Thursday, 9 February 2012

Whats in your iPhone (Nation of Change article)

Corporate mind = consumer mind. What is missing from this is reality.
Reality is participation and relationship.
The divide and rule mentality is one with guilt and fear - and can easily trigger and manipulate its subscribers with false righteousness or fear of loss.

In this case Jobs gave a succinct answer based on the consciousness of the times and its resultant trends.
Nations are identities of perception that run as a virtual mind and become assigned different functions by the PURPOSE that is active in the world mind.

My primary point is that not unlike a botnet, we are all hooked up by default into a mind that accepts private self interest, fear and guilt, as the power that rules our own perceptions. So it isn't surprising that we find this reflected in our world.
To uncover the reflections in the world of action, that reflect the values of the mind in secret, is disturbing, dissonant and usually we want to cover over or escape those feeling asap!
But to really allow awareness in, one has to put down the judge, the blaming and excommunicating of the heart.
In the world, do what the current level of awareness allows with what trust and care as can be found - but don't be programmed by your own thinking unless you really have discerned the Source of a Unified Consciousness - in which case there's no need to think so much as share, in whatever ways are your ways and the ways of those you meet.
Whenever the source of trouble seems to be (exclusively) External to our mind - there is a payoff going on in secret. Yes the secret 1%!
What is reflected is a map to our own mind - IF - you are willing to step outside of a self protectiveness that - hasn't protected you, that uses you, and your relationships - in your name!
There is an Already Wholeness available as guidance and as our awakening - but it is not 'out there'. The world of perception is designed to distract attention from Wholeness of Being, which is the only thing really going on - but is being used by a way of thinking that covers it over and makes us alien to our own Self.
I don't ask for believing, just for questioning down to the very roots.
Insanity demands a radical re evaluation - and insanity is not the means to conduct that task!

In Peace


Sunday, 5 February 2012

An Israeli strike on Iran?

Reading through these comments I sense a great lust for war - not merely in the political sense - but as the very basis of life.
Or perhaps more accurately - as the very basis of a personal identity.

Until and unless such identity is correctly identified, then it is 'as if' a deceptive spirit causes each to perceive everyone ELSE as either something to dominate, or as a threat. Such is a state of war, whether waged with sweet coercive charm or blunt and bloody force. No communications are real or trustworthy and no real relationship is possible with anyone or anything except your own personal thoughts. Yet there IS a presence of life through each and every one - and that presence Is responsive to being truly listened to and honoured.

We 'love' to put our fears and hates 'outside' our selves and then deny them, fight them or hide from them. It is the way mind works when it fears its Source.

And a desperate humorous repartee rises to offset the unthinkable.