Saturday, 8 June 2013

Communication breakdown - its always the same

I posted this on this US Gov invokes special privilege to stop scrutiny of data mining - but it speaks to illuminate the control mentality that is consolidating its power in the proxy US through digital communications surveillance without the consent or knowledge of its citizens. I say proxy US, because I am not sure if the Government there is in fact not a proxy for Corporate interests that use the United States of America as a host through which to maintain the conditions for their own private interests, as if these necessarily coincided with the US or indeed the 'New World Order'.

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The temptation is to personalize the issue and engage in righteousness.
The issue I see points to the most fundamental ideas as to what humanity is - what we are - and therefore all that comes from such as we accept true.

The failure of communication may of course be because it has never really been tried. Some kind of war makes propaganda and distrust the normal for everything and whilst the hope of life springs eternal, the signs of it in the minds of those who play out the age is lacking.

Control mentality is a kind of war, whether in advertising or politics. Whilst checks and balances are needed to hold order. This is to be an order in which processes of communication and education can take place. But the blind have nothing to teach except cling on to what you have as long as you can and put the best face on that you can get away with while denying life to others so as to save your own.

Meanwhile, One Life is living all that lives and our capacity to uncover integrity and harmony in our life is available if we are open to it. Fear and control cannot work for more than a short time in which it uses up its own basis and fragments in its own disintegrating babel. Communication requires listening, opening and caring enough to let go of our own prejudgement - of our own thinking. It is a matter of the heart's call and the mind's willingness.

Maybe governments cannot adapt or change. Maybe they simply reflect the patterns of consciousness of their times - of their citizens.

Navigating chaos and confusion calls for discernment not reactive fear and rage. Those are easy to manipulate for those who seek to master the art of manipulation. But one has to play the game to be susceptible to it. None are perhaps as free as they think - but the desire to honour life and know the truth is a significant protection against a lot of dishonest intent.

Evil has the power we give it and the scrap of power we gave it. I don't mean 'evil' as in people we love to hate' - but a sense of intent and design that is anti Life, contra to honest and open desire for well being; a blindness to life in which hate and fear ride roughshod over what trust had grown.

Resist ye not evil, and fear not! - are timely reminders. For what we resist, persists, and fear closes and confuses the mind. The mind - now there is an idea worthy of awakening. Awareness Lives us now - and yet a programmed mask of thinking, runs by our own subscription. What gives?

The Prism on the dark side of the Net?

News of the US surveillance has set off a hubbub, and not surprisingly, because the issues of privacy and control, are so linked with that of honesty and trust.
I read the article and some comments, and then also commented not so much to the specific issue as to what it represents in the issues of consciousness and culture that give rise to the symptoms.

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People are enjoying this it seems.  A wonderful opportunity to vent opinions and exercise imaginations. Never mind the actual issues lets vilify someone or spout doom - and above all, feel righteous!

Perhaps this attitude of making entertainment for personal gratification out of real social and political issues is why the 'mob' aspect seems to inspire those who feel to be in some expectation or responsibility for governance to resort to the advertising methods of mind control. However, the admen and the media and the Gov, are all so busy trying to manage perceptions that no one is attending to what is really going on.

Ideas that are accepted into our minds as to what we are and what life is for, will automatically go forth and multiply as policy and action and consequence. Trying to deal with things at the symptom level tends to obscure and dislocate problems into more convoluted proliferation that are not recognized as aspects of the original issue.

Honesty is linked with privacy in two ways. Honesty gives privacy to that which is peaceful and harmonious and doesn't interfere in what is not one's own business. It blesses such with gratitude.

Dishonesty demands privacy in which to operate. Hiding the lie is the 'mask' or false presentation in which one's true presence is usurped. This is now so ubiquitous that it is considered normal, natural and genetically dictated.

The mask goes hand in hand with 'getting something' at another's expense. This is now considered the normal and natural relationship between us - as if life was simply an opportunity for private personal gratifications that use and use up the resources of our spirit and our cultures and our world.

Writ large, the ego mentality - as I tend to call it - is played out by nations or rather governments - who are puppets to the financial and corporate forces of our times - for we are dependent on the kind of economy that... keeps us dependent and processes existences as if they were to be programmed - a description which to a large degree we conform to.

True presence is not programmed reaction, does not assert or demand control, but opens and extends communication - and invites the growing of trust and creative relationship in true educative collaboration.

Now the expression of creative relationship will not fit into the controller's range of vision and so along with the extremists, will be marked those who do not support the modality of control in passive conformity (which includes the styles and fashions of the presentation of non conformity).

Waking up is not becoming Chicken Licken, but is bring curiosity and enquiry to the very foundations of our consciousness so as to regain a grounded perspective of true presence from which we live and communicate and relate. There are such riches that we deny ourself in the mentality of guilt, fear and coercive manipulation!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


From Protests Can't Be Called A 'Turkish Spring'
While the recent protests in Turkey have been a blow to the PM, they can't be compared to the Arab uprising.

The headline is not altogether true. The form of the symptoms and their background is not itself the disease and the movement that would shake off the disease is simply the desire to live rather than mere existence.

The movement for life is usually subverted and directed into one or another form of manipulation for the sake of the few at the expense of the many - for such is the dominant mental or cultural model for consciousness - whether secular or notionally religious.

So while there are different patterns of symptom and of control and manipulation, the 'spring' idea symbolizes an awakening that does not know what it is in terms of being organized or politicized - but it knows the smell of a rat - so to speak and wants to be free of it.

Everyone has their own agenda riding along with this and it is clear that there is no New Ideology  - at the level of manipulation via symbols and rationalizations.

Usually the genie is pushed back into the bottle. Often shifts occur from the process, that serve as incremental awakening moments in a larger process than individual lifetimes.

But the issues of Life (deliberately capitalized to indicate the quality of truly shared being) and of control are coming to a head all around the globe in ways that can no longer be contained.

Now maybe it is as the controllers would believe - headed for disaster. But those who have a feeling to live out from a different sense will discern where the blind can only think from the past they made in fear.

The chaos looks very different when we embrace our Life in its Now - and indeed embrace those who have not yet accepted their own life and seek to manage a mere existence under a tyranny of fear - whether dressed secular or religious.

So the business that feeds conflict by focusing on it in order to excite and entertain or present a mask of wise and well intentioned concern is in the wrong business.

Cometh the hour, cometh man Kind.

Everyone is part of where the focus is given.

The movement for Life is already intelligent and holds within it what we need as we need it - if we do not interfere. This takes practice. patience is due to those who are learning to let go of old habits.

It seemed that Spring came late to Britain this year - but it came. When the conditions of the light and the tilt toward the light ARE Spring - there is no stopping it