Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Nuclear War... Just Another Day

When time is done, it will be a moment of a day - perhaps like today.
How can it be otherwise than the loss of the 'ordinary' or familiar to an un-framing of our consciousness fro which we may be completely unprepared - or which we may have experienced throughout our lives at different levels of challenge to our sense of continuity?

There are many threads that feed into this theme.
One is that man made mass destruction as opposed to Cosmic catastrophe or Earth changes is an expression of our consciousness - regardless we 'try' to counter, check, deny or hide it.

While the mainstream narrative sees biology over millions of years occurring by gradual uniform change to gradual uniform change, I see our consciousness - (as we now believe and experience it), in the current cycle of our human record - is only a few thousand years old and that its activation and development - far from a gradual learning over great periods of time - exploded all around the world.

That this was synchronous with catastrophic events breaking a 'golden age' is mythically recorded all around the world but rationally rejected - not least because the rational is a layer set over the 'unconscious; or repressed psyche.

The god-king, the City-state and the idea of 'self' as power OVER life, and world is associated with Planetary cataclysm that our current cosmos and consciousness - has no way to access or make sense of. And so our Ancestors were imaginative and creative 'artists' who came up with all these insane story-myths and deadly serious ritual - that had no 'moral cohesion' excepting to emulate, appease and align under powers of overwhelming force - that were themselves chaotic and periodically catastrophic - until all settled to the world in which a more linear narrative continuity could build as civilising cultural developments - WITHIN and alongside the archetypes of power struggle.

There is another aspect to 'end times' that is apocalyptic - and literally I mean the drawing aside of the veil of devices by which we know not what we do - because we know not what we are.

While I resonate with 'Separation Trauma' as being formative to the generating and structuring of our personality structure - as survival strategy - I also hold the sense that the splitting of the mind is WITHIN a greater whole that is forgotten or ruled out by division and conflict or 'doublethink'.
Within our life focus we are for the most part almost exclusively identified with the body - but not as a true incarnation of embodiment of passion for life - but as a separating self-conscious inhibition of love AND of fear. Self-consciousness then usurps a true self-awareness as a masking of feared reality, under a narrative of continuity and control set as survival in terms of exposure to or reliving of such pain of loss.

The imposition of 'order over chaos' as an ongoing struggle (and in which competing powers see the other as the evil, threat or chaos), is an archetypal narrative or mythic structure - in which we all serve different roles to each other - until we wake from 'structure' to being of a different order and quality than all the meanings of a conditioned (and self-conditioning) mind.

I could have sketched how the tares have spread through the crop as a manipulative intent operating as private agenda beneath appearances - but breaking through as well as being falsely flagged onto proxies and patsies. But I do not feel drawn to engage in conflict with the conflicted - so much as release that for  a simple desire for truth.

It is my sense that no one can deny you the truth of who you are - excepting you give them the power to do so - or in other words do it to yourself under the assertion that they made you do it. Self-hatred is a terrible torment - and so it is hardly surprising that under its conviction we 'outsource' it to an alien will (the other).

I'm sure no one cares to consider self-hattred when surely it is only those psychopathic evil scum that need to be pulled down and destroyed. But that is what I mean by outsourced self-hatred.Not that you are evil - but that the feared conviction that evil has a place in you is hated and cast out EXCEPTING when called down in righteous vengeance - when it takes on a sort of 'holiness' and the blanket firebombing of civilian populations becomes a sort of burnt sacrifice to a terrible god - that the 'Stockholm syndrome' aligns under as their only life.

Lots of people use 'waking up' to mean seeing deceit. But that is only the first steap - and not a conclusion or destination. When what seemed true is undone of its status as fact - truth is OPEN to being discovered. Fixating on hateful deceits does not yield truth so much as petrify under the gorgon's horror.

I recently read an account of  people who experience destructive tornadoes as either dissociating or living in terror - with a few who are drawn to open in the energy of it as part of the energy of Life.

The core issue of the human conditioning is of possession and control - set against a fear and pain of loss.
the 'powers that be' can see no way to 'survive' in their terms but by radical contractions (enforced austerity under totalitarian 'smart' control of carbon guilts or social credits. But this is because they are addicted to their invested illusions - as perhaps are we all in some degree. And within the illusion of power over and under - anything true is ruled out - unless to be marketised and weaponised to feed the habit.

A qualitative shift will not come as a top down saviour. And rising in Life is not rising up in the bait of hate. But aligning ONLY with that which truly serves purpose revealed in Life - is defended against as if a sacrifice, when in fact keeping ourselves in conflicted purpose sacrifices our full presence.

I do not know if I will lose this focus in human living to nuclear war, cometary impact or something utterly mundane like falling off a chair. But I don't see it as an exclusive totality in and of itself but as a living expression now - and keeping that awareness amidst the events and demands of this day is part of holding a sense of worth that shares - even if it cannot often find a full expression in such  fearfully identified society.

Perhaps fear claims its harvest - by those who choose to accept it as their guide and protection. But it is never to late to live the willingness of a just day, this day. Lack of a true self-acceptance is a form of self judgement, rejection and hate - and then how can we relate to anyone in peace?

Look at the body language of the crisis actors playing out their roles. 
the threat and fear are used to serve an agenda of power struggle. But if you change agenda to embrace a true re-education in life - then you look at all of it with new eyes. They offer you an education in how the mind is captured and run from which you can recognise a like pattern in yourself - and be in awareness of choice. The mind says whatever you do wont make any difference. But I say that everything you think and accept as true for you makes a difference to how you see, experience and respond to your life and your world.

Self hate is made righteous under Green Eugenics. Humans as virus, humans as cancer, ordinary people as the cause of planetary destruction. This is an Ancient Script playing out. Recognition is the key to shifting the purpose of the script. It will play out - but to the purpose you accept in your heart.