Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Scientists say Turin Shroud is supernatural

By an Intimately Mysterious Power is Awareness. Awareness-I of thought and of identification with thought, allowing thought-me to think that I am as I think I am - and while by that same Power, the illusion persists, I may experience my interpreted version as if it were real.

Wishing something be true - or that it be NOT true is not the same as desisting from assertions based on the thought-me - which NEVER CAN be a separate, independent actor or observer - much as the WISH for such power appeals to the fascination with self-creation.

Awareness beyond interpretations - that is Intimately allowed to be all that it is - Opens a Perspective that thought-me inherently blocks, distorts and misinterprets.

The thought-me may identify with religion or atheism - while it invests in the outcome for its own self validation.
But (for want of words) Self, - the Unified non-local Field of Awareness/Energy, is not affected by modifications of the thought-me, any more than clouds affect the Sun. But this is not true for the local view - that experiences the shadow of its own wish-belief-assertions as a polarized play of action and reaction.

There is Communication from the Self to All That It Is - because being Unified, no part is excluded. But to the local view - which experiences itself as if inside a body that is itself inside a world - it seems as if there is a para-natural Order or Power or Being - of which it tends initially to be terrified - because awareness of Being is the undoing of the 'reality' of the thought-me.
But the thirst for Truth - (in distinction to the search for truth as an extension of the thought-me) - is the condition of preparing for and welcoming of Self - (even though the identification with thought-me as a condition of dissonance and darkness, tends to call it God or Spirit or Light) - in the false conviction that it is a Separate Power to itself. Whilst this is true at the level of thinking and identifying - it is not true at the level of Awareness.
The Awareness, so taken for granted that we presume it to be a given, is, for want of better words, the Light of You.

The experience of self-creation plays independence like a prodigal child - but can only do so within an absolute dependence of which it needs to be unaware in order to play.
But when the ground or reality of the thought-me disintegrates from under it, and its concepts, definitions and beliefs rendered meaningless, (be they religious or atheistic), the 'game' is up - and the thought-me becomes repurposed as a teaching-learning device - in place of being an unquestioned basis of self survival.

Until there is a glimmering of such, the thought-me is impenetrable - because it 'already knows'.
We can observe this in our minds  in any moment.
But if we try to think our way - we will slip from  observing the programming, and instead be mesmerized by the programmed me-thought.

There is no benefit to the thought-me in quieting itself to allow a deeper listening in Awareness. But there is every benefit in releasing a false and limiting self sense, and allowing what is Already true, to register with You - such as your current capacity allows.

Religion decays and becomes degraded, insofar as it is used  to validate the thought-me, or to manipulate the thought-me or engage in conflicted struggles of the thought-me. But at its Root it is not a man made Movement, that awakens and serves as Unifying Awareness and Principle, for the reintegration of self as Self.

In a dis-integrated me-thought world, the Need is for Unifying Perspective that serves to uncover an innate Integrity - as a true basis to live out from. Not as mere ideas - but as a currently felt presence and participation in relationship - instead of in war of 'relationships' that the thought-me engenders.

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In Peace


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