Friday, 22 December 2017

Immunity within Life or sacrifice to a god of sickness?

in reply to a post in a comment thread in This blog series that touched on the issue of vaccine safety or indeed efficacy.

Though implicit in what you said to some extent, the avoidance or a-void-ance (excretion) of toxicity is the other side of nutrition. There is a difference in directly injected toxins to via the digestion - and some synergies are designed to pass the blood-brain barrier.
 The fudging, renaming and all the other shenanigans - can make a passing case for the mainstream narrative where toxicology passes off as protection - or indeed treatment.

I see in operation the breakdown of all or any remaining barriers to the destruction of what I call Sovereign will - as a direct result of the usurping of Sovereign will, by a mind-deceit of fudging, renaming and all the other shenanigans that make a passing case as a power of protection - but essentially break open and suck the life out for an evaporation (fantasy gratification).

On the other hand here is the opportunity of discovering a positive response to negative events. The archetypes in the story of Job - or indeed of Jesus come to mind as an abiding in, and witness of the true-within, instead of succumbing to the power of hate by becoming it. So whatever others may currently choose to accept, my/our choice is our witness and sets the measure of our experience. The choice here is no mere mental lifestyle add-on - but a fundamental transformational experience.

I don't call on 'religious' images as any kind of 'authority' but as symbolic reference and resonance to the human conditioning. There are so many in our own time who are subjected to denial, smear, and hate for holding to integrity in their given field or relation. Some of this denial is an act of terrorism by which to silence others - for who will now step up to be 'Wakefielded'? Who would invite being 'suicided'? or less dramatically but not trivial, who would deliberately risk the loss of career - and means of supporting your family, simply curtailed and gain a reputation that few would associate with openly even if they 'sympathize'.

The WAY the vaccine agenda operates is already evidence enough of manipulative or deceitful intent. And if that observation registers as a lack of integrity that is NOT then in some way challenged to find out, the 'what' of it persists as a sickening expression of toxic human denial. But to uncover this (in any of its forms, not just in the vaccination industry), can polarise an 'anti' reaction as a self-protective recoil. But identifying in 'anti' - is taking definition FROM a negative - and that is the key pattern of self-blindness that then does the very thing it thinks to defend against. Revolutions only shift and change the forms of the same game more cunningly concealed.'

Opening a genuine communication, is not waging war with words but finding the way to unmask deceits - wherever they arise. Not as a vendetta, but in desire for the true because it serves us all. Though those who fear losing their self investment will not believe that there can be freedom from such a burden. For in the main, an addiction is the means to keep hateful feelings at bay.

Therefore, releasing our particular patterning of psychic-displacement is the 'territory' of uncovering of otherwise 'denied self' or disturbance. I do not know the paths of apparent causation for my second daughter's blocked development. (she's 36 now coming on 6 in some ways and yet in a woman's body). But I have lived the courage and the wreckage of a family under such 'stress' without adequate support. I have SEEN the witnessing of so many parent who know their children were vaccine damaged - regardless of whether 'vaccines are perfectly safe' and such anomalies are simply unfortunate and statistically insignificant collateral damage that must never be allowed to call the thinking behind it into question.

BTW: On the reference to sanitation; Urine therapy is an ancient and modern practice, and apart from the toxicology of modern drugs and contaminants is one's own sterile filtered plasma. Many claim benefit. Sanitation and spiritual morale is a psychic, emotional and physical embodiment of shared cultural worth. Anti-bio is not the 'power and protection' its advent promised and on a broad spectrum operates an anti-life agenda. Look up the infamy of the 'bio-solids' industry if you've the stomach for it. The shit has already 'hit the fan'. Attending to the need for healing with what heals is still holding the spark alive.

The term 'immune system' is used AS IF people therefore know what it is. Such is the blinding of a model of currency running as if true. When you feel and know and share in the tangible qualities of life - you do not need to understand 'how' it works to align in and embody an integrity of being. Florence Nightingale is popping into my mind. I'll go with the Flo...

If we cultivate toxic conditions of shock, and fear, impoverishment, malnutrition, toxicity, isolation, hopelessness and powerlessness - we can find that 'infectious diseases' develop apace. But it is the total terrain that determines the biological expression - for an inner quality of connectedness may offset outer conditions that otherwise crush and kill. Tyranny does not have to show its bloody fist when a system of unwitting but managed slaves is trained to choose to limit and sicken themselves.To deny this holocaust, you are looking up to meet the power that hates the world. Not to to 'take it on' but to break the spell.

Few choose to develop inner resource of conscious responsibility as a natural life-discipline and so the many invite and generate 'crisis' by which to bring to consciousness this choice under  genuine and timely need. A habit is not a choice until it is owned. But then it is no longer a habit, but a choice. Giving power to 'experts or priesthoods is a choice, once you recognize your mind in the mould of doing so. They need sin and sickness to persist - while seeming to hold some defence against it. All dressed up in fig-leaf thinking.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Thinking the Unthinkable

Shadow Economy, Democracy and the Manipulation of Public Opinion
by Denis Churilov

Comment and reflection on the above article and its theme:

The 'overton' window is a framing on suppression/indulgence.
(Many) babies don't have to 'think' to eat shit - until the social suppressive YUK! is inducted to become 'thinking' at association or conditioning level.
In terms of capacity to experience, we can embrace anything - that is to say there is not a rule in awareness that makes something unthinkable - but in consciousness that is the the flowing or natural unfolding experiencing of thought, feeling and sense, THROUGH rules of a hierarchy of levels. Some 'rules' are assigned to nature and some to nurture - but in this topic I felt awareness of the sense of induced scarcity or suppression of the freedom and scope of consciousness and subsequent shifting as a result of carrot and stick inducements. That is of the divided or conflicted and over-ruled sense of a consciousness that runs a narrative identity or surface awareness within a ruled or defined capacity to persist conflict as a mitigated, and 'controllable' life-experience.

In many ways our sense of manipulative controlling of life is the blind spot to the nature of our own 'ruled' or scripted thinking. And the nature of wishing to be the gatekeeper or insider to change is to align with the change so as to use it to private advantage rather than as the recognition of the movement of being - that is in a sense an 'energy reading' of the current qualities of being - AND their relational filtering in suppression or expression.

Because that what is always 'going on' - the qualities of being, as 'interpreted' through the filters or definitions of 'self'.

Being - or Existence - is a quality that cannot be defined. It singular quality is equally present or pervasive in All That Is - but our experiencing of our being is through differentiations of qualities given focus. If you stopped thinking to consider and know existence at the beginning of this paragraph, you will have felt something of the primary qualities of being - that you are.

The unthinkable, is no thought at all, but what we react to as unthinkable is the thought of denial. That which denies who we 'think' or 'rule' our self to be, is likewise denied. There is an equal and opposite reaction within which one can seem to be the power and the doer - or the subject or victim in regard to limiting and limited, judging and judged, validating and invalidated.

The interior 'consciousness' of power that begets powerlessness, that flips and shifts and changes because the rules are only as 'powerful' as they are given acceptance and acted upon as true, drives patterns of personal, cultural and social development, where an identity investment grows at expense of its true context and effectively undermines its own seeming 'existence' - because existence never enters into agreement or attacks the 'rules' of personal or social separations, hierarchies, or models of reality, and the quality of existence is to know itself in all that it is. But a ruled out or compartmentalised sense of self, knows itself by what it is not - through the invalidating idea of denial, non-existence or death.

This is not addressing how we as a society, assign, deny or distort values, to serve a denied or distorted sense of our own existence - that is out of conscious alignment with Felt Existence. But that we cannot change what mind or consciousness or indeed awareness, truly Is. The belief that we can and have, is the unthinkable idea, taken in and lived out from as if ITS result is our own private thinking mind. But the nature of denial is to protect this 'thinking' at expense of our true awareness. This shifting, evasive and convoluted 'mind' can be called running away from our Self - and yet it never has but run away with the wish and belief - of an identity theft. But where you choose to look to find yourself is up to you - regardless of the 'rules' that hold some sense of order within chaotic reactivity. The movement of being is not our slave or exploitable resource by which to gratify an addictive and fearful sense of lack. Nor is it vengeful to error.
When all around are 'losing their heads', keep your own as the presence of heart and mind as one. It is not in itself difficult to be and alight in who you are, but it is extremely difficult to maintain the structures of self-protection as who you are not.

The attempt to overcome the difficult, makes fear the master - under the belief this must be done. But to share in the experience of the easy, is to grow the trust and the courage to move through the difficult and see with new vision. The easy may seem the repugnant, insulting and unthinkable to the investment in managing the difficult. It may seem like we have to eat or process our own shit - instead of outsourcing it to others and a world that we can feel somewhat righteous at calling 'shit' and therefore withholding our recognition and appreciation of its true being.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Healing the heart of attack

Written into this comment thread (Dr Malcolm Kendrick - and commenters - on and around what causes heart disease).

What rises of itself when stress falls away (as result of no longer being given focus), is a quality of being, that carries within itself what no external substitution can provide. But which now it is the freedom to live and give out from a true appreciation.

A quality of wholeness that cannot be grasped in possession or controlled under definition, but we get in our own way.

I sense that the heart is truly responsive to all that is within us  - as a whole. Literally. And not a pump that pushes everything around. But control freaks 'see' themselves in everything - and hence never run out of things to manage. (And I address that term to the chatter-blind mind in us all).

Religion as a word is devalued, just as all words have been devalued by misuse. If we use something to mask or hide in, we are no longer using it as a point of re-cognition or re-membering the living. Love of truth finds seeks to find, and by releasing from what is unfounded, grows appreciation within the true. Science and Religion (Spirituality) are equal paths and Art is the interplay of both in one purpose. Fear of truth seeks everywhere else, indefinitely, and with much ado, seeming to find but only finding more cause to seek in more ways that serve 'seek and do not find'. Like 'War on Cancer'. Or on anything else.

Throwing out the 'baby' of being with the 'bathwater' of religious cultural tradition, is 'death by association' through rejecting forms that trigger conditioned reactions. But at some point, awareness of this device reveals to a new vision, that the 'way home' from a conditioned 'identity' trap, (or unresolved self-conflict), is the willingness to look at what our mind ruled out in haste, without the means to know its own choice - because it worked for what was needed at the time it was needed.

Does it matter what particular 'paths' work for us, or is what matters the qualities we bring into our relationships? The fact that we can pass off as what we are not, or accept what we WANT to be true at expense of looking or listening, is part of being identified in masking of image and form instead of discerning true qualities. What seems like a study under experts may be a ruse by which to degrade the lives of millions with toxic waste - willingly ingested in place of real food.

 - - -

In meeting deeper conflicted stresses in which 'self and its world break down' or are found no longer workable, (strain), I have learned not to dwell or invest in 'my story', but rather to stay open to a wider perspective, for my need is to attend presently and listen within, to release the habits of dependency on what does not and cannot work, and to naturally embrace more consciously aligned choices. In my case I had no attraction to any kind of pharma or other drugs because of not wanting to further mask over or interfere with what is really going on. (truth or self-honesty). So I live with and through what life unfolds as a willingness of discovery and acceptance. I see that fearing negative outcomes works a self-fulfilling prophecy, so I don't live as if to avert or escape them - but for what I can and do appreciate. The 'what' of it is my responsibility - that is - the result of choices I am making, knowingly or as old learned habit.

I too have 'cut the rope' of one I loved so dear. She was and therefore is, a true blessing in my life that became a deeply cutting gift to live on as the 'surviving' of. There is a phrase, 'storing up treasures in Heaven', that may seem trite, but every loving thought and act is witness to true, and the 'heaven' of a truly embracing 'self (and other) acceptance' waits on willingness, not on time, or death or some 'other' moment. This is to say that our thinking can and will block our true appreciation if we are drifting under it rather than discerning its nature.

"I hate myself and want to die" is a corollary of the failure of; "I want it THUS!" - though of course the breaking or sense being denied may express as "NOT THIS!" or "NO!" I see variations of this 'energetic'  through the generations, and running beneath what we take to be our lives.

Waking and healing; I think it takes whatever it takes - no point in 'measuring or comparing' what we want to be free of. Perhaps the gift is in recognising within myself - what I had seen and loved in her, and accepting or letting in these qualities as welcome and true. She was my first born child and brought the light of heaven to my sense of inadequate resource and fear of unworthiness of honouring a sacred trust. Life is challenging, transformative and at times extremely demanding of focus. Life is guiding, supporting and embracing of all that I am - but only through my willingness to let into.

I was raised without religion by parents who wanted to bury and escape anything not modern. A New World of Scientific Progress emerging from the post war austerity. In a sense I came in by the 'back door' of wordless 'territory' of overwhelming experience (Long before Ellie left) - but never into any organised institution. I 'sense' this territory in all for whom 'reality' breaks - but not as a call to 'save' anyone - but rather as a sense of companioning in shared purpose. Waking and healing.

Those whose world has yet to open where they do not expect, must live what seems self-evidently real to them until discover what they do not expect. Some releasing is incremental and ongoing and some can be shocking and sudden. I say 'releasing' because I have no desire to hold onto and build upon pain and loss - but in its timing I did need to honour everything I felt before I was ready and willing to move on. In that sense the cutting away was the healing - and apart from chain smoking and yet breathing, it did not occur to me to not live the feelings. In truth I felt my life depended on honouring them - but not indulging them. As I see it, compassion heals, and sympathy damns - but one doesn't have to meet the demands of others.

Where the hammer blow falls - more will strike. Heart failure could quite evidently occur though wearing down under strain - so I notice that kind of thinking that thinks itself 'my life' - and don't indulge it or feed it. But abide through its moment to focus willingly in what moves and lives me now.

I only offer this as an example of a non medical response to fear, pain, loss, isolation, and any thought/feeling of unworthiness. But it happened I chose or accepted to be so, but not as something to live up to and 'become'.