Thursday, 3 November 2016

Populism, globalism, elitism

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It is simply physics that creating polarity of difference by division generates a charge and an inevitable discharge in the release of excess energy when the difference become unstable. It appears that key opportunists used this to predict and support the 'big man' in Germany after the generating of corrupt and indifferent elitism in the weaknesses following WW1 into the Weimar Republic.

The denial of any real voice for people outside the inmost elitist coterie might be called unpopular though its device may operate in lures to self inflation. But that doesn't describe its intent - which is rejection and exclusion as power unto itself.

This will 'see' itself in the reflecting movement for reintegration in the measure set by its own choice - as a force that seeks to reject and exclude it from what it defines and forcibly asserts as its property and right of control - via laws made to serve its agenda and beneath, around and above the law, as the power of influence to evade accountability by guile, stealth and subversion.

Opportunism anticipates and 'surfs the wave' of change so as to maximise identity in value within the terms it sets. And alliances form and shift accordingly, for there is no love in 'getting from' so as to strengthen the power of a mask.

Reading what is 'going on' as if to gain control over it is seeking power of protection of investment against loss in the current terms set. The current sea of ideas, beliefs and 'memes' includes attempts to insinuate false currency into mnd of thinking so that mindcapture can use the fear of others to power their protection racket.

But the illusion would be to presume that those engaged in manipulation are themselves not also hollow puppets of un-recognized or denied fears masquerading as a false sense of self that must be coercively asserted and validated or reinforced and supported to seem to have power or validity.

If reading what is 'going on' is but seeing through a lens darkly - then we 'see' what tyrannous shadow power delivers to us  as if our own, (not unlike the personalized internet that Google and others are working on that 'tailors' content to 'preferences' - but shhh - you know whose!).

What is going on is physics - but the mind in which it operates flawlessly is deeply flawed, fragmented and masked with guilt that seeks to hide or mask in reinforcement of its original error as a narrative identity. Is it time for a different story?

Just my 'to sense' for your freedom to set value in a true appreciation.

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We all like to think we are an island unto itself until the need for true relationship breaks the spell. I don't so much disagree and prefer self-fulness and a natural overflowing that extends to relationships in genuine sense of worth. I don't see communication as actually true communication EXCEPTING in an equality of worth - for anything else is framing the other in the game of comparison and competition - which COSTS awareness of true worth.
The whole carp-game of gloabl destruction and toxic overload is 'looking after no 1. You have to come with something better than what already doesn't work. How about abandoning thinking of oneself - to arise as a fresh take of being that is not pre-machined to operate a self or rejection and exclusion?
See what comes up.

Trying to 'control' a system of fragmented and competing purpose is an attempt to enforce control where wholly alligned purpose does not call for more than a light touch.
Of course the fear and belief in loss of control embodies in the attempt to possess it - and the belief one has it generates the fear of losing it.
Usage of terms like power and control are so machanistically fitted to the denial of relationship and communication as to constitute a primitive or reptilian brain of 'fight or flight' - which operates as a diversion of life energy to fear's demand. There is a place for this in terms brute physical survival - but otherwise it operates a Trojan via which all is sacrificed to overcoming 'Other' who is blamed with what the mind DOES - when it seeks to get from or exploit instead of relate.