Thursday, 3 December 2015

Directed History is like a phishing scam

Hitler's Mein Kampf to be republished in Germany for first time since WWII

A strange and rather bald article (linked above) on a book that - as another commenter noted - has been readily available online for decades. I am given to believe it was a collaborative effort and not Hitler alone. I haven't read it and a random opening paragraph on struggle did not induce me to want to give it further attention.
But the web of demonising propaganda is so much a current part of the world order that 'Hitler' is not history so much as part of the world order of which most are unaware.

Anyway - I wrote this but the message would not post into its commenting facility - even abridged.

Any information, any forms of meanings, or accepted meanings, can be fitted to serve or mask a narrative intent in which truth is distorted, filtered or denied and replaced with false assertion.

This operates a kind of 'war' within Consciousness as to which interpretation, perception, reality is uniquely dominant, right or true, and such conflict fragments the mind in ever shifting patterns of alliance and oppositional factions.

The promotion of such dissension and confusion in Consciousness is itself a subtle tactic by which to divert attention in others from awareness of the act of framing any set of choices or perception in such a way as to serve the hidden agenda.

In general this kind of deceit is simply part of our human psychological defence amidst any sense of threat, but in particular is refined and resorted to by those most driven to seek or maintain power by undermining the power of others.

The dark arts are not magic - but operate like magic - not unlike a phishing attack that has people reacting as if something is true in a situation and appearance that passes off as true, whereby attention is then freely operating within a deceit - and against its own interests.

Politicians seeking power and influence seek to persuade and will use whatever means they see as serving their intent.

There is a particular agenda that has demonized Hitler - and inserted a deeply invalidating guilt upon the German - and indeed European Psyche. That is not to say Hitler should be exonerated or applauded - but that such demonizing intent is an act of denial of true and the projection of that denial onto others - by invalidation of whom is one's own assertion of right to power, seemingly justified.

Blame, hate and punishment is the currency of war, but responsibility opens a true accounting of ownership. The mind that is operating under a falsely directed history is not able to respond truly while captive to a distortion narrative. This applies to humanity in general - but there are deeper levels of our Consciousness of which we are unaware as a result of being in a sense, run by ideas that are not true of us.

Struggle is associated with conflicted purpose. Divide and rule is the device I indicated above. There is a deeper movement than struggle for power that is already moving as the power of desire in awareness - not in thought - but pre verbally.

In coming to a true sense of integrity in Life - one has to listen and feel and open to Life. Guilt absolutely forbids or blocks such a Life  - and so one is brought to choose between such life as guilt asserts and the true movement and un-foldment of our being. There is no avoiding this choice, but choosing guilt confers the illusion of a surface identity in which one is protected somewhat from the direct exposure to such raw and intense emotional feeling and mentally conflicted confusion.

That is perhaps why our human condition-ing has become a fixed and unchangeable sense of un-healable and un-correctable denied terror - and why those who use terror in subtle or less subtle manipulations, can effectively direct outcomes by engineering perception and identity.

If we do not be our true presence, we assert an image and defend it as our self.
This identity is thus operating in our Place - and yet is now defending itself from any information or perspective that would expose the inner contradiction - including anything that would bring healing.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Back to the Garden

The scientists whose garden unlocked the secret to good health
When Anne Biklé and David Montgomery fed their failing soil with organic matter, they were astonished by the results. Stimulating the microbes that live beneath the surface led the garden to flourish. Then, when Biklé was diagnosed with cancer, the couple had an idea…

There are many levels that this article can be read on.
Biklé's garden may be mineral rich - but many agricultural soils are mineral depleted and so are the crops grown therefrom.
Herbicides and pesticides are also added to food. Corporate production and distribution channels tend to protect THEIR interests not our well being - nor the soil or indeed the wholeness of anything.
Genetically modified crops bring another variable into a world of lab-rats such as we are effectively de facto becoming.
The Soil - and indeed the hidden but absolutely necessary and infinitely rich symbiosis of life that are also vastly more important to our body and brain and immunological function - is embodied symbol of The Mother.
Many, these days regard humans as a virus or cancer upon the Earth - not realising it is a parasitic thinking that is in a sense driving humanity in place of an Earth and Life-Honouring alignment of thought word and deed in truly FELT relationship.
The old myth of the deceiver who promises to add stature and confer specialness through an EXTERNALLY gained sense of power has never not been a wise caution.
Making ourself externally dependent suffers indebtedness that enslaves us to a hollowed out life in a prodigal wasteland of the world. It isn't that we deserve it - but that our actual sense of powerlessness is reflected beneath the masks and spin of the deceptive thinking.

Worshipping Hate as if it were our Humanity

Humans have always hated each other - that’s why we’re so successful

Interprets a cheap lack of journalism or editorial wisdom regarding the findings of a particular study.

Don't be deceived!
Self-hate is at the root of the projection of rejected and denied thought and feeling.
This is invisible from WITHIN the fragmentation that occurs so it is likely that you will not be able to hear or understand what I am saying. The war-minded cannot know of wholeness.
For the split-off mind that seeks to validate and defend itself (and indeed prevail over its world  and others) - believes itself the exclusive or separate whole 'self' in a world of hateful others. Why hateful? Because who hates themself MUST hate others. Hence Jesus points to the original: love others as yourself - and indeed your Life, Source and true being (God).
Hate has brought the destruction of the world - very nearly now - and that is not successful...
Hate has disguised itself as acceptable and respectable and protective - which are properly qualities of love - and to be successfully deceived is not exactly commendable!

Food and cancer

Potatoes 'reduce risk of stomach cancer'

 Sites such as greenmedinfo and others reveal the deep benefit of living and natural foods - as a core element in cellular health - that is part of the regenerative and ongoing healthy function of the body-mind including the immune function.

The MSN (main stream 'news') generally shies away from revealing non patented and cheap ways of living well and healing because there is literally a trillion dollar industry involved in 'managing sickness' - (on all levels including food and drugs), that has long had undue influence on scientific and educational as well as research funding and career opportunities. If this wasn't so - why 30-40 years for the KNOWN science on sugar to 'come out' or for the scam of trans-fat corporate scam that demonised butter and saturated fats, to come to light?

There is deep corruption in our society and yet the first level of corruption is in being out of true with our own nature - our own true feelings - our own Consciousness. Real food and self-honesty is a good as any place to start - but health is not added you unless you uncover and extend it from within. So much 'science' is seeking to enable an out of true life to persist without unbearable negative consequences. An exemplary exception such as Dr Pearlmutter may not be always correct - but I applaud a willingness of scientists to engage a moral responsibility rather than pretend they are 'neutral' in supporting and reinforcing choices for sickness - or sick choices - as if they are above the marketplace of cultivating profit from them.

I personally don't eat a lot of potatoes but usually re-cook them to optimise resistant starch for pre biotic benefit - and also reduce the carb/sugar spike. But we are all different and what is right for me now may change and may not serve you. I look forward to inclusive embracing truths rather than the war of identities in competing 'truths'.

Exporting Revolution - a Policy of Terror

‘Exporting Revolution’: Zbigniew Brzezinski On Trial At The UN General Assembly
Though never mentioned by name, the shadow of the 87-year-old loomed large over the U.N. General Assembly, with the U.S. and its allies defending or glossing over his quiet strategy of destabilization and the rest of the world’s leaders decrying it as a “policy of terror.”
By Caleb T. Maupin

'Evil' is the shadow of an asserted self righteousness - that then locks onto the perceived evil OUTSIDE itself and attempts to control, deny, enslave or kill it.
It is not enough to see evil OUTSIDE and fight it - as if that in any way is not serving its own agenda under mask of righteousness.

The imprinted beliefs of a 'survivalist identity' amidst terror and threat operate without true consciousness - as if spun off in a private and disconnected sense of Life as THREAT.
The attraction of 'righteous' hating diverts from the embrace of the heart that is thus 'locked out' to a 'mind' that is trapped in, the feelings of hate.

The mind can and does elaborate justifications - justifictions, yes - but written in flesh as pain and loss. Heart and mind are one - and the split mindedness that denies Feeling, is the 'thinking' that is divorced from the very Movement of our being - from Life Itself.

I write to the choice NOT to listen to insane thinking - regardless its apparent justifications - and to Listen in the heart - even and especially when hurting in the hateful. For a greater Acceptance of 'That we are as we are' must precede the freedom to be as we, in truth prefer.

A control mentality is to be dismantled... while operating such check and balance as a fundamental integrity of communication moves in us to be.

S.M. Stirling replies to me:

Dude, life is a threat. It's so threatening that there is a 100% probability of it eventually killing you.

My response to S.M Stirling:

I could see what you wrote as: Life is certain death, but a temporary delay of the inevitable allows that thought to assert itself.
That thought is the belief of the fragmenting and fragmented self/mind.
However, you are free to believe it and HAVE the experience.

When the cuckoo's egg hatches, other chicks are pushed from the nest and the life support system is usurped that was their due.
Likewise when guilt and fear thinking is accepted into the mind it pushes your heart's knowing and true thoughts out and steals your identity - like a phishing attack or a trojan deceit.

Now a 'you' separate from 'life' sees life as a threat - a terror that will surely crush the 'life' out of 'you'.
I suggest there is much more to You that 'you' allows you to know and that life and death are very different from what the 'you' thinking dictates.

If your computer is compromised by security breach so as to become a tool of some agenda that is not your own true will - then clear out the false and re-establish a pristine original system - and maintain full vigilance against deceit.

In short, the definitions and core beliefs by which you identify and live - determine your life. For whatever conditions you meet or unfold as your life - they are those by which you are expressing your core beliefs as to who and what you are - and what the world is.

These are not 'materially fixed' - though they may be very heavily reinforced. Life is also a capacity to open NEW perspective. Whether there is the willingness and desire to Live is another thing - for the guilt-thinking works to block the awareness and feeling of LIFE - towards ensuring a false peace in a loss of capacity to feel and recognize LIFE - instead identifying with the parasitic thinking that kills its host and propagates itself thereby.

Everything changes. Nothing really 'survives' its own instant of appearance - yet there is ... beneath the ever changing, a tangible Spirit or Purpose that can be aligned with and awaken to recognize itself through Creation. The key is; "what you give out, is what you get back". As you are sowing so ARE you reaping. The fact that this does not SEEM true or obvious, is the result of a fragmented mind at war within itself - that "does not know what it does' because it is largely unconscious of its formative and interpretive belief.

Yes Life contains catalyst and challenge and a process of obstructions or adversities that may or may not be transformed or undone. If the ideas you are accepting as true are serving you - use them. Live by them. If they are not - have a clear out to make room for what does serve your joy in Life. And why not?

James Wherry Shelia Sperbeck commented to the main article

Why? Brezinski called it right, when he predicted the invasion of Afghanistan. He correctly organized opposition to it. As a college student in the 1980's, I did put up the posters of the "butterfly bombs" that the Soviets dropped on villages. They were bombs shaped like toys and pens that blew the hands off of children - and that was what they were intended for.

Brezinski's glaring failure underscores my contempt for the Far Left: like all of the other anti-war protesters, he mindlessly turned his back on Vietnam and ignored the human rights abuses that the hate groups who make up the peace movement PROMISED us they would continue to fight against. Har, har, har. Under their watch, 3 million human beings were murdered in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. The only thing comparable was the Rwanda genocide under Bill Clinton.

I felt this response:

The 'opposition' pre dated the  Russian invasion - and was designed to lure USSR into their own 'Vietnam'. I thought the death and destruction (and profit thereby), were the intended outcomes of such policy - under guise of this-ism v that-ism.

However, any information or appearance is itself potentially carrying or promoting hidden agenda. The idea of passing off as something else in order to undermine or prevail over is deeply embedded in human consciousness. It used to be called 'the deceiver'. Now it may be called spin, PR or part of full spectrum dominance. That is to control thinking, perception and reaction of the minds of 'others'. I have heard that you cant cheat an honest man - though he may be thankful for the revealing of any residual liability by which he could be triggered. What is honesty here but a congruency of thought, word and deed.

Clever thinking may promise much, but there is also the saying what goes around, comes around - and as you sow, so shall you reap. I don't say these AT you as if you should take them on from me - but with you in willingness to stay awake amidst the liability of being scammed - perhaps by a false sense of ourself that 'others' take advantage of.

90% chance of hidden rooms in Tut tomb

90% chance of hidden rooms in Tut tomb

Hmmm... a 90% chance that something is true...? Consensus science is the result of denying personal subjective agenda - whilst presenting such agenda in a 'scientific mask'.
The so called 'news' is constantly awash with could and should and might and maybe 'science' or indeed 'news'.
Veracity loses out to mendacity.
I have a personal sense that there is vastly more 'news' or information and knowledge to reveal or allow to be discovered and shared - than is currently the case. However, some such 'news' may undermine the model of self and reality that is operating as the established paradigm, and so there are inhibiting motives as well as aligning the timing of radical change.
History is generally told by the victors to propagate and reinforce their own mythic narrative - and this is true of the current generation that seeks to 'subordinate' life to the myth of an ascending evolution of human rational power over life. Being as it were the 'pinnacle of evolution'. This self-reinforcing circularity operates the invalidating of Life in the Whole and therefore of its fragmented and desacralized 'parts' - and moves to bring destruction of the Planet whilst claiming to conquer and 'understand' the very Life it depends on to have a thought at all.
However, I sense that antiquity will break through to incontrovertible evidence of highly advanced civilisations and relationships of interaction beyond our current compass - and that these will play a part in the support of an emergent paradigm that will hold wholeness holy - not in projected specialness of a coercive identity and agenda - but in humility and gratitude of sanity and joy.
There is no 100% chance of anything - but there is the experience of an unfolding appreciation of perspective in which what seemed certainly limiting, gives way to a certainty of purpose - whose definition is individually expressed in unique diversity and not a coercive conformism.
Hidden chambers are also within. There is much that was forgotten that is in our Face but unrecognized. But its recovery is a matter of timing.
I write intuitionally - that is - to the feeling or stirring within. Never to tell anyone what is so. Always by invitation. Would you like to discover more about Humanity than the story we tell ourself? Then that conscious acknowledgement is part of your own desire to align in the timing of such information unfolding itself to you and within you. Now am I writing this from what had been a 'hidden room'? Or just making it all up? I leave that to you to decide for you and therefore rest in my own decision without hooking it up to require validation of others.
Hidden rooms need be so until the timing aligns as the synchronicity of having 'come forth'. But don't wait on time - live in willingness to act in alignment with honest discernment rather than from conditioned reaction.