Thursday, 19 April 2012

Children grow up addicted to online porn sites

There are degrees of porn - but the net is rampant with hard porn. It has gross aspects - and also absurd meaningless aspects. An emptying ritual. Somewhere in consciousness is an echo of paradise in sexual delight - and yet a sense of paradise lost or denied can lead to addictive attempts to cover over pain of lovelessness, of loneliness.

There is a curiosity in things that are taboo, but this can lead to look again, and again - if you have nothing better to do.

Use of bodies and images of bodies to enact private fantasies is not thought to be hazardous and saturates society on many levels, and is encouraged and even considered healthy in some contexts.

But those who discern its hazard are those who are in a truly loving relationship, because love overlooks form, and yet shares paradise.

The mind that disallows or denies love from its own awareness is sick, but does not know it is sick. It tends to protect its sickness. Yet we do know - but our mind binds and blinds us.

Control of the Internet by Governments - or any vested interest

Sir Tim Berners-Lee is right: we do ‘confide’ in the web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the world wide web, has thankfully managed to articulate the real worries of the regular web user about the Government's plans to snoop on our every email, writes Emma Barnett.  (Link in the title above to the article)

It could be seen as obvious, that the attempt to coercively control (others, life, or oneself), leads directly to a sense of polarized conflict and reflects a breakdown of trust and communication. Instead of trying to control chaos in a way that feeds it, we need to calm down and listen with a greater honesty than our separate self interest would allow.

The model of life that is generally called on as a guide is foolish in presuming independent powers that dominate or lord it over other subdued lesser powers. This is NOT the way life works - but is the reflection of the fantasy of being such a power. You can have your moment! - as everyone knows - but then you meet your invincible defeat.

The Net in its largest sense, is our mind extending. We can see in the extremely rapid unfolding of the Net, not only the prevailing programs or purposes already running in our collective mind - but the way such act 'creates' its own structures thereby.

The issues of integrity and trust are absolutely fundamental to Everything - including the Net. We can seem to partly justify our way around them by playing out fantasy personas of authority, respectability or resistance but function itself is distorted and disrupted thereby.

Now it might be said that an experiment cannot fail, because the result is true, (if not our interpretation). but does the attempt to control life as an alien adversary need to be taken to its limits to prove a point that can be recognized at any moment during the (endlessly repeating) experiment?

There has to be another and a better way - and it is my input here to communicate that there is - WHEN there is a genuine willingness to find it. Meanwhile a war of conflicting wishes rages in all its absurd and tragic consequence.

Though on surface it is a sort of 'Boy's own story', Tolkien's LOTR is prophetic. The will to power is the way of losing the true source of all authority; integrity. However, it can only be covered over - because we did not make it. It is a read only file. We are each working from a local copy.

True privacy is freely Given. Honour is not the gift of those who hate and fear themselves. The model of kill or be killed is not only a deception, it is destructive to the very basis of trust. Now it may be that the willingness to live and speak the heart directly gets you persecuted in a world that refuses to allow its defences to be undermined - but when this is lived - it is not fearful but a relief to be out from fear, and out of control - yet rested in a deeper trust that knows its way as the moment unfolds.

Thankyou for your attention

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Norway's dignity in the aftermath of Breivik

To look at the capacity of the human mind to delude itself with assertions, identifications, beliefs and justifications, could be a real opportunity for us all.

Our usual 'defence' is to vilify that in others which we hate and exclude from ourselves - and so we do not allow ourselves to see the way our own minds work and nor do we become free of the patterns of identification with thoughts, beliefs and stories that make our own life denying habitual mindsets.

A lot of life denying habit is socially normalized and doesn't attract interest or attention. But it still exacts its cost.

Breivik's acts are shocking in that he acted out fantasies that are not altogether uncommon in the opinionated and alienated, who are fearfully attracted to hate as a way of joining against what they fear.

Life denying habits of mind result in actions proceeding from that mind. If enough people start to feel mutually justified in their delusional projections, they become an atmosphere from which a 'hero' or leader will arise.

The mind of hateful opinion is an energetic that does not care what side it is on or what issues it transmits itself through. It uses any host that subscribes to it and hollows it out and sets it against itself and its fellows.

To look at such within ourselves and not subscribe to its agenda, is to free our minds of fear, and to regain a natural capacity for timely and proportionate relationship and action.

That is, to be restored to a sanity that we did not realize we had lost, because we were so sure that we already knew what was real, that we didn't  really check in and find out. (Delusion).

I commend the Norwegian's willingness to defend their culture by living its demonstration.

The restatement and renewal of cultural values via their tangible demonstration is the true protection against the mentality that would use the mere lip service to our values to serve their own private personal or corporate agendas.

Cultural Renewal is an expression of a fresh connectedness with the source of ideas and values that tangibly reflect or express our true nature in ways that fit our times. This is more than maintaining order; it is uncovering and sharing the basis from which order is freely embraced, rather than merely imposed upon.

When Breivik wakes up to his mistake, he will hate himself - or rather, his self hatred will surface as a core component of what he believes he is. If he then repents of loving to hate, he will suddenly find a fresh basis and purpose present in place of a terrorized mind, set to face always away from its own fear in acting out a masked fantasy self.

For now, he offers a demonstration of the nature of delusion in tragic consequence.

Evil is not the lie - but the commitment to the lie at the expense of truth. Be conscious as to what you invest in, by discerning in the heart. Without the heart, ideas run wild and recreate themselves in their own image.