Saturday, 7 September 2013

To unlock the MORE of You - don't sell your Soul - uncover it!

An article : On modafinil

Up all night on the drug that never sleeps

Law of karma? Not at all. What you give out you get back.
If you get from 'outside' instead of bringing forth from within, then you 'give' your power away to the 'outside' and what makes you high will then also make you low.

I am going to reveal a great secret here. To actually open a desire to do something and accept and embrace it without letting your thinking interfere is to open a channel for Life to express and embody through.

Currently it appears you do not actually or wholly want to write your article and so your mentality creates the resistance and distortions or blocks to its unfolding. Just try embracing a true desire as the movement of Life and see that - in a sort of way - your brain and body is ALREADY a drug factory that aligns to support your intent and desire when simply trusted and clearly held.

Now you do have to actually WANT something - so if actually you have no interest or motivation, then that itself speaks of the action as itself a distraction or block to something you DO want.

The mental presumptions of beliefs and definitions that create the experience of the world that is lived and sort of shared without any real intimacy - express a sense of inadequacy and lack that demands  'external' manipulations of one kind or another to enable a sense of self-validity, and so the market works to provide them - and magnifies the sense of invalidity so as to be able to sell more of its product or service for your enhancement and protection.

What one chooses to think or belief or oneself and reality becomes a part of what one gives out - and cannot NOT be the measure of what one receives. This is really just the immutable nature of MIND. You may imagine and construct a sense of self with a mind that seems different, but this doesn't change what mind is - only what you are using it for.

Using a communication device to distort,  filter or block communication can create a sense of disconnection, division and conflicted self and world - but the mind remains a communication device and available for that function because that Is its functionality.

What I am saying is that the ego-sense of self in persona, tends to become a block to our own true communication. Yet in trusting what we are truly moved to do, we do not lack character or authority at all.

The difference is one of letting or yielding into the movement of our being rather than trying to exert force upon it. In order to get into the zone, be the willingness of curiosity and discovery.

A drug may open your realisation to that there is SO MUCH MORE available to live and share than the trickle that is accepted reality - and yet the truth is that You are this Wholeness already - but in a filtered down and limited conditioning.

To unlock the MORE of You - don't sell your Soul - uncover it!
The world is a glamour - or a stage set for fools if we see and use it as a way to prevail over Life and each other. That isn't the real world because it shares nothing and costs everything!