Sunday, 24 December 2017

An observational theory of sickness

Why would 'health' break down, be blocked from functioning or become something 'else? (Because 'something else' is running instead of health - running on top of what we would otherwise be, and is getting in the way?).
Is that too simple? I don't see it as a theory of anything, but more an observation. I can only share my observations but of course to you it is an idea that may or may not have merit to investigate further. Your observations are your own self-honesty - insofar as we can see our own bias in action.

Good intentions can pave the way to sickness and death - and often do.
Wishing doesn't heal, but willingness may.
As I understand, the body does what is needed unless something blocks or denies function. The complexity - in real time - of what the body is coordinating as millions of processes millions of time a second is not - in my opinion, going to be replaced by manual external micro-management. But interventions can help as well as hinder.

The belief that the body is sick is so deeply ingrained in the mind, that the mind never looks to its own self-definitions - but works out from them as a given. I am not indicating blame to a personal 'mind' so much as collective responsibility in which we are all participants in.

In symbolic terms, ideals of self - and health - can become idols of self-lack in search of some 'other' state than the one we have now.

The belief we are a weak, sick or frail body is the collapse of the mind into defence within its dictate. If we live from that belief, do we limit our life to it? Is that self-programming into sickness?

The 'immune system' is our life force in act, but perhaps we see certain aspects of its healing, as impending sickness and death? Just as depression can be seen as a brain disease instead of a part of a larger process of going within that we generally have little cultural wisdom to hold and abide through. And thus becomes a 'something else'. Perhaps a sense of lack, worthlessness, inadequacy failure, loss. Perhaps a conflict of rage in powerlessness. Is that a deep sense of self-hate? I have uncovered all of these within my self but have never sought pharma or diagnosis or because that makes no sense to me. I have not had a charmed life but have stayed open or found the way through to the charm of beauty in life no matter what. It's the only life I have so do I choose it or lose it?

I see fear-mindedness works a negative voodoo pervasively and insidiously in what is left of our 'culture'. It's not just the fake news, but the fake mind that suckles upon it. Protection rackets? Or attending a call for help? It's something of both, but the dedication to life cannot break free of its rules and regulations.
I believe we have to work within our beliefs as part of growing the ability to question them. I see that fear can mount upon fear in pain or dread - and I see that growing the willingness to check in with emotional reactions and inner interpretations is towards freedom from reactive triggering, or capacity to release investment in it if I notice I am already reactive. No quick fix - but a stitch in time may be a poor choice not taken.
I don't see that we live to be healthy, but the other way round. What is living? Or perhaps more relevantly, are we living the life that is in us to be? And if not why not? I don't mean grandiose schemes - but finding joy in our everyday and embracing challenges as 'life' rather than a violation or derailing of life. Are we going to suffer our relations or be truly presenced in them?
Why cant we be honest with ourselves/each other? Do we 'know' too much to more simply be with, and find something true?
A sense of mortality can keen the sense of focussing on what matters while it is in my realm of choice. Delay can become never.
We just watched 'Disconnection' on BBC Iplayer. Such a messy human reflection to watch, but it made its point.

Viagra 'cures' heart disease?

A comment on Kendrick's blog :
Moving on from all the diet hypotheses and to a different field as suggested by Dr. Kendrick : How many of us remember the post on Viagra by Dr Kendrick earlier this year and how it reduced CVD attacks. By way of evidence here is a link to Swedish study of 47,000 men all less than 80, none of whom had had an MI at the start of the study. : Viagra prevents heart attacks ! And more is better !
And bugger me : none of them changed their diets at all !!
Also Dennis Mangan has also just released a post on the impact of Viagra as an effective anti-aging ‘supplement’. Dennis always includes recommendations about changing diet (paleo preferred) in his posts. But not this time. He’s keeping it simple.
Now this is interesting. I wonder though if there are any studies of women using Viagra tp cure CVD and whether it is beneficial for them also.

I looked at viagra side effects on web md. I don't usually use of the phrase side effects. They are direct effects of generally unwanted consequence.
The idea that viagra cures CVD strikes me as wishful at best.
A failing heart can be kept alive longer by various manipulations. An artificial one can 'outlive you'. That is not to say there is no place for tinkering, but the idea of holding back the consequences - often by redirecting to different areas of the body - or in the collective sense, by redistributing to different facets of society and the environment - is exactly the pattern I associate with the pharmacological approach.

I agree that it is NOT the doctor's job to TELL patients how to live, whether by claiming higher authority, or by morally guilting them into compliance. In theory, this may be  why corporately owned and directed technologism cultivates and feeds upon the right to engage in egocentric and illusory 'freedom' at expense of the health of ourselves and of society. Of course 'scientism' is being used to enforce the extreme dictate of such 'choice' in the state sanctioned illusion of 'immunising' and attaining 'herd' compliance and conformity.

But I DO hold that anyone who has any alignment in health as a living balance rather than targets and check boxes, will look for and take the opportunity to reflect where poor choices are bringing poor results, and inspire the willingness to align in better choices. This does not only help the situation at hand, but grows a relationship of informed choice within relationships of trust. Lots of people submit to 'experts; because they do NOT want responsibility.

Taking responsibility for our life is very stressful relative to running on auto under a managed environment. Yet the stresses that disempower us are those that deliver us unto evil. The irony is that true responsibility does not call upon guilting or blaming, but enquiry and recognition by which to make better choices. But the apparent 'escape' from self-responsibility is deeply predicated in blame.

When one can assign the fear of blame to any official diagnosis - you  become 'real' to the medical system instead of being fobbed off as all in the mind  - which is then invoking fears and doubts of one's sanity while not being seen or heard, and both of these work together as a social rejection.

This really is about where we assign and accept authority. I believe the heart knows. But to align in this is to release what seems true in a mind of dissociation. Many prefer to die, than question and release self-asserting judgemental certainties. On the other hand, many find the willingness to release judgements in their dying process. Why wait?

Releasing the fear-stressed identity

Further comment into Malcolm Kendick's blog community

JDPatten said:
"This IS the right place to discuss the life histories of those we know who managed to incorporate their challenging life stressors into a long healthy, happy and productive life.Some are able to do that. Some are not, even having had much less in the way of life-stress.How do they manage it?I, for one, would like to understand it."

The term 'stress' is being used in a very fuzzy way - that can mean almost anything and therefore nothing. The word strain was used to indicate persistent stress that debilitates over time, but a shock can have acute effects, with the unhealed or unresolved issue persisting in the mind's strategic recoil, replay or fear of reliving.
So my appreciation of the mind - as generally presumed to be operating - IS - the recoil from shock of separation trauma. IS the strategy of seeking to evade, avoid, overcome, overlay or divert from the 'inevitable' - which is ultimately accorded the complete loss of capacity to control or maintain this sense of a life, but operates all the time as a sense of being defined and motivated by what we fear true, what we DON'T want - as a risk aversion and risk management laid upon the impulse to live, that is more or less associated with danger, to which we may feel more or less able to see and feel our way with - and fully appreciate the living!
Fear is inherent to our experience of physical existence and has a vital role - for it brings attention present to attend to what is truly needed NOW. But fear OF fear operates a mind capture (or indeed an amygdala capture) where the intensity, persistence and interpretation of shock, sets the past as a power over the present - and robs us of our future. (Our future in unfolding awareness of true presence).
The achievement of the learning of the mind is a kind of dissociation that works enough to make life in such terms bearable. To redefine our sense of self and world so as to operate out of a (collective) amnesia - that is guarded heavily against disclosure. This is no less true of the individual than of Big Pharma. The individual can remain more of less 'unconscious' of its own bias while such self and world 'works' in terms of defining its challenging life stressors under a narrative identity.
But when our separation scripts break through such a conditioned sense of self and world, we are either compelled to 'regain' the world that we lost, or recognize it is not 'there' or here to get back to - and let an honesty of being in that could not reach us when we seemed sufficient unto our own thinking.
The segregative movement of our being is of a conflicted and coercive sense of self-assertion and struggle. The reintegrative movement of our being is the healing and rewakening to a wholeness of being - in which the woven deceits of a prior self-necessity, are teased and loosened and undone - in every step of willingness.
If you can understand that life naturally responds to heal a wound of fracture and division and communication loss, you can understand that this is not limited to external physical conditions.
There is no advice that fits anyone in all situations excepting to truly attend what is here in willingness to see or know what is called for, needed or called forth. But the fear of fear makes this impossible, while the mind is locked into such self-evasion and giving power to whatever seems to offer power and protection in such terms.
And so an awakening self-responsibility is growing the honesty and acknowledgement of thoughts and feelings that were habitually discarded or given a 'blind eye'. But NOT to feed or fuel the fear and guilt complex of self judgement and self-manipulation. The desire for true - which must reintegrate and align by nature - is an innate curiosity. This I invite you to consider as a 'Christ Child' - because it is not born of a manufactured narrative control, and will prompt and guide you to keep you mind open until you feel the resonance of true in a coherence of being and not just in the sales brochure or official edict.

Stress and disease -

Ease is not a medical condition - unless of course psycho-pharmacologically mandated!

I don't have any doubt that distress contributes to, accompanies or causes physical consequences - including those arising from poor choices in mitigating or relating to unresolved stress. Running away from our problems is 'storing up our treasures in hell' - until of course we simply address what truly needs to be addressed. But in general, we are afraid, and our minds are ingeniously protective against seeing what we are not willing to see. But do they witness to truth?

Another form of pervasive ongoing stress is the result of assigning or using the body for what it is not its function to serve - AND dumping the responsibility for our own distress in lack of life upon it.

Joy and peace are qualities that can be felt pervading our cells in gratitude for our existence - that is... from the inside out. If we do not cultivate the qualities of wholeness of being, in the moments of which we are aware and have choice, it is because we are set upon cultivating something else. However, our good cannot be forced upon us, (without rejection or overpowering of the will). So we have to accept where we are at currently as a basis to grow.

So yes, distress is the elephant in the society that society operates a sort of negative version of pass the parcel with.
But stress is inherent to the functional expression of life in action and the body is designed to hold and support us in act, while rest and regeneration comes in as needed. A managed consciousness in a managed society is not so flexible!