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The grace of noticing or freedom to learn

Without even casting my eye over a single sentence or image I’d bet good money that the mass shooting is fake. In any case I’m certainly not going to cast an eye. I’ve dealt with more than my quota of fake news for the week.
It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
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To the commenter:
Be wrong once and lose any remaining possibility of credibility.
AND discredit anyone and everyone who has sought to challenge the narratives in ways that might have found an ear.
Was not Shakespeare referring to the human drama?
Such as to speak to us all – and not directed by some against others?

Yes, but I used his words in a different way. Perhaps I shouldn’t have.

To the commenter:

I don't know about 'shouldnt' but an education rises from noticing things and such learning is expressed as a clearer perception-response. (Action)
The blame-shame method  denies the learning and unfolding for an imposed rule of 'incentivised' behaviour.

Blame-shame is fear and guilt thinking that DOES fear and guilt responses.
In short - it short circuits learning or communication by substituting coercion under fear or threat and is based on a deceit called judgement - as if part of you can separate from and demonise or deny another part of you and 'stamp it out' or eradicate it or at least be SEEN to be conforming in the ritual of doing so.

So perhaps in the light of noticing you would have made a different choice - which in truth means you are FREE to make a different choice and NOT that you were WRONG in your discovery.

Of course this example is not overly contentious and so that can make it easier to use to LOOK at the 'should' mind and see how it pre-empts freedom.

The habit of coercion and deceit sets up the belief it is our power of control, over self and others. But REAL control is the freedom to discern who you are and how you choose to see and respond - to anything, anyone, anywhere.

The mind of judgement upon which narrative assertions 'battle' with reality is indeed an 'idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. But it is not the true being of anyone - but rather a mind trap or psyop of the a-tempt to control Reality rather than be unfolded OF it.

I don't need to wish the past was different when I can align in true presence now.
Mistakes are often a glitch in the 'matrix' or illusion of a masking control that reveal hidden beliefs or conditionings that once brought to light, no longer have status of fact.

The revealing of the 'psyop' or mind-deceit can feed or serve a blame game instead of love of freedom. In this way the mind is very tricky as a 'deceiver' - but all that means is that we are attempting to use it to battle or control reality instead of holding a clear focus of purpose from acceptance of reality.

War on reality - denies our awareness of our own or another's reality.
As if everything SHOULD be as I think or want it to be and when what 'shouldnt' happen does - it is clothed in all kinds of judgements or definitions so as not to be naked and invalidate OUR mental defences.

I take one little example to sketch something of a mind we do not realise is operating in our name. The world at large sketches out some BIG examples in our collective reality that are at root of the same error. The temptation to control reality (rather than unfold real outcomes) is the belief that we WANT TO - and that we CAN. The first is mistaken - for who in their Right Mind wants a fantasy in place of and at expense of true - and the second is delusional. BUT we are habitually 'wrong-minded' or not in our Right Mind under the self-reinforcing loop of the attempt to MAKE RIGHT - which unconsciously carries the conviction of WRONGNESS of being, evil or sin - as if a part of you or of reality SHOULDNT exist. This is also in a sense a death wish or unconscious self-destructive agenda. But it generally runs or presents itself as 'survival, sustainability, power or protection' - bought or leveraged at a cost.

War on reality or war on truth is the attempt to make true and so of course truth is the first 'casualty' - but hasn't GONE anywhere or died - excepting in the mind of the attempt to MAKE true.
"I WANT IT THUS!' is recognisable in the child's tantrum - full of sound and fury - but signifying a wilful set of mind that temporarily dissociates from relational presence.
A broken 'world' or rather sense of self and world as 'worldview' - is the failure of the world we WANTED to be-live under the very world we wanted to deny.

Part of my understanding is that our denials are like negatively charged 'black ops' running beneath appearances as emotional charge or triggered manipulative bias.
Some of it is open self interest but the most of it is hidden or masked.

When we invoke and adopt a mask we don't think it will in a sense 'take over' but this is the nature of a masking mind set in confusion of split or conflicted sense of self as a narrative continuity manager for imaged or modelled 'reality'; lived, suffered and died in as real.
While Shakespeare held up a mirror - the key to reflection as I see it is recognition and resonance in the true and not a basis for a collapse of identity in imaged conclusions.
But such an identity is set IN conflict and compelled to act it out... until we notice it runs in our name but against our true nature and desire, and at cost of our peace or wholeness of connected presence, that is also the unfolding of our life in love - but not in love as the thinking of the world sets it. Freedom to love is love of freedom to be.
We are more than our physical force and density and yet even this takes on a different quality in wholeness - because it is no longer made answer to a mind in fear of conflicted being and can realign in natural function.
Creation is our natural function - but in trying to DO it, we forgot to BE it.
Much Ado holds the surface tension over a voidance - as if without the DO of our Think we are Nothing. And in terms of self-alone and apart this is so because there aint none such. But Everything is 'restored' to Whom it never truly left as we come back into our Right Mind. Of course the 'ego' of the belief you are alone is triggered - but to a willingness to notice and no longer feed allegiance and support.
Transfer of faith from division and denial to acceptance of wholeness is necessarily a process of willingness or accepted freedom.
The grace of noticing becomes the gratitude for being - and gratitude is a joy that shines of itself and so meets a reflection in like kind.

The capacity to discern a deceit without analysing all of its branches back to its roots is freedom to give disregard to what has no legitimate belonging in who and what you are accepting true for your self now.

Monday, 5 August 2019

Powerless to change what we have cast out of mind

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To the 'ego' of imposed order, anything that supports it is 'true' and anything perceived as threat is perceived as an attack on true and therefore false. This puts love and hate in the same category by association. Love perceived as heretical and therefore false or treacherous and hate perceived as powerful and malicious and demonic.
The inhibition and suppression or denial of love by fear is the development of a consciousness that protects fear against love or in generic terms, protects the conflict against resolution - but does so under a narrative persona of love's empowerment or  self-protection set against terrors and evils.
Until we recognise this in ourself we persist in seeing it in Other and in World AS IF we protect ourself from the feared and the hateful - but at cost of  being powerless to change what we have in effect literally 'cast' out of our own mind.

Speaking in tongues only has true meaning for me in the ability to discern and understand and relate through different modes of expression. The ability to read the heart of another or of a situation is a discernment denied the strategist of a private agenda of possession and control - which inevitably projects its own evil or loveless intention into the minds of others and then acts as if it is really there by withdrawal of right, denial of light and attack or sacrifice upon the body. When we do this to ourselves it results in sickness, and when projected away, in war... and depletion and sickness.

Listening for truth is also listening to the prompts to abide in or look where fear says NOT to - but from a willingness to be shown. The Internet - as the mind - can be an entanglement of deceit if we are not clear in our desire and aligned in purpose. Disinfo and other devices of deceit all hack into internalised or unconscious and invisible conditioning UNTIL of course we see we have been deceived and uncover that in ourself which willingly or blindly took the bait. In this way the deceiver provides an education in recognising and releasing 'back-doors' by which we are 'hackable'. 

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me". (Did 'Dubya' mangle that saying on air so as to fool us into laughing at the 'fool' - and is this not a qualification for picking presidential candidates as crisis actors?).

The mind is already partitioned and split into levels of access. Already a capture under narrative identity or control. Deceit running our own mind so as to NOT KNOW WHAT WE DO, but rather suffer compulsion and subjection at the fault or hand of others, of conditions, and of a past made in anger.

The replication and substitution of life by systems of manual management is the 'ego' of imposed order that results from the belief you are alone, apart and must DO or repair and restore or atone for what once was simply in the nature of being.

Systemic thinking substitutes for living relational being such that humans live in their MODEL of reality AS IF it is reality itself. This is no different than Narcissus entranced and captive to his own image, blind or deaf to the Calls of his lover.

The calls for true witness seem to violate the image of a fantasy given life and power. I often use the following quote:
“... the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.” ~ Alan Bullock
But it is no less applicable to our personal mind or narrative continuity in terms of learning the '(human) world of love-hate as a strategic adaptation that then teaches it.

Linear continuity or 'space-time' is associated with object persistence.
But continuity of being is more of an upwelling or effulgence of being that we feel and recognise as relational being - and as a flow that is both timely and timeless. That the mind may cover over our awareness of being is a cover story that we can live out as a 'separation trauma' or look at as a willingness to align mind in service rather than let it run off in its own spin and hold the heart hostage to a sense of denial seeking light of acceptance.

The internet may be turned to a replication of the mind of possession and control - marketising and weaponising an imposture of order, or it may serve a purpose of reintegration, awakening and healing because that is what you choose to align in - regardless the current agenda or intention of others.

To wake in being is to align in innate or implicate order - that knows by what it gives. Propagating thought in ignorance of love begets an arrogance set against its own unrecognised reflected denial.
How to break the spell rather than fight against the chains of its setting?

The genie is being put back into the bottle - at least for official 'reality. But will the means of doing so fail to work as always in the past? Denial is not a true creation or extension of the Creative - EXCEPT when used solely to deny anything that would undermine, attack or corrupt a living love - which is not can can not be encapsulated, codified or imaged in form and 'imposed' or legislated.

Objective reality needs to expand to a discernment of love. We are recognisable by and in love as unique expressions of an indivisible 'spirit' or purpose of manifest embodiment. Forms can be masked in and used to hide from. There is no objective without a subject, but there is a formless and yet tangible quality of discernment that we experience as intuitive whether we are aware of such in our lives or running as if we are 'in possession and control' of reality. This sense of independent self depends on invisible support. The withdrawal of support is the inability of the old 'model' to fit or operate or function. Increasing intensity does not re-create the old density. Resonance is communication, resistance is an exercise in futility until we are willing to listen instead of telling reality (self/other/world) what to be.

Intuitive release of the gesture of faithlessness to Self and Life.

in reply to a comment at

logic extends whatever premise is accepted.
Sadism is taking pleasure in giving pain - yes?
But logical imperatives are simply 'getting the job done' by whatever serves the means.

The wish to inflict pain on the paingivers (indifferent or otherwise) is a sadistic resonance.
My sense of cause and effect is much more active through resonant association than the presumption of polarised opposition or 'divide and rule.

I am not an apologist for outrageous behaviour that calls for being checked and held to account - but I am willing to accept that everyone acts in accordance with self interest AS THEY DEFINE AND ACCEPT IT in the moment of their act. The mind or narrative of self-justification comes after.

Hypnotist subjects can be given 'reactions' to stimuli that are not their natural or biological condition, and not only experience and embody the effects that include physical reaction, but on questioning have a complete 'back story' as for why they did so.

Our narrative self-justification also has a collective expression. Polarising opinions effect identity reinforcement by getting a sense of relative moral integrity from the evil that is being identified (against) as invitation to join in hate in the name of love.

Cynicism is self and other destructive - and so I prefer to identify false thinking as an insane premise that logically extends insane outcomes. Garbage in; garbage out, rather than be baited into hate and taking pleasure in it. The moment of such pleasure is fleeting but its shell remains. This is the basis of addictive repetitive conditioning.

While sadistic perversions arise from trying to get a hit in an ever deadened and hollowed out sense of life, the idea of bottoming out remains the pivot of a shift from self-illusion to a true self recognition. To be "even as a servant in my Father's House" instead of an utterly wretched and unquenchable hatred.

Narrative control is 'mind-control' in which the heart is denied by image and symbol of a wishful identity given power and protection. This is all BACKWARDS and operates no less logically for being set in reversal of Life.

I don't write to pick on you but because I would rather have your company. Joining in baited hate is succumbing to despair. Dig deeper for truth that we don't manufacture, marketise or weaponise. Truth is recognisably whole - even if we cant abide its light for long but that the mind seems to interject. If that is true - no one is exempt or excepted from truth but for the set of mind that rejects an honest awareness by choosing something 'else'.

I notice a deep entanglement in lies given power to which many are perhaps waking to - if not yet waking from. Not least because our first reaction to loss of trust in a sense of betrayal is an investment in hate - as direct expression of hurt or grievance. A mind in grievance may WANT to play out the reversal of their victimhood on others who fit their profile. Not just in wanting the other to 'know what it feels like' - but to glorify an exalted sense of self aggrandisement or self vindication. The 'right' to play god over the unworthy. If you cannot sniff the insanity in that picture, it may be that there are conditions under which you would want to enact it?
If all such debts are to be collected, then all hope of shared happiness is deferred indefinitely.

(Abandon hope all ye who enter here). 'Release and be released!' serves true self interest - and yet a false will or mind and world bar the way with terror. There is a Choice here - but to see it one has to step outside the false framing of 'divide and rule out love's freedom to be itself'. Of course this is exactly the opposite direction to all our mind-training to date and so is assentially an act of faith - or perhaps better, an intuitive release of the gesture of faithlessness to Self and Life.

A lie MUST fear truth and search for sustainability in lies passed off as true

I sense that 'Roundup' refers to its human target. And not just bodies but consciousness itself.

The Corporate sector is part of a network of 'possession and control' by which to dispossess and dis-integrate. That there is plunder in breaking down the integrity of cultural AND biological boundaries is the primary switch from wholeness of being to private or dark agenda - that rises from and seeks out a sense of self-LACK as the basis for GETTING as a private or hidden self set over and against Other - and in forgetting of wholeness.

The idea of corruption works through the whole to become a broad spectrum dominance of structure set over and against love's recognition, embodiment and exchange.

To the mind set in seeking possession and control - there is never 'enough'. Scarcity is built in and embodies as the means of persisting a destructive dispossession AS IF a personal aggrandisement - set in narrative masking justifications of the image, symbol or concepts of life or protection - but working BACKWARDS.

The evil is of a sense of LACK in wholeness - given worth-ship and false 'with-ness' or allegiance and support. The progeny are effects or fruits of a false foundation or indeed lack of true foundation.
Uncovering a true foundation is opening discernment as to what we give 'worth-ship' and 'with-ness' TO - particularly in our own thought and word and therefore response or behaviour.

A lie MUST fear truth and search for sustainability in lies passed off as true - but a true recognition can only release the 'mind of the lie' from acceptance and allegiance in our heart.

A mis-taken identity generates dissonance that can be woven into a script of survival in fight or flight, but all such 'power or protection' reinforces the very identity from which it proceeds and purports to reinforce or protect.

Part of being painted into an impossible situation is a willingness to question the painter or 'script-maker'. When conditioning is internalised as our structural consciousness, it becomes invisible. We are being brought to notice or see that which was kept hidden in order for a 'surface reality' to operate AS IF an escape from a more deeply denied and feared truth - that nonetheless rises in our experience and world as terror symbols 'writ large'.

The nature of our consciousness - as we have developed, is split. But denials are never really escaped by acting out upon the body or upon the bodies of others and world. Self-hatred is both victim AND victimiser running blind. Projecting hate or unworthiness of life is 'storing up denial in hell' rather than 'treasures of shared being in Heaven'.

Belief and allegiance to hell is almost 'de facto' or taken as a given, in a consciousness set against it - and therefore a mind-capture OF IT. Alignment in truth is yielding the seeming 'will' of a mind-set over and against the hated and feared, to a core willingness that was otherwise covered over.

To gain a 'world' of self-illusion in exchange for Soul - of multi-dimensional presence - here and now, is a decision and not a hard wired fact. However our invested identity in self-illusion is a deep entanglement from which release can only be shared. No one is healed alone because healing reveals a wholeness of communication and connection.

Our emergent understanding of Cosmos and of biology (outside the filtering of mainstream narrative) is also revealing a different ORDER or Modelling of Reality than object densities, forces and effects. Resonant frequency domains operate at all scales as the qualities of that which is beyond measure.

I recall the words of a man who said it is not what is put into the mouth that corrupts a man, but what proceeds out of it. In our modern articulation we can say that as we set the measure in accepted and shared definitions, so do we receive exactly as we gave - BUT to an unconsciously acquired and developed personality - almost all of this is UNconscious as a world of subjection to wholly 'external' densities, forces and effects'.
Self interest is absolutely governed by what we are currently and actively accepting as true of us in the moment of experiencing.
There are positive or integrative synergies or indeed synchronicities of being, that are integral or innate to health and wholeness, such that releasing the blocking signal allows Life to Flow and Know Itself through you. The 'jamming or blocking signal' may SEEM to be via proxies of toxic intent - but IF that was a way of putting an evil OUTSIDE as if to mitigate or escape its pain - then there becomes a collective willingness to hate the evils in OTHER instead of facing or feeling our own hateful conflict. This is not altogether WRONG, so much as an attempted self-protection under extreme duress that then protects the problem from any solution that comes home to roost.
Without willingness to heal, such conflict is our undoing, and yet through any moment of willingness to heal is such conflict undone. Invested illusions may not be released at root or at once, but over time spent in delaying and deferring the Inevitable - which is truth and NOT death - except to self-illusion that senses it has no support and thus runs as rejected and excluded by selecting to reject - as an exclusion zone.

Going within this and every moment of our relational existence is watching or noticing our thought and emotional response while IN ACT and not dissociating from life. But to re-open such a channel of communication of being may need to withdraw or separate from triggering and distracting diversion from what you now recognise you truly WANT.

The idea of a death wish or destructive intent in our psyche is of an insistence that LIFE BE THUS! or else fail and fall to unworthiness. Putting FORM above LOVE is worth-shipping forms, images or idols of love and life and becoming possessed by them. The Call to Love is our true Need when a call to insanity is recognised as just that and nothing more. But we do not of our self know what it is having taught ourself wrongly and so the willingness to heal is the release of a presumption to know or determine Truth to a fresh willingness.

As for the pathways and potentialities of the body (our own and our world) to heal - I sense we are not just ignorant but wilfully so under an incapacity to suspend belief in the power of evil as our nemesis or undoing. But where we choose to give and therefore receive power, is a matter of intention and desire that grows and becomes a focus of a reintegrative and truly conscious purpose or awakening responsibility for thought in place of a dissociated and dissociating mental defence.

War on Human Love ... and Law

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(Reflecting a moment on Law and its corruption...)
Lawless is not only loveless, but works the opposition and undermining of love's awareness and communication.
Loveless and corrupt law serves a fear fuelling private agendas, inflated as substitution for truth.
Love and truth are one. A post-truth or coercive and manipulative 'mind' is 'fake Nows'.
Freedom to be the love that we each uniquely are, is the freedom to recognise and release the 'cover story' or masking agenda of fear-fuelled survival IN THE TERMS or FRAMING of false narrative belief or assertion.
Identity gotten from opposition persists oppositional and polarising force. Love identifies truly - THROUGH you and TO a willingness of recognition and alignment in shared appreciation. This is regenerative and creative.
Oppositional identities need lies, conflict and 'morally justified' hate as the 'sustainability' of the private or dissociative identity - made of denial presented as self-assertive righteousness.
Yielding to Law is not surrender to an OTHER - but restoring to love's honesty so as to recognise ourself in another instead of stealing a 'self' from their manipulation or denial.
Law and love cannot be substituted for by systems of graven forms - but can be embodied and implemented in the spirit of willingness for love's honesty in place of postured mimicry in the forms of social or political 'correctness'.
We are having to release cherished 'identities' to a willingness for true discernment and communication and structures of invested identity - deeming themselves too big to fail, are kicking and screaming all the way Home.

#2 in reply to

Indeed. USA is openly at war with Venezuela - if not the World - via broad spectrum leverage - if not legal declaration as the claim of defence of self or alliance in conventional war.

Possession or control as an end in itself is love's denial, and substitution. Nothing and no amount or degree of power' can satisfy or fulfil such a driven, addictive and internalised and thus 'invisible' agenda.

One of the vectors of psychological war is to disempower and demoralise the target by seeming to be more powerful (in specific regard) than is actually the case. So the first order of attack to be vigilant against is being framed on the enemy's terms.

USA is hollowed out,fragmented and running as a corporate asset to a transnational intent and so the national terminology doesn't really serve. As directives are imposed, non compliance is penalised, leveraged or overwhelmed. The allegiance to usurping structure is in larger measure dependency on corporate-gov management. The underlying control via induced, or protected scarcity isn't addressed by either private or public ideas of distribution. So 'sustainability' of a racket is the primary driver of a self-destructive addiction in which love's honesty or relational communication - has been ruled out.

And is ongoingly of systematically being denied in the undermining of traditional values as an alternative, rival or threat to the (captured or corrupted and blind) state of engineered or manipulated outcomes.

Human Life is under attack from the sick appeal of 'possession and control' that dispossesses to destroy in blind conviction no other choice is real but eat or be meat. A hierarchy of  predation manifests from the willingness to be eaten by allegiance to such belief. This is not a hierarchy of functional social competence and willingness - but an internalised structure of compliance in exchange for mitigation of pain or privileged status.

I read that Afghanistan was offered a choice between a carpet of gold or a carpet of bombs.
And of course both are worked to one intent. It's not governance, its a racket unworthy of support - including support via baited reaction that buys into framed reaction. Love remains a choice as a communication of wholeness - and out 'back-doors' to being hacked or deceived are within our personal responsibility - but often internalised in forms of acquired and inherited identity we live or act out from. 

'Identity politics' is the manipulation of identity that is also expressed as 'mind-capture', mind control, social engineering and psyop.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

if you want to find the secrets of the Universe

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“if you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration” while displaying an intuitive recognition of the existence of the ionosphere, a premonition of plasma as the fourth state of matter and what today has been dubbed ‘free’ energy.

Resonance is the key to communication as synchronicity. This applies no less to what we call consciousness as it does to bio-signalling systems. Abraham Liboff has uncovered effects of unbelievably tiny EM currents/fields that are nothing to do with conventional ideas of  EM effects on the body.

The ionosphere is a part of the Solar/Earth Capacitance. Electric Universe is not allowed mainstream and yet a perusal of picture of the day articles shows that innumerable gremlins or fudges and bafflement from unexpected (empirical) findings all make sense within the Electric paradigm. But make no cents for the corporate and institutional INVESTMENT in  an essentially Victorian 'Model' masked in mathematical obfuscations that establish computer modelling to replace empirical science and conveniently maintain vast funding or revenue capture  in 'solving' or protecting and propagating pseudo problems as a diversion from an honest account.

Access to effectively infinite energy is also a matter of resonant consciousness. Some of Tesla's discoveries are extremely dangerous in the mindset of fear as division or 'psychopathy'. 

Plasma makes up around 99% of the physical Universe. there is no vacuum of 'empty space' so much as relative terms of a simplistic model. 

The nature of an electro-magnetic Universe is truly a SIGNIFICANCE from which all else changes - relative the the thinking that proceeded from an Internment of Things or 'mind as A Thing in and of itself. But the nature of that IDEA about our existence of 'self' is that of the weaponisation and marketisation of everything or 'possession and control' aka power struggle or fear in division that effectively rules OUT truth to a life lived as and under WAR (AKA survival).

My sense is that without awakened responsibility, we generate the crises (pain and conflict) that then forces a re-appraisal of what we thought to be true about our SELVES and therefore extended to our conception and perception as RESPONSE to awareness OF Existence - in place of resonant recognition WITHIN awareness OF Existence.

Prison hierarchies become a protection or defence of a state of imprisonment or limitation set OVER others as a fantasy of power or aggrandisement of the self IMAGE.

Releasing the prison mind is akin to Plato's Cave or in modern terms the 'Matrix' of a manufactured 'reality-experience' or overlay as a diversionary justification for a state of subjection.

The replication of the Internment of Things or indeed of remaking Life in our own image is all IMAGED FORMS assigned private meanings running as a systemic substitution for love's meaning which is given and received as one. The power of One is Creation - but in human terms its first recognition is the undoing of a split mind or fragmented perception set in conflict.

AC - as brought in by Tesla is only found in manmade circuits. The nature of energetic information of frequency domains  in physics and biology is of 'self-organising relational fields or systems'.

Free energy is really a state of charge potential that can be accessed and utilised - such as a waterfall or for the tiny spider, the voltage gradient of Earth's atmosphere. 
The word 'free' is much misused. Combustibles may be freed of their energy by ignition but have to be accessed and are not free of danger in their effects or effluents.

However energy cartels operate a monopolistic choke on access and availability of energy so as to generate dependency and disempowerment - just as do financial cartels.
Generating dependency and disempowerment is thus seen by such interests as a source of power for private agenda set over and cost of public good and indeed of wholeness - including their own.
This is a form of addiction. Our first addiction is always to the thinking that passes as 'our own'. Internalised limitations operate invisibly as the framework in which we think. True science questions beliefs that are passing off as a self-evident or seemingly consensus REALITY. It is thus a threat to what passes off as ORDER but which is revealed eventually as a thought disorder.

The story of Tesla is not as simple as a genius being shortchanged or sidelined. It is always easy to sell Good v evil narratives to those who want a seemingly simple world. The truth of what is unfolding is much richer. No one can or will see what they are not yet the matching vibration OF. The developed ability to tune OUT from truth (of integral and relational presence), is like a blocking signal.

Twain - who hung out with Tesla at times - said it is easier to deceive a man than to show him he is deceived. Invested identities operate the 'system' of mind-manipulation. It takes one to know one.