Saturday, 12 March 2016

I came across a great phrase in comment section elsewhere in which the term 'conspiracy theory' was summarized as capitalizing on dishonesty.
Honesty can be mimicked and used as a weapon or a trojan - but then it isn't honesty so much as calling the liar.
The elitist establishment may be seen, perceived or believed to be all kinds of things - but one I notice is of giving then much more power than they have where they haven't, and not having a clue how powerful they are where we don't even see it. For it operates through our own unrecognized and largely unconscious fear.

Anyone group seriously forward looking desire to hold or expand power of influence will work with incorporating and using any variations of plan and hedge bets accordingly. I aim at neither power or influence in oppositional terms but consider any apparent negative event in a desire to define it so as to serve a positive outcome - as a dedication to detach from what is not honestly belonging or true of me.

I'm not in the USA but I resonate with the desire for humanity that may express itself in all kinds of alloys that are reactive, fearful, or hateful. My sense is when stripped of all that is false - all that doesn't belong - the original stands clear. This is often a humiliation in personality terms but honesty acknowledged and valued is true humility.

My sense of elitism is of warring vanity (personality inflation) that sacrifices or denies truth : Honesty - for power in whatever terms the sense of lack of it defines. That's the 'Pact' by which we each in various ways come into some sense of power from a sense of lack - or powerlessness.
But awakening to and breaking with that pact is the recognition of a deceit and a realigning in spontaneous reintegration as a result of releasing such a forcefully pervasive sense of need for control.

The most clever manipulators of directing history are more than capable of running a variety of 'games' simultaneously - AND of funding them all. Money is nothing to them excepting to control it and use it as a means of control.  WHY? is another matter. I'm not saying there are not all kinds of self-justifications - but those are what the mind serves up in place of Honesty - and for which the true of our Humanity is sacrificed.

Having read a bit of how Hitler was anticipated, then supported and used, I say that there are those whose grasp of human psychology goes all the way down where most of us recoil from - but that they do not recognize it is also the Feedback they need to restore their original nature - their true power - but that self-concept denies it them - or else they would serve the living rather than rule the dead.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Magnetic Mind Control

An Ars Technica article:

Magnetic mind control works in live animals,
makes mice happy

Using a magnet, researchers remotely control brain circuitry, alter behaviour. 
 - - -

The Universal Experience of Any and Every Thing is Electro-Magnetic interplay.
The desire to find out how things work or how to stop what is judged against is part and parcel of the desire to control things. This also can be judged good or ill.
This play-god desire goes forth to multiply and comes back with interest - because that is a fundamental Law of Mind ; "what you put out is what you get back'. Or for ars readers; garbage in; garbage out.
The idea of control from outside or apart is always a segregative consciousness and that always feels itself disconnected , deprived and controlled by a tyrannous will - that it then flips to align with - rather than a free willingness that simply works - ie: it fulfils function perfectly.
The loss of function, with all its pain, fear and frustration, brings up a desire for healing after the "War on symptoms" has exhausted itself and freedom of communication resores perspcetive lost to war that can be revisited with a new appreciation - for the symptoms reveal Information when truly received and run - that re-integrates and heals what had been experiences as split and warring polarities.

The technology of mind control promises god-like power. Now can benificence be showered on the people and those who refuse will think again - with the thinking they are conformed to.

Lars and his real Girls is no kind of relationship. Fantasy can substitute for but can never function as the fulfilment of the Movement of Being in Expression.

Who gets to use or access technology that has destructive potential and how is that held open and accountable so as to safeguard us all? Who is already un-accountably wreaking destructive consequence through a range of vectors? It is 'Them' or is it 'Us' - but in a denial of our own denied shadow-self?
Does that denial not come back with force to deny the denier- like Fred Flintstone's cat putting him out at night?
The programming or template level of consciousness is already a kind of mind control. To truly know your purpose is to be unified in purpose for a split mind is like a mind running in emulation - without upstream access it 'lives' within the framework it accepts as reality.
The only freedom from mind-control must be the freedom to function directly as a unified or raw embodiment - without collapsing into or identifying in the 'technology' of perceits. That looks like being a narrow way - but if it is the only way - then it takes whatever it takes because that's what works.
Choosing mind-control is choosing to lose the freedom to choose. Self-denial. War on Life. Self-contradiction. Noticing how this works as an illumination of freedom to accept choice and thus evolve or open to a clearer truer template expression, is simply coming back Online after being looped or hung in
a futility of internal contradiction that masked as ever expanding external problems.
Thought for food!

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Planning for disaster?

On this page about the Media Lying

DonRL - said:
How about suggesting how to plan!!

My Comment:

Is it inspired planning or the dictate of a centralized sacrifice of will to a notion of collective good? ;-)
I think everything is only as good as where you are coming from - so finding a true response-ability rather than being triggered into reaction.
Invest in what truly enhances the quality of your life. Within that ongoing honesty of being is what you do or don't do with your money, your time and your thought.
Generally it is prudent to spread your risks - but in a specific passion - you may be moved to invest everything into a project that is a primary vehicle of what you are alive for.
Fear tends to operate a self-fulfilling prophecy. Saving for a rainy day may guarantee you... a rainy day. But disregarding fear is even more dangerous because what hasn't been honestly transformed is still active and will sabotage the best laid plans.
If you don't appreciate expanding the idea of planning in this way and just want someone else to tell you what to do - then you understand why there are so many people and groupings of people 'telling us what to do'. Not that they might not be a good match - but you still have to discern whether to align with and act on advice unless you give a blank cheque in advance.
Opening your imagination to whatever comes up is something you can do now - and that is a creative process that will bear fruit if you hang in with it. Use everything if it fits or serves or sparks interest - but of course what you truly want in Life is your primary desire and all else will take form from it.
I understand a man once said - take no thought for yourself - and all else will be given you - including any plans you need to make relative to what you are moved to be and do. I sense he knew what he meant but that we are afraid to know and so we marked him out as a nutter or too different to matter - and so we learned nothing except how to maintain a narrative i which fear can be hidden - which is the invitation to the wolf in sheep's clothing. I realize I have far exceeded anything you likely wanted  - but amidst such deception - where does one even begin?

Astroturfing; fake grass roots

Fema Camp Canoe Instructor said:
I found it highly suspect that the vapid twit-o-sphere was so concerned with this week's phony stats. And why should anyone be concerned with those metrics for that matter?

The desperation in the propagandist's pitch is palatable.

When your situation is improving you know it. You can feel the cash in your hands. You'll also have a first hand understanding of what is going on with your friends and family. The massive Bureau of Labor Statistics building is redundant in this aspect.


There's a TED talk on astroturfing that is worth watching:

Trillion dollar cartels invest in maintaining their cartel and can shout out garbage from a million mutually reinforcing rooftops - while millions are willing to work their shilling - or unaware of being set up to volunteer to campaign for their own destruction.

I don't think 'They' need to 'control' the internet or anything else - except in key points at key moments through key agencies.

If the curtain really begins to fall - then some exemplary acts of terrorism scorch away the voices that can no longer be found - and the vocabulary of reactionary symptom is all that breaks out in lifelessness or madness both.

'They' know that others know they are lying and don't care because they effectively control the Media. I sense that they believe lying is the only option left to protect them against a worse fate. They may even believe they are protecting us from a worse fate because lies are being called forth to hide and protect the untrue from attack and destruction. It is fracturing society - but a large proportion are still invested in a distorted and directed narrative and are unwilling and hence unable to question or re-evaluate their allegiance.

There is the possibility that one finds out too late the result of choosing the false god. But that belief feels to be a deceit OF such false thinking.

Attempting to parley with the liar or to understand a complexity intended to keep one's attention diverted and distracted from noticing what is actually current - are devices human minds use to NOT know what they do no want to know. Perhaps meant as a delay - but after enough delays - it defaults as a permanent switch - not now - not now - not now.

Information is only meaningful in a relationship of trust because the 'devil' quotes Scripture and scientists can present utterly misleading results and conclusions from what in fact the data reveals.

I don't believe deceit can be contained - as soon as it is accepted into shared usage the whole currency is adulterated, diluted and corrupted. It may take time to work through to its full but inevitable conclusion but it takes active willingness to disinvest of it and live instead from a consciousness of true value - which is not structured and formulated and so is not something one can sleepwalk in or auto-pilot through. For isn't that a large part of what people want to power to prevail in?

No Opting Out

In reply to Washingtongrizzly:
...I most likely won’t be voting in the election, because I don’t want to be part of what’s going on. I don’t even want my name associated with it. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be watching with great interest and amusement. ...

I appreciate your comment. One thing prompts me from it and that is that whatever we think or do we are part of what's going on - and voting whether we know it or not. So my sense is that you are consciously investing in and extending witness for what you are part of - and that may not have apparent representation in the reflection of society as it presents itself.

Being or living out from presence is not engaged in struggle to become something else so much as extending a sense of worth that already is. This does appreciate by appreciating - but that is different from investing emotional energy in manipulating or fixing outcomes.

I'm not writing this to interpret you - but to possibly join with what I feel I heard you say.
Disappointment reveals the expectations one may not otherwise have awareness of holding. So I wouldn't over-protect against finding out more of what runs my show just because it is humiliating.
To have loved and lost is to have found the jamming signal.