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Cosmic rays reaching Earth increased 13% since 2015

Cosmic rays reaching Earth increased 13% since 2015

I let Imagination play here:

Top tier science knows this - could it be the 'why' for such extensive grids of reflective geo-con-trails?

Why mitigate the influx of Cosmic Informational Communication?
Because 'consciousness' as we presume to 'know' it will be rendered obsolete for 'consciousness' as we presume to 'know' it cannot maintain itself without an underlying energetic of support. The wish-fear-belief in the physical as independent or causative disintegrates as the Field Awareness is revealed by the drawing of the veil. When denied self rises to be released - the core separation trauma is re-visited and breaks the mind-a tempt to control the heart of Feeling being. The device by which a sense of personal power operates over and against Life is exposed as a false flag.

Honesty of 'not knowing' is a zero-point receptivity through which new information reconfigures 'consciousness'. Be innocent of knowledge that a fresh and true curiosity beholds all things new!

Another way of saying it is the release of Earth from its 'quarantine of isolation.'
'Heaven and Earth' shall pass away - as separate states.
So if there is only ONE THING going on - (with Infinite ways of beholding it) - are you willing to perceive life through the true of you or through a lens darkly?
If the latter is accepted as a choice - despite seeming to be the human conditioning, then it can be released to a more truly aligned desire - indeed to a true currency or presence of worth and appreciation.
If the former is accepted in lieu of choice then a sense of being denied choice plays out as the sense of being denied Life - for choice remains the connection to the Creative amidst the mind of the a tempt to operate under a sense of disconnection.

Though it may be at times deeply disturbing and challenging to accept, re-wakening reverses 'the reversal in consciousness' of the ego-centric identity to an integrative recognition in which the separation device of denial can no longer run hidden. So look to the currency of reaping or receiving for that sets the measure of your giving or sowing.

Of course you can argue death renders all meaningless - as if to make some meaning from aligning there. Or you can release the meaningless to be revealed in Meaning that is yours to share in BECAUSE you are willing to share it.

Is a free Imagination not 'a tuning' to resonance in the Field of Infinite Probability?
And is 'just' or 'only' an imagination the promptings or envisioning that is aborted of its movement as your desire, perception and action?

But note the desire and perception in act that is operating our world is no different in its inception - no matter how 'many' align in its acceptance as 'Reality'.

Destructive agenda beneath a flimsy narrative

The destructive nature of America's alliances

(Sparked by the above article)

Trade, alliance and plunder

All of us are trained to present a face of acceptability or indeed a mask over our private thought and intent, and so the presentation of a surface reality' is of various levels of obfuscation.
Trade can mean a consensual and honest or just exchange, but more often relates to dominance, exploitation and plunder.
Shifting alliances amidst treachery operate as narrative identities to support the current agenda but all power elites tend to operate collectively against their populations.
The use of the 'economy' as the primary means of capture might risk revolt if it were the only such means.
Too big to fail or to jail - means that institutional corruption is so entangled in the 'economy' that pharming poverty, sickness and war upon a mind-captured compliance is simply accepted as the lesser evil.
I am not as versed in history as Eric Zuesse but have reason to believe that financial control is part of the intent of war - and imposed sanctions can be part of inducing an enemy to 'start' a war.

Where Caesar rules, most give due tax or tribute when revolt is futile. But such compliance or conformity would not exist without the iron fist that lies beneath. When 'US interests' operate a globalism that has no real regard for the land or the people of the USA - it seems to me that the host is no longer itself - but run by trans-national  (I considered using the term trans-human) power cartels who maintain the illusion of nations and political process as a diversionary front while what lies behind is kept hidden as the active deceit by which powerlessness is maintained in the general population.

Trump seems to be a 'face' under which rules are brazenly flouted and the old 'order' of compliant 'alliances' thrown into disarray. As if Trump calls the shots! Everything is a psyop. However, the nature of deceit is to bait by reaction and as with hacking exploits, the widespread propagation of such devices becomes the awakening to their ploy. There is also the nature of teaching by demonstration; such that any example sets an actual model for others to follow - albeit in their own format.

Regardless what forms it takes, the underlying psyop works the split mind of a sense of personal power set over and against hidden fears and guilts, hidden for the most part in 'scapegoats'. We may find we give more to Caesar than we realized - and that in doing so, we take it from the truly worthy and lose our worth thereby. So to wake up to a true sense of worth is to extend it where it is due - and in truth it is beneath the lie and the fear that defends or aligns with the lie against pain of loss as if it was one's power and protection in a hateful and fearful existence.

Everything is a Psyop (I want it THUS!)

Everything is a Psyop

Everything is converging to reveal the running of a psyop - or false matrix of diversionary management of un-healed fear - whether by manufactured derivative events that trigger by association, secretly nurtured conflicts or asserted narrative of identity/reality over the actual symptom/effect/feedback experience.
Dealing with the branches is not dealing with the root.

I see an underlying psyop that what we accept as our mind both 'is' and 'does'. This mind is so pervasive as to operate as 'real' or accepted self-evident. It is already a psychic-emotional investment and entanglement operating its particular conditioning - as its personal perception and experience.

The term psychology is a distanciation from the relational reality - as if a separated objective psyche can observe and judge another without their own psychic-emotional involvement. Such is the wishful thinking of science as technologism and such politics as we operate is the same old 'power struggle' operating through a wishful science.  The power of a wish is everything you give it and "I want it THUS!' is uncovered beneath every sense of denial and deprivation that always results from giving power to a private assertion at expense of wholeness.

In this way we 'set ourselves up to fail' in the a tempt to coerce reality - whether that be our own (true) consciousness, or others or our world. And yet the blindness of self assertion is unaware of its own self-attack in its focus on the outer, the other and the world as the denier of its wish-fulfilment - that is inherently a self-specialness or exceptionalism in search of validation in specific forms and conditions. Self-blindness operates a reversal in Consciousness in which the effect drives the cause such as to condition the cause to believe itself victim or subject to its own embodying thought - and thus compelled to defend against the symptoms of its own unconscious self-denials as if under threat from alien or other power. In aligning under this idea of power it becomes a back-door for an 'alien will' to operate as its power and protector - whilst actively defending against the restoration of wholeness and sanity of being.

The other is an unrecognized brother - at the level of cause - for choice remains the power in another as in ourselves by which to recognize and release identity investment in wish for a true willingness in being. The attempt to capture or coerce the minds of others is the way to lose your mind as your Creative Connectedness within a wholeness of being in exchange for a private world in which you rule - as the determiner of 'reality'.

Any effect of an insanity is a call to realign in wholeness - but if framed in fear and guilt thinking - becomes the call to war in hate justified and truth violated.

The unipolar fantasy is simply a death wish. For Life Is Relational extension, recognition and appreciation. An anti-life gives only to ‘get rid of’ - as if to get 'more' from another's less - and is trained to 'see' the errors and evils in the 'other' above all else so as to gratify a negative appreciation of self-superiority or aggrandizement and inflation. This can be verified with only a few moment observation of our own thought - instead of running within the bubble reality of such thinking.

A 'multi-polar' world is a step to a richer sense of balance between diversities of human aspirations and fears - that have roots in our true nature and a usurping sense of guilt arising from the loss of the wellspring of our being to a power struggle under threat that is watered and fed by the persistence of the mind made to come between or interject itself into and upon your consciousness. Deceit operates via fears and guilts that are themselves fearful and masked over shame.

Without relational resonance there is no awareness of being. But the first voice in our mind sees an unworthiness it feels called to 'correct'. Pausing from reaction is the way to receive of a fresh perspective - that undoes the past in the present to thus release our future from a past made in anger;
 "I want it THUS!"

Friday, 14 July 2017

Anti Corporate Movie Message?

Anti Corporate Movie Message?

What goes around... comes around. The perspective or Earth as a prison planet where humans are mind-captured, pharmed, managed and used as an ongoing 'experiment' is not really hidden but is masked out by the matrix of the illusion of control as if that is 'power' or 'freedom'.

Guilted division operates the jamming signal to an otherwise gratitude for wholeness of being. Once baited to react, the mind of a split-off fragmentation spins a narrative identity within a world of hate, blame and shame - in attempt to escape or wall out the fear and conflict of a 'self-hate'. Everyone has their own unique configuration and strategy. A hollow sense of lack attempts to stuff itself. The blind drive of 'getting' is the surface over the blind fear of lack and loss.

The use of All That Life Is for getting is the denial and overriding of a true receiving and giving. In the forgetting is everything 'seen' through a mind of reversal - where fear of evil becomes the very thing it fears by reacting against it instead of seeing through to the deceit of false thinking. This projects upon to our relationships as 'an evil world' and our thinking and reaction generate a 'culture' of reinforcement to the fear of and lust for power in corrupted terms. The negative loop of unconsciously denied thinking is actively generating the interpretations and experiences of a sense of subjection or tyranny in which hate and fear seem fully justified as power and protection and love seems absent, unreal, or weak.

Perhaps Earth serves as a straight-jacket planet where insane premises meet appropriate limitation, such that tolerance for pain becomes a limiting factor on persistence in false allegiance - even when consciousness of feeling and knowing anything is limited and suppressed and penalised.
The Corpse of the Corporate Insanity is a dead planet perhaps via robotic 'evolution' to its final solution - for the problem of Life to the urge to control it - is that it cannot be controlled and so can only interfere with a fantasy of perfection believed to have existed before the rude interruption or violation of its fantasy envisioned. Killing Life is then the logical urge to a mind of fantasy disconnect from its own true will.

I paint you sketches with words and meanings - not to fuel fear, hate, blame and shame - but to illuminate the choice you do not know or own to making because you fear it damns you - and in that fear it does. But in truth the choice you are making is the choice you can un-make or release to a better and more aligned integrity of being. Being is beneath all the thinking of the surface asserting reality - but often covered in layers of blame and shame that are very hard (read hateful!) to tolerate exposure to - and so the mind recoils to shut down and mask or hide in a division of asserted 'order' But all the king's horses and all the king's men could not put Humpty together again. Because the Fall or Separation was a false flag.

Involvement in the Movie can be given priority over your real relationships - and if they seek to restate the true of you - your Movie can script that into the dream as intruders to be denied.
Corps-Consumption is a dead end - but let the dead bury the dead by attending the living - which moves you as a feeling knowing being that you are the balancing of - as you cooperate rather than 'Control'.

Remorse for actions that hurt yourself and others is a recognition by which to release that choice in a new one. But guilt masks a refusal to change. Yet even a glimpse of awareness that such a refusal is active is an awakening and expansion of Consciousness. Every step of a true recognition is maximal regardless the framing of the identity in its asserting beliefs. Corporate responsibility has to awaken to challenge its own predicates - as does a blind consumption - if you truly want to live Life - rather than upload 'your' thinking into fantasy associations.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

We are all Palestinians

Palestine is Still the Issue
by John Pilger

My comment:

A compulsive liar is of the belief that one's own deceit cannot be defined or accepted to be a lie when used to protect a self-image, a special identity, against attack. Attack that is innately ascribed to 'other-self and other-people regardless anything they say of do. National Security is such a liar.  Narrative control operates the same way for the personal as for the collective.

The 'right to defend' is power issuing from a cultivated sense of victimhood and vengeance. The idol of self-specialness in victim and in victory, is the father of the lie that projects its worthless 'self' onto a hated other - so as to invalidate them, take power over life and lord it over them.

Though these traits may be exemplified in some more than others, the core pattern is something to be vigilant against in ourselves - for it resides in the foundations of the human personality structure as the nature of power-struggle arising from the wish to assert and impose it rather than live the power of our true creative choices.

Exactly who in the 'Zionist', US and UK/EU operates the transgenerational 'will to power' may not be answerable - for subservience to power-worship is the hollowing out of the individuality to serve as a tool. That they know this is evidenced by making tools of useful idiots - but the idiot looks downstream to feel self-important, while upstream is opaque to the power that makes or breaks according to its own dictate. Give due sacrifice then, that you may be favoured when others are singled out!

The will to power is a purpose that embodies a 'power class' who recognize and resonate in life as defined by hatred of powerlessness - given power. Who worships vengeance has accepted a blind god of hate in return for private fantasy gratifications acted out over and over in defiance and denial of true.

Empire in the old sense is obsolete as a result of the technology to capture and condition the mind. Everything is thus considered for its use in 'psychological operations' of a full spectrum dominance over what is allowed to be thought, said or done. If mind-control via fear, division and framed outcomes is revealed as the foundation of the 'power structure' - then the waking and reclaiming of true Consciousness from the robotic sleep of golem reaction is the undoing of a reversal in consciousness.

HPV Vaccine marketing and uninformed ‘consent’

I commented to an article by Rob Verkerk, founder of Alliance for Natural Health (International) in 2002

HPV Vaccine marketing and uninformed ‘consent’

My comment:

How far along a false path will we persist in the belief it true - until we recognize the error that costs us truth?
There are different levels of invested belief that are fear-directed and fear-reinforcing. The most fearfully entangled cannot 'see' or 'hear' anything fear does not dictate. Their 'model' of reality is a replica of their own fearful sense of separated existence. All else is sacrificed to the 'survival' of a sense of power and protection to escape from or avoid terror and loss. This operates a reversal in consciousness working against Life under the belief it is self-protective.
The 'evil' of such a disconnected defence given power is the persistence in the idea of separation as a temporary salvation from total pain or loss - and it operates as power over Life - as if such victory could make a wish for power a real achievement.
Alignment within Life is a result of restoring communication to a sense of fragmentation at war within itself. Those of us who are awake to that we have a true choice can witness that true power by choosing not to give power of reinforcement or acceptance to false, loveless and fear-directed thinking in praise or blame - but attend the situation as it is, address the actual issues that the situation serves to mask - and give witness to and thus grow a true sense of worth that refuses to join the sacrifice of true for a false promise of self-protection or power.
Denied fear calls out for power to keep the fear denied - but facing fear uncovers a true need and answer.
What is at work here but the old magic of sacrificing life to appease a god of terror - under a priesthood of deceit?
Science without a love of truth serves the denial of true that would determine and assert its judgement and subject all else to conform or comply.
Love is being with what is real - present and actually communicating.
A mask is a presentation backed by emotional incentives and penalties.
Who cannot discern one from another knows not who they are - or what they do - regardless what they do. Give to the mask of power-in-the-world what is its due - and to All Meaning give what is its due. Meaninglessness can be presented to seem to mean anything you want to believe - but thus also can you uncover what you must in fact be believing by its effect upon you.
Life is all about love because it is all about you - but a false sense of subjection, sacrifice and struggle under fear is all about a mask made for getting - and thus forgetting and fearing of the Life that would release us from a phishing attack by which we are otherwise deceived.
Wake up to the terrible state of a deceit running our world and then use that self-honesty to awaken in the love of true that brings a different world than fear makes 'real'.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Fake politics and fake debates

(I neglected to copy the link to where I wrote this - I think it was an off-guardian article)

Fake politics frames itself to divide and divert from real choice. Social engineering is not the exclusive domain of politicians - but established power uses the political arena as part of its diversion. Look out for forced mandatory vaccinations. The science is hollow and the effect caustic. Fascism is never confined or defined by its 'front man' except as a populist ruse. It is a corporate international power elitism that has more than funding - it owns the Banking system, along with the bulk of the corporate infrastructure in whose basket are almost all of our eggs.
As for Brexit - where is the journalism? Why did Cameron call it? Why was it framed and ran with such false passion? Whose agenda is it serving?

A fake debate framed so as to set up the 'populist' vs the 'globalist' polarity, may give illusion of a temporary victory in which 'populism' can be then associated with such chaos as to make the globalist cause its saviour. We should know that key globalist objectives are the undermining of traditional cultures and identities upon which a 'new world order' proscribes and indoctrinates 'correct' thinking and behaviour. But according to WHO exactly!

Globalism is simply already the technological fact in many ways - but a corporate cartel of global 'technocracy' is not really 'Trade Deals' or 'Health Care' or 'Security' so much as setting the power class beyond the reach of any accountability or check to its power. The nature of a top-down 'politic' through the mask of (ever weaker) state protections and rights is a tyranny - regardless the management of the medicated masses.

The political nature of the EU as a globalist stepping stone, hides behind its many faces - just as do so many corporate agendas hide in seemingly benign or seemingly independent 'bodies', organisations.
Trojan phishing steals identity by adopting FORMS that seem acceptable - particularly as set in some triggered fear of loss or penalty. Corporate politics uses this ruse to capture mindshare, and outsource pain while seeking to profit by devious means that typically captures or controls the legal or regulatory bodies meant to protect the whole.
There is no real governance so much as management of assets and liabilities.

There may be little that can be done to stop an anti-life agenda from turning everything to debt, war, sickness and death by stealth and guile of misplaced identity investment, (PR), but there may be everything doable in alignment with a true foundation. But this calls for true witness or indeed true WITH-ness.

History can be seen as succession of competing ‘conspiracies’ - yet in our day there is little need to hide what everyone is trained or conditioned to map out, avert from, and NOT see, nor give witness to - and so fake politics engages fake identities in the illusion of choices that all operate a conspiracy against truth. How else could the illusion of power within fantasy gratifications hold any appeal but set in context where it seems validated by what it opposes and seems to protect from?

Our (global) 'political debate' needs to open to who and what we ARE - and what is our purpose or function - for the old derivatives have lost their original meaning in the 'post-truth' era of 'technocratic' control of financial, corporate and legal usurpation.

The logical outcome of (any) ideas accepted true, shapes everything 'downstream' to those ideas. So look to and sweep out the Template (of definitions that shape our interpretation of events) by which we judge our reality to be - as a way of changing somewhat gracefully - for no model can be maintained against truth but by sacrifice of true to an allegiance in the lie, the fake and the power called up and asserted to protect the false from exposure. How much pain (and meaninglessness) can be woven into a mask of a life under which the true is hostage - or forgot? How insane can we consent to become and yet adapt or normalize a diminished consciousness under a fake narrative?

The following comment did not get through as comments closed while I was writing it:

Why not start with real journalism? But then who could remove the penalties associated with speaking truth to power ?
'What side is your bread buttered'?
PR isn't about persuading people so much as setting a narrative that becomes difficult to deviate from without seeming dissonant and attracting penalty.
Narrative control does not need your belief - so much as your reaction based upon your targeted and generally unconscious beliefs. So weak is relational honesty of communication regarded that we coin the term 'post truth' era.

The Conscious Universe

Physicist wants to find out if the entire universe is conscious
In order to talk and think of consciousness as a 'thing', object, or process external to and separate from ourself we had to (believe we have) split consciousness, or split OFF from Consciousness as a segregative, private sense of control over a personal sense of limited and separated self.

So what we usually mean by the term 'consciousness' is the 'ghost in our (presumed) machine' rather than the always present context of every experience of anything on any level - however sensed, modelled, defined or interpreted.

The Universe is Conscious THROUGH YOU - and what you actually are has a foundation and a source nature that is one with whatever the Universe IS regardless anything we think and believe we are or believe it is.

Consciousness operates as a vehicle or focus of definition through which Life Experiences Itself. Our human consciousness is a filtered and many-levelled focus - within which the overlay of the personality operates a splitting and reversal lens by which 'effects' are assigned 'causation' of a limiting power OVER Life/Existence. True cause is rendered invisible by the usurping idea of independent cause, invoked upon the feared belief in attack, loss, abandonment, rejection, betrayal, as an evil or oppositional 'will' or mind accorded reality and thus assumed and acted upon as real.

The ability of consciousness at the level of Creation, is of experiencing the defining movement. In defining through conflicted or misaligned idea - the Universe is experienced as if separate from who/what we are - as a world of separate parts that all the king's horses and all the king's men (coercive and presumptive mind) attempts to re-unify under a narrative unity.

That which is being you is never absent - and yet it is not coercive upon you - regardless the purpose you elect to have and hold. But in the going forth and multiplying of the idea of self as power, is true power lost to the fear and pain of loss - regardless the intensity brought to force any issue - for the attack on one's being is simply the device of the 'Fall' into an unconsciousness of Creation as lost power, lost love and thus usurped by the power given fear and belief in loss - that seeks remedy in virtual re-enactment of its separation trauma.

That which is being All That Is - is in no way separate from All That Is - but the device of unconsciousness via conflict-conditioning allows the experience of a sense of being alone, apart from and threatened by - as the flip side to assertion of self over Creation. The attempt and intent of 'Lording it' over an UN-worthy miscreation also known as the power to judge good ...and evil. Such is the 'self' of the wish to be the determiner of 'reality'. But this is necessarily a private or subjective distortion seeking validation and reinforcement - and thus twisting or filtering all sense to uphold a narrative identity against change. Such is the world of death - because the investment in an unchanging self-concept is inherently conflicted with its true Source Nature AND itself by reflection in 'Other'.

So returning to the original theme - what we call conscious is in fact a surface facet raised upon a death or UN-consciousness. The assigning of 'dead' matter or empty 'space' to Our Living Field of Awareness is a projection of the idea of death, separation and otherness - such that the trauma of abandonment and rejection is covered over with the personality structure of a linear temporal-spacial unfolding of consciousness AS the exploration/experience of focus within infinite perspectives of expression.

The Unconditional love of One's Own is in no way coercive upon the 'What' of your chosen acceptance, but it is the undistorted clarity of being in which synchronicity of consciously accepted alignment reveals the expansion of perspective as a creative shift of focus within the timeless - so as to 're-focus' at a different vibrational 'location'.

Our projections of consciousness are overlay of a personified sense of power, but the true extension of Consciousness is a Felt Intimacy of giving, receiving and recognizing. Fear projects as if giving away is getting rid of in order to get. Love extends and recognizes itself brother in the other. This 'brother' is shared being and can also be called 'Self-aware' - not in concept - but as the living flow that is being - regardless 'high, low' or any assigned attributes. This can also be said as the Gift of Meaning rather than the presumed power to assign and determine and enforce 'meanings' that always render meaningless - but while 'augmented-meanings' are identified as self they run within the protection and defence of the mother/father aspects of love given to war or hate under a sense of righteous or justified grievance.

The structural abilities of the personality are purposed in defence - but can be re-purposed to serve the re-integrative wholeness of the 'homing' Call - for beneath the suppressed overlays of guilted fear is the Call of Self unto Its Own - and this is not an external 'god' so much as your own Call for the unconflicted - and hence unified inheritance of your being. Consciousness can and will structure the restoring of true Consciousness to a mind made 'legion' in whatever story form serves the need of the whole that seems lost to conflicted parts - but always through the release of the false to the acceptance of true. The first we have responsibility in, the second is a gift that any attempt to give ourself will restate the old 'mind' and its struggle in shadow self.

If all 'time' is Now - with past and future reference points as a part OF the chosen focus - then there is no time like the Presence. But the positing of a past given power over presence is the reaction to the present AS IF it is the past. But the past is a selection of focus for the purpose you set it. And if you would release and be released, you will not hold the past against yourself, your brother and your world - but listen and feel for the willingness for new perspective - regardless the experience of limitation set by a past made in anger, fear or loss.

You cannot separate from the act of Creation excepting as a purpose of denial given priority and allegiance. How might this be? Dwell overlong upon a simple joy and see that not only can you NOT grasp reality - but by your very attempt you unhome yourself to a hollow experience of loss, abandonment, rejection and betrayal.
The grace of noticing is nothing special - being the awareness of your being - but in the belief you already know you see nothing as it is and map out your world in terms of past 'conditionings'. Re-cognizing the always present 'field-awareness' rather than focusing exclusively upon the objects of a fleeting and shifting magic-trick is a shift of identification from something you took for yourself, to something revealed AS your true self - because you receive it OF the Living and not from dead concept or fixed image of wish to be 'more' or 'better' than your natural being knows wholeness in living.

What matters to you has all the life you give it - but what matters to joy is wholeness of being - and so matter is not at odds with mind - but for the purpose you choose to assign both. Let the visibility and tangibility of your world identify you truly... or mask and be hidden from feared truth by the power and protection of fear given reality by acting to hide or displace it in false flagged diversion. For there is no 'where' to hide but in devices of deceit from which truth must be banished that 'you survive'.
The use of deceit engenders a sense of unreality that can then be assigned to an associated form of experience as unworthy of existence... of love's recognition. The withholding of love is the forgetting to see - because fear cannot see anything but fear's dictate as if self-evident and unchallengeable 'reality'. But love CAN see fear - and recognize the call for Life beneath the forms of its displacement.

The Universe cannot NOT be modelled in terms of the self you accept yourself in any moment of relation, to be. Yet the Total Communication that Is the Living Universe cannot be participated in terms of the denial of your being without filtering through a lens of reversal. There is no sensing that unReason does not distort, and no apparent reason to intuit that our mind is such a distortion UNTIL the reflection of our world can no longer be fitted to a false narrative identity. The call to Sanity is the release of insane premises and the fruits thereof - also known as the call to war. But to the call to war - there is no other life, self or world than unconscious self-investment running on auto.

If you want to find out if the entire universe is conscious - start with the moment you are being the expression of, and allow the expansion of consciousness to reconfigure and direct the curiosity that is your native innocence of being. Idol curiosity killed the cat - but awakened purpose is shared or unified alignment that reveals more that lives to the cat that cannot completely un-know the source and nature of its being.

Universe wants to find out if physicist is conscious...

In A Course in Miracles there is the line - 'there is no life outside Heaven' - which is another way of saying that what seems to be alive in hell (guilt, fear, shame, separation, anger, hate, conflict, sickness and death) is a WAY of looking at 'One-Thing' through a belief in - or mind of - conflicting purpose. The result of looking through the lens of fear is a limiting and stepping down of Consciousness as a process of fragmentation and displacement - so as to no longer recognize Reality or Self due to the engagement of identity in feared and hated or shameful sense of reality of 'self' in image and form. The 'Fall' from a state of spontaneity and grace of being has a narrative symbolism - but the nature of the experience is the projection of feared and believed sin (persisting in guilt as a sense of personal 'independent' 'power') onto one's world of relations as if to mitigate it - and then to attack, deny and manipulate it as if to control or manage and check a sense of chaos or loss of 'power'. The projection, reflection and reaction to our own nightmare becomes the adversity of a lack of support - or misalignment - and the enmity, deceit and treachery of Others - seen unlike ourself.
The former results in a world of obfuscation in which the more we seek to define and control it, the further from recognition WITHIN it - for always it takes one to know one - and so the human personality is not equal to the Creative - as, being fitted or defined in form, it 'sees' reality only in terms of forms that are assigned meanings arising from its own internal architecture. But the 'naked' Communication of being - at any level is already a perfect 'language' of being that is not so much within (who you think yourself to be) as that you as your truly are - are within and OF it.
And can be re-Minded and re-Membered within a true belonging as the movement of being - not in form through time but as the extension of Consciousness unto its Own. In simple terms giving or extending true worth awakens the qualities of recognition of the worthy. False currencies of private agenda adulterate and usurp the innate Meaning that Is - wholly communicated in the giving and receiving as one - regardless the apparent forms of the embodiment in action. This is the Foundation in which we meet in like kind to our being - rather than the basis of social transaction based on fear or avoidance of what we fear or don't want.
Physicists seeking fulfilment in the desire for discovery and sharing of true - open intuitive pathways that then feed into their current themes of exploration with resonant and relevant insight. Thus the (non physical or trans-local) Universe reveals itself to Itself even within the forms of infinite levels and modes of expression and reflection.
Consciousness is reflective - but the belief the world is really OUT THERE is the rendering Consciousness invisible and ourselves (separate body-bagged consciousnesses) as a sense of dominion over - and subjection to. The usurping of desire for truth by the intent to define and control is the loss of Science to technologism - whether of inner manipulative thinking, or outer systems of asset acquisition, disposal and control. Truth is not data - for the gathering of data is already operating a desire and intention framed in thought and felt acceptance - as its its interpretation. But true being is the already existing capacity to discern true meaning, just as a masked or false sense of self must judge all things in the terms of its own conflicted meaninglessness - that the attempt to 'hold together' or re-unify asserts its meanings upon and seeks social reinforcement for.

I only dropped in to see if there were more comments - and drop the one liner of the opening - but pondering Consciousness as an Open Communication becomes an instrument of Its nature.
If the mask is the mind-in-wish - the unveiling of an un-masked reality is the revisiting or re-noticing of the wish - from a desire of a fresh 'take' rather than persisting the 'mind' of a mis 'take'.
The Universe - un-boxed is already Thought - but of an entirely different nature to that which we operate as the jamming, filtering and masking framework of a fig-leafed sense of 'survival'.

Who could 'meet' the Infinite and NOT 'die'?
But what could possibly separate from Infinity and truly live!
A concept? For its moment - with all the life you give it.
Let the dead bury the dead - and attend the Living - is aligning in the true of you - where you meet the true of Everything - in a timing that you can recognize and accept. For if truth were coercive upon illusion it would no longer BE, for illusion to seem real in passing off as, and in 'denial of awareness' - operating within awareness. Illusions battle only with themselves, but while we identify in opposition, we are taking symbol and system of 'true' and being phished by an identity theft of our own unwatched thinking.

Nedlud commented to the article:
Both 'skeptics' and 'believers' are largely part of the same class, our minds are unbelieveably conditioned by the effects (forces, if you will) on them, placed upon them, by our current highly programmed society, which is so utterly and 'militarily' (ie., illicit use of might and power and wealth and privilege) hierarchical, which causes individual minds to be programmed and to stay programmed.
While societal mores are forcefully asserted - what we induce or pick up is part of our own theme - and when we wake to live the life we are rather than obey or react against the 'should' of anyone else's beliefs - the 'negatives' become the path.

If your mind is being hacked by Mindcontrol Inc - then your noticing when and where this occurs is the revealing of your 'backdoor' fears and thoughts that you can now release - or be curious as to why you persist in what you say you don't want - because there is always a pay-off at some level - that may be hidden within other beliefs - such as "If I show the true me I will be attacked and rejected'. That belief can persist a masked presentation even though it is painful, miserable and conflicted - IF the *belief* is that the mask protects you from a greater evil than being open would bring upon you.
Society is a mass of acquired and inherited beliefs given sacrifice to as a sense of relative power and protection - within a loveless world. Awakening does not withhold love - which is simply truly being with and not a social transactional manipulation by which to pass off as 'being with' when actually split or absent in one's attention.
If the mess of denied and masked off feelings operates a negatively reactive 'mindcontrol' the answer is to open honesty and curiosity of willingness to embrace and integrate - rather than a tempt to be in control over a sense of mounting (and exhausting) chaos. But no one engaged in struggle has any attention free to notice anything but what struggle dictates from a sense of reaction to the hated or feared - which takes different forms of entanglement among us all.

... oh and cynical and gullible people mask as sceptics when in truth a sceptic is OPEN to the possibility of discovering differently as a result of LISTENING or investigating - which is markedly absent from those who profess to be sceptic in self-righteous presumption to undermine and denigrate anything they do not feel reinforced and supported in believing. No one listens who believes they already KNOW. They are thus 'asleep' to a current update on anything while running on conditioned reactions of a past that is not here now.

Vaccines are not immune from being held to account

This is a crappy headline in its framing terms. Vaccines can be accepted as part of the cause of adverse health events without the full gamut of 'studies' that can be framed and published to 'prove' almost anything for long enough to assert a debunk or introduce uncertainty into any case against corporate cartel power agenda.

EU court: Vaccines can be blamed for illnesses without proof

  Bad 'science' operates dogma of 'corporate consensus' that allows NO re-visiting of its own narrative (mythic) foundations, and makes impossible for anything NOT supporting such an identity investment to have a voice. A captured mind has no eyes to see and no ears to hear.

The Trojan horse works the blind spot of the need to believe a false sense of self - in defence against a feared sense of self - and life. The assertion and imposition of power over others - and over life - is the basis from which the same is expected and assigned to others seen unworthy.

Truth need fear no challenge - and the very act of denying or suppressing communication is the sign of an 'fear-infected' mind - for fear itself is contagion and its symptoms are the 'proofs' from which to operate hate as 'legitimate' power.

But the lie has every reason to fear exposure - and to add ever more layers of lies to protect the first - and such is the insanity of a world that protects the disease from being healed by redefining everything in the terms and framing of sickness, conflict, division and sacrifice to the 'power' that promises to protect - and yet goes forth to multiply a false foundation in ever more insidious and tragic entanglements of self-deceit cloaked in wishful presentations.

There is NO proof vaccines are safe - or effective in their stated purpose. Though it is possible to redistribute, divert and repackage or redefine so as to doctor the account and seem to make a profit.