Sunday, 20 February 2011

The 8 Biggest Scientific Myths - Robert Lanza

Six comments into a page on the Huff Post:
“The 8 Biggest Scientific Myths”
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(To a comment that decries ungrounded wishful thinking and does not see causal linkage beween consciousness and universe).
For sure we all have to own and watch the desire to find what we want to be true.
My own sense is that what we might here call 'consciousness' IS the collapse - not in a linear time space sense of cause and effect but that the Event itself is an Expression of a Singularity.
We humanly do not see it like that, but tend to 'see a fragmented universe of forces outside our mind that is itself already a definition from which the sense of a psychological I-thought arises. Much of our perception is a validator of this I-thought. You might call that survival - but you are not the I-thought, nor the experience its thought defines - but are inherently one with Whatever Awareness Is. Now you can personalize this and say my awareness or human awareness - but its inexplicable Mystery is not only In Your Face Always - but is the True and Unified Living Context - of Everything.
The programs running that effectively result in an end-user human experience are multilayered and complex, and they are truly the feedback of the Living Universe to Itself - and not consumer-fare of an imaginary end user who believes his life is in some way separated and autonomous. However, the Unified Experience Is fulfilling in a transcendental sense - for the Living Universe embodies what in our highest sense we call love. But the perception of a loveless consciousness can only 'see' in terms of of exclusion.

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(To a comment that we may interpret reality - but surely do not define it)

You are presuming reality to be external to you. Which is both a definition and an interpretive mechanism.
If you're ok to consider this, look at 'There is no God but God', 'Make no image (definition) of God or any living thing', as principles of Mind. (Nothing to do with external believed Deity).
Substitute Mind for god if you like. The 'define, divide and rule' mentality is a causative lens via which a polarized experience is called forth.
There is nothing so awesome or so potentially terrifying as the power of Mind - the perspective of self-will DEMANDS that the mind be made tiny and weak - or it fears to be undone to nothingness by the Power that it now sees in its own image.
To actually reopen the basic tenets of Reality to question in any cultural sense is not to rebrand old thinking in hopeful ways - but to become the scientists of our own mind, experience and relationship. Terms can me misleading, so consciousness - as a a focus and act of desire and attention is usually not what I would call Mind - but a process within Mind. But essentially 'human mind' makes the world in its own image and overlays this upon the Indivisible. To the Unified Perspective, everything both is part and whole and so is clearly defined in its inherent interrelatedness without the sense of fixed separateness that human definition assert.

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(To a comment on the vast order of magnitude on elemental or wild forces - and the incomparably frail human capacity)

Absolutely true. Be humbled of notions of personally owning or controlling Life the Universe or Anyything. From such a perspective you will attend differently, and may even come to open at a deeper level of anything you dreamed existed in your being, in such wise that you experience a singularity of Event that - not only blows away all the theories or symptoms that express an orphaned consciousness - but also awakens or restores a true appreciation of the Indivisibility of Being. The reintroduction of Mind or Consciousness as a True Environment or Unified Context - cannot be in any way equated with the human identity construct that it generally equates with mind. So I value that you made your point.
The 'mind' or mentality of wishful thinking is a lawless and disconnected imagination. and is a divorce of 'mentality' from any felt or discerned context. But a true appreciation of awareness is of a feeling being and not a disconnected thinking that then seeks command and control so as to prevail. So while seconding your point I also invite a greater willingness to uncover more of the true nature of what awareness is and what the objects of awareness are. I don't see this as an anatomy class - but as a willingness to be inspired from sources currently unmapped.

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(A General comment into the page)

Human mind is a construct - occurring _within_ what may be referenced as 'Mind, Awareness, Being or God' - (But can never be objectified but only intuited through Effects).
There is no need to look outside or go anywhere to directly enquire of the nature of awareness. All that is required is to still the chattering thinking mind and release the desire to assert a private authoritative power or will upon the Current Movement of Being. In the absence of such, there is no dualistic or divided nature, nor reflected experience arising that validates such a split. Moreover, the mechanics of the construct of the separate self sense are no longer 'hidden' by being looked out from and through. To try and think this journey is simply an extension of the activity of thinking. Real thought is an expression of true enquiry and revelation. The wave is the heart's desire and the thoughts are the carriers. Always discern the true desire in the silence or truth of your being. Then do your science or whatever as a connected expression of Universal Will.

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(To a comment that the Answer to Life Universe and Everything is 42)

“But what - exactly - is the question?”

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The movement I feel, is uncovering a scientific
­ally acceptable vocabulary in service of the Heart; of A Unified Being. Rather than to further deny and undermine the discernmen­t and intuition of Unified Life - so as to 'create' an increasing­ly manually manipulate­d yet meaningles­s 'reality'.
Meaning is irrelevant to science except as inferences derived of its own thinking process. But Meaning is Unified Field.
The now of a measuring or analysing observatio­n is never actually present as Presence Itself - though behind the scenes even illusion depends on being an illusion Of Something Real.
One can only participat­e in - (and as) - Presence. But Presence does carry within itself the feeling of being - a self-aware­ness that is not manipulati­ng or objectifyi­ng - but 'knows' itself.
When self in it's own image 'knows itself', it is narcissist­ic - even in its apparently social aspect it is simply self regard. When Life or Living Universe Knows Itself through you - there is a universal appreciati­on and not any kind of enhanced socio-pers­onal status whatsoever­. Hence Reality is effectivel­y invisible from within the perspectiv­e of a separative self regard. Yet Always and Already available as the Movement of Being That Is living you - in it's wholeness - Prior to the thinking filtering overlay of self definition­.


(Written in this consideration but not used)

To attempt to communicate to a presumed separate mind is to channel new wine to old structures that are already predicated to interpret all things from a flawed predication.
But the structural integrity of such separate self sense weakens with the advent of a dawning awareness that initially rises 'beneath the radar' of otherwise immaculate defences, and the mind of past experience is willingly put aside in order that fresh perspective arises.
That awareness can 'trap itself' in its own thought/beliefs has to be the most comic and tragic of abilities - depending on the active perspective. I feel its time to wake up to a greater perspective than limited thought and with that will come a transformed appreciation of not just the observable or tangible Universe - but of the inherent Meaning that is its True Expression. It is the context that shifts.
This is of course beyond belief - and that is why belief has to be at least suspended. The process is generally a shift over moments of time. Just don't think. But watch and be active as desire for truth.