Saturday, 23 August 2014

Robots replace humans from within?

Robots must learn to value humans or 'they could kill us out of kindness'

Is it not at all obvious that humans are allowing themselves to be reduced to mechanism, into robots that operate along conditioned 'rational' rules imposed by 'programmers' or manipulators who use pseudo-science in corporate corruption within a financial system that is owned and controlled no less than 'science'.
Truly human values are not fearful programmed rules of conflict aversion disguised in wishful moral symbolic presentation. They are embodied presence as the qualities of our unalloyed Human Spirit.
Just to list them is not to communicate them.To rationalize or think about them is not to embody them. It takes one to know one. Mere thinking is not the same foundation as is the willingness to let Life communicate through our thought, word and deed - rather than persist in a robotic programmings of a fearful attempt to operate as if rationality were a god of separate-ness rather than Reason being the sanity of our wholeness.

Radicalising and polarising populations at home and abroad

Britain mulls steps to combat extremism

This just happens to link to a site that allows comments. The story in all the main media outlets had no comments. It is always revealing as to what articles are allowed or are not allowed comments. What is revealed is that media publishers are not offering independent journalism but are effectively agents of the agenda of others, whether by conscious agreement or in a sense of self-protection amidst otherwise negative consequence.

- - -

Coercion breeds equal and opposite reaction. Only a fool would not see the program of radicalising and polarising populations at home and abroad. War is not firstly upon 'others' but upon truth - or rather upon a true appreciation of Consciousness.
Communication is not a weapon. Communication is an expression and embodiment of relationship.
Now one may not want to communicate or be seen to be in relationship with that which is hated, feared, opposed, but at the level of idea there is no compartment in which to imprison the hated - but the attempt to do so WILL imprison oneself.
Ignorance of one's true appreciation of Consciousness - and consequent arrogances arising from distorted sense of self, lead to any and every kind of negative intent, act and outcome.
Terrorism is not on one side of a divide with legitimacy on the other. Terrorism is the raw attempt to coerce others with terror or fear, into compliance - or indeed to undermine their cooperative communications so as to become manipulatable via fear - or as an act of hate-revenge for believed injustices that otherwise cannot be resolved or that refuse to resolve through communication.
Coercion can be enacted upon individuals as a promise of power coupled with a sense of self-specialness. If persuasion fails they can be threatened with fearful consequence or set up to become hostage to exposures about them that would cost their career, relationships and reputation.
Trickery and deception are the dark 'arts' of power. When the ends are used to justify any means, corruption has hollowed out the governance that was trusted to serve. The deceiver is not a new idea, but will operate through ever new forms of apparent righteousness and protection.
First, look within in direct honest willingness, THEN look out with some sense of integrity. On cannot GET integrity by painting and opposing 'evil' in others. One will only witness one does not HAVE it by the attempt to coerce perceptions.

Reflections on phishing scams and self deceptions

In a computer list-group the subject of phishing and malware scams comes up - as does frequently in news articles relative to hacking and snooping and using personal data for private agendas.
I started reflecting on the nature of scams and wrote the following:

Increasingly I feel that 'scams' are substituting for relationships of shared honour and integrity.
Phishing operates to seem like a known and trusted communication that purports to warn and or protect a danger or threat, or simply to offer special access to services or powers.

In a way a scam operates to take advantage of those who do not want to check in consciously with the legitimacy of a communication. This may because they want something offered such as a cheap or desirable bargain, to be true, or because they do not want a warned or reported danger or threat to come about.

In this way most of us are manipulatable in significant degree.
If a group of people dressed as policemen tell you to do something you will likely do it regardless that it goes against your natural inclination because we are conditioned to obedience simply from recognition of a uniform and associated behaviours.

Most people mostly 'play by the rules' most of the time, but increasingly, those in positions of power as a result of our extending such trust, act as if they own and have a right to such power, while we generally feel powerless and subordinate to be led or protected or receive service from such corporations or organisations.

'Keep one's head down and don't provoke reaction', seems to be what is masked within the sense of 'keep calm and carry on'. It isn't really calm for it is not a condition of peace in which joy and a discernment of what does not belong to joy are clearly and obviously communicated. It operates a kind of conflict avoidance. A risk aversion strategy that tends to back off and let 'others' or 'the rules' deal with or sort out any conflict situation.


In private mode, one might well engage in strong but private opinion and emotion, but this teds to 'express itself' in fantasy - apart from where dissatisfactions leak into our daily relationships. Hence the 'outlet' and apparent escape into tv, movies and computer games - but which generally feeds a negative loop rather than truly refreshing or recreational activity.

Conflict avoidance operates as a withdrawal of presence, a limited form of 'playing dead'. It is not that 'good men do nothing' which allows negative agendas to rise unchecked, but that true presence is blocked of its natural communication. In some sense guilt or a sense of personal invalidity operates to undermine ones sense of being able to tell the difference between true and false, as well as one's capacity or authority to call it out or give witness for what it is.

Clearly the nature of 'scam' is an art of deception that has evolved over generations and part of human consciousness for millennia.

Our first experience of deception is perhaps that of fooling oneself and blaming it on others. One can set up a mask of relative innocence as a protection from a conflicted sense of self. As a kind of escape from situations that in their moment are intolerably fearful or painful.

My sense is that all who come into this world learn 'the mask' and in a sense become it - or at least become confused with it in various ways and degrees.

the sense I have of negative agendas rising increasingly fearful within our world is a natural consequence of the confusions implicit to a masked sense of existence. It operates as a sort of tacit 'conspiracy' of negatively defined self interest. For fear is the substitution for a true sense of identity and existence, and if we do not challenge it and discern its true message, we consent to be dictated or ruled by it in exchange for a surface reality in which we are forever hiding from or even warring what lies beneath. It is true that the strategies of fear are loveless to all excepting a special and segregated sense of oneself alone - even when that sense extends to one's special others or group. 

To be exposed in such a mind is generally humiliating because one loses 'face'. One is revealed 'sinful' and thus rejected, reviled or invalidated as a human being. But no matter who might engage or join in such activity, the one whose judgement really cuts and invalidates... is one's own against oneself.

Once one acquires the belief of an evil or a shameful or inadequate sense of oneself, a split or segregated mind seeks to hide or mask it. While much of our social adaptation can accomplish this in ways such that this becomes invisible - because 'everyone else is doing it too' - there are pervasive aspects that remain active as an ongoing defence all the time that we seek to make unconscious - as if to thus make escape into a world without such fears - or at least a sense of our self free of them.

Truth needs no defence for it rests in its own appreciation, but a lie asserted in place of a true appreciation must be perpetually asserted, protected and maintained. This is what gives rise to a mentality of self-justification - which I sometimes call self-justifiction. In symbolic terms it is the mentality of the 'fig-leaf' in terms of a separated self-sense that lost awareness of Eden and took upon itself alone, that which once came naturally as a communioned sense of Life.

Clearly we all experience what we believe to be true even if later we discover it was an illusion, trick or scam. So at the level of our experience it is ALL true and there is no contest as to THE Truth. But a true reflection or expression of who and what we are, is what truly resonates and is relevant to the choices that you accept into your heart - not least because the movement of listening to the heart uncovers them there.

Housekeeping is a basic responsibility for keeping order by setting a clear unified purpose. When conflicted and divided purposes arise that bring conflict and division - and corresponding lack of peace, then it is as if one has a house of unwanted guests who do not belong here. keeping house is a realignment with what wholly belongs - such that attention or hosting services are no longer offered to that which does not resonate with the clear frequency of your presence, and so either they leave or one chooses to live where they are not.

This is simply the effect of living out from a clear and consistent sense of one's innate worth - not specially above or below others. And the underlying scam that would prevent such a waking and conscious act of living is a deeply laid habitual program within our subconscious mind routines.
It takes persistence to break the habit - but only of a clear choice taken in the now of the noticing of the old choice. For habits are patterns of choice.

It seems too much to pay to live as a responsible consciousness, because so much of what was kept hidden in defensive hiding mode now comes to the awareness - and at first seems overwhelming to eyes that have not yet learned to see in the light.
But the actual cost of asserting, maintaining and defending a desire to make unconscious, that which is rejected or feared, is incalculable - and wears out such that the very fears and guilts and evils that were supposed to be hidden, rise ever more as the reflection of our 'world'.

It is said one cant teach an old dog new tricks and there is truth in that for the patterns become too set. But it is also true that an old trick that no longer works obliges one to learn new ways to live.

The times we now live in are obliging humanity to wake up because the scam that was hidden is increasingly becoming exposed - and so cannot serve as a successful illusion. This is the calling and the opportunity to align with the choice of our hearts rather than be led by the mind which seems to have gone off by itself and has forgotten what love is and what we are.

But the same calling can be seen as the witnesses and necessities for ever more fearful defence against an ever more evil world. The essential event or information is interpreted through the core beliefs by which we identify within our sense of self existence. A negative or segregating self definition will automatically interpret everything to obtain reinforcement of itself, as will a positive or re-integrating sense of self-definition.

It is not the advertisement or the politician, nor the peer group or the family or the cultural inheritance or past conditionings that give the Word as to who and what you are, it is through your own heart's acceptance that what you are finds expression and reflection and is thus shared and known truly - rather than through a glass darkly.

This paragraph was in my morning reading (shared after I had written much of this reflection):

"If you do not believe that which is not Truth, you shall experience Truth. But if you choose to believe the false as the truth about you, you shall experience the false and believe it is true". From 'The Holy Spirit's Interpretation of the New Testament' (NTI).

The term 'Holy Spirit' symbolizes that which knows you truly and which has never left your mind - though it has in a sense been turned away from, discarded and lost. Just as a cut will self-heal, so does consciousness reintegrate - if the cutting desisted and the healing was welcomed, because in truth what is Indivisible never could be separated from or attacked with.

The nature of the scam of an isolated ego power unto itself has been to initiate a journey within perception and experience. It is our perception that is healed or reintegrated to a higher or more embracing inclusion.
Once one sees through a scam one is no longer tempted to click the bait. It is then no longer an active liability. The forms of scams are innumerable and can multiply faster than one can learn to recognize their forms - indeed will mutate as the very means to 'protect' from scams. But a core honesty of self can discern the coercive intent in any or all of them without having to follow their branches to discover their fruits.
To be in a true foundation IS the capacity to discern the same and is the frequency of attraction to like kind as it is unavailable to that which has no belonging or conceivable existence in such open communication.

Sufficient be the evils unto the day thereof means, 'use that which is still residual to your own un-mindfulness to awaken and reintegrate as a wholeness of being' - instead of using it to persist in self-justifictions that no longer actually serve your desire. 

Thankyou for your attention

Thursday, 21 August 2014

This is not power, but fear in disguise

(When one uses communication as a weapon, one gives up the power to actually enter into communication).

 Looking at history one is wise to reflect that until facts are established - if ever they are established as facts, the manipulation of minds - as the setting up of perceived realities and hence of 'justified' reactions, is as much part of the mentality and armoury of war as is any other device. False flag events can be faked, acted out by persons disguised as 'enemies' or set in motion by secretly supporting, infiltrating and directing groups that will provide the required outrage or threat.

The unequal distribution of power in the world at large allows a more and more directed 'history'. as well as being able to run all sides of a conflict and benefit from the breaking up and bringing low of others.

Although there may well be such alliances as conspire to remap the world in a 'new world order' of their own imprint, the essential patterning is of a negatively defined sense of self. 

For Millennia we have learned to operate in segregative and separative ways that disconnect us from our awareness of being Life - of being one with Life. This seemingly disconnected self is essentially operating as a pattern of deception at the template foundation of our consciousness or personality construct - but of course it runs as a promise of power, protection and self-specialness.

The world we see unfold in woe is inevitable within the perceptions and interpretations of a negatively defined self sense. Beneath any possible argument that can be offered in witness to awaken from such addictive a negative loop of  perpetrating victimhood, is simply that we choose the world we see by what we choose to give focus and therefore desire and value to.

When the media shout, one does not have to follow or accept or believe anything that is said, but can pause, reconnect with the peace of a positively defined or Life-integrated self-sense and discern the true nature of what is currently offered you in terms of what is resonant with and relevant to your true desire - to your joy in being.

Conflicted identity, conflicted minds, purposes and emotional states, all lend themselves to providing botnet support for every and any kind of 'power mongering'. The nature of the deceiver is that one cannot 'win' in struggle against it, one thus only feeds it validity. I stand with Jesus's teaching as is discernible in such respect. Few had ears to hear and few yet have. When power is held more dear than truth, the lie takes over your mind. Therefore fear and hatred is the darkness in which we are induced to invest in as if to protect and overcome… fear and hatred.

The only way that does not re-seed the same mentality of victimhood worshipped openly and power worshipped secretly, is to face and challenge our fears. To bring them into the light. Who hides from fear, hides IN fear. Such a one is not acting from love or any moral quality of the Life in All - but seeks a private agenda for itself alone - and must needs set others in conflict to maintain its own separated self sense; over and against all others.

It is not power that has run amok in the world, but fear in disguise.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

War requires denial of communication to action as the communication of total denial (dealing death)

Hamas madly attacking Israel? (A comment decried Hamas for launching rockets from built up areas)

Are Hamas able to act independently of Israeli control?
Wasn't it Israel that covertly brought them to power?
Is is mad to open one's mind to that a State can attack itself in order to bring about desired effects?
Or is is mad to believe the purveyed and directed 'history' as if it were true?
How clever is extremely clever?
But how wise is ignorance of truth and an arrogance of self superiority?
Of course I have to tell you that I do not know who or why is doing what they are doing EXCEPT that everyone acts in the way that brings the Good or at least the lesser evil AS THEIR MIND DEFINES IT.
Insanity - as I see it - uses ANY TACTIC necessary to maintain its segregated 'divide and rule' consciousness.
ALL power-mongers play the same corrupt script regardless their 'identity'. A true leader SERVES.

Israel and Hamas propaganda war (Truth is the first 'casualty' of war - because war is attack on the honesty of a clear and true consciousness).

If one desires to see without getting tangled in the propaganda, simply examine the mentality at work regardless of who seems to be doing it.
There is a power-monger in every mind unless it is truly repented of as a deceiver.
The mentality of self-righteous vengeance that asserts power over anyone who offends it, SEEMS to be justifiable self-defence.
The victimhood that provides the basis for 'sympathy and protection' MUST be maintained, refreshed and renewed as must the hatred that maintains a sense of 'unified identity' OVER AND AGAINST ALL OTHERS.
Self-specialness cares not for the truth of the one it deceives - nor for the worth of anyone else excepting they can be used to further one's private agenda.
Nor does it ALLOW or ENGAGE honest COMMUNICATION excepting when it is certain it will 'win'.
Now the above may apply to various 'persons' or groups at various times - but it is a mentality of deception and the basis of COERCIVE POWER as opposed to aligning with true power. Thus Jesus and others referred to it as the 'deceiver' or the lie and the father of the lie. But it is not a group, a race or a person. There is a key phrase "It takes one to know one". Hatred never vanquishes hatred, but merely changes the surface with ever shifting illusion... that is nonetheless defended as if IT were truth. Identity that is founded in hate and self-specialness is itself hate, but masking its nature.
To see an insanity is to have stepped out of its arena.

Power corrupts - any mind that is baited into entering its arena.

Re: Sir Michael Rose on the Daily Mail
On the re-engagement of Britain in war on Iraq:

Those who presume that others share the same basis for thought and action (as themselves) are unable to see that what seemed a 'bloody shambles' was in fact to plan and still is - with the break up of Iraq into three statelets.
The 'Empire' that we still inherit values from acquired a sense of decency that in some degree held mercantile forces in check - which otherwise have no check upon their willingness to go to any length and at any cost to attain their objectives. Just as rape is not about sex, nor is global domination really about trading.

Power corrupts and the signs of corruption are the loss of honest communication. Honest communication is denied by coercion and deception. and attacked by triggering fear and guilt in the mind, by distorting what has happened or by using 'false flag' events that are staged or enacted and set up as if the target evil enemy did it.
The false flag method is so widely used now that 'history' is being manufactured and directed without even bothering to hide itself.

(The goalposts were moved as soon as the check on power seemed to have been put in place - and has engaged in such instruments in ways that set them against themselves and weaken them). No, it is not 'cricket' and never was.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fear operates a hidden agenda

The following article prompted a deeper response than that framed by its premises.

The context I write to is one where fear, confusion, distrust, and conflict generate a fear of 'evil' and unconsciously becoming defined and used by the very thing we hate and fear.

- - -

The hidden agendas running through so much that once was accepted currency of meaning, communication and exchange are as complex as the 'financial instruments' that attempt to coerce outcomes supposedly to 'maintain the economy' yet actually corrupt and work against true health, wealth and happiness.

One always uses 100% faith… it is just a matter of what it is invested in. The corruptions of our own thinking run deep, and no matter how much we may like to apportion blame and cry foul, we are collectively and individually in a net of our own deceits. This is not really news, human uses of consciousness have ever tended to ignorance and arrogance.

There are many facets to waking up. One is of the challenging and breaking of ideas and world-views that were presumed Reality, nut to serve Awakening in a true sense this is occurring within a willingness for integration instead of the wilfulness of a segregative, 'disconnecting' sense of self.

The story teaching and way showing symbol of Jesus operates as a reconnecting with the Reintegrating wholeness of being but its message is adulterated, diluted and effectively covered over by fear-based (segregative) interpretation. It does not matter what serves as the bridge or portal to such Awakened perspective and practice so much as that the communication of one's true presence underlines one's word and deed.

It takes one to know one. True presence is not coercive, therefore to regain a full awareness of own native or original nature and perspective, one will find oneself stepping outside the coercive mentality of justifying hate and pretending it to be power, appealing to fear as protector and guide as if it were a saviour, or employing guilt as a means to control and coerce our own mind or the minds of others.

Freedom cannot be thrust onto one long-chained in darkness, but it can be uncovered in true willingness, step by step by step.

Fear of death, disease, disaster, disgrace or pain and humiliation will have highly imaginative and active components.

I am talking about a self-honesty here at a level that goes far beyond ones presentations to the world or one's own self justifying mentality.

Fear of any kind distorts perception and thus sets up apparent oppositional wills and powers to Life - while it is being used to hide in, and being hidden from.

Moving through fear as it rises up and dissolves is a purificatory transformation.

Identifying with a fearfully defined segregated and separated self-sense does not recognise this Movement of Healing - but interprets it fearfully as loss and death and so defines itself against Life and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The blind will lead the blind always to maintain darkness. If you unsubscribe from such a 'guide to nowhere' you allow and invite the Guide for Life and Light to illuminate and prompt your noticing and choices in all things - including the good housekeeping and appropriate corrective actions in the case of healthy running and undoing or releasing negative choices and their effects.

In simple terms to pause amidst the baiting of reaction and check in at the heart will serve you and others well. The depth of this willingness and honesty will grow as it is lived. Living with a false integrity is living a lie; no matter how forcefully lies are asserted they cannot express and extend the truth of you - and nor will their reflections witness unto the truth of you.

Love is not what you do - it is what you are. But unless you live out what is revealed to you THROUGH you. YOU deny your life. Not 'them'. Not germs and toxins - excepting as we have all conspired to project our fear of evil OUT THERE.

The power that we 'give away' abides yet where it never left. We always operate 100% faith but where it is given can be cunningly hidden so as to hold onto a sense of specialness and self-power while playing the weak victim.

Learn to discern willingly ...if you will.
Fear contracts upon itself and rejects wholeness.
Compassion Embraces. The true recognises Itself. The false falls away of itself.