Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mind control by a virus

Please permit me a multidisciplinary observation and proposition:

We humanly tend to presume an independent mind in a body, separate from - and in competition with other minds in other bodies. But such evidence as this article suggests that Mind is in fact not just greater than any individual programmed system or organism, but is greater than species.
 I suggest that Mind - as the Context of ALL experience, is all pervading - as a non-local Field. Not an External to us God-Mind - as mythically imagined or conjectured, but an All Inclusive Singularity of Unified Awareness.
But the many levelled programs of 'self versus world' and 'self versus other' and 'self versus self, are of such a distracting complexity - and indeed fascination and wonder - that attention is fixated toward the contents of experience and the processing of such experience as an ongoing reprogramming of 'our own mind'.

Because we humanly desire and presume our own independent 'power' and identity - with a sense of separate self-will, we seek and gather the evidences to support our 'self' and see that as identical with survival. But the focus of the separate self-sense is a self fulfilling distraction.

Perhaps, unlike the caterpillar, we have a capacity to discern the mind that is operating or active in our case in any particular instance. I say this because the human consciousness is of a nature that is not merely organism - but is Self-Aware - which is to say directly aware prior to any process of identifications or applied meanings. To open or awaken this quality of being is to open at a level associated with inspiration, illumination and direction amidst a unified perception. It is also the capacity to discern thoughts which could be seen very much like viruses, in that they find a welcome in a host-mind and then undermine the host so as to multiply at the expense of the life of the host.
That the world reflects the inner aspects of our mind-strategies is hardly surprising - because mind is our projector and receptor.
The idea of mind as the control of something separate from it is an expression of a choice to separate from life in order to conduct an experiment. But one cannot separate from life excepting imaginatively.
Fear not that you are being manipulated - unless of course guilt or fear is the active principle - in which case, desist acting on such basis and feel for the integrated movement of being that is at its very nature - Life.

Thank you for your attention.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Post 9/11 comment to comments

Is there a tacit understanding here that this commenting and even any outcomes as to what "the truth is", is somehow irrelevant? I say this because the issues are often subsumed to personal agendas, with derogatory names or remarks at the end of otherwise well communicated comments from many facets of the issue.
I have trust in life - perhaps because I have had the shit knocked out of me and somehow stayed in for the ride. I don't have trust in human thinking to appreciate or understand anything Living - excepting perhaps rooted in true service and inspiration, where it is aware of its own limitations.
I feel there is more to the destruction of the two towers than I can account for in terms of how and why, regardless of how and why. A sense of unreality that I felt at the time and since, was also a sense of the rising global awareness of an unreality that is surfacing in the world in all kinds of ways. I feel it is an unreality of the world as we define it that is dawning. I don't mean the unreality of our feelings - but of the structural idea system that gives rise to our experience of the world as we know it. I guess I'm talking apocalyptically but not in a doomsday sense. More in a sense of a passing away of an illusion of a world - and its self as separate from the Living Reality in which and of which Everything has its being - even our wishful wilfulness with its dramas and pains.
Of course our personal experience is dear to us - It becomes the story of our lives. But experience can also be delusional - when it is framed within an invisible context or presumption that effectively distorts and filters Everything.
My daughter killed herself some years ago, I felt undermined and altogether undone from below. The image of Sauron in his crumbling tower came to mind as a symbol of defeat. I hadn't thought of myself as in any sense akin to Tolkien's dark lord. But I came to honestly see that the phrase 'my daughter' held a meaning for me that was as if ‘my life’ was my own creation and my daughter was taken from ‘my life’. We live our 'my' as if it were true - but nothing Living can be grasped except in vain imaginations that rob us of the life we can share.
Symbols work in the mind much more powerfully than verbal ideas. There are those who try to use this against their own kind for their own ends. But when we are triggered by anything, we can also pause and release the energy of reaction. Why? Because we don't have to play the role in the script that we are seduced or baited into. There is so much more to life than what we think - but we are as attached to our thinking as to our first born child.
The world - life - will not conform to our attempts to command and control but rather will draw us into ever more complex attempts to manage and manipulate everything, until we exhaust all resources and are undone. But the nature of deception is that it passes for real and mistakes help as hindrance.
USA post 9/11 has been somehow neutered. Obviously not as a military arm of whoever gets to set the agenda - but as a nation in which freedom and democracy once meant - or was believed to mean - a living trust shared. The shadow also fell in the UK. The ‘war on terror’ is a bald faced contradiction that no one felt able to publicly speak against but almost all adopted as if it were currency based on something real. It showed the fear of power.
The stuff that we carry deeply and perhaps unknowing, that is jack in the boxed into our lives when they are broken of their promise and our desire - is the stuff of betrayal, abandonment, loss, and anguish - with all the guilt and hatred that that expresses. Hard to live through - that's why society works to keep the lid on. But it is also the opened place where we find greater honesty, great compassion, a more real basis for living than getting any kind of thing or experience for ourself.
Time doesn't heal. Loving heals. Vengeance doesn't heal - but feeds and seeds war and suffering. What is the basis for trust? Honesty. 
What is the value of trust? Foundational to all else! When we see another as unworthy of love's honesty, we are already participating in throwing the first stone.

Truth, truths and a war of lies

Truth is simply and absolutely beyond belief. But experience of truth will be freely and fully believed or accepted true. Such unspeakable quality of wholeness of being is not available to a thinking, judging mind. Not can it be expressed by such.

But there is a quality of just and honest measure and witness that serves to hold sanity, health and harmony in our lives. We can discern truth if we have some basis in ourselves that is awake to the false in our own mind.

But to that which is altogether engaged in illusion, there is no free awareness to notice or listen, so the Spirit of Truth works in subliminal ways to loosen the dreamer from their dream. When we 'get' it, it is not at the level we thought we were in.

The mind can take and use truths out of context and then they are not truth as it is - but truths used to serve a wishful or imaginary context. Truth cannot become what it is not, but truths can become lies and war become the protector and determiner of 'truth'.

When the living context, in which truth is experienced as it is, is disregarded by the mind in its own determinations and definitions, a state of conflict is experienced which usurps reality as soon as we attempt to overcome or prevail against a dissonance of being inherent in being - as it were - out of true.

Is there deceit and conspiracy to manipulate? Yes, but it is more complex than good guys v evil guys, for the nature and complexity and enormity of the fears that drive the human machine are not of a nature that are felt be allowed exposure. But they leak anyway. Truth will out.

There's a symbiotic relationship of those who seek to deny or escape responsibility and those who are obliged, or inclined, to take on what cannot altogether be evaded.

To manipulate mind is simply part of the norm of modern societal control. Those who dissent will be invalidated or rendered impotent. The power is not with politicians. It seems to be with the corporate and financial system that owns most nations and companies. But it is all a system of thinking - something that we all made up, so it is all something that can be unmade or abandoned. Something that can in our own experience, be reevaluated.

Deconstructing believed or perceived reality is not so much an act of person, as a desisting from act, it is a withdrawal of support from a mentality or motive in oneself and one's society that has been uncovered as false, unworthy and destructive to our peace. When that which doped or denied or distracted is released, life knows its own way from a different basis than pursuing secret self interest.

The world will seem at times to bait us or persecute us when we step outside its mind. But that is because it was made in the desire to step outside the mind of Truth. But Truth is not somewhere Else, someone Else or somehow Other - to the Movement of our very Being. It isn't necessary to call Truth God - because that which is beyond definition is not partial to the forms of address - but to the way of an opened feeling or intimate relationship, it is truly and universally loving. This is something that humanly, we forget. We forget the true nature of love. We think we know, forgetting that the mask is not our heart.

Our world is shifting - more than climate and more than socio political balances.
Fear seems to have the first say when change renders the old way obsolete. But the capacity to look on it, and feel past it for wisdom, is innate to our being - if not to our training. But we can align ourselves anew with a living relational participation - if that is the desire in our heart.

As for disagreeing about our personal paths, beliefs, mythologies - does that have to be a point of contention, if we can find a true willingness to communicate and share what life simply is experientially?
How does a new paradigm rise? By thinking? No. By recognition and welcome into our hearts. What is the desire to share life in peace? Innate. Why isn't the world running on such a basis already? Because we wanted something else in the meantime - but the imaginary meantime is fast running out. So now time is restored to always, because truth is always, already and only true, but that which changes is not a basis or foundation from which to live. Though our world can reflect and share the good, the beautiful and the true

Conspiracy, deceit and reality

I offer what I write as 'upstream' to the issues here that seem to become polarised. Not least by the article's bait. Nothing is communicated in war except the refusal to open a line of open communication. War is a way of shifting society - the larger mind - when its intransigences do not yield or adapt gracefully to change.
We do not humanly tend to be aware as unified consciousness, we tend to create an identity in differentiation and fight its flag, as if our life depended on it. And this becomes repetitive self-fulfilling prophecy of Self-defeat.
What we tend to accept as reality is of course our human conspiracy. It's disintegrating and fragmenting effect is also the opportunity of an uncovering of the working of our mind - such that we awaken from our own spell by which we were deceived.
We seem to agree to define life in our own image - and give that priority in our mind. This is the way we deny the direct, vital and felt communion of the whole body mind with the all pervading quality and energy of Life. Just call it Joy for now.
Thus we become the determiner of what everything is and what it means, rather than the beholder of the Inherent Meaning of Wholeness of Life.
Why do I say this here? because the problem cannot be understood at the level it presents itself, and the primary underlying conspiracy of which I attempt to point to, is of mind fragmenting and hiding its own deceptions from itself in order to prevail as 'a' mind or will, over and against the life that it is actually one with.
The will to prevail is usurped from the will to love. They are not the same. We do not like to present the will to prevail openly because it is antithetical to love, to a shared, unified peace of being. We keep it hidden. It keeps us in the dark. Ok, we let it out in sport. But without honouring the game as a whole - including our opponents, our part is meaningless even in victory.
The will to prevail is disguised as love, as protection, as coercive manipulation, as passive aggression and as every kind of deceit. It always meets with opposition, because it is itself opposing - so it sees enemies everywhere - even in those it calls 'friend'. There is no love of truth in a lie. Its only power is of being hosted, protected and given agency of expression.
The manipulation of societies is not whether the deceits are believed, but by the successful achievement of shifting the mind to a fearful basis. Once that is achieved, they can be further manipulated. From a point of view of mind, it doesn't matter who or what, it only matters that the conditions are maintained in which to prevail. This will seem to be personified in a few, but they are simply hosts for a mind we all partake in unknowing. Until we wake up.
There is a lack of communication where fear is given power, and much that is known is kept hidden by the simple conspiracy of self interest and self protection. Yet this is the very mind that has to be looked at and found to be working against true self interest and against our peace. 
The means by which the mind uses power are the same means by which the mind is exposed as without validity. We may not convince others by our own limited articulations of something wrong. But we do need to bear witness to something true that communicates itself freely, when a tyranny of deception is undone.
The strategies of mind can be seen as a divinely ingenious decoy and distraction mechanism. But who or what sets in motion the purpose that it fulfils but the active desires and intents of our hearts? Looking outside for reality has its place in a larger wholeness - but is blind without a true discernment. What are you and I - and all of us actively calling forth as the determiners of value from which all else then proceeds? Is it truly honouring of you and of life?
Personalising issues reveals hidden investments. Focussing on such weakness in another for personal advantage is playing the same game. The willingness to find true communication has to listen inwardly and not merely 'understand' and process what seems to be arriving from outside.
Listening inwardly is a silence of trust for that which is uncovered when mind-processing is rested. Here is the condition for awakening a perspective NOT made by human guile. Acting out from such a renewed mind grows a different fruit than conflict, fear, guilt and war.
The capacity of the mind for deceit is much greater and more pervasive than anything in the world would have us suspect - because as long as it is cast out upon the world, our own mind's participation and involvement is kept secret.
A lie, protected from truth, becomes an evil. But a lie seen as a falsehood, may be seen as unworthy of support. What is resisted resists. But what is not used becomes obsolete.
I'm sorry if I'm hard to read. Its part of the territory and not my desire.
Thank you for your attention!

The first writing got to the stage below when I felt to just start again. But when I got back to it as first draft, I felt to include it below:
When the presumptions upon which a mind is predicated are undermined, the identity associated with the old mind continues to attempt to 'make sense' in its old terms.
Such reaction is compulsive, overriding all else, and is not open to truth so much as to reinstating its own basis for validity. For our sense of self is associated with the organisation of our thought and self-construct being valid to our own mind. Of serving the root desire that is active though not usually consciously recognized.
Choosing to believe is not merely about verifiable data, but of defence against that which can not or will not be accepted, being either beyond integration with current belief, or too undermining of the reality construct of self.
We are all 'working' through the device of the mind, with its virtual identity lived out amidst a 'human conspiracy' of looking away from the underpinnings of our own mind. We tend to be ruled by it, programmed by it and successfully so when unaware that our virtual identity is but a dream fuelled by an imagination and desire overlaid upon an actual movement of being.
There is that in us that wants to dream a self and live it real, which gives its power to definitions and beliefs willingly so as to have the experience that becomes the self and world we know. It isn't merely survival, it is a will to prevail. But it is not unified, true or real except as active desire to experience wilfully.
There is also that which wants to control the experience, by using the symbols and images
I have read a lot of the comments on this page - and used the process to watch and rest my own mind. What came up to say is speaking to that which is willing to listen amidst the appearances of this aspect of experience. I myself am also a listener.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Before considering capitalism or any ism

BBC Comment 1:
Any mind of a false basis gives rise to effects which undermine its own basis; a self undermining process of seeming 'creativity', 'innovation' or 'becoming'. But at a cost kept hidden, minimised or simply accepted/lived as 'reality'.
A mind that becomes enamoured of its own thought seems to 'leave' the heart - or Wholeness. But self-will is not God-Being you-with-everything. Be still, feel-know.

The above was the BBC character limit for a comment. But within that limit is enough information to undo the virtual identity of a 'thinking personna' and rewaken the feeling awareness of your true being.
That is, in the event that attention is free enough of a compulsive and addictive distractedness, which effectively blocks any real communication from interfering with the actively lived-out-from identification.

Experience of a self-in-the-world is interpretation - and it is also definition and evaluation, giving rise to attractions and aversion. The mind is divinely ingenious at remapping itself so as to maintain its experience as the validation of its idea of its self - but has to make adjustments that sacrifice or exclude large areas of fantasy and diminish its scope and range. But at every period of unsettling or adjustment, there is opportunity for awareness to rise from its true root - NOT via theinterpretive layers or filters of past experience and the bias of imaginative self-will. Such is the seed of true culture and renewal because such is the direct communication of wholeness to Itself.
The mind will interject itself and 'assimilate' or subvert the forms of the new cultural expression to its own self-will - unless and until enough free awareness allows the uncovering of such a mind-act to ourselves.
In a greater willingness to look, listen, and discern - more intimately and directly than a thinking, judging, strategic mentality would allow - do we begin to expose the roots of the 'mind' by which we are deceived in our own experience.
But the awakening experience is of a different order, of a different Root. It is not a self assertive strategy and its nature cannot be communicated to a self-seeking strategist. For its Nature is communication itself - as a communion of unified-Mind or being - at a 'level' beneath and beyond the capacity of the definition-limited sense to know.
Yet the awakening or stirring of this Consciousness, is felt at the Heart.

The mind will try to use the influx of insight, healing, love-recognition or heightened functional capacities to bolster its self-in-the-world. But this will deny the Heart.

The denial of the Heart will be reenacted - with all the suffering that that brings forth - until responsibility for feeling is accepted.

You are (one with) the love, and are called to live out from the true Heart. Not as a self-strategic getter of experiences - but as the true presence that is Gifted you to share - by your willingness to discern/recognize Truth over and above the meanings and definitions you have given everything before.

Silence, is anathemna to the thought addicted mind. Yet how can mind make itself be what it is not excepting via imagination and desire. The Silence of Being is no absence of being - but is the direct appreciation of the Isness, the Presence of Being.

Only from a True Root will true fruits come forth. Religion tries to define and map and codify this into a system, but all such attempts stand outside the intimacy and directness of your true being. What God is Joined One - no man ever can come between.

The most immediate, intimate and direct source of help, guidance, perspective, sanity and peace of wholeness of being - is right where you are - in place - closer to you than your thought or even your breath. The mind seems to look out at the meanings it made - as if they are external to it. Therefore it is said "Look within". But really it is simply a call to behold anew.

Our human lives can express false of true values. Deception, coercion, manipulation and exploitation are not the way of  Life. Therefore they are the way of death - of the hiding and denying of the light of Life to our appreciation.

The only real basis for a change in the world we share, is the release of the struggle to change the world and each other - or even of our experience of the world and each other. For all such action breeds reaction, opposition, conflict, depletion and loss.

The Movement of Unified Life is already Moving as One but we do not see it. To rest the thinking mind of its role as guide and protector, and to be the willingness to listen and feel - is to know again the Movement of True Desire. It is associated clearly with peace, acceptance, love and joy - whatever layers of thinking habit remain.

No-one nor teaching can substitute for your own free relationship within the Light of your own heart.
But in your willingness and desire to know again what the mind seems to make forgotten, will teachings and helpful encounters come to you.

Desire is the leader in all things. But the mind can profess a different currency than truth. Therefore test the active desire by being still enough to feel and know that it is one with your Heart's trust.

Trust is the foundation of our sanity, of our commonwealth and of our joy. But to Be trust, requires a presence of recognition extended and shared. There is no system that can rule in place of the Heart. Our involvement in our life cannot be escaped. But the meanings we give everything can be undone to a greater appreciation - from a fresh basis - always available.

Behold! - I make All Things New!

BBC Comment 2:
It is impossible to get through to tweedledee & dum unless one is a monstrous crow. Self interest is inherently self evident as a basis for all else. But a falsely separated sense of self is a false basis for all that comes after. Hence the adjunct to build on rock not sand. The foundation of our very self and culture is now held to question. This is not achieved by thinking on its old premises.

BBC Comment 3:
There is an inevitability bringing the dissonant mind to account - and there is a desire to delay the accounting. Delay tactics may be ingenious, but do not actually resolve the dissonance of an out of true basis of operating. If anything, they compound it. In thought, we tend to fear the truth - and assert our own. This choice brings war - to all levels of our experience. Managed war is still war

BBC Comment 4:
The mind that believes it has, seeks not to lose. The more it has to lose, the more power is exerted in resisting real change. When we are humbled of our vain imaginings, we are free to choose where to invest our heart's loyalty. The mind that believes it has not, seeks outside itself.
The mind sleeps easily in its own spin and proceeds to run on a programmed basis until rudely awakened. Pop !!!