Down to Earth Thinking replied to me:
You are speaking of "Our Inner Powers" and I write about it in great detail at my site. We can all heal ourselves if we simply know how to tap into these powers of God !
I Replied to Down to Earth Thinking:

From where I stand I see the illusion of power as the realm of conflict and the power of illusion as the restoration to the innate freedom and power of the imagination. It is a Shift in consciousness - one could say a Shift through which Consciousness Knows Itself directly instead of through the filters and distortions of a conflicted mind. There are as many ways to talk about Life as people who talk. I enjoy writing as a willingness of invitation. I trust you also align with your joy in life.
God withholds nothing but Gives All - so to align - simply uncover what is withheld, denied, rejected, judged against - and stop protecting it at cost of Wholeness!
Other challenges- Stop using GPS! Instead of serving us, they enslave us. Humans are supposed to have a better sense of direction than the one of homing pigeons, by a wide margin. But GPS devices significantly hinder it. Sense of direction is very important in a "survival scenario". When GPS goes down, people relying on this technology will be totally lost.- If it is one or two miles off, WALK IT or bike it. Better still, could you refrain from driving a car for 14 days in a row?- Avoid or reduce use of "energy pigs". Could you live without SUV's, air conditioners, heating systems, halogen spotlights, PWC's, ATV's, snowmobiles, sport motorcycles, etc. for one, tow or three weeks?- ADVERTISING. And the thing that best illustrates the delusional world is advertising. Unless you live in a cave, it's virtually impossible to stay away from. Throwing your TV by the window is not enough. Ads are everywhere: radio, Internet, newspapers, magazines and especially ubiquitous billboards (both present in cities and countryside). The goal is not simply avoiding ads, but together mobilize to end them once and for all.

My reply to Felix's points:

Use it all! - by living a different purpose. What you resist persists.
What you appreciate appreciates.
Everything that seeks to bind or divert your attention becomes the way to rewaken your true awareness of the conditionings by which your attention binds unto itself in fear and lack. Once it has served any purpose it has for you it disappears. If it still bugs you then there is still more of your own negative self-definition to recognize and forsake.

Why bother to live as a consciousness responsibility?
"Because You're Worth It!"
As long as there is demand, the supply will manifest. Lack and fear communicate themselves in a complex but easily discernible tangle of social and mental stratagems. One of which is to focus OUT THERE and want others or OUT THERE to change in order that 'in here' does not have to be transformed, realigned, and harmonized to true desire.