Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Queen’s earplugs are just the lead we require in the battle on noise

Silence is conducive to noticing.

By distraction, stimulation and a reactive 'thinking' that passes as one's own or one's self, it is possible to not notice the Presence of God - as the Source, Nature and Condition of all that is this instant arising in awareness as the conscious experience of be-ing.

Clearly, what is called consciousness is generally a programmed unconsciousness. Programmed by its own identification with its own thoughts and their resultant experiences and identifications.

True Silence is simple an unconflicted awareness and is still totally Present in the simple realisation that we do not know what we are or what anything is for. This is resisted with noise - but this 'nothingness' is the condition in which a different kind of 'knowing' rises as the self aware nature of ... awareness itself.

Concepts have never approached what is un-seperate or Unified Wholeness because they emanate from a mind already engaged in self definition. Rather than try to conceive of what is already true, simply rest the mind and become attentive to the qualities of being that escape your notice while engaging in distractions of a self protective thinking - that is wholly unaware of what your truth Is!

Generation rent hopes for an inheritance to get on the housing ladder

(Another story on the systemic failure of our culture)

Cleverly deceptive manipulating of systems in order to reap short term benefits at expense to be paid later, or by others or by our inheritors, is - or has been - considered justified and wise in its day - at least by all those who either rig the scam or fall for it.

What goes around, comes around. However, we all have an Inheritance that is our upon the remembrance and acceptance of our Father's Life.

The story of the Prodigal Son is a profoundly simple yet instructive symbol.

Power corrupts - that is it renders vain and arrogant the mind that thinks it can lord it over life.

IF we want to come back into the power of life and grow in life more abundant, then we have some true accounting to reckon with, along with restoring a true basis from which to live, and relate and communicate.

Truth isn't for scientists to determine. Nor is it restored by ever more complex manipulations of parts taken out from their true context. Truth is the basis for trust, in an integrity of purpose and basis for an actual relationship in which a sense of value is shared.

These things are the foundations in practice - and not mere idea to be templated into a business that replaces living interaction with processing data.

The 'Father' is the Source, Nature and Condition that IS life - as our Shared Inheritance - as inherent expressions of That Life.

The 'prodigal' is a separate and conflicting self interest raised on the 'death' or denial of The True Nature of our be-ing. One could see it as a game of struggle, becoming and overcoming... like a sort of addictive computer game.
But the price for the mind that tries to get for itself at expense of others is isolation, pain or conflict, an imprisoned sense of limitation in shallow joys that are gone as soon as they arise.

I don't care to peddle religion as any kind of belief or ideological identity - but to awaken the heart's knowing; discernment.

In the remembering of the Father and in willingness to be a servant - does the Father 'rush out to meet him, as the inherent qualities of Being that were denied by 'setting out in one's own separate and self serving delusion. These qualities are our Inheritance, and have been held in trust while we dally in deceits.

I see no way that such realisation will occur to the thinking that thinks it knows or judges all things, so the waking will be under the radar.

Re-evaluate with as true discernment as your fears can be allayed to allow, and invest, trade and share in what is revealed as truly valuable.

Fear blinds. Once you can trigger fear you can manipulate - and be manipulated. But the guidance of fear is not true, so much as deceptive ways of hiding from truth; of protecting the 'lie'.

But a lie revealed to be illegitimate or in valid is no longer available to hide in. This 'bankruptsy' was inherent from the outset, but has just taken a very long time to be exposed in its true nature.

Trapped in our own thinking from which we cannot escape means - do not look to such confusion as your guide. To desist from blocking life allows it - of itself - to rise.

Thankyou for your attention.
(It is a living aspect of your true Inheritance)

Monday, 27 August 2012

How do we escape the hysteria that threatens to erode public debate?

Here is an opportunity to notice two divergent mentalities: That of serving a process of communication, and that of asserting an identity.
I ask you to pause and consider that this divergence is so fundamental to our human sense of self, that we have almost forgotten what communication is - because we use it for another purpose than what it, in its nature is.
To dress or present a self assertiveness or a manipulativeness, as if it were a legitimate communication is not so different from any other scam or complex derivative instrument in that it makes a story seem actually real.

We do it to ourselves and we project it so as to gain validation - which we get from agreements as well as from opposition.

The 'self' that is seeking to validate itself or 'become real' is in all of us and yet it is not the true nature of the communication that we, in our nature, simply are. So polarized and embedded in our consciousness is this habit of identification and reaction, that it is very rare and indeed difficult to find even a moment's pause from it's programmed 'reality' in which to simply notice it is running - and that one does not have to identify with it.

Real communication listens and discerns the nature of what is being communicated - even amidst the smoke screen of a distorting filter of distractions.

In the flood of digital communications - comes the necessity for filtering and navigating information for meaning.

Although the gross end of existence lends itself to mechanical programs of sorting, the totality of it is thereby lost and the subtler is blocked.

Discernment is innate to consciousness, but while we run on auto pilot, we give the program the power to define and determine our reality - and therefore our reactions and identifications within what it provides.

Waking up, is to a capacity to feel and know and sense from a place that we have forgot or don't even realize is always with us. Or, we can persist in asserting the personal sense within what is essentially an illusion of mutual definitions that substitute for an authentic joy in living.

It doesn't take much to see that we are programmed or 'asleep' in our own thinking. But it often takes a significant crisis to awaken a commitment to true communication as a basis of integrity, sanity and joy.

Sleepwalking into ever more complex scams that exact a Faustian price in return for a false promise, is easy. It might seem that there are victims and victimizers, but everyone plays both sides of the fence.

Just sense for an instant, what shifts as a result of the joining in purpose from a commitment to the discernment of truth. Not the determination and definition of truth, but to the nature and process of true communication.

The mental 'identity' is blind to all that I invite you to consider. But you are not. You know when someone honours you with their presence and their trust, and this knowing is not 'secret' to your private little mind. It witnesses to the nature of love, whose nature, simply is you - the presence of you without the overlay of stories and identities in grandiosity or loss.

Thank you for your attention.