Monday, 12 December 2011

Frozen Planet: David Attenborough stumbles on the melting ice

Clearly the most astounding accomplishments of the human mind is its capacity to disregard beholding the awesome wonder of Be-ing, by focussing on its own self commentary, within which is everything defined in our own image. (The vanity of our 'understanding why' distorts the appreciation of the wonder 'that'). I find it uses natural beauty to support  a mix of meds and propaganda though I doubt any of it is consciously intended as such.

Armchair entertainment that remains shallow and divorced from the wonder of the experience. I could wish to have alternative commentary options - perhaps simply including footage of those who were there.
Images so beautiful, yet somehow missing the relational sense of wonder and blessing of being in the wild on its terms - at least in some moment or degree!

Technology is allowing presentation to usurp content. But not without huge outlay of investment.

Still, all very interesting as a snapshot of the mind and times circa 2011. And I have watched it despite being irked by the commentary.
There is such beauty unimagined - just a step outside the mind that defines everything. Somehow the TV can use the most inspiring to help keep us cosily insulated from our Life.

But only if that is in fact our active willingness.

In Peace