Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Disclosure of extra terrestial life - on Earth now

I was sent a link to a UFO disclosure conference

that included many giving testimony who are credible members of governments and military or space personnel such as a Canadian defence minister. I looked to see if it was news in any news reports. Not yet - though a little here and there such as under 'weird news' on Huffpo.

The implications in consciousness of what is emerging are more profound than the reactive dreams of getting saved by new tech or enslaved by intelligence operating upon us. For these themes are OUR consciousness.

I wrote the following into this Huffpo page of related issues. It feels to speak out from a unified brotherhood as conscious being rather than focus on differential of form, time and space. For the latter will reflect where our focus is being given.

- - -

What we bring into play in our relationships with each other is often the loss of real relationships for the gratifying of a sense of personal needs. We judge, which is always also to reject or deny wholeness, and all that is rejected in favour of partiality. We project this 'unconscious or denied self or mind onto our world whilst in the control mode that seeks to prevail over these reflections of our unconscious.
We thus project both god and demon upon the Life that Lives beyond the mindset of our pettiness of thinking we are separate self-created entities to whose intelligence the Universe will yield its secrets!

Intervention and technology cannot but shift consciousness because it is the reflection of such a shift and the response to the call or need for such a shift.

There is the movement of control over, and the movement of trust extending. One is reaction in love of self over others and associates with elitism, and the other is service in which the Golden Rule includes our self and other as one.
But no one is free to act without regard for others without consequence, for what we do witnesses what we believe ourself to be and our belief sets the measure for our own capacities and interpretations of receiving or experiencing.

Consciousness, (as the human conditioning has it), is as if a mind apart, embodied in a material Universe. But even without 'space brothers' our science has exposed this as mythic.
The basis of science has been a separate-self-sense, as if removed from relations, but this is a tool and not a fact - and its concept models no less so.
Intelligence is not as we think, nor what we possess or be, but moves us and moves through us and all things. This is simply obvious in any moment of observation, yet the senses serve the mind that interprets on behalf of a separated self-sense, and we say, "I think' or "I am", without actually having any direct knowledge of what I is, or what any thing is. But whatever is IS, the awareness/event that is living all things, prior to, and beneath the mental 'overlay' of meanings that is used to define the separate self sense as an instrument of limited experience amidst Unified Consciousness.
This is the Direction of the unfolding self awareness for those who do not demand the world be as their thinking would seek to define it. What finds self only in conflict, struggle and scarcity, needs find another home.
None makes us receive. Coercive will rises to be released, as it seems to grasp at the world in power.
Much is forgotten in entering the human conditioning. But never entirely so.
Here is to Re Member-ing!