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Vaccine Religion

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 Jon Rappoport on Vaccine news the mainstream wont publish

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Pseudo religion or magical belief, operates a sense of power over or against judged ‘evils’. Jon focuses on exposing or countering ‘power-priesthoods’ but the doing so may give reinforcement to powerlessness.
Manipulative intent can only leverage fears and guilts already active within our own (and our cultural or collective) self-beliefs – albeit mostly in ways that are rendered ‘unconscious’ – and defended against exposure by every kind of device.
The underlying psychic and emotional beliefs of a fearfully defined sense of self. life and world, are not resolved or corrected (healed) by displacement  onto physical manipulations. But the belief and wish for the power to do so, gives power to external agencies while undermining one’s own core sense of being.
Choosing to persist in a false sense of being must use coercion and deceit to maintain itself – and this can only generate a dissonance of being, with a sense of disconnect or separation from the feeling of being – which is infinitely rich as the core qualities of existence and yet is ‘lost’ or ‘fallen from’ as a result of inner conflicted sense of self.
The ‘sinner’ or conflicted guilt-driven self, judges itself unworthy of love’s wholeness as a radiance or joy of being and seeks to escape the ‘punishment’ or consequence by partial sacrifice. This may be displacement onto others, to conditions or to one’s body.
The ‘religion’ of denial and sacrifice of true being, has become hard-wired as the primary defence by which to persist a sense of power ‘over’ life rather than ‘lose’ such a sense of self to conflicted fears given power by the very act of attempting escape.
True power of life operates resonance of communication and synchronicity – but when fear attempts to gain power over the feared – or power to hide from fear – the sacrifice of true witness and communication is fed to support a ‘narrative control’ identity, of a split-mind of masking presentations of shifting identities.
The forms change but the underlying conflicts of a breakdown in communication remains unchanged, un-addressed, un-owned and unhealed.
Covering inner conflicts with forms of presented displacement allows a dissociated identity to play out until the failure of such forms to keep the conflict from awareness brings either more form-shifting and sacrifice or an awakening responsibility at the level of cause – rather than identity in symptom-struggle.
The complexity of entanglement in false thinking cannot be overstated. I have essayed a sketch of what I notice by its symptoms and by the revealed underlying patterns of identification and belief with which they are associated.
One of the aspects of sacrifice as ‘escape’ is that of a death wish – and this includes the desire to eradicate the hated or rejected – as the Others – as a way of denying such hate within.
The ‘Trojan’ deceit hides in one of the foundations of ‘religious scientism’ – as the wish to be the bringer of light and power over evil and darkness – in this case ‘infectious disease’. Self-specialness is corrupted – for the natural response of answering a call for help is not self-conscious or contrived.
True power undoes corruption and restores communication. But in current human terms, this feels more like relinquishing of what we assign as power so as to fully align in the true of our being. This demands no sacrifice of what we are to be Itself – and witness through us. Yet an investment in power will ‘see’ only threat to itself and break off communication, support and healing so as to play out its version of dominion and defiance.
(In response to SD in the comments):
I believe you are almost certainly correct. There are negative synergies or pathways of destructive influence where it is hard to assign total responsibility to one event or agent.
I have read in various sources that ‘polio’ persisted but generally under other diagnosis – because ‘polio has been eradicated by vaccines’ and so any occurrence must be ‘something else’ – excepting in countries denied development who are felt to benefit from our ‘AID”.
Whereas many in the ranks believe their cause – I cannot escape the conclusion that those at the top are aware of the destructive effects of their actions, products and services, such as to be either callous to the extreme or intentionally working destruction.
I generally address the underlying psyche – because unrecognized hate operates negative pathways of thought and social structure in much the same way as our world reflects in tangible materiality.

Constructs within Consciousness

In Response to:

 CIA Consciousness – by Jon Rappoport

To what degree is the ‘CIA” (and similar reflections) operating a faithful feedback loop to your own attempt to define and control ‘consciousness’ – which then results in some form of construct within Consciousness – through which your experience of being – is primed through such definitions as ‘control’ and its flip-side of ‘controlled’?

Consciousness is a focusing within IDEA that includes the capacity to split focus within conflicting Idea. Whereas the recognition of being through Idea, operates expansion, the non-recognition of being within self-conflicting concept, operates limitation and loss.
The non-recognition of being is the result of WANTING to see something ELSE and believing your own distortions true. Just as the presumption of ‘knowing’ blocks the direct knowing of a truly Creative Relationship.

The psy-op IS the computer-program invoked to support and maintain a false sense of self OVER and AGAINST all else. Any investment and allegiance to such a focus generates its own sense of necessity in maintaining and defending such focus – as if one’s personal survival.
The mind being used as a defence against truth is a conceit or self-deceit – but that does not change the innate FUNCTION of what Mind Is – which is to attend or give focus to RECOGNITION of worth. If we elect to give worth to that which is unworthy of our true being – then we give support and attraction to what we don’t want while professing to be opposing or countering it.
Definitions and beliefs operate ‘reality-as-perceived’ while we operate within their operating system rather than relaxing from such entanglement to notice from the Field Awareness of being Itself.
At some level – if the entanglements are being persisted in rather than resolved back to their true desire – then they represent the current choice as to how to experience All That Is – though such filters as bring exactly such experience and alignment.

Illuminating the mechanism of the construct within Consciousness can awaken the stirring of Consciousness in others by resonance, of invitation and alignment. But attempting to use guilt and blame to leverage others into ‘awakening’ teaches they are NOT free to simply accept and align through their own recognition. Teaching UNfreedom as a means to ‘gaining freedom’ is the nature of the trap – and not the way to create out of an already freedom. Entanglement in ‘changing others’ works against a true witness – as if to grow ‘mindshare’ is to become more real.

If capital C Consciousness is given true witness – rather than dealing in conceptual references of reduced or fragmented sub-sets – then the quality of knowing one’s existence expands to a whole You-niverse of what might be called a subtler communication of Felt Being. The trade of Soul-awareness for a world in which to play out a sense of struggle that grows from the loss of true power by investment in the false – is not made in the past – but can be un-covered as a present choice operating – and thus a different choice remains available – to you, the chooser.

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Believing IS seeing

Illusion reveals that the brain fills in peripheral vision

Believing IS seeing

The brain renders a neurally networked electrical image of modelled 'reality'
The focus creates the periphery - ie; what is not focused upon becomes sidelined or background.
An exclusive focus sets up a polarised filtering distortion - somewhat like 'zooming in' by masking out.
Identification or habitual association in exclusive focus maps pathways of reaction that make an 'automaton' of conditioned reaction.
The negative  'fulfilment' of such looping conscious routine persists until the relaxing of the directive allegiance to a fresh reality reflection-experience.
Reality is always fresh, new or timeless, and yet persistence in exclusive focusing idea generates experience in continuity of object-space through time. With our experience the coercive sense of control blocks the receptive that responds to the guiding direction of support for conscious creating - which in general human terms is conscious choice or rather, recognition and acceptance of resonant information.
Resting the mind and the focus operates an open net through which information is both received and extended. Everything we 'see' is an extension of idea. The framing of reality is a working model definition - not Reality itself.
If defining, predicting and controlling are accepted to be power or strength, then participance in and AS the richness of the Creative is ignored or denied and defined weak.
Power for its own sake is destructive to relational awareness and yet that Recognition opens the awakening to the true foundational movement of being - that the construct of consciousness operates as the denial of and secret or hidden dependence on.

Imaging-ation of Reality is Idea experience. The apparent split into fear and control, guilt and punishment, is resolved when control is recognized as fear-inducing, when effect is recognized as containing and masking its own cause.
The wish-insistence for an external and solid abiding 'reality' can translate to a grounded and tangibly felt support in a realm in which to learn by demonstration, and to wake to that learning as a more coherent reality participation.

The use of the eyes to scan a 'dead' world for data is deadening. Unless you extend a blessing - you will feel the denial or lack of blessing as your world and your reality. This is so readily demonstrable and yet so overlooked by the focus in the psychologically usurped idea of survival or persistence of a narrative identity.

Illusions or imagery envisioned can reflect true being - given and received as one, but focus within perception can redefine in terms of identity in image - and there's the conflicted incoherence. No image, symbol, concept or model of reality can ever Be anything else than 'of' reality - but the mind can respond as if Real - and give it reality at cost of true perspective.
Once perspective is lost - a fragmented focus operates as a separate 'whole' - in fragmented world it seeks to define, predict and control... in narrative identities that 'fill in' or mask out, as continuity manager for a private 'reality' of negative reinforcement.

What is pain and where does pain come from?

What is pain and where does pain come from?

While pain can be physically associated with inflammation and trauma, it may be associated with any result that you do not want - but cannot otherwise escape or change - in the terms set.  The rage beneath a sense of life denied is not rational but a certain kind of 'rationality' arose to limit and deny its expression. Likewise grief or terror.
The mind - in its personality sense - is a social expression of covering over and mitigating, outsourcing or denying pain. With some arena of expression and redefinition or redistribution in the surface reality of the personal, social and cultural definitions of acceptable or respectable communications and behaviours.

The coping strategies for psychic emotional pain include pushing it down; denial. The conditions are then stored or rather dumped in the body. The pain of isolation is a very deep rooted sense of disconnection from life, from self and from others and world - regardless how much substitution is engaged to mitigate or offset it.

But as I describe now - pain is deeply part of our consciousness - which in some sense is fragmented in a variety of ways as both the results of trying to overcome or escape it - that led to more pain and fragmentation - but also as the adaptation of the personality to cope within 'the human condition' - or indeed as I hold, the human conditioning in which various overlapping consensual definitions  operate as the reality out of which we think - and in which we presume to live. For the identity within limitation, pain can also serve as a reinforcement of limitation - where the removal of the limiting factors would increase fear. Indeed conflicts and confusions can serve as obfuscations of a deeper denial pattern - where some deep shame may hold a greater terror than a set of physical or emotional symptoms of physical effect.

In some ways the persona can act like a lid over experience that has been stuffed down into the unconscious - with the patterns of suppression operating subconsciously - and when this breaks down as a defence - it is experienced as a breakdown of reality.

The trained response of the fearfully identified to pain is to seek to escape it as soon as possible by whatever is to hand, or failing that, to mitigate or mask it. In our fragmented and managed culture, we are not often raised to receive or open to it - as a relationship of some curiosity as to what exactly is presenting. Instead we are identified most often with a contraction into thoughts and feelings that are symptomatic of the pain as a constellation of negative reinforcements of meanings that become part of the narrative experience of the pain. An identity in pain - where a bit less pain can seem pleasure - but whole Souled joy may be forgotten and absent - EXCEPT in the defences raised against it.

Magic answers to relational issues are anything that seems to redistribute energy and attention so as to get some 'time off' from pain... before the 'magic' wears off and the negative default resumes. But genuine resolution of the issues undoes the cause - and releases the being to feel and align in joy in their moment, in their day, in their lives.

The accepted definition and use of the mind is key in all this - and the emotional and physical response and reflection are the faithful feedback or result of the focus, alignment and balance within self as with others and with the world. Trying to be who or what you are not induces conflict and strain in which life energy is given to fear-as-control.
Losing control is socially shameful and personally humiliating as well as target for others whose issues are triggered in response. But regardless the apparent mess, the opportunity is for the waking to a re-integrative movement of being - rather than 'getting back' to persist in an out-of-true representation of what society expects or demands - or what one believes society expects or demands. Life is not just something that happens to us. We are participants - indeed we are Participance. But the recognition, acceptance and embodiment of a true willingness is of an entirely different order from any wishfulness of mental rehearsal or re-enactment - that can be associated with a past that was significantly characterised by evasion - presented as something else.
The thinking can and often does usurp a true checking in within and without as to what resonates presence here and what is superfluous or noise to the core signal of focus now.
But noticing a habit in the act is the opportunity of a choice to make a better one - and get a corresponding result.
The thinking defines our choices in ways that deny choice - and so a break or pause from thinking opens perspective just by relaxing or indeed profoundly yielding everything as it is to being exactly as it is - rather than actively focussing in the narrative definitions, meanings and thoughts around and about or upon the focus of attention.
Nothing requires perfection - but only some movement of true willingness. The signalling of willingness to the being is of a different order to denial - and meets a different set of witnesses or reinforcements. But although such synchronicity can be miraculous as a shifting from siege to connected freedom of being. it is a rededication of self in willingness for life - as a participance and unfolding out of who we uncover and accept ourselves to be by living such steps as are open to take. Awakened purpose may take a significant time to establish - but it is no less a changing orientation to time - for the now becomes a resource from which to renew and live from - instead of setting time as the distance between desire and fulfilment - as in 'chasing carrots', or putting time between issues that call for attending and meeting - as if to delay the 'inevitable'. (stick).
No one can really share pain - or compare pain. Perspectives can radically change even in one lifetime. But who has suffered and in some sense come through pain- has a compassionate solidarity with the being who is in such experience as part of who they are. The capacity to feel joy is the capacity to feel pain. Joy is freedom of being - and regardless our conditions or conditionings - our being is not our personality construct but is infinitely more intimate than anything we seem to think alone. No one else can truly accept me - for me, though their light may wake my own, and no one else's rejection hurts like my own - but it can serve to illuminate where I am so down on my self and thus bring that out to see what that's all about. One step at a time.

Killing the canary in the mine

Hypochondriacs and the placebo effect?

If drugs are not significantly more effective than placebos - AND cause iatrogenic disease (unwanted effects that often elicit further drug applications), then there is a strong case for NOT allowing them to be made available under any marketing of 'health benefit or sickness treatment'. Doctoring of trial data such as was revealed in Eli Lilly's Prozac is endemic to the 'industry'.

The other side of the coin here is the nocebo. To an uneducated and susceptible mind - a cancer diagnosis can kill the patient - and frequently does - helped along with biocidal 'treatments'.

The role of the mind and emotional and physical response is largely airbrushed by a 'culture' that seeks to eradicate, separate from or mask and hide, fears by deceit and manipulation, seen as power over life.

The mind is not merely the surface presentations - but the active underlying subconscious and unconscious filters and distortions to clear focus in being, and beliefs are reality for those who hold them - until those filters are identified and released for a more aligned relationship.

Displacing of psychic-emotional conflict onto the energetic of the physical body is something resisted as if it adds 'blame' to sickness or opens the mind to a deeper conflict that the identity is formed to hide, mask, or eradicate.

This direction of enquiry accounts for the immensely complex and conflicted entanglements of a world to which we seem born in, subject to and die from. And our adaptation to such believed reality then seeks to better manage our sense of protection and control within such a 'world'.

Beliefs are definitions and that which is out of true with who we are - can only generate conflict. The attempt to suppress this is part of personal and social demands that generate equal and opposite reactions. The disintegration of consciousness is a progressive condition in which awakening as consciousness responsibility - reintegrates.

Denied feelings of any kind were so denied by trauma or conflict in the history of the individual, the family, culture or species. Our Future in terms of evading, escaping or eradicating them has 'run out of time' and so a turnaround in awakened responsibility of consciousness is the undoing of the past in the present that releases the future from the past. This restores the creative to its true function - within our awareness and participance. It never stopped being the creative - even when filtered through negative definitions.

Disease, definitions and denials

Cancer; a metabolic epigenetic disease?

Comment into the above article:

Regardless of the treatment he was given I have a resonance with Dr Hamer’s basic findings includes psychic shock – as expression a biological expression in brain and tissues associated with the nature of the shock – not merely for cancer but as a premise of disease – where what we call disease is generally the body’s process of recovery and rebalancing from the clearing of the condition – and which toxicity, malnutrition and other adverse factors – play a part in the persistence of the clearing conditions as an inability to complete its function – and the composite and re-triggering of shocks that include the diagnosis of death or disabling condition, deep fears for close others and a range of other bedfellows.
The nature of psychic-emotional trauma is so central or fundamental to the human conditioning – and the structuring of our personality or ego – and therefore of our social, political and economic expressions – that it should be no surprise that conventional treatments tend to WAR on symptoms as if they are the disease rather than messengers of a healing process already underway – with which to align.
Likewise germ theory posits an enemy idea to be eliminated, vaccinated against, where such as Beschamps, Gaessner and Lanka illuminate a symbiotic capacity of the biota to produce and clear the necessary structures and functions.
The genetic field needs to embrace epigenetic factoring or it simply posits cause outside of the energetic field of the total body-mind (living reality) to engage in manipulation and struggle in a displacement mapping that distorts and filters out Living Reality.
I would also make clear that what we regard as our mind, consciousness or self is itself a result and manipulation and struggle in a displacement mapping that distorts and filters out Living Reality.
And as I said above – the social and political effect of cultural consciousness defined within a fragmented sense of a denied wholeness.
If you are with me at all the implication is that from a displacement strategy of adaptation within a mind evading terror, our maps may be inverted or reversals of the Living Reality – which cannot be mapped and defined and nor would anyone in their right mind see any call to translate the already perfect communication into forms of a manipulated reality.
The interpretation of messenger as threat of enemy is the motif of the parable of the tenant farmers who presumed mastership while the master was ‘away’ and killed the master’s messengers. Egocentricity is usurping functions to serve a false sense of control against an unrecognized part of self scapegoated as evil and denied or killed.
It is associated as arising from scarcity and a fear of disconnection.
Though I use words to describe – the effects of and witnesses to the pattering of such a ‘mind’ are so pervasive as to pass off as normal and be presumed our nature and therefore the distrust of and replacement of nature with mechanical extensions of manipulative control.
It is my sense that none of us can accept what we cannot open to the belief of. Thus our outer explorations of all that serve health cannot open more than the current capacity to live be. So while false identity can inflate on ungrounded or unlived thinking that poses as belief, an uncovering of the limiting or blocking beliefs is a necessary soil into which healing modalities serve the rising of health – for we do not create life or health so much as extend or radiate and be the embodiment and expression of. The search FOR something can reinforce the belief you do not already have it. But if one takes a moment – life is not a dead concept – and you can find your cause and authority in a Living communication that synchronizes and reflects AS the particular connections or information or relationship that serves your acceptance of and extending of a Gift of living rather than a war for survival.

Are events orchestrated or not?

US Domestic Tumult – Orchestrated or Not?

Comment into the above article:

Attempt to control the narrative may not 'orchestrate' events so much as perceptions and 'received' normalcy of reactions.
If you look at your own consciousness it includes a running commentary of 'self-justification' that operates  a sense of continuity and control that  may be more of a 'virtual reality' than actual events and actual control.

Outer 'reality' can only reflect what our defined meanings allow.

Opportunism can lie in wait when the often predictable reactions of those who are locked into narrative identity, result in being open to manipulation or even willing alliance.

But the value system by which opportunity is recognised as such is dependant on its goal.

I see and use an opportunity right here and now, to illuminate the link between the mind or consciousness of the individual, and the reality 'subscription' - which may also operate like the set frequency of the tuning device and the channel received.

How much do we participate in strengthening the idea of elite power cartels by  assigning then or reacting and speaking as if they 'orchestrate' our world?

Admittedly the downstream effects of regulatory cartel monopolies don't require us to first know the means by which a loveless intent manifests as destructive outcome in which we or others like us are denied their core humanity.

But learning the devices of manipulators and deceivers incites hatred (of them) and a pervasive distrust of humanity - whose redeeming features then seem to be in vengeance for wrongdoing and elevation of the capacity to be denied, wounded and rendered unfree - as the basis for a struggle of powers.

I write this to invite reflection. Do we or can we 'orchestrate' our own lives? Even amidst all the issues, conflicts and limitations that arise in our day, our society, our world - but also our current moment of freedom to at least choose how we will see or interpret whatever is 'going on'.

Denial, disintegrity and incoherence

Gaslighting: An insidious form of emotional abuse
Julie Naftulin

I commented into the above page:

Denial is deep rooted as a predicate of a sense of independent autonomy - as if Life being is merely something to manipulate and exploit as a someone separate from it.
Wishful thinking given extreme emotional reinforcement operates in place of true willing - indeed it seems to usurp your true desire to such a degree you might not be able to feel and know the true of anything.
Mutually agreed definitions operate tacitly to defend and support the identity rising from or constructed over denial.
Denial depends on the true to even SEEM to be a power of opposition or refusal - for the true of you is the extension of attention and value extending in act to what you accept as yourself.

Wishful thinking identified and believed operates a false sense of self-reality and makes falsely founded relationships for getting. Beneath the presentations of self are the fears that the persona mask was constructed to get away from.

If you are in a relationship and find your integrity undermined - you need to re-establish the integrity of the relating - and see if there IS a genuine willingness for relationship. If the other is too afraid to allow communication, the fear itself may be able to be acknowledged. This may open up further avenues of exploration and uncovering of relationship in place of denied consciousness operating in the dark.

Whatever words or terms are employed, blame is always destructive but a core integrity of being is always worthy of standing in and is an act of love - regardless the form it takes or the 'meanings' applied.

Abuse can be used as an insidious weapon of 'assigning evil' as the ruse of righteousness. But abuse does not belong in a real relationship - and so the honesty of the relationship needs to be brought forth - in the open - in whatever way works - or there is no current willingness for relationship - only abuse.

Using each other is not relationship - but society normalizes by currency of acceptance and manipulative thought and  behaviour become the 'culture' of masked hate.

Healing or undoing hate and fear will never occur while guilt projecting blame is identified in as god, self and saviour. We might deny such is our mind - but the cock crows and the light is nigh in which to recognize and release what had seemed a self-protective gesture, but locked ou out of our heart's knowing.

Attending to 'evils' whilst still masking our own is a sure way to being manipulated by denied fear and guilt. When it comes to the surface - there is opportunity for healing ourselves - and a natural witness or sharing to others. If all our attention is on the sickness in others - even when sickness is demonstrated in their behaviour - then our own vibrational correspondences are kept hidden or 'denied' light by the emotionally backed wish it be exclusively them who are wrong.

It's easy to show the pathetic nature of those who are exposed - less so when it is you who are defending what to you seems your survival - not because of any presence of intelligent assessment - but out of ancient fear scripts that HAVE no consciousness in them.

The attempt to engineer or manipulate society so as not to suffer abuse is simply a denial of Consciousness masked in a collective idea of sacrifice. But agian - the ancient fear scrip without consciousness dictates "THIS MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!" - and I remind you that wishing - no matter how intensely backed with emotional sacrifice - IS NOT and can not be true willing.
Awakened responsibility is the uncovering of your holy will. It will not seem so - because it has been demonized by the projections of a wish to override and oppose Communication - as if to become a will of power.
But we cannot oppose communication - any more than thought can trap the mind in which thought arises. But clearly we are able to believe we have and want it so - and then suffer in like measure by our own 'word'. And clearly we react so as to generate 'rules' by which to map out and mask and redistribute the conflicted pain of an incoherent self sense as a self defended over and against a conflicted and incoherent world. This 'power struggle' is the denial of Communication in forms of self-justification.  But where do we go to receive our sense of self? No matter the habit  freedom is a consciously accepted choice - rather than a falsely framed reaction.

From awakened freedom one can and should deny anything that would re-frame you in terms of a trapped and trapping mind. Growing this discernment is loving yourself enough to keep watch - and forgiving yourself when you notice you forget - which is a point of honouring the noticing - not a call for blame.

Also commenting on denial into
The Copenhagen Syndrome

Denial is usually masked with presentation of justifiability or plausible deniability – because a direct attack attracts counter attack – unless in overwhelming power position – in which delay awaits opportunity.
Operating from a blind-sided sense of personal investment has to internally or privately deny honesty to persist in what seems like justifiable defence – for everyone expects their own private or even denied intent to come back at them – or be the ‘mind of others’.

In a society of some willingness for trust and communication – which is necessary to even survive at all – there have been conditions for cultural discovery and expression of life that is not operating attack, exploitation or getting, but a sense of worth and the extension of that worth to others as an act of recognition and opening to communication. However, all forms of socially accepted validity become used as masking for those who want to pass off as valid in order to get something or get away form something.

When all forms of thought and behaviour become corrupted to one-eyed opportunistic gratification – or hollow manipulated emotionalism passing off as living, the foundational insanity can no longer be masked, denied and projected out onto others and so the blind is revealed in light.

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Believing IS seeing

Illusion reveals that the brain fills in peripheral vision

Believing IS seeing

The brain renders a neurally networked electrical image of modelled 'reality'
The focus creates the periphery - ie; what is not focused upon becomes sidelined or background.
An exclusive focus sets up a polarised filtering distortion - somewhat like 'zooming in' by masking out.
Identification or habitual association in exclusive focus maps pathways of reaction that make an 'automaton' of conditioned reaction.
The negative  'fulfilment' of such looping conscious routine persists until the relaxing of the directive allegiance to a fresh reality reflection-experience.
Reality is always fresh, new or timeless, and yet persistence in exclusive focusing idea generates experience in continuity of object-space through time. With our experience the coercive sense of control blocks the receptive that responds to the guiding direction of support for conscious creating - which in general human terms is conscious choice or rather, recognition and acceptance of resonant information.
Resting the mind and the focus operates an open net through which information is both received and extended. Everything we 'see' is an extension of idea. The framing of reality is a working model definition - not Reality itself.
If defining, predicting and controlling are accepted to be power or strength, then participance in and AS the richness of the Creative is ignored or denied and defined weak.
Power for its own sake is destructive to relational awareness and yet that Recognition opens the awakening to the true foundational movement of being - that the construct of consciousness operates as the denial of and secret or hidden dependence on.

Imaging-ation of Reality is Idea experience. The apparent split into fear and control, guilt and punishment, is resolved when control is recognized as fear-inducing, when effect is recognized as containing and masking its own cause.
The wish-insistence for an external and solid abiding 'reality' can translate to a grounded and tangibly felt support in a realm in which to learn by demonstration, and to wake to that learning as a more coherent reality participation.

The use of the eyes to scan a 'dead' world for data is deadening. Unless you extend a blessing - you will feel the denial or lack of blessing as your world and your reality. This is so readily demonstrable and yet so overlooked by the focus in the psychologically usurped idea of survival or persistence of a narrative identity.

Illusions or imagery envisioned can reflect true being - given and received as one, but focus within perception can redefine in terms of identity in image - and there's the conflicted incoherence. No image, symbol, concept or model of reality can ever Be anything else than 'of' reality - but the mind can respond as if Real - and give it reality at cost of true perspective.
Once perspective is lost - a fragmented focus operates as a separate 'whole' - in fragmented world it seeks to define, predict and control... in narrative identities that 'fill in' or mask out, as continuity manager for a private 'reality' of negative reinforcement.

Nibiru? Don't Worry

Fear Mongering Nibiru?


More fake news. People should worry more about actual threats, such as that [posed by the unrelenting and UNSTOPPABLE Fukushima radiation which has already decimated all marine life in the Pacific, and is systematically, though incrementally, killing us all in its path. Half of the North American population will be gone by 2050, all populations on the Pacific Rim maybe much sooner. If you ingest or inhale merely one cesium particle the chances of you getting a life threatening cancer are greater than 50:50. Bookmark this site: so you understand the problem.

No - don't worry.
Worry is destructive now. 'UNSTOPPABLE' relationships or conditions may yet find transmutation. For some cancer is a nocebic death sentence, but for others a call to centre and align their being in a deeper freedom from fear or concern.
Why bother being free to feel and know our being when we are 'All GOING TO DIE!' ?
Because what you are Now is being you now - whereas all the rest is story of projected fears.
I see a choice between a bunch of thinking and a quality of participance. If there is a guidance and support for Life, I expect to find it one step at a time in Living - and not in (emotional reaction to) predictions based on past conditioning.

You can make a list of 'problems' that can drain your spirit to even focus in - and why exactly would that grow 'understanding'? I invite the yielding up of such 'understanding' to a present willingness to listen - as I say - one step at a time.

Everything is on a 'need to know basis' - so if you (believe you) 'already know' then you wont be listening for anything except your validation. Not knowing - is pregnant, open, fertile, and innately desirous of its nature. Prepare for transition by releasing whatever gets in the way.

Is the fake news entirely fabricated, or pre-seeding something actual in terms designed to sell papers/ads to clickbait and set any interpretation in terms of fear - and the marketisation and weaponisation of that fear?

Live this day well.

Guilted identity politicking

Theresa May slams 'disgusting' growth of anti-Semitism in Labour as she accuses Jeremy Corbyn of turning a 'blind eye' to racism in his party

Is Jewish 'identity politics' the cleverest mind-capture of many of the cleverest people as reinforcing self-specialness whilst propagating fear of 'others' all turning upon them for no reason but 'race' hate?
Are 'others' so easily guilted or baited to division and compliance under the 'politics of guilted fear'?
This kind of politicking operates enormous influence in every aspect of guilt-defined societies, as a general subservience and compliance to a corporately driven state - that is itself merely a regional aspect of a globalism masked as 'Trade' deals by which clever lawyers use clever laws to remove any remaining true sovereignty of Will from peoples and nations.
There is always a reaction to feeling coerced and deceived - and that may not be 'clever' enough to articulate more that hating being denied one's humanity even while tricked into doing it to oneself. But my points are not a focus in race or power class operating any such 'identity', but upon mind control vs true Will

I had separately written the following recently which has resonance so it is here for anyone's interest:

... correlated psychic trauma with brain and body symptoms – and while not the ‘whole truth’ is a significant perspective in my opinion.

Viewing the mind and its corresponding ‘world’ of the lie and the father of the lie – as exclusively the focusing intent and act of 'the Other' – gives rise to the fear, distrust and hatred of the 'Other' – that leads to a terror and impotent rage – OVER AND AGAINST which – is a fragmented and dissociated ‘consciousness’ that seeks power and validation BECAUSE its foundation is both a loss of power and an invalidity or lie.

I hold for the re-wakening to a nature that is powerful without having to oppose or lord it over anything, and extends validity or true witness and recognition by nature – free of deceit.

The catch22 perhaps is that guilt or denied and excommunicated ‘evil’... is the device by which consciousness splits as the fragmenting dissociative sense of trauma that then defines and sets a narrative continuity of linear progressive time – as the only possible consciousness exploration of experience. One might call it a mind trap – but pause and consider… can what mind IS be changed and trapped or subjected by its own thought? That we have such narrative experience is attesting to the shared matrix of belief – but not to the true nature of consciousness itself.

The mind of fragmentation in displacement and dissociation is a ‘checkmate’ to its own attempts to power – and I believe this is so for any mind that seeks it at expense of another – regardless the temporary roles played out. No matter how much energy and ingenuity is invested in defending and illusion – it can never become true – nor abide in truth. And so the wish for power is makes its own 'truth' upon the 'death' or denial of true. The lie and the father of the lie.

Something True must first exist and be known to exist in order for a a fake copy to be made – or indeed must precede the denial and dissociation of such a substitution.
War against evil is an entirely different purpose than releasing evils uncovered in ourself - rather than guilting and manipulating the self. 'War upon 'evil' operates the primary deceit by which our own correspondences are kept hidden. How quick the mind to throw the first stone!

I don’t say this to bring blame on the perceiver – or exonerate unacceptable behaviour in others – but to first accept correction in our own minds – from which – or rather through which a clear perspective is lived and shared.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Propaganda devices of deceit

Propaganda techniques of Empire

Devices of guilt deflection are part of the mind by which truth is denied in favour of the personal sense of power in manipulation and control - in which communication is 'weaponised' or indeed 'marketised' - same thing really.

One can study the dark arts in pursuit of power from deceit or one can uncover such device as having no attraction or meaningful function - and every destructive influence - within our own accepted reality.

The point is that uncovering such as if it ONLY applies in the perpetrator - is liable to throw stones of righteousness by which to hide our own hidden deceits.

The collective urge to hate and attack such deceit unmasked operates at the point of opening a deeper communication, embodies the very same energetic of hating our own 'sins' on the other and killing them. This is old magic that keeps a sacrificial system in place of opening in communication - by which I mean an honest relating within ourself as between.

The willing sacrifice of Life - of Sanity - to destructive insanity is becoming more obvious as a choice rather than a survival need set within false framing - for evil only grows with attempt to fight it.  I differentiate being baited into hating and fighting evil, from true witness and accountability - which is not hate or fear-driven.

Integrity of being, extends to relationship and communication. If there  is a 'second coming' it is through your willingness to be found in integrity and to stand and live from it. The mind may already wiggling around for a place to hide Watch the mind, Be vigilant against deceit and not lured into lies that set you up to be 'run' by a hate agenda. Joy in life is not ephemeral but unifying - and provides a perspective of discernment that conflicting fragments have discarded in the attempt to validate themselves upon the invalidation of others.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Populism, globalism, elitism

Comments into this article

It is simply physics that creating polarity of difference by division generates a charge and an inevitable discharge in the release of excess energy when the difference become unstable. It appears that key opportunists used this to predict and support the 'big man' in Germany after the generating of corrupt and indifferent elitism in the weaknesses following WW1 into the Weimar Republic.

The denial of any real voice for people outside the inmost elitist coterie might be called unpopular though its device may operate in lures to self inflation. But that doesn't describe its intent - which is rejection and exclusion as power unto itself.

This will 'see' itself in the reflecting movement for reintegration in the measure set by its own choice - as a force that seeks to reject and exclude it from what it defines and forcibly asserts as its property and right of control - via laws made to serve its agenda and beneath, around and above the law, as the power of influence to evade accountability by guile, stealth and subversion.

Opportunism anticipates and 'surfs the wave' of change so as to maximise identity in value within the terms it sets. And alliances form and shift accordingly, for there is no love in 'getting from' so as to strengthen the power of a mask.

Reading what is 'going on' as if to gain control over it is seeking power of protection of investment against loss in the current terms set. The current sea of ideas, beliefs and 'memes' includes attempts to insinuate false currency into mnd of thinking so that mindcapture can use the fear of others to power their protection racket.

But the illusion would be to presume that those engaged in manipulation are themselves not also hollow puppets of un-recognized or denied fears masquerading as a false sense of self that must be coercively asserted and validated or reinforced and supported to seem to have power or validity.

If reading what is 'going on' is but seeing through a lens darkly - then we 'see' what tyrannous shadow power delivers to us  as if our own, (not unlike the personalized internet that Google and others are working on that 'tailors' content to 'preferences' - but shhh - you know whose!).

What is going on is physics - but the mind in which it operates flawlessly is deeply flawed, fragmented and masked with guilt that seeks to hide or mask in reinforcement of its original error as a narrative identity. Is it time for a different story?

Just my 'to sense' for your freedom to set value in a true appreciation.

- - -
We all like to think we are an island unto itself until the need for true relationship breaks the spell. I don't so much disagree and prefer self-fulness and a natural overflowing that extends to relationships in genuine sense of worth. I don't see communication as actually true communication EXCEPTING in an equality of worth - for anything else is framing the other in the game of comparison and competition - which COSTS awareness of true worth.
The whole carp-game of gloabl destruction and toxic overload is 'looking after no 1. You have to come with something better than what already doesn't work. How about abandoning thinking of oneself - to arise as a fresh take of being that is not pre-machined to operate a self or rejection and exclusion?
See what comes up.

Trying to 'control' a system of fragmented and competing purpose is an attempt to enforce control where wholly alligned purpose does not call for more than a light touch.
Of course the fear and belief in loss of control embodies in the attempt to possess it - and the belief one has it generates the fear of losing it.
Usage of terms like power and control are so machanistically fitted to the denial of relationship and communication as to constitute a primitive or reptilian brain of 'fight or flight' - which operates as a diversion of life energy to fear's demand. There is a place for this in terms brute physical survival - but otherwise it operates a Trojan via which all is sacrificed to overcoming 'Other' who is blamed with what the mind DOES - when it seeks to get from or exploit instead of relate.

Monday, 26 September 2016

Hate Persona and blame

An article entitled:
Acknowledging My Own Racism in the Era of Trump

Self-hate, denied fears and denied denials manifest in all sorts of reflections.
That then reinforce themselves as a triggered 'identity'.

Our true identity is not really manufactured but arises within a relational experience.

But the masking persona asserts an identity made upon someone else's loss or in projection of self-lack or self-invalidity onto the Other. A loveless sense of such a self uses hate and fear objects to justify and validate itself - as if to protect and thus 'love' itself.

It also uses the hate and fear of owning up to hate and fear feelings and acts as a basis to make narratives of collective reinforcement for collective 'identity'.

If a description of a mechanism becomes a HATE term for personal agenda - such as 'racist' - then such an invested persona diverts and blocks further curiosity or illumination of what is actually operating in place of a recognition and acceptance.

The investment in persona and personified 'reality' is the apportioning and validating of BLAME - by which to invalidate Other and hide a sense of self righteous in the judge.

Humanity has a deep self-hatred that inevitably projects to reflect a hateful sense of existence - and the layers of self that are made to mask and cover this hatred are defended as if our very self. But they operate divisively and towards a fragmented and segregative sense of self.

When we meet that which we hate or have masked feelings of hate toward - we are in touch with aspects of self that are beneath or in some sense upstream of the persona.

The attempt to eradicate or overcome hated or feared 'evil' in oneself is the very means to fix it and keep it as  the unconscious lens through which to seek a PERSONAL validation.

Jesus warned against this - but once self righteous blame is invited in and used as 'power' - a reversal operates in consciousness that defends itself against exposure - in your name.

Teen Mental Health Crisis

Teen Mental Health Crisis

Denied fear operates a self-fulfilling prophecy

This article on government weather modification contained the following sentence

"The sad but unfortunate truth is that the United States government has become the very thing this nation was founded to prevent."

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Cognitive Dissonance and Conscious Choice

An interesting typo there Brian. Is the 'muslin' being pulled over your mind. If you confined yourself to investigating only these muslins - you would discover a false narrative presentation - and would have to consider why - for what purpose and for whose agenda?
Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta and the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida by Daniel Hopsicker.

But I suspect you wont - perhaps because you want to put it behind you and get on with a less troubled life. No blame - but if it is an active agenda then it is not and wont be 'behind you' but simply out of your mind - and thus more freely operating without your awareness or consent - excepting your conditioned response to look away in the convenience of an 'officially asserted' narrative You accepted true. If you don't understand that loveless and indeed hateful agenda operates in secret - then you do not yet recognize the human conditioning around the issue of power.

Cognitive dissonance or deep disturbance is freely available via any of the possible accounting for what happened, who did it and why. The question is are you willing to own it and feel it so as to use the energy of such dissonant feeling and thought towards a conscious sanity of purpose - rather than be used by it AND project your un-owned stuff onto others who may or may also be run by their reactions - or may be consciously integrating within an integrity of being instead of being terrorized into a sacrifice of integrity for a conformity of thought. When judging others - are we not really justifying a self in which a significant element is kept secret? Covered over by an assertive narrative seeking validation or reinforcement?

Regardless of any of what, how and who, one can still observe what resulted, is still resulting, who benefits, and how the event is still being used as a shape-charged reinforcement to a narrative view that was called the American Dream but is revealed as global nightmare. Self-specialness is a back door for deceit to enter. Call it elitism if you want. Deceit is simply one of the tools of blind and blinding power

You can choose and are choosing who and what you accept yourself to be, relative to such a sense of power. It promises power and protection but delivers perpetual war, indebtedness and captive dependency to persist in seeking and needing its power and protection. I believe that if the true nature of the choice were in the open of a conscious choice - rather than default patterns of conditioning - there would be no real choice to be conflicted in - and so no need to persuade anyone - but a genuine call to illuminate the nature of the choices available.

As I see it cognitive dissonance goes far deeper than we think - and so thinking is not the tool to illuminate its true nature - and resolution. The zero point of our being is not destruction or destructive - but more like a clean clear and fresh awareness rising as a wholeness of being - recognisably you - and yet recognisably Universal.

If devotions to hate and vengeance are allowed to be in our foundation - then wholeness is made unwelcome, and unlike the violating force of blind power - will not oppose your will. But of course we encounter such thoughts and feelings from a sense of being denied. But do they just get stuffed down into the dark - to operate through us unknown? Or do we revisit such core separation issues within a desire for sanity or peace that we did not have or want when we originally set such patterns by living them.

Sufficient unto the day be the evils thereof. I recommend living from and towards a joy-felt existence - in which - the sense of conflict, dissonance, struggle and personal frustration that comes up in the issues of this day are timely and in context to be addressed. That is, vigilance for peace is not 'looking for trouble' - but is actively mindful of when 'trouble' insinuates or interjects itself in place of a felt awareness, as a mental-emotional reaction. In this I invite a different way to live than giving away power to Others - or indeed getting a sense of power from hating Others. The power of choice, or will acceptance, is a light prior to the muslin screened battle of wills that keeps us in the dark theatre of conflict personified. There is no victory in division unless death is the prize.

If there were a different choice to Life as Creation what could it result in but death - or blindness to the Feeling and knowing Life?

You have plausible deniability in your own terms and are free to choose not to know your choice while its outcomes seem 'too big to fail'. But there is no deepening, developing or improving of a false foundation but that it is persisted in. So seeing the false as false is one with no longer using it - and this opens the way clear for a fresh perspective - indeed a now-knowing that is not bottled in old paradigm concept.

The personal sense can be aligned within Universal sense - and in fact recognizes its belonging. The personae sense is not an intimacy of being - but the mind's attempt to both deny and re-define being. When learning to walk we lose balance but learn through the experience. I feel that learning to re-integrate consciousness within being is of a similar nature - excepting we terrify ourself and attempt to shut-down and control - in place of opening to receive and feel our balance.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Divine Right of Being

Daily Bell article:
Delhi Cuts Copyright: Why Are Government Courts Involved at All?

This in response to the comment shown below about divine rights.

Deceit and Power; the Post Separation Mind

In reply to:
Tim Groves
and to the thread of conversation at 911-how-it-costs-you-friends

Well said. THAT power of such a nature operates our society - our minds - to distort and dictate the currency and framing of our thought... is marked or openly declared by its acts - not just of terror-hate, but of the replacement of any process of discovery, or accountability to truth with obvious deceit that presumes itself un-opposable and effectively untouchable - as 'gods' over a sub-humanity that is both seen and cultivated to be 'programmable' cattle - to be used and discarded at will. And of course the 'programming' is what we take to be our thought - or give allegiance to in place of our true will.
The tares are part of the roots of the wheat. Pull them up and the harvest is lost. "Too big to fail". Pay tribute for the right to exist. Truth is the first sacrifice to the god of the war-mind - which is another way of saying the split or war-mind is a deceit.

If we have to 'war within our self' to become manipulatable, then being inflamed and fixated in the dynamic of conflict is the 'device' of deceit.
However, the war-mind of 'fight or flight' does not allow release of such polarized and binary reaction - equating it with weakness, loss of control and indeed loss of self. And so nature of this deceit is self-replicating and re-enacting of what might be called 'separation trauma' that are effectively rendered unconscious or 'shadow' power from which the surface mind is 'protected' so as to live out from and within such concept as is held hidden by denials that are accorded some power of protection and some sense of survival from a pre-rational and compulsive sense of terror.

This IS 'Old Religion' - in terms of loss or sacrifice of an INNER communication of true being, to an EXTERNAL sense of power in hope of appeasement or favour to a segregative and separate sense of self. Such external sense of power operates the 'deceiver' - or the willingness to join in deceit.

And for deceit one may also use the term 'as if'. Of running a focus within 'what if' with such intensity and force of desire that it is experienced 'as if' true.
How to set up such focus without somewhere agreeing NOT to know - as a precondition for the experience within what we might call the human conditioning.

Awakening to that 'reality' is not what it seemed or was believed and perhaps trusted to be is disturbing - but desire for truth uses such dissonance rather than being used by it - for whatever masking of strategy or role is enacted, running away from oneself gives power to the mask of false thinking - to the presentation of life in terms or forms of lovelessness, or masked non-acceptance asserting a corrupting spin on truly felt presence.

A false harvest sought power and gains powerlessness. But a true harvest recognizes what is true and shares it as truly moved. Instead of seeking to make a weapon of truth against the feared and hated  -which is the 'back door' to such influence to 'use your mind' lovelessly. Self-righteousness is a false friend. One cannot truly 'join' in hate. But the wish to draws upon the power of Mind for witness of support and reinforcement. It operates a vibrational resonance of a jamming signal to Communication, upon which false gods 'lord it over' Life in apparent reversal of the Law. As if what you give away is actually got rid off, rather than multiplied in returned receipt or 'harvest'. As if what is gotten or taken for self is kept rather than lost to an evaporation that can never satisfy and so can only enrage a sense of denial that grows on a sense of being deprived its right.

Special hate survives a sense of seeking special 'love' in conditional 'contracts' - but the nature of true worth is not separate self-seeking so much as the exploring and unfolding discovery of unique qualities of being - that are both gifted of and gifting into the whole - as who you truly are. Only self-honesty can restore what self-deceit thought to have thrown away and ESCAPED! Re-cognizing is to know again or indeed to know anew - what was falsely confused or mis-took for something else and identified AGAINST. Be willing then to question Everything in the light of a genuine desire for sanity of being - for such desire is the stirring of willingness that cannot be wholly eradicated - because it is part of who you could never escape being - however covered over and defended against.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Globalism is dying?

Into this article on the Daily Bell

Financial Times: Globalism Is Dying, Even Though It’s the Better Choice

# 1
Retreat - feigned or actual - is a strategy. A ratchet effect may push further than it knows it can hold, but the retreat leaves a significant gain from which to regroup for the next push. Perhaps to return as saviours to whatever chaos can be elicited or triggered in our reaction.

However the very context of consciousness shifts in ways that leaves thinking impotent that once seemed un-challengable. When everything is lies - don't listen to them. Do something real - be with what moves you.

Those who adapt to exploit change, ride close to the wave, perhaps - but exploit is not the term I would choose as much as being in alignment with what is truly going on - rather than in alignment with a predation upon what is truly going on but is not recognized because all one can see is through a getting mentality. There is no relationship or communication with a getting mentality. It is not the wave.

A persistent focus in seeking and consolidating power over generations operates through negative self interest. The 'invisible hand' in reverse. As long as fear operates the thinking then the tares growing among the crop multiply and - as I read it - bring us to a checkmate, breakdown or paralysis - if not into self-destruction on a huge scale. Is there another planet to move on to?

Our global communications and infrastructure make globalism a fact on some level - but the basis of our communication and how we organize and live is a top down parasitic financial-corporate dictate upon a cultivated but also generally accepted dependency. Whatever the futurists predict who are paid big money by big money who then position in advance to what is presumed probable it must be very dire to account for the desperation and careless and callous disregard that is inviting and creating dire consequence as a self-fulfilling fear. For there is no genuinely positive vision for humanity being offered or inspired in any way that is being taken up or supported. It is all fear-based.

The Markets are known to have an 'emotional' undercurrent whatever the rationalisations of account or control - but of course so does human society and consciousness. Drip drip poison of fear does not in fact leverage any real control so much as undermine trust, integrity and enthusiasm of endeavour. The big machinery of corporate profiteering will persist in sucking up wealth regardless of outsourcing true costs because they are set up and purposed to do so - and only a change in law could hold them to honest account or social responsibility. A free market for the power cartels to regulate all else off the Earth is no freedom at all. True freedom must have accountability and responsibility or it can and does extend to rapacious exploitation, corruption and heartless denial and destruction of life. Thus a restoration of true communication, within us as without, is the foundation from which true account is called and witnessed.

Life rises anew from a fresh sense of tangibly felt and shared worth. Our foundation is not a weapon or a leverage or a set of ideas to make into buzzword marketing spin. It is the basis from which all else derives its meaning in us. If coming from fear is conscious - then those fears can be explored, tested and perhaps moved through. But denied fear operates a lie - a concealment, diversion, masking or subterfuge.

There are some who consciously cultivate using deceit as a weapon upon those they do not count worthy or of significance - to the degree that they have no sense of 'lying' even in the full awareness of deceit, and no sense of moral consequence, self-doubt or check. "All is fair in in love and war" and the people of the lie, love to win and refuse to lose. The nature of this consciousness is exposing itself in its effects in society as hate, blame, fear and division - and whatever anyone's intended or professed agenda, these wreak destruction spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Indeed replicating the terror that gave power to the lie. The pattern fruits or replicates its foundation - or one can only arrive in where one is coming from.

If the lie is not you - then watch for hate, fear and blame and honestly account for its effect in you - when dumbly reacted out from, rather than consciously integrated or may I even say healed or undone. Why presume any power to call corporates to account if you wont live the same?

Political 'analysis' often incites polarized identity in hate. Its understandable to feel it when hurt, fear or a sense of denial is triggered for we are all already loaded with conditionings that can be and are triggered - sometimes by manipulative design - but in any case in our relationships and ultimately within our selves.

Without a true foundation one needs and uses the 'OTHER' to generate a strong sense of self and others to reinforce and validate it. That is exactly what operates the attempt to control Life rather than feel and embody one's balance and fulfilment within its flow.

If you hate being lied to - be straight with yourself right now - and see if you throw the first stone or are in a perspective and relation from which to open a communication within yourself where none was believed possible. One can 'try to live' by asserting a presentation that seeks validation - but at expense of investing in a mask that compartmentalizes and conflicts - and requires the sacrifice of an inner joy - whatever substitutions are engaged instead.

Joy elicits a wholeness of being that is not indulging or engaging in hurt, fear or a sense of denial. It can be called different things - and yet you recognize aliveness and connection of being rather than lose yourself in a script of self-isolating gratification. If I don't appreciate what I appreciate in life I depreciate my life and find a script of anything and everything to hang it on - instead of turning to what works for me. And no matter what - turning to what works.

Fearism isn't really alive and so it cannot die - but it can be starved of being fed with sacrifice of life - for 'THEY' cannot force anyone to give up their will - but have to trick them into a false one. So why not use the messengers of fear to check your ground and keep your house in order - which is not really outside you - but your core integrity which grows by living from it.

LynnCarol replied to me
I don't worry about netizons, they are the quiet, closeted people who dare only to speak from a platform of anonymity, and most of them are afraid of their own shadow.
Yes - don't worry - period!
No need to resort to put-downs to have faith in self, life and world!

What the judgement of self-concept rejects or refuses to accept IS our own shadow; the 'unconscious' that we think is out of mind but is no less active as a sense of dissonance, denial and conflicted self that blocks awareness of Cause or Authorship - leading to uncertainty and presumption of anonymous creation - a platform from which the delusion of self-creation seems meaningful - is projected onto everyone else, who then fights them for authorship.
What you believe you have taken must you believe will be taken from you.

# 2

The 'globalism dying', is bait  (see the emotional reactions of the fooled) - the 'it's a better choice' is an implanted suggestion attached to that emotional response. When a positive emotional response is generated - as in "YEAY! globalism is on the RUN! the associated attachment goes in to the subconscious. Which puts an energetic of positive response with a suggestion that rationally one may have negative or critical views about. If rational views generated action advertisers and politicians would use rational discourse - and if you have noticed - they don't.

The persona or indeed its associated tribal identity of a polarised win/lose conflict is the undercurrent subconscious fight/flight routine - that runs AS you while you accept it as true of you. It is properly a response to operate when there is no time for rational evaluation or felt discernment - so as to keep you in physical existence through a sudden threat so as to then refocus in a whole or integrated attention and awareness.

Repeated triggering of this reflex in trauma and subsequent manipulation of self or other as part of perceived temporary expedient or gain - conditions the mind to be effectively run by what indeed can and has been called the primitive or reptilian brain.

Conditioning that is not addressed becomes the 'condition' that is presumed and accepted real - and any attempt to them address it is seen as un-real, or dissonant to the business of life within the conditioned reality.

The irony is that hidden in the most basic survival urge is the most destructive influence to Humanity - and perhaps to Life on Earth of which we are a Consciousness Expression.

An exclusively physical body is dead. The exclusion of the non physical excepting as exploited to manipulate the physical is using Life to bring about death. No matter how irrational it seems to the 'thinking' of a conditioned mind - the actual choice is death - but in the guise of the 'survival' of a disembodied mind - that stands outside Life and in place of it - as the power over it. Death is spiritual blindness, death is feeling disconnect - mental dissociation and denied or blocked physical function. The transformational nature of all experience includes the withdrawal of focus from the objects of identification when it no longer serves purpose - and in that sense death is not a denial of life so much as a release. Fear of change and fear of death are associated as with fear of any negative outcome.

'Between the devil and the deep blue sea' is a saying that illuminates why the deceit is chosen and the truth is kept hidden. The deep blue sea is not a sense of control or even a sense of self as we take our self to be. More like a void onto which we project our fears and the deceits that fuel them.

Wanting to know the truth in our terms is trying to force Life to join in and take part in our conditioned narratives and definitions - and this makes the Movement of Life seem limited, weak, unreliable, or non-existent - while the voice for supporting the narrative gets louder and associates as the power to protect or preserve the self-in-threat.

To know the truth of our terms we have to release them - not to an 'other' but in yielding to our own being. If the lies of the mind have not sickened you enough yet - then you will think you - as you define yourself are your own being - and yet that exclusive sense is a partial true - to be corrected of distortion and expanded within an inclusive integrative recognition of being - which is the gift OF being and not an object or ability to be harnessed or used by a mistaken partial sense of self arrived at within confusion. Silence is not empty and the Void is not annihilation, nor is space or awareness a nothing. On the contrary fear is a mistaken identity - but the waking of this recognition is a compassionate translation of denial to true acceptance. No one heals or resolves an issue they are not willing or able to face or own - but who is without some awareness of their desire for hiding or avoiding an honesty of noticing. The people of the lie are not people who lie so much as the willingness to use it as power and protection - but a lie is seeking to hide a feared true - and if that fear is truly unjustified, it is an error and not a sin. Calling for correction and not inflicted pain of vengeful hate.

As it stands the Daily Bell may be promoting the ruse by not in some way bracketing and identifying the payload. yes the word 'claims'.
Perhaps "FT ed uses 'globalism is dying' to insinuate it as the better choice?"

And is not globalism v populism another faux choice?

From your conclusion:
I am not denied my own course of action in my life - though I may act out from mistaken perceptions. The notion 'taking control of my own life' is worthy of expanding upon and consideration - for all these terms are 'loaded' and can mean many conflicting things and therefore persist a conflicted agenda of a 'control-mentality'.

Clearer saner perceptions lead to saner choices. I see that insane choices promote insane results that then validate their premise. I suggest the whole record - or thought system that we base our understanding on - is corrupted and therefore a fresh currency system is called for - from the Ground up.

If I uncovered dishonesty in my personal narrative identity assumptions - that I have invested my life in - would I release that investment to align true - or persist in what then would be a knowing falsity? And if the latter - would that be while enquiring into and discovering more as to what IS true or by denying the denial with heavier investment in narrative spin and heavier consequence of entrapment in a lie?

- - -

# concerndcitizen said

The is the end of centralization and everything will now move to be decentralization. Centralization had certain advantages that were abused by those in a position to abuse them. Those with access to the top levels of banking and politics were able to milk it for trillions, while everyone else saw a lowered standard of living. This is now obvious to the masses.

My response to concerndcitizen

Or decentralisation as defined and controlled under a technocracy administered by elitists? "You can choose whatever you want - and these are the terms in which you must operate - or else...".
Where exactly are the choke points to the ability to live? Housing, energy, food supply and distribution, water, healthcare and environmental integrity, access to information and education, social and legal requirements including means to access any of the above - ie money. The owners of the financial system have leverage through all of the above in a number of ways and is effectively strangling Life on Earth to death, or subjection or perhaps some kind of torture in which power gratification over powerlessness runs both hot and cold. But I say this in appreciation of the denial splits of compartmentalisations that operate beneath the persona we present. assert, and defend.

So maybe you mean this is the time when bad cop leaves the room and good cop enters. Are such ploys obvious to the many?

Monday, 5 September 2016

Unworthiness of Others

archie1954 said: (In a thread on 'conspiracy theory')

I read this article and I cringe because I know that the American public are too stupid to understand how they have been bamboozled. You see the truth laid out for you and you are still too foolish to understand what it means. What in Heaven’s name to you need to lead you to the truth? I'm sorry but Americans deserve to be lied to because they are too dense t even contemplate the truth!

My comment to archie:

Perhaps now you understand how it is that people can treat other human beings with callous disregard for their lives - because they are deemed 'unworthy'.

I see that awakening 'others' is a ruse by which a partial understanding is frozen and blocked from full acceptance.

If your awakening to a true sense of worth doesn't reach or seed in others a like reaction - move on to where you find a more resonant reception - as well as ensuring you are not preaching different from what you practice.

Accepting others where they are at is not possible without a like quality for ourselves. Self rejection is a kind of hate that tends to blame life or others or the past - for its loss of presence. I have a sense that others carry aspects of a wholeness of which I am also integral - and that I can at least start to recognize judgements and underlying fears that formed my personality - in some willingness to regain and share in a sense of worth - rather than fixated in what is 'wrong' with everyone and everything.

If everything is possible to find if we look for it enough - then what we find can also be an indicator of what we are in fact looking for and finding - why we want that is a line of curious discovery.

Ultimately others make choices - as do you - and live the fruits thereof. But as you are becoming aware, many have given away their awareness of choice to a mind that they believe offers at least temporary power and protection against a worse outcome than not obeying their mind would believe (according to their mind's thinking).

The capacity to challenge one's experience is the recognition that perception and interpretation are not revealing a self-evident reality - but are a construct serving an agenda. Believing is seeing the reinforcement or corroboration of the belief.

As I indicated a moment ago on this page - is the call to war a ruse over the call to heal? So as to leave hate operating in your background - running your show - providing you with an identity that is defended against recognizing the need for healing? Then you understand why people are well defended against any incoming threat to their thought system. But in any moment of willingness for communication - seeds of an energetic nature are shared - and then call forth their own process of fruiting in ways relevant to those ones - which may be completely different in form than my own - but share in purpose.

The true teachers are learners and the most alive musicians get out of the way of allowing the music through. The attempt to be a 'someone in our own right' does not endear us to others - excepting they see something to get from or use for their own agenda.

The world you see depends on the mind you see it through. And this is a freedom of choice - even if we think we have had that freedom denied or lost it in an entanglement of deceit. What thought runs in your name? That is your freedom of association. Perhaps it was your sense of a feeling of caring amidst a sense of despair that sparked me to respond to the sense of caring. It is easy to find food for despair when dispirited. But would we rather be right and in miser-y or uncover errors whose correction frees us to joy? Yes - many may persistently 'choose' the first - but where are the witnesses to joy - and where are the messengers sent to find them? If you wait for 'everyone else' - you limit and deny your truth for a sense of 'belonging'. But in taking one step in true willingness - willingness grows perspective in which to see another. I don't ask you to see the forms of unworthiness as different - so much as see from a sense of worth - which brings a compassionate recognition in place of the need to change the world or else!

Of course you can fake it - but that will only bring to you a world of fakes. And of course your 'mind' cant believe such worth is true or open to being seen - because that is the whole deal of mind-control - to cover over the truth so as to assert and impose a personal version. And then we become habituated and conditioned by choosing to prefer our personal assertion of mind to an act of listening response - and define our life out of existence.

Conspiracy to keep a mind in darkness

Conspiracy Theory in America
by Lance deHaven-Smith

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Media Hate

Guardian: “yes media is weighted against Trump” because he’s “rubbish”

Psychosis and coercive medicine

Do doctors rely too much on drugs to treat mental health problems?

If anyone is interested in something I find addresses this issue very positively it is the 'open dialogue therapy' - and a youtube search brings various results.

On the other side of the spectrum I also see that the cultural narrative of 'western developed nations' - and hence globalism - has been corrupted by corporate cartels of financial and energy monopoly - who have used their considerable influence to shape and control the narratives within which we think, live, work - and do science. The linkage between the corporately captured or controlled state regulatory system and the official medical models that are thereby protected against other perspectives that are seen as rival or threat to the revenue stream and societal control, is whitewashed, airbrushed and protected by all the psychological defences that can be looked up online and recognized as part of the human personality structure. Systematized and deliberate insanity operates a trojan deceit through many who believe what their education has instilled in them as true. But the inclination to believe it is targeted just as advertizers and politicians target specific fear seeking protection, or indeed desires for self-specialness. Yet it is more 'disturbing' to uncover a false narrative than to conform within its dictate - hence evasion is also targeted heavily with a wide range of 'medications'.

I also appreciated reading 'Anatomy of an Epidemic'. Our 'defences' do the thing they claim to protect from - and become entrapments to 'perpetual war' management. If fear is too great then of course consider way to make a space in which some degree of self-responsibility can be recognized and grown - and drugs can be part of this.

Meanwhile the list of disorders grows and whatever life remains is medicalized, marketized or weaponized - all for our protection of course. Look up 'open dialogue'.

Hate as poison bait into false currency

I wrote the following in response to an example of hate-speech within the various comments under this article on media bias or lack of journalistic integrity. In itself it would not warrant reply but in a forum where a willingness of communication occurs - I felt to address it:

The venting of hate may give a sense of personal satisfaction - but at what cost?
Apart from feeding rage of a blind destructive denial of life - it poisons the possibility of communication - for hate does not enter into or open to communication - as it 'already knows' what its grievance dictates as wholly justified and therefore asserted as 'true'.

If offguardian comments becomes a hate-fest then anyone coming in will be coloured by the sense of its readership - and as such hate posting is a kind of trolling that amplifies noise to obfuscate the signal - whether by design or by personal reaction.

Any communication about the nature of a perceived deceitful or hateful influence on corporate, political and other key social institutions cannot be discussed without eliciting hate-reaction that then blocks further communication while feeding the very thing it purports to be 'against'. For hateful intent of 'enemy' is needed to maintain a collective identity under threat. But more than this it also triggers guilt and aversion in those who find themselves associating in it as part of questioning or discovering a clearer sense of the situation - for while those engaged in vendetta feel justified in hate - those who desire to uncover truth tend to hate encountering hatred and feel invalidated by any seeming association with it.

Hate, fear and guilt operate a shadow 'power' of a wolf in disguise or a 'hidden agenda' beneath seeming to care. Political 'identities' are no different from any other identity construct and operate the same patterns of psychological defence as are vilified or considered pathological in extremis - but socially invisible in their more general tacit agreements.

The presentation of persona that The Guardian and others demonstrate is a targeted appeal to an 'identity' - where that identity is no longer associated with its original formative movement - such as speaking truth to power and social justice - not least because the penalty for openly doing so is feared.

When someone DOES come out in a simple but steadfast willingness for true accounting - such as Jeremy Corbyn - their own revealed self-hatred will be aimed at him - because he is illuminating something true by which a lie is revealed a lie - and this is fearful and threatening to a sense of surviving, managing or controlling their lives. They may believe the lie is a necessary evil in terms of a larger 'good' - such as their political 'identity' getting into 'power' on some terms of token gains or lesser evil, rather than being persecuted and powerless in an open honest communication.

I note that I cannot make another's choice for them - and that nor really can I judge another from a place of perfection - excepting perhaps in the sense that my life offers a perfect 'education' of self-knowledge and so therefore can I accept that others also learn by the outcomes of their choices as I do - if not always immediately or without significant suffering.

Perhaps I have chosen to respond to you in error - as your proclivity to deny the humanity of others is so persistently voiced - but I feel a sense of betrayal is beneath 'giving like for like' - and is then also harnessed and directed by manipulators who get others to do their dirty work while retaining plausible deniability.

But who manipulates but that they get a sense of power or identity-reinforcement from the lie? And what can this mean except they have fear of loss of power or identity? Hating others will validate and 'prove' their identity in denial and defence. Joining in hate will make a lie of joining without any genuine trust or intimacy occurring - and that lie will provide 'identity' in lie as long as the hate can be maintained through the willing sacrifice of joy in life to appeasement of self-denial or vendetta of self-righteous hate as 'power'.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Honesty of being

'Truthiness' and the death of empathy: When truth becomes disposable we are endangered beyond measure
Archbishop Richard Clarke
The Irish Times

My comment:

Only insanity rises from dishonesty of self - a fragmented dissociation in which illusions of true and false masking the wanted and the feared or hated - relative to self image, battle with themselves in disregard of and diversion from the recognition of true. If you don't want the fruits - do not focus there - excepting to break the spell of a negative fascination. See it as it is - and not as it frames itself - and you - to be.

Self-illusion or 'concept-image' accepted in place of true being, becomes a distorting lens and filter through which all else is mistakenly framed or judged so as to reinforce, justify or validate the self-concept or self-narrative.

Acceptance and extension of true worth is not the attempt to 'become' worthy or to assert primacy at expense of others. It is simply honest acceptance of and alignment in true and a release or letting go of false.

False identity in thought brings feelings and experience of conflict, pain and loss - and rage, fear and guilt arising as a result. But regardless of what we feel, THAT we feel, is a core quality of awareness by which to experience and know the fruits of our thought and deed. Conflicted thought, fruits a painful sense of denial and disconnection, yet hides within the protected sense of identity. We do not recognize our own part in attracting or interpreting outcomes to reinforce an already scripted sense of self.

I cannot feel your pain - but I can feel a like resonance within my own being when with another in pain, and abiding with, as compassion of accepting embrace for my own, extends that quality of presence to you - to your free desire and willingness to receive it - not really from 'me' but from the recognition that is your resonance to the communication coming through me. Compassion is truly love.

But sympathy operates destructively in the 'name of love' to confirm another in their pain or limitation by joining in it's validation and projecting a 'victim' sense of invalidity rather than joining in shared willingness for healing, joy or sanity of true perspective.

Basically judging others, embodies loveless intent - even when seeming kind - whereas the relinquishment of the seeming power or right to judge another, allows the recognition of truth in them to open your appreciation and gratitude for them.

The idea of compassion is of knowing thyself rather than throwing the first stone. Look first within - not in self-blame - but in willingness to be shown what is true, rather than persist in asserting a false sense of self-protection at expense of true.

Because the nightmare is revealing itself truly insane, are we called to wake first to that it is not self-protection hate and blame and scapegoat - but self-delusion. And the honesty to our experience of conflicted fear and guilt wakes the direct and unequivocal need for healing. Such need to know is a true desire and not a self-conceit. A true receptivity of listening and feeling in place of self-assertive thinking.

A split off or hidden and denied sense of thinking has 'made' a complex distortion by which the true is obscure and so thinking is not the basis for understanding or revealing its own false premise. But the willingness to recognize another in and as the love that is your self forgot - undoes the impossibly complex entanglement... at the root.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Zero interest in Truth!

On Off-guardian's site I met
VIDEO: The curious incident of the polonium in the nightclub – UPDATED
and in the comments I met:
leruscino stating:

UK has zero interest in the truth !

and I replied:

IF the truth does not support who you are invested in being and becoming - or reality as you conceive and believe it/you to be, then you will frame truth in ways that only allow inside insiders to know or speak it - with other insiders or in secret within your hidden thought - because without that 'framing' others cannot and will not 'understand it' and it will therefore have hateful or destructive outcome to your sense of self/reality.

The framing is a narrative set of definitions we might call  our 'mind' - by which to make a false reality seem self-evident, but is more like a personal sense of power and control over our consciousness - which includes intuition, feeling and sensation, as well as imagination and thought. All facets of consciousness are integral to and will reintegrate - given freedom to align in unified purpose or joy - which is inherent to Life rather than overlaid upon it as meanings of a mind apart.

This sense of coercive power then operates in relation - in the world of relations - along the same lines as in our 'conditioned' consciousness - as manipulative and coercive - based upon a foundation in deceit - for there IS no capacity to separate from consciousness in order to be a 'different' or 'other' power acting upon it - in truth. But in the imagination and wish of such a power, is true power of desire and intention given to setting up and having the experience and exploration of a personal sense of segregative consciousness - whose asserted identity implicitly conflicts with truth and therefore denies awareness of truth, to have it's experience or fulfilment of an idea.
Whereas true fulfilment is fruited in joy, the experience of successful fragmentation results in a sense of lack, struggle and pain that never actually arrives at victory - excepting as a wished for outcome that seems sometimes closer or possible - like a carrot just out of reach - while pain makes the present into something to escape, get away from or successfully cover over with distraction. I describe a negative loop that is being touted as 'perpetual war' - and this is seen as the basis for our economy and our nature and our 'survival' - because the framing of mind has become our identity and thus the dictate of our 'survival' in an exclusive and unshared or private and agenda of power. But this 'power' operates against Life - as can be readily seen and recognized by any who calm enough to see and feel.
Waking within a nightmare is waking to the need to wake from it. To put down or desist from using or unsubscribe from employing the 'mind' that frames Life lovelessly - or shall I simply say hatefully - but masked in terms that seem 'justified'.
Until a fundamental acceptance of self, frees us from its conflicted assertion within and against itself - truth abides unrecognized and our true desire unfruited and unfulfilled amidst a sense of Life denied. Seemingly by Them, by Others and by a failure of Life to support our envisioned power to make in our own image and thus seem 'unworthy and inadequate' and indeed hateful. But the first act of hatred and denial is self-judging and self hating and all else simply finds leverage through this division that tries then to rule out rather than feel and hold the balance within a wholeness of being.

Until there is a shift of recognition the interest in truth is in ensuring its denial, distortion or subversion to serve 'survival' in framed terms. And the mind is busily engaged in 'finding' and asserting its 'truth' with the force of the survival fears and 'notional security dictates' that are running undercurrent and 'projecting out' through false narrative as a kind of contagion of fear.

True context is part of true 'facts' and any framing will introduce some distortions to that which truly lives and knows itself being. If hate denies the heart - then truth can only be cold and unfeeling. The truth is that hate will corrupt us if given power to operate in and as our name. Under the rage and the hate is hurt and loss of - or sense of denied - love and Life.

If opening to truth includes re-opening rage, hate and hurt to expression - where is the way to hold this from 'self and other - or world - destruction' while it finds a deeper acceptance in place of denial? For the true of who we are needs acceptance - not hate and blame and denial. Not from the outside in - as some permission to hurt - but from the inside out - as a re-cognition or uncovered perspective from which to live truly and truly live - or at least take a good step forth that leads to a greater willingness.

Truth is not just data with which to convict and punish or deny - it is a living and freeing recognition - and thus not available to a mind engaged in its own spin.