Friday, 18 November 2011

What price the new democracy? Goldman Sachs conquers Europe

Everything expresses its originating idea.
Fear is behind the masks of control. Fear effects a distorting and obstructing influence on perception and communication. Fear is a self fulfilling prophecy. Fear is used as a means of manipulation.
BUT fear exposed soon becomes its own undoing, for an intolerable life ripens a willingness to question and challenge presumed knowledge and identity at its foundations. THAT IS, to violate the rules or bounds set by fear and uncover in light of awareness, the deceptions whereby suffering and powerlessness are substituted for a Whole-Souled Participation in life.
The essence of the deception is mentalization of life.

The uncovering of the mind that was hidden in the darkness it needs to maintain in order to survive or prevail - is a reflection of us each and all. Not in form and in differing ways - but we can recognize this in our own thoughts and intentions, and we can wake up to our capacity to discern directly, and cease to subscribe to, or validate, that which actively undermines our fundamental sanity or peace.

The shift in individual consciousness is also a wave. A Movement of Renewal that looks like death from the old perspective. But mentalization does not know life because it is the condition in which a mind is closed as a result of self certainties of 'already knowing'.

Be assured that deception is endemic to human consciousness but that this is essentially an expression of a fundamental self-deception; "The father of the lie".

Money is to be redeemed; that is, to be uncovered in its original meaning or true function - relative to true wealth, value and exchange. And this will be the expression of a dawning sanity in which mentalising is recognised as ungrounded, and worthless currency - no matter how clever the presentation or how persuasive the sales pitch amidst the distracting tricks of scam, illusion and too-good-to-be-true offers.

Why would I expect Cultural Renewal? Because I see the bankruptcy is far deeper than economic. This bubble holds the end of our ideas of ourselves and our world - and therefore the uncovering of a fresh appreciation.

Invest in a true Foundation. Calm the mind enough to feelingly discern from an always fresh perspective and do not follow the blind into the pit! Fear is not the guide to the healing or undoing of fear. Protection breeds fear - but wisdom knows how and where to be in each moment.

That which is without true foundation or integrity cannot be maintained without sacrificing wholeness, abundance, trust and real communication. Withdraw such investments now and be guided as to where to give your attention. The conspiracy of the fearful is being brought to light and found unworkable. This is Good News.