinct. In the case of the ants, they have no such ability, so it is not selfless.
- - -
They don't demonstrate it on our timeframe - nor in ways that our human 'self' template can recognize. Species-ality focuses in its own explorations yet they reflect something to us that we take as 'collective' consciousness and that is something we tend to disregard in focussing in what we call individual consciousness. All facets operate consciousness - but we do not stand alone and apart to judge excepting we presume our independent ego to be god and believe our own spin.

Is not what we call 'conscious choice' but a virtual layer over what is actually happening anyway?Have you met any truly 'conscious' self that can choose to go against its needs or instinct - or is it a distorting layer of mind that redefines needs and the 'self' that it is, so as to then automatically 'choose' according to the defined template. In this sense our 'self' is a persona or mask upon what we actually ARE - that makes a model of the world in which to play out its illusory power. Putting such 'self' aside - that is - noticing it is not YOU, allows the undistorted integrity of a true existence to shine through. While the 'power' to be what you are not (against yourself) is your choice, all choice is but a mechanism of conditioned reaction.
But the first choice remains yours to change, regardless the layers of experience and definition that constitute the human conditioning.