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Snowden blows the whistle, wake up to what kind of world you want to give

(Upon reading of the nature of the disclosures by Edward Snowden)

I wonder if the 'powers that be' do not already know the main gist of the way power operates in the world, but the general populations are respectively fed a version to more easily manage them. These perceptions and identities are false and have always been false - or only allowed to operate within controlled limits.
The breakdown of perceptions and correlated identities is revealing the fist within the velvet glove - the malice behind the mask.
I suggest this is our own reflection - our own world-mind exposure.
Hard as it is to abide, it is only by abiding it that one can see it from a perspective that IT does not govern or dictate. For reaction spreads contagion and undermines the possibility of genuine observation and communication.
That information of such magnitude to the undermining of US friendliness or trustworthiness is so widely shared and therefore leak-able is itself the surprise. Is it intentional that US power should be seen as primarily fearful rather than morally justified? Now that the appeals to and machinations of a war on terror have undermined a sense of stability?
Ultimately where does one look for trustworthy information - not just true - but made available without agenda's of deceit?
One has to uncover an integrity of life in one's own being, in one's own awareness and as our own practice and demonstration.
Relative guilt is a game of pass the parcel, but there is a perspective available to our awareness that is honestly innocent of the game  of scapegoating others with our own hated or rejected or denied mind.
This perspective does not become a new and better weapon or defense in the realm of conflict - but lifts us from being defined within its dictate.
A lot of people incite waking up to fear, to threat and to an evil in our midst - yet this is exactly the fertile soil in which a control mentality seeds itself and grows a 'new righteousness'.
The way to live in the world is to use the world as faithful feedback to one's own thinking - most of which is unconscious to most of us - just as most people are not aware of the actual machinations of power in the world.

Only by uncovering our own current 'choices' do we come into the creative freedom to realign to our current heartfelt expression.

As long as we play the game of thrones - as player or spectator, we focus out there on the forms of meanings that the game of conflicted mind dictates, but in desiring to uncover a true sanity and peace or groundedness in which to truly share our existence; to truly know and be known rather than deal in masked and coded messages of confusion and deceit - in such desire... do we allow a compulsion or addictive reaction to pass by without acting it out and energizing it as our sharing of reality - to ourself and to others.
What then arises is not strategically or coercively intended but operates out from a 'higher' or more truly inclusive intelligence - as a step taken in good faith that reflects and magnifies where it comes from. This is always maximal in terms of the undoing of the mind of fear and division. One simply cannot force or coerce life without suffering one's own act.
Awakening to the perspective upon fear that is not itself fearful is urgent. But the patience called for in the cooperation with its undoing is a call for releasing time. For a quality of trust that comes to accept - in place - an entirely different interpretation of event.
The process of denial, anger, conflict, bargaining, loss, acceptance etc is not special to grief - but to our experience of Life. To 'die' while alive in the sense of coming to a true and heartfelt acceptance of truth is simply to truly live the life that is 'given or received'. Because we do not make what it truly IS but only our interpretations as to how we experience it. THESE can be warred over or contested - but not truth.

Channelling the true or the false?

Brian Steere

"It takes one to know one".

Human society colludes to make its judgements real and then lives as if reality has been determined. This is a way of not having to actually dissolve our egoity by actually checking in with Reality.

This tacit conspiracy is the 'denial of the Onenness of God'  in which adventures of a particular kind of separation-consciousness can be 'explored' or played out in experience.
One could say the in such a mode we are channelling denial - and that fear, division, conflict, guilt - and all the reactivity of trying to overcome that or escape it or pretend it is not there - is a channelled experience.
But what exists by the act of denial depends on what it denies to have even a seeming existence - and so Truth is not only not lost - it is present in every moment of every appearance or event, real or imagined.
The shift from channelling fear to channeling love is not the act of a separate one, but the revealing of an underlying truth. To recognize and desist from the fear-driven allows Unified Will to rise to awareness and share.
Dis-integrated will, seems to be fragmented in separate conflicting persons or aspects of Our Being. The rising to awareness of Unified Will is a resonant shared mind or purpose which unites and then transcends apparent difference.
Different strokes suit different folks and at different times in different ways. One does not need to understand what is not resonant/relevant to what is alive in oneself now and to do so is simply an indicator that keeping life covered over in such preoccupation is the current purpose.
Nor does receiving help no matter how deeply felt, mean that one is obliged to any form of relationship with what seemed to be the helper. Indeed it is truly help that awakens that capacity to help ourself. Not in a private cut off independence - but as a fully cooperating Individual Expression of Life.
In all things we can wonder if truth or deception is at work. As long as we sit on the fence we play with keeping BOTH. To embrace with trust and enter the flow is to open the qualities of discernment that feel the flow and need to know. There is nothing wrong with mistakes. One is not damned by having to change course in life.

Channelling wisdom? - When fear seems to dictate the agenda...

Commented regarding authenticity of Bashar, this is a generic example of a mindset that is fearfully legitimised in reaction - and therefore not listening.   

Watch the Bashar illuminati video on youtube. When the interviewer asks questions about fema camps and other plans in the governments take over agenda Bashar rattles on with his psycho-pseudo esoteric jargon. You’re constantly switching in and out of billions of earths? He says the only way the government or these ppl can affect you is if you let them or belive they can…so if martial law is in place and i dont believe they exist or think they can affect me im gna magically be spared when they come to haul off ppl to the fema camps? Right. This guy is full of shit.
Reply from Brian Steere   
    July 15, 2013 - 11:55 PM   

    Perhaps one has to be very very careful about what one is focussing on because by focussing, we give value and significance, and if we allow fear to distract and unseat us, we can take a mad ride through hell.
    The lure of being a warrior against the evil is the very first CON. ControlMentality needs conflict to seem to persist. I have no doubt you can find many horrors in the world to magnify a crushing sense of evil – but pause and ask if you are seeking them or asking them to find you.
    Resonance and attraction work both ways. Yet because you are aware of the craziness of ControlMentality in the world – you CAN use it to recognize your own mind. THIS is NOT what the ‘powers of the world’ want you to do – because like a computer bot-net, they depend on guilt and fear being installed in your mind unnoticed amidst the protective and assertive distractions that keep it too busy to notice!
    Rather than try to wrap a brain around concepts that cannot be really described, notice that this moment IS a moment of your focus and your acceptance. And THIS one also. And in any distraction in which fear blinds, that you notice amidst its conditioned reaction – check to see if what is going on in your mind in your name is in truth what is your heart’s focus and direction.
    If there are things to deal with and respond to or even simply not meet with, in the world, then one needs to be awake and aware enough to notice and feel for the way of being with it.
    If fear really is the god – then how can ControlMentality not be your truth too? THEY are just more powerful than you! THEY exclude or override YOU. ControlMentality is a game we learn when we learn to cry in infancy and we develop a range of strategies that justify our self-assertions and coercions upon others or upon life – to our own thinking. It’s an addiction!
    But is it such a fun or rewarding game? If you are still reading it is clear that you are at least partly open to a better way of living… whatever the ‘world of others does or does not do.

If our investment is in fearful and vengeful defence against a hated enemy, then any spiritual communication is either going to be rejected, or distorted so as to support one's 'war'.
While we may find 'enemies' and adversities' in our lives, the core issue lies in our own consciousness as a self rejecting self denying - dare I say it - self regard!
Not everyone is ready or willing to 'look within' for their defenses are immaculately working to avoid exposure - just as the 'conspiracies of control' in the world reflect.
The key is not to reject the rejectors - IE: not to let fear and judgment be contagious. Each of us has a freedom to grow and learn by our choice/experience as well as a freedom to communicate or relate from their current sense of themselves.
The test of truth might look to external aspects - but one cannot use those instead of testing against truth in oneself. There, I said it - truth in you.
If there were not truth awake or alive in you, you could not recognize it in ANY form.
When we doubt our own truth, we seek to convince others! But to rest in it allows embracing others - even those who seem to reject.

Channelling - Why?

Much of my life as an adult has been served by teachings or ideas and insights that are 'channelled' - (see 'Channelling - the Prequel' for a sketch of what I feel to be 'behind' channelling'), yet the point has always been the resonance of articulation or acceptance knowing that is ripe to unfold and be known and not a search outside oneself in accumulating information to prop up or promote a vanity of self regard.
Emmanuel's Book, The Bartholomew Books, A Course in Miracles, Raj, 'The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament', being the most resonant for me, but there are many others. One of the newer to me sources (that I am appreciating) is Bashar, and it was on a forum page regarding Bashar that I made the following comments.

I too am very pleased with what I am hearing from channellers like Bashar.
But I have one or two nagging questions.
1. Why have channelers in the first place, when the scriptures tell us that it is possible to intuitively tap into soul powers and get the answers we need through quiet prayer and meditation? Why not go the direct route rather than via a middleman?
2. How can we be sure that what channelers are tellings is genuinely good for us and not just pleasing to our egos? Do not forget that genuine spiritual insight is often painful, especially to those used to a wordly or materialistic life. Many of us have difficulty accepting blunt truths that assail us from time to time.

The why question is like the why not answer – it does not open to the what.
To listen within in a true willingness to receive, does not set conditions as to the forms in which the revelation of answer or guidance will come – it is open to God/Creation/Self
Or would be open but for the conditionings which our current beliefs set. That God knows the way to find me – regardless of where I think I am or what is or isn’t real – is indeed as simple as to allow and accept and abide in truth. Not simple if we insist on protecting our self-investments, and avoiding transformation!
As to your second part. It is easy to collect a set of ideas and weave an Emperor’s set of clothes with them – but if in truth the ideas are not congruent with our being – then we have attempted to ‘add to ourselves’ rather than seeking first the truth and letting all things be added thereby.
However, guidance in the way of this can mean the difference between opening a direct trust and suffering a long and painful path of self denial.
However, one still has to pass through fear, but one doesn’t have to reinforce fear’s perspective while doing so.
And yes – at first we don’t pass through, because fear controls our thinking without us realizing it is so.
You know how to test for truth. You stay present and you listen and feel the nature of the fruits. You get wise to the ways you hide or avoid so as to give no hiding place. But I am writing to the one who truly cares. If one who doesn’t truly connect with Life wants to persist in an illusion of their own private creation, then they will do so with or without channeling, spirit-guides or spirituality – because to such a mentality, all forms are given meanings that ‘please’ the ego.
I feel to accept it as a given that the ego is active as a habit-momentum of conditioning and be wise to not feeding or reinforcing it. Not giving it too much attention. The false is dissipated by disregard or non-reaction. But the realization of the false is not our judgment but the discernment of what I call the Holy Spirit. One has to connect or receive or join with – rather than apply a template or method from a presumed self reality.
I felt something in your post that moved me to respond. Is that not the way the Universe works – whether apparently within us or apparently outside in the world?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Conscious Universe pt 3 What Matters?

In reply to comment:
1)Brevity is the soul of wit.
2)how can you have a brain made of matter, without first having matter?

from What Quantum Mechanics Says About Conciousness

1) An upside down consciousness says 'I think' and a millennia of process in Consciousness is summarized as if a simple fact. I regret I cannot offer you brevity, but you can feel if any part resonates your desire to know your self. Or you can scan defensively to protect the self you think you know!

2) That which matters is that which is weighted in consciousness, has more gravity as a result and compels or attracts relative density.
The power of Consciousness is creation - but the limitation, fragmentation, dislocation, within Consciousness is a kind of hide and seek in which relative polarized forces appear to conflict as if separate.
The material sense is a structure through which consciousness experience itself within limitation. At the level of acting in the world it serves as a real framework. At the level of Consciousness is is a spontaneous Expression of Consciousness. All of it... (Universe/perceiver) arises as a Singularity of Cause/Event wherein no time has occurred - for time is a continuity of conscious identification.
Consider the quantum view as a uncovering of the Bible's "Behold, I make all things new". Eternal Appreciation is not a possessive identification.
Because we are already using the power of Mind to limit mind, we look out as if limitation is in some sense done unto us - and our bodies protect that sense of limitation against the Infinite. They are separation devices... in which thinking - in its range of attention, identification, intention, belief, reaction, and control, and so forth, is the self-conditioning architect of a personal/collective experience, 'out of Eden'.
Until, re-awakening to that the true Nature of Life is Communication, and then all that we are or seem to be becomes restored or harmonized to communication. To a true Communioned Expression of unified will.
The miracle that a world can appear to a wish or that events can harmonize to fulfil desire is no miracle, but the way the mind works - or indeed Mind.
The Fact of Awareness is pushed aside in the forcing of attention out onto 'the world'. And becomes 'taken-for-granted' amidst the reassuringly 'known' and 'solid' world in which apparently external forces and things determine and define existence - one's own existence... and one's apparently imminent lack of existence. But our interpretation/meaning of all things is not fixed and in truth the power we give all the meanings we make or accept remains with us to express creatively.

The fundamental nature of matter is not other than the energy of Spirit - for want of a better term. God is neither outside nor defined by, Living Universe or Son - but inhabits the part and the whole at once.To truly know the part is to know the whole for they cannot be separate except in supposition of 'as if'. The use of imagination in 'as if' is a modelling of a thought construct. You can create devices to flesh out the modelling and play with variables. But when the mind comes back into its full actual presence, there is no 'as if', but only the fully relational conscious awareness/appreciation of Being. It feels/knows Itself peace through love's extension/recognition. Such is the innate quality/nature of Home, that seems lost, hidden or fractured by an apparently split mind, the world-interpretation was made to hide.

Conscious Universe Part 2 Universal Will is free

Counter point," You can will your body, but can you will your will?"

- - -

You can believe you will your body but the impulse to do so can be measured before you are conscious of so doing.

Is the 'self' that we accept as identity a virtual 'entity' for something
that cannot actually be in any true sense objectified or defined?

Yet 'awareness of something' is FACT - but one cannot really
separate the awareness from the something. All of what is arising to
awareness is an arising including what you call take as yourself.

The wish for such self is evident in its every moment and is indeed a wish
to will the will rather than extend a willingness for and agency of

The 'movement of being' is not measurable or comparable
because there is nothing outside it, but it is discernible within itself
because awareness has a Feeling aspect. This is not interpreted because
it a direct knowing or recognizing of Itself in its qualities of being.

The mind as we currently experience it is a forgetting/limiting device that
facilitates specific focus of attention in an interpretive experience or

It is at root an expression of or within will, yet one which seems to generate a contra or limiting distortion within Unified Mind.

The 'divide and rule' mentality is the interpretation of an assertive or coercive intent, which identifies a thought of self as self and seeks to protect, persist and prevail as a fragment over the whole. It essentially maintains its existence through the forgetting or denial of Unified awareness - enacted by the action-reaction of the belief in self-will as power to have changed the nature of Being, itself. It believes it is on its own against an unknown Universe which it seeks to map, tame, control, exploit for its own private agenda.

Yet this structure of conditioned identity and reaction serves as an agency for the Self Awareness of Creative Infinity to awaken through its experience to its Creative Root.

The tangibility and visibility of being may be perceived as an end in itself or as a vehicle through which Life Knows Itself Perfectly.

This is the 'choice' between gratification of desire within the conditioned sense or transcendence of desire in true Intimacy. This choice is a working illusion, but while it is active, we cannot neglect to choose, for the default is a choosing of unconscious conditioned reaction.

Conscious Universe - part 1: Fruits of identity

I met an article I could join with called:

What Quantum Mechanics Says About Conciousness

And in process of commenting have written the following:

I join with the article's communication. The honest fact is that we don't know - period!

In the sense of what we are, or what we or anything is for - we may think we know and thus animate our beliefs, but the Infinite is in our Face and we do not know more than that an attempt to know has generated reactions - most notably the identification of being something lacking.

This may seem to contradict - but in accepting we don't know, we are not lacking, but neglecting to assert or interfere in a fullness on non lacking unity that knows itself by expression and extension - by our fruits are we known, and not by concept.

The fruits of identity in lack are limitation, loss, fear, vulnerability, conflict, guilt and inadequacy. None of which are truly shared and all of which are facets of isolation or exclusion. Such is felt intolerable in exposure and is covered with what we call our consciousness.

The fruits of identity at rest in unified being are the innate qualities of Life - unadulterated. They will seem to be covered or distorted by a distractive compulsive, interpretive consciousness - while it is actively energised and engaged. But such fruits cannot be obliterated because what you are not, cannot actually change or replace what is currently being all that you are - whether you realise it or whether your attention is temporarily engaged.

Though I have been willing to use verbal mental constructs to sketch here, the key is not one of interpretation of meaning but acceptance of one's direct experience.

The experiential realisation is not added to us - but is revealed to the free relinquishment of the illusion-wish of control and self-specialness. Hence so few are willing unless the cost of the self-illusion becomes intolerable and allegiance to it breaks down.

is it a crying shame?

A Guardian article on tears, emotion and control...

Andy Murray's tears are hard to watch

The Wimbledon champion turned to his dog for comfort in last week's documentary when recalling his terrible childhood experience in the Dunblane massacre. But I had to turn away...


Another term for Soul is 'Feeling'. We are primarily a feeling awareness.
But the displacement and denial of feeling is in emotional reactivity - which is a mental assertion that overrides Feeling. This may manifest as emotion or as a lack of emotion - but always as a dramatic mental strategy to hide or deny wholeness or honesty.

I notice and can feel the difference between tears that are the fully allowed Feeling, flowing - and those crocodile tears that are the 'poor me' - however dramatically expressed. We can also hear the difference in others, if we are not hooked into power struggle with them.

True control is not applied or asserted upon oneself but is a harmony of oneself.
To yield to a greater love is to trust beyond one's own strategic capacities - indeed it relinquishes them in order to know peace. That doesn't mean the we don't know how to be appropriate for life is not a disconnected inadequacy to relate.

Shame is associated with loss of control, yet an asserted or imposed control is illegitimate and self undermining or dis-integrating. Often an apparent breakdown allows a reconnection of more honesty.

Social mores and taboos express mutual agreements to protect the separate self interests of those who seem to separate from Soul, and thus suffer the mortal conditioning. But events in our life can rip all curtains aside and initiate a reintegration from an awakened honesty.

Manipulation is the expertise of the mind in its story. We all know how to play it and forget it is a game - as if becoming the mask.

The uncovering of our living truth to our awareness is a deeply moving experience, whether it comes in nice or nasty packaging.
Re-learning our nature is a yielding to a greater power and intelligence that is not ultimately outside our true being - but is outside our mind and world of personal control.

Yet while we assert and exercise the WISH for personal control, we cannot discern the basis for such a trust. Personal control locks the mind into a closed system from which it cannot escape. But one can release such a wish the instant one sees it is a false foundation that robs us of our true life.

Google's persistent failure to delete a supposedly accidental 'evil'.

Comment to the ongoing failure to get Google to delete the illegally gathered wifi data during street view. (Someone else had already linked it to the recent NSA world surveillance program)

- - -

Yes that is the point I was going to make. In the light of recent revelations, it is hard not to believe that Google was acting either accidentally or for its own data collection advantages. The opportunity to suck up such data by the NSA, was too good to pass up.
The delays in deletion - for the call to delete has been active for a long time now - are perhaps to allow its relocation in secret classified opacity.
MS is shown to have actively initiated deep cooperation with NSA and until events indicate otherwise I expect all of the major US tech companies are likewise involved.
The mindset of "what is good for us = what is good for America" becomes a distortion of the self-interest of power. It is not so much that they are evil as they are locked into seeing evil in terms of their personal loss - or of creating it to ensure continued advantage. Be sure that the USA is only a host for the processes at work and that power will sacrifice anything that no longer serves purpose - such as democratic accountability or constitutional integrity. It has no allegiance to anything but itself.
But before we start throwing stones - who among us is truly free of this mentality?
We like to think we are perhaps - but look at what is held secret in our own mind in order to present a façade - ok a working façade - but we are all part of a larger Mind or perspective from which we tend to hide - and hide the fact that we hide.
Perhaps the NSA will help to 'out' our own deeply embedded control mentality?
Feels true.

The technology of Consciousness

In identification with a conflicted mind, we seek solutions outside our self - as if the answer is something that makes the world fit our demand and support our dream. As with attacking the many headed Hydra we 'solve' problems which then rise up with seven more heads (in more complex disguises) - and become densely and unconsciously identified in reaction to 'denied self'. We seem to be becoming more powerful discoverers of the world but are drawn out into extending or dislocating our identity and power into things apparently outside our self. When each apparent new world, ideology, or solution turns out to re-enact the same conflict that we were seeking to escape, we find an intolerable sense of ourselves, our world in which we either invoke ingenuity to 'escape' or overcome - or arrive at the beginning with willingness to look with new eyes.

Technology is an extension of the mind in its intent to shape and change its world - and this begins with conceptual thinking - our technology provides mappings, definitions and languages which we take as the world Itself rather than a conditioned adaptation of apparently competing/conflicting programs or purposes and interpreted results. But it is a virtual interface over an unconsciousness that is wilfully set.
With the Internet of all things we are outsourcing our native intelligence at it lower levels to a series of programmed purposes. But we have not escaped the fundamental dilemma of a conflicted consciousness in which the wish to control alternates and seems to compete with the desire to trust. In the first is an experience of a world of action and reaction that is perfect justification for the assertion and imposition of control - for it is fearful and apparently unworthy of trust - for it reflects a fundamental dishonesty of our own denied mind. It reflects a willing lovelessness of intent. The latter also brings an experience that justifies its extension. It serves the undoing of fearful projection and the release of loveless intent. In trying to have both, the mind hangs or crashes - because they are mutually irreconcilable.
If even a glimpse of such intuition is present, one can look at the world and see our reflection in ways that serve to illuminate and undo the obstructions to an honest perspective.
To choose one is to let the other go. But fear can never be a whole choice because it is not the self-creator it pretends to be, but is wholly dependant on that which it seems to exist by reaction against.
But trust allows the true nature of Mind to extend as what could be called the Original Internet of All Things. That what we seek to replicate - in order to control - already exists in the relinquishment of control, does not register with the 'orphaned' consciousness as meaningful or in any way desirable, but only as threat to its continued employment/existence - which it suggests is yours.
All systems disintegrate if they are not expressing integrity. The presentation of integrity as a means for control is not an open honest communication and will not draw forth an honest open response.
The time is ripe to see what we hold in our mind - for its creates the experience of the world as we see it, and the world is in a process of fundamental change. Our consciousness is in transformational transition.
From a Mental view of the Universe, you will have what you perceive while you want it to be true for you, but the conscious experience of pervasive fear is intolerable to all except the warmonger and the determined ostrich. For these two are part and parcel of each other.
To raise consciousness is not to become reactive but to identify and release reactivity. This allows what is running beneath it to surface; as wisdom, discernment, intuition, insight, and appreciation. These are not resources to plunder in designing yet another layer of self-illusion - but are our Natural Inheritance as Expressions of Existence.
Our world can serve the purpose we hold in our heart if we stay true to our purpose, and this purpose is already inherent beneath the masks and strategies of fearful attempt to protect and control. We don't have to make it or prop it up or convince our self or others. We just have to embrace it wholly in our Now of Consciousness. It doesn't matter that the habit of fear recurs when the foundation is set. Just to relax allows a reconnection.
Responsibility is not about blame - but about living choices. false choices keep us locked in limitation while true choice is a creative unfoldment.

The shorter comment would have been: What if the problem is the answer unrecognized?