Monday, 31 July 2017

The interjection of a usurping self-sense

UNICEF Vaccinates African Refugee Children with Combination OPV/IPV Vaccines as Part of Vaccination Experiment

The above report is a tiny thread in the issue of 'exporting' or imposing biological manipulations onto populations who are also often kept subject to poverty and malnutrition - under the umbrella of alliance of seemingly different and independent fronted organisations.

Subjugation and degradation of populations to serve 'geopolitical' agenda under  the guise of kindness or protection mirrors the patterning of the consciousness that is framed in the human personality construct. My comment speaks primarily to the illuminating of this 'construct'.

- - -

The wish for power and protection become the lie that usurps the true of relation and communication. Power becomes a protection racket and protection from healing and wholeness operates a consciousness and society running BACKWARDS!

To an identity supplied by the 'power to protect' from feared and hated outcomes all else is subordinated and aligned or sacrificed.

The inducement of a sense of powerlessness, self-doubt and self-guilt is the 'soil' into and through which temptation operates a sense of self-separateness - a sense of self-specialness - whether positively or negatively interpreted and reinforced.

An alien and false sense of power rises from the capture of the willing sacrifice of our true being - via whatever kind of 'trojan' or phishing attack that finds a resonance and match in each one's blind spot.

Our unconscious fears and their energy projected into false or ungrounded hopes of wishful and assertive association, have all the power of our denial, hatred and fear of them. Shadow power at its root is a false or untrue sense of self and life and being given welcome, allegiance and priority in our mind; in the focus of our attention and intention.

That which operates FROM a sense of denial is itself denying or blind in its own inverted nature. Any identity based in the fear of what you hate or fear yourself to be... or not be - is a splitting and locking of self-judgement that persists the negative loop of a fascination with 'evil' or oppositional 'power' and the realm of struggle for possession.

Once the illusion of self is recognized AS illusion of self, it can no longer operate entirely as IF true. Full immunity from fear and the illusions generated from a fear-captured imagination is in our original or true Nature - given due recognition and willing acceptance. No one can 'think' or manipulate themselves or others into what is already true, but we can yield or open up our thinking and feeling and all the abilities that have developed FROM a sense of defence and self-becoming TO a truly felt alignment in unconflicted being. The temptation or call to hate and war SEEMS to promise the denial and eradication of hate, war and its consequence in pain and loss. The carrot and the stick of a mind-at-war-with-itself in appeal to an EXTERNAL POWER to impose, assert and maintain order.

If we want the release of what does NOT belong to our true appreciation, we have to notice it in a true willingness FOR a wholeness of being that is not of our mind's manufacture. Even a tiny moment of such willingness can invite, access and share witness to the living qualities of our true Nature - that the mind-made sense of self runs AS the forgetting of.

Using others to GET from, to feed your private agenda, is a masked deceit.If we learned the mask as part of surviving the human conditioning, we can accept it for what it has brought us (to) and release what no longer serves in the stirring or awakening of a true service - that does not call on the negative for its justifiction - but extends a genuine presence in place of the presentation of a placeholder of learned or acquired conditioned response.

Hating and stoning the evil in OTHER is the primary device of defence against the exposure within our own energetic correspondences. Not to bring all guilt upon ourself - but to release others of our own projected but largely unconscious guilts, fears, shames, hates and powerlessness.

The idea of recognizing a clutch on pain held in the heart - and thus held dear - is to open the grasp or defence to a fresh awareness. Unless the underlying 'matrix' of a largely unconscious thought system is revealed and recognized, it merely shifts and changes to 'new' forms of the same fundamental refusal to accept and align in a truly shared presence. Not of separate ones forced to 'share' - but of an already shared movement of being in which who you are is revealed to your recognition, appreciation and gratitude. This also takes any and every form - but its core Meaning is not a struggle of conflicting selves, nor a stasis upon fear of chaos. Only recognition of Self speaks the true. Any willingness for this is a result of releasing the a tempt to 'lord it' over Life.

The meek shall indeed inherit the Living Earth - for receptivity is the true basis for giving with-ness to all that is embodied as the result of the focus of desire in rich reflection. A truly unified will is both the Field of being AND the living and held focus within (and of) it. That which denies you is a messenger - just as symptoms are messengers - not to confirm a sin or guilt of a 'fallen nature' but to initiate and awaken the Call for wholeness of being - for joy in being. Giving as we in truth receive.

The horror of an 'evil possession' or impotence is not the only perspective within being - and the idea that the 'dead' have to be 'buried' BEFORE Life Resumes is the assumption of guilted fear given priority and therefore power in our mind, our perception and in our world. There is another way of looking at dissonance, dis-ease, sickness, and conflict - that the way fear frames our mind in attempt to limit, control or manage. From a more truly aligned perspective open truly fruiting outcomes. War on symptom is feeding the very thing we SAY we want to eradicate - and does so by splitting off the mind in dissociated fragments of unconsciousness aligned under fear.

I cannot and would not interfere with Your choice - which is your only connection in 'this world' to the true Creative of your Self and Nature. Yours is the willingness through which your true Inheritance redeems and restores. And so anything that violates or forces upon you is using a 'back door' of some un-owned and therefore denied part of you. Please don't think that thinking can access or 'unite' the denied fragments of true being - or you will merely THINK some more in place of the embrace of true presence. Let even this be a consciously accepted choice - and consciousness stirs by your own acceptance of freedom to choose in place of conditioned and blind reaction.