Friday, 7 September 2012

Information, media, perception, manipulation and discernment

An apparently inconsequential article on led to this writing on the issues around perception and sharing information, along with the distortions that a manipulative intent bring into play.

Perception is thought and can be manipulated, but the medium by which that is effected can and does turn against the manipulator.

Perceptions and thoughts can naturally share as expressing a sense of value or truth of an undistorted experience of life.

Whereas the payload of a manipulation is hollow once the halo wears off, and has to be repeated and maintained as a promise of value in order to 'survive', true communication expresses a tangibly shared sense of worth and connection that is already present but is illuminated through the sharing.

These issues are at the core of our own self or mind, which is conflicted in the attempt to have both, and so loses the capacity to tell the difference and suffers its own illusions.

The 'Information age' will be short, because its foundation is divorced from wisdom and discernment. However, it's failure will provide the conditions for their advent.

This isn't about Apple - (or any corporate entity) - and the media, (which is now fragmented and yet in mainstream sense is a corporate entity with its own agenda).

The issues of privacy and control, trust and integrity are implicit in all that we do - but in the rapidly changing world of today, they can no longer be templated and enforced in the way that worked before.

Learning to discern is not a 'better handle on the world' but an awareness and wisdom in which to transcend and harmonize - and even heal - the divisions of self. It isn't just for dealing with crisis or applications of rebranding our identity with 'out of the box' ideas - but a living framework that holds and extends a true sanity and abundance of being.

Big promises! - but really its simply that the foundation determines all that comes forth from it - and a false foundation cannot be gotten to work even if one spends the whole world in trying. Even our best thinking tends to substitute for an actual checking in. Running on a template identity is already a loss of the immediacy and vitality of living.

I don't write to set up a right and wrong mind and then position myself as its owner, so much as desire a world in which communication and manipulation are discernedly not the same.

Another word for manipulation - in the sense I am using it - is war. This is the personal sense of prevailing over or suffering attempts to be prevailed upon. Backstage, it is a collusion in which truth is ignored in order to play the part and take the ride.

Truth is not a weapon. When we attempt to use truth or manipulate, we are used by deception and suckered into dancing its tune.

"Truth is the first casualty of war" should read, "of the war-mind". Because it remains true regardless of our subscription. But once we take the bait we tend to run with it until we wake up some time later.

Thanks for hanging in with an opportunity to reflect if you feel moved to. Concepts are crude tools for sketching the qualities of life that can never fit in the database template of which concepts are. But that is also where our attention is accustomed to seeking information and answer, so I try to open a perspective that hasn't got a voice in the accepted thinking or culture or our times.

Actual service and notional war

On Bloomberg News, the article:
Samsung Chips Said to Be Kept From New IPhone on Pricing,
might read as a spat between two giant tech corporations - among many such spats in a rapidly evolving scenario of gadgetry that uses and becomes a sort of externalized neural network - whose nature and purpose is as divided and conflicting as our own minds; communication and sharing vs ownership and control.

I commented the writing below because I see these patterns and would raise them to awareness - and to a conscious participation in all that life is - rather than an unconscious entanglement in what we wish or demand it to be.

~ ~ ~

This kind of thing speaks of the modern world; where the actual economy is an inter-penetrating interdependence of mutual service and function, but the notional entities are still trying to run as independent identities - whether they be corporations, nations or indeed, persons.

The culture of manipulating a private gain rather than embodying genuine desire for value shared has made war out of relationships of the parts.

Now it might be said that such war is the evolutionary process of arriving at and abiding in What Works and yet that is merely confirming one's starting place of asserting a private gain at expense of others as 'what works'.

It is true that attempts to use power lead to brokering alliances of mutual limitation and cooperation, but these are only held to conditional outcomes of personal advantage and not truly shared value - ie: not real relationships.

The only way of waking up to a different foundational perspective, is to be exposed and confronted in the experience of 'what doesn't work, cannot work and never could work'. This is addressing an orientation to our life rather than mechanical processes that substitute for life.

Survival seems unarguable as a goal, but what is the true nature and purpose of what is surviving? Fear and deception are usurpers of the process of communication and trust upon which all depends.

I realize I am talking of underlying thought and cultural presumptions in what at first glance seems just a shift in relations between two tech companies. But this perspective is where I meet the world in a sense of shared value; in shared purpose.

I don't know if corporate,national or even personal entities are capable of growing trust, because in some sense it is the subordination of the defended identity to a true process of communication that extends and inspires trust.

The exposure of the manipulations of a loveless and joyless intent, through experience of humiliation, cultivates a thirst for truth. Modern technical expertise and sophistication can provide the most subtle and convincing manipulations that are attuned to 'reading' and moulding our psyche. It's a kind of war on the mind in which the only 'way out' is to refuse to take the bait of reaction and to listen - to truly discern - in the heart.

This is simply what we are faced with moment by moment in any case - but reaction indulges the imaginative sense of specialness of self in vindication of a bunch of unobserved ideas that run like background programs.

I have a sense that truth will 'out' and that despite the appearances of war, an externalized mind is emerging - that has no intelligence but our own to extend and yet our own is as yet unawake to its true nature and runs as if an independent program.

Thanks for listening in.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

A Living Universe as a basis for trust (regardless of events)

I had a bit of a ramble and rant at the mentality of scientific fragmentation. It isn't so much wanting to be right as a desire to provoke curiosity.

The article was one of many that comes out with the latest scientific finding on some aspect of a calamity in process or ongoing threat.
Why biodiversity increase from global warming is not good news

What if we, (humanity), have our 'binoculars' on back to front?
That is - if we are looking at everything from an inside out and back to front way?
When enough people get stuck in the same place they call it reality.
But stuckness is also the condition for ripening crises.

In looking OUT at what can be objectively verified materially - (including its subtler energetics that are anything but solid as the mind thinks 'solid'), and basing our identity or reality on what essentially is our own thinking, rather than living a direct relational participance, we condition or program ourselves to become like the mechanism we use to 'see' with - and believe and experience accordingly.

We objectify everyone and everything and so do not recognize what we or they truly are. In fact we use this condition as an environment in which to explore and express our own personal thinking - but soon find out that that is only free to imagine, because of giving our power to externalized aspects of our own mind.

Its a 'self' blindness, not unlike a virtual reality helmet. The instant you put it on you are no longer open or available to a communication from outside your box - no matter how vast or complex or self-validating your box becomes. But somewhere in the program is a circuit for listening beyond the thinking in the box!

Because I cannot demonstrate Life or Mind as a Unified Wholeness in which and of which every thing is, I have no validity except as a theory, which if proven true, would completely undermine the illusion of the mind that seeks to control and assert life in its own image. Who seeks to find their own undoing? Only a lover of truth can put self will aside. The so called 'search for truth' can seem to be indefinitely validated in an endless and unfulfillable task.

But I invite considering that if a specific particle can 'give' mass to all that we experience as material - whilst not affecting other particles at all. Then there is every opportunity to put MIND back as the Principle, Law, Nature, Condition, Purpose and Substance of the Whole Universe - that is - of the wholeness of the act of 'knowing or sensing ANYTHING at all!

A materially based frame of reference locates mind in the brain - mostly - and then uses EXTRAORDINARY lengths of time along with random mutations, to substitute for simple and natural Innate Intelligence.

Guess where the apex of intelligence is believed to reside according to the mind that thinks it knows? In this brain of a special freak event called human be-ing. It equates intelligence with clever tricks of prevalence rather than wholeness of being

But Intelligence is a non local Field and the brain and nervous system are transducers or receivers.

Change is afoot! Not that it isn't always - but in periodic times of crisis, there are fundamental shifts.
What isn't apparent to a mind with a vision not unlike a dalek, is that The Whole Thing Shifts.

The Universe in time and space is inherently a selected view. But What Gives Rise to it is not a view so much as a Movement of Awareness that is in no way separate from its Thought or Object.

Now it remains entirely practical to manipulate the environment so as to bring benefit or avert calamity, but man has always tried to atone for or exorcize his demons - that is his unconscious guilt and fear thoughts that arise directly from identifying exclusively with his own thoughts. All tools need to be held in purpose by wisdom of a conscious intent - or they become as if our master.

I predict that the nature of the changes that are occurring are going to expose us to our deeper thoughts, beliefs and intent in a way that we do not imagine or expect, because the true basis of life will be the only foundation that will abide.

To be out of control is fearful to the identity that attempts to be in control, but anyone who makes love or music or participates in life directly, knows that there are harmonizing principles at work or innately available in which we can discern and trust and respond appropriately to whatever is going on.

Just when 'science' believes it is 'getting there', the floor will fall away. Is already disappearing.
Fundamental change doesn't leave observers in a neutral zone. Science must also renew its foundations. The heart - in the sense I use it here, is not the emotional passion of ignorance, manipulation and reaction, but is the seat of true discernment, insight, inspiration - for it is a unified Expression of life. Man may exploit this in Promethean adventure, but always with the same results.

I see it not as a call for fear and further manipulative displacements - but as a wake up call to question the very basis of our thought and culture; the 'tools' through which we extend which become invisible to us. Our mind is such a tool - and the body also. You are not what you think you are, but what you think will distract you from That you are.

Thank You for your attention.

Satan? Deception, mind-stories and true intimacy

I chanced on this page when checking a bit on the origins of Lucifer and Satan. I always feel a quality I can relate with in a love of truth, so in that sense communication embodies a truth that cannot be itself spoken. Call it ‘one-mindedness’ or ‘of one kind’ or don’t call it anything. But this living context that we call ‘mind’ is not at all identical to anything that we think or define and accept it to be – yet it is the underlying truth in which stories in mind, belief and all experience are ‘played out’. Inseparably.

That the mind can deceive and be deceived is not in question, but the mind that can deceive and be deceived is NOT the mind beneath the stories of self and world. That true mind which I will now call Mind is the truth in which experience is had, indulged in or transcended – even if the experience is an effect using an imagination as a lens over truth.

Our stories are both personal and cultural, and constitute our self definitions and justifications in the context of an intolerable or denied sense of being. This may not be obvious because we WANT our stories to save or protect or mitigate our sense of dissonance, and so our human consciousness is fitted to look out through the lens of our stories rather than look at the filters of belief themselves.

There is a movement in Mind that is self-aware, it is inherent or innate to what Mind is. "Know Thyself", is an alpha and omega – (as well as the truth all the while one seems to know a something ‘else’).

Yet while an active preference for ‘knowing’ our own story prevails over knowing directly, we give ourselves an experience that ‘shares’ the sense of self that is gotten in stories. I say ‘shares’ because mutual agreement (or indeed interlocking shadow projections of mutual disagreement) do not constitute a true intimacy – but rather, it validates a sense of separated self by its thoughts – which is what maintains a virtual sense of self – as our ego or self image.

The capacity to ‘live’ in or through our stories; our ego, uses a defining and judging aspect of our mind. This capacity is limited, no matter how much force is brought to bear or how ingeniously we package and present a lack of real presence as if it were truly meaningful.

Self awareness – is simply noticing. And no matter how ingenious our defences are for maintaining our mind-in story, there are constant breaches through which we notice… that which undermines or fails to support our story-self. And the complexity and speed in which a protection of mind-in story works to deny, distract and reconfigure itself so as to appear continuous and real is witness to the power of Mind, even in the self-limiting act of asserting one’s own story-experience as true (For this inherently denies or discards a direct awareness of the true nature of Mind).

Now, I didn’t know what I was going to write when I started, but I see an attempt to sketch something that can serve awakening to an activity we are humanly and culturally disposed to render unconscious. To put 'out of mind', and also to awaken to and as the innocence and natural curiosity and delight of a direct relationship in and as an expression of Mind; an unselfconscious love.

We find a movement in our being that delights in stories, and we know we can enjoy them without mistaking them for reality, for they can reflect the innate qualities of Mind as well as the imagined attributes of a ‘free will’. But mind can also be conditioned, such as to program itself by its own choices, and become so engaged and identified in its story, that it becomes self destructive in guilt and via fear. A sense of invalidity and worthlessness of self that militantly denies love welcome and substitutes with token acts or sacrifices that are ‘loving’ in order to get.

Waking up, healing, reintegrating – these terms point to a release from a deception that is ultimately self-illusion – no matter how the story tells it. This is Good News, though we rarely want to hear it.

The purpose of the stories of the ego is in exploring and experiencing a sense of PERSONAL creation. It was an innocent act by which we frightened ourselves and became caught up in our own defences so as to commit to a false or mistaken sense of our self. All that came from that has never left its starting point.

Yet within our stories – personal and cultural – is the penetration of the movement of healing or awakening – and this is the purpose that guides the mind that thinks its name or nature is legion, to calm, to listen, to discern and to trust a true relationship in which its own true nature reveals itself in unified expression.

All things serve the purpose we are actively holding in our heart (regardless of the stories in our head). The wish to personally determine what is true established the mind or purpose of division and judgement; the mind of control. To every action there is reaction. If we make this mind real to us then we suffer its effects likewise!

Unified action is a movement of wholeness and not an imposed partiality. This is beyond concept but not beyond witnessing. We may uncover a willingness to pause, to truly or directly listen or notice, and to discern – that is – to FEEL the qualities that are present. In recognition of a reintegrated being we have a basis to trust the movement that is NOT the ‘will to control’ or prevail, but is the feeling of life in unified expression.

This gives embodiment to that which is felt as an expression of a truly shared worth and integrity of being.

The religious or spiritual urge at its root is the intuition of truth and not the attempt to define, map, explain or manipulate – but its spark is quickly covered in attempts to weave it into our story, to use it for our ‘selves’, where the forms originally associated with joy may become weapons or instruments of ‘righteous’ war, and slavery of thought. Truth is not reducible to forms - even 'holy forms' are reflections and expression of what is beneath form. In this sense 'Bible' (to one who receives guidance and illumination from it), would mean the direct communication of God to man - but it isn't a form in its own sake but a living covenant or relationship in the truth of the heart in which the one that thinks itself 'man' is restored to its True Relationship as God's Expression, of a kind with all that lives and is. This cannot be used in the world as a manipulative sense but that such relationship is lost to a world of form given meanings, which is our freedom to engage but not our true fulfilment.

How to reach the mind of those who love to hate? Or those who mistake abject slavery for freedom and security? One cannot speak to that which cannot hear. But in every encounter, we can desist from joining with it and validating it in our own mind – such as the grace of noticing and true desire brings. Judgement always rejects and withdraws, but the recognition of our own mind where we saw it as another allows healing of one's own mind - which naturally extends as invitation and gift to the other or the situation - to the degree their willingness accepts.

Nothing I have said here requires belief, but it may call for suspending a believing AGAINST. The power of the mind is witnessed in every experience and yet is invisible to those who know not what they do. It is not a mind of control that judges and lords it over our being – unless you establish that measure – and even then, only in your own mind-made experience - with those you can draw into collusion.

The prodigal does not come home to a trial and punishment – but to a True Remembrance – regardless of anything that he thought he thought or did. But ‘coming Home’ is precipitated by a rude or discomfiting awakening to a bankruptcy of self, through which the intuition of Life stirs and is given welcome, such as to be turned in purpose from demanding self-will to a willingness to truly serve. In the expression of this purpose is the servant replaced with the Original Nature; “My Son”.

I never did get to write about the fear of our own thought that became personified in stories of awakening as the deceiver – and then became a basis for stories of control.

I did notice that Santa is an anagram of Satan. Pretty much knocked the Divine Birth (the thirst for truth and its welcome), from Christmas.

We personify aspects of mind – by identifying with or rejecting, but they never in fact ever, leave the mind except in story. Release the guilt we ‘put out’ by asking truly within this very moment. Otherwise we seed and feed the very thing we hate, unknowing.
But what do we really hate? And is hating it actually helpful? Is this what we truly want?

One doesn’t have to believe in God to be healed, but one does have to put behind the wish the deceive oneself. Mind is never really locked or fixed but that belief has set it so, and beliefs can be changed or released. What we give our attention to is the chooser of experience and the layers of beliefs that filter and condition this can be released into a direct trust that brings forth a different experience – because it is of a different foundation and purpose.

Thankyou for your attention.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Reflections on leaks of a hidden agenda within one mind that wars itself as legion and projects its confusion outside itself

Reflections on leaks of a hidden agenda within one mind that wars itself as legion and projects its confusion outside itself:
News article: Anonymous claims a million Apple IDs in FBI breach

While there are collateral issues in such leaks, it remains clear that without whistleblowers within the culture of such technology, we would be even more tamed, domesticated and manipulated than we apparently are. (Not unlike the image of human batteries in the film 'The Matrix').

Transparency is essential to trust and yet privacy asserts exception. As there is no consciously accepted framework for discerning these needs, they work out in a chaotic and divided way - with all the parts seemingly at war.
Whether technology leads to mind control or mind-awakening is a choice - well at least, awakening is a choice outside the box of what control dictates.
Free will cannot be free if it denies freedom in asserting itself special. Such is the corruption of 'power'. Such is also its invalidity to claim allegiance beyond lip service.

Who knows what back doors are available into our every interaction as a result of new technology? The geeks who set it all up do. In olden times a ruler might devise a secret network of spying and escape routes in their houses - and then kill all of the architects and builders. This isn't so available today - as the stuff wont work without those who know how to maintain it.
I have to trust that if the abuse of power got too repulsive to associate with, that some who are in the know would in one way or another cease to support it and protect its secret.
BUT, anyone who has to make impossible but necessary decisions on a day to day basis in which choosing the lesser evil as can be discerned is the only option available, knows that being morally pure isn't an option in the scenarios that are
unfolding as the human experience dictates.
I feel there IS a different perspective available than what our human thinking dictates and that we get wise to the nature of a self disconnected mind as a deception. But meanwhile we all have to respond with the best we can find with what we have available and this means we fail to embody the love that is our highest truth because we are in confusion of a divided mind. This is a call for a true forgiveness - or else the mentality of blame and defence takes over.
What is forgiveness but to remain open in communication?
What is war but the misuse of the forms of communication as weapons and shields?
The complexity of the fragmentation of mind - as embodied in our human world - is inconceivably impossible to disentangle. But, as computing shows, the core set of programming that sets of such complexity is simple. Awakening isn't fixing the effect - but exposing the cause. In secret, minds can believe their projections. But in the light of a true awareness, a different pathway spontaneously arises.

The ones who can make all this stuff work, may subscribe to the notion that war is our dna - our 'holy' evolutionary duty. But what we choose to give acceptance to in our hearts and minds is not really down to external powers of any kind - unless we want to play it that way - as if to say "It's not my fault, they did it to me" - in attempt to escape one's own mind.

Thanks for your attention.