Friday, 24 October 2014

Shift happens, put the shit where it belongs

The Hunt for Beneficial Bugs – A Growing Meme?
is the title of an investment news article about the co-opting of 'organic' meme for the biotech approaches that operate the cutting edge of a coercively based culture, as it's science uncovers more information about the complex interrelatedness of all life.

- - - -

Using a mask to operate a hidden agenda is nothing new - although its ever-mutating forms may find new ways of expression.
Basically whenever anything of true reality leaks into a closed and coercive system, it will be subverted, co-opted, infiltrated and adulterated - and essentially absorbed into the forms of coercively defended identity.

So when natural is over-ridden by coercive - as in nitrate and pesticide based agro-culture - a name has to be made for what once was simply the way of life - organic.

There is then the attempt to inform and educate - that there are a range of significant negative effects from such a loveless husbandry - which flies in the face of the investment in the coercive mode of getting. So there will be conflicts of assertion or simply massive media assertions of its fee paying clients, until such time as the new shoots are themselves a market to exploit. So the adoption of the forms of something or perhaps the pretence or deceits of adopting the forms of something passes itself off as a virtue when in fact it is a vice.

So is it not always so that the influx of the new is being effectively 'killed' by the establishment? And that by the time the 'new' goes mainstream it simply is the same establishment but in different clothing?

Jesus used the parable of the tenant farmers to illustrate a principle. The tenant farmers kill the messengers of the Master who is absented for they take the vineyard as their own and fear to lose - or indeed be punished. Yet as the Master 'comes home' he simply re-establishes a true perspective. The personality operates AS IF - and under the burden of-  being in control - but is actually supported and guided by a greater consciousness that it is designed to serve, not usurp.

The 'messengers' of a life more abundant - of a greater freedom than coercion can imagine, are not the manufacture of a coercive intent - howsoever nobly intended.  Most of what is talked of here goes on as the patterning of our particular consciousness such as to be largely or completely invisible because we look out from it and have no perspective on it.

A loveless husbandry is a 'getting' mentality. No matter how ingenious the system, a getting-mentality operates a hollowing out and depletion of true wealth. Giving and receiving operate as a sense of true value shared. But without a true perspective giving is associated with loss. Yet giving of self (energy and attention) into any real relationship, project, or 'work or play', is  having a fulfilled life and unfolds such alignments of opportunity and synchronicity as are natural to the generosity and openness of such a harmonic expression.

The key here is giving oneself in true relation - for if the victim of a phishing attack, one's identity is 'stolen' and one then gives ALL THAT IS DUE UNTO SELF - to an imposter.

Isn't this how we play out a world of an ultimate self-deception - for if we are deceived by others we must first ourselves want to be deceived. When we look to see the triggers within our mind that 'phish' our true identity, to substitute it with the struggle to regain, assert or defend a construct... at cost of a real communication. Then we regain a freedom we never really lost.
How that applies to each and every moment of our existence is not something to predefine but unfold as our lives.

Until the struggle of an attempt to validate one's identity is released as the very method of losing it - it will tend to make a drama out of everything, and bait one's attention in reaction. It isn't that there is an 'enemy within' so much as a way of using the mind that no longer serves the consciously embraced purpose. The only reason to give it attention is to become free by transmuting it to original nature. After all, there is nothing wrong with power, love, peace, safety, joy and fulfilment - it is simply the way the mind has been set up to look for them everywhere EXCEPT where they are found.

Aldous Huxley's 'Island' had parrots squawking "PAY ATTENTION!". But the mind would very quickly become immune to that. So there is the reflection of dissonance, division, disease and discomfort mounting to our awareness - which we simply cannot 'absorb' into our 'system' and so it breaks down, one regains true roots and chooses to use the signs to stay aligned instead of indulging in what has been imprinted now in your being as painful futility.

Re- dis- covering of true nature is not going to fit into the coercive model. But the abilities and the persona we have in a sense constructed takes on a new role in a more 'organic' interrelatedness. Of course it takes a process of persistence to integrate such a shift - but shit plays a vital part in organic husbandry and  - in as natural vitality... Shift happens!

Insanity feeds itself in your name if you let it

The way the ebola issue is being used is a symptom of a disease in our media and whatever actually operates in place of governance.

Ron Paul wrote a short piece here. I felt to write this to a wider view of the whole situation that synchonistically I called the war on Is.

- - -

A war against Is...
is a mad mind at war with itself - that forgets that I Am.
True liberty is not overcoming the evil so much as being free of the fear of evil by which it perpetuates a war against Is. (Itself)

Fear operates contagion in the unwary. To let fear propagate and use YOUR mind for its botnet, you have to trade in your free will for a tyrannous compulsion that SAYS it will give you power, protect or defend you. Perhaps it seems like a good idea at the time.

Consciously owned fear is not given permission to be reactive reactive, because one knows that it would come from what is not true of oneself. There is a natural wisdom of pausing and considering that rests or puts aside the mind of compulsively driven thinking (fear) and opens to a wider perspective. A sort of innate innocent allowing and curiosity as to what is actually going on right here where conflicting thought seems to need to resolve or clarify.

Fear is a device used by manipulators who themselves are thus manipulated. But once truly baited into its identifications, one only sees the options it provides.

Belief is powerful because the mind is powerful. What one DOES believe DOES dictate one's experience. It also defends itself against exposure to awareness as the attempt to hide the fear, hide in fear, and use fear to stay hidden. A mind divided against itself cannot stand - but has to be persistently propped up.

The State can return to a function of facilitation rather than control. The private sector can awaken to that nothing is ultimately private and thus communicative at some level. Attempts to lock in a segregated state of self AGAINST change is not peace but DEEP FEAR. This is witnessed by the reflections of a violating terror that seems to an an external agent or agency of an evil - be it of breakdowns of communication with others of breakdowns in natural systems or of the fear of evil itself giving rise to distorted narratives that read everything in their own self-validating sense of ... fear.

Good Housekeeping. On every level of our being; spiritual, mental, physical, relational. It is neither left or right or any other persuasion - but in aligning with what truly belongs here in the true of your now, and sweeping out what does not, it may likely appear every shade of opinion over time.

I appreciate Ron Paul's willingness to be true to his heartfelt convictions and extend a practical communication rather than feeding the fear that so many are using as a protection racket.

Science as rebellion?

The Institute of Art and Ideas - offers a rich and exciting willingness to question, to revisit or revise our ideas and our world with new perspectives.

Science is Rebellion
Our knowledge, like the Earth, floats in nothingness, but this does not make it meaningless, says pioneering quantum physicist Carlo Rovelli; it actually makes it more precious.

- - -

Blessed are those whose intuitive faith challenges their experience, because our experience is a constructed reality of belief and definition, accepted true.

Believing is seeing, but of course what one says one believes is belied by one's actual experience and the inevitable reactions that automatically follow on from whatever interpretation IS currently operating.

The underlying 'revolution' is a separation device operating in consciousness whereby a mind seems to have become itself alone in conflict of identity and world in chaos that it takes as the basis to assume and assert power over itself and its world.

The intent to define and understand in this sense is an assertion of control imposed upon a natural order or relational unity that has been/is being temporarily disrupted by the separation device.

One can symbolize this and that's the way the older approaches to knowledge operate, in symbols that used archetypes to story the reflection of consciousness itself - that increasingly became disconnected from original context and became used more as modus of social control.

The reversal operates such that we become defined by our own conditioning, that is like saying we believe our own lies or fall under the spell of our own Word.

So it is appropriate that what seemed to 'get us locked into' limitation, conflict, and a disconnected sense that attempts to use its externally mapped world of others to 'fix or resolve or work out' its own 'salvation', validation, or however it so defines itself justified or complete.

Curiosity and imagination can be used to question the basis of our 'self' and its corresponding 'reality'. For not only is there no separate 'god' acting upon or coercing a Living Universe/Multiverse into existence, there is likewise no separate 'self'.

The layer or level of mind is but one facet and itself operates many levels at once - unconscious, so-called conscious, and superconscious - and we generally assert our surface consciousness to be ON TOP rather than notice it screens a selective focus of possibility from a vast range of probability of a truly infinite range of potential.

Human 'reality' is in some sense like a sandcastle upon an infinite beach - or a bubble in an infinite breaking wave - yet the power of the wave is in it, and the focus of the desire and intent that Life Know Itself guides, moves and supports it. For there IS no actual separation or disconnection from That which moves and gives form to the Formless. Nor can one use the vocabulary-ability of a separated self-sense to objectify or make coercive relation with it or under it.

Anything undertaken from the basis of a dis-integrating movement brings the reinforcement of a dis-integrated self and world; a self in pieces. Humpty the broken cosmic egg-o.

So yes; the willingness to accept that we do not KNOW operates to allow the Knowing that is the Communication of the Whole as the Part, and through the Part in communication extended and relationship embraced. The nature of Reality that is unchangeable is that existence is; and that the one is the all and the all are the one, and that what one puts out is what one gets back.

Such is Creation - not of a separate and separating 'god' but in God of God and as God - for That which Is is, but how you - as an integral expression of All That Is - choose to experience existence, is through the sharing of and in and as Idea. No way of experiencing - or rather - of being the gift-communication of experience itself is in itself more or less valid that any or instant or facet of Creation - not least because nothing is in and of itself alone and apart to be so judged. But what is or is not relevant and resonant to YOUR core signature vibration of focusing desire and exploration is natural to disregard in the creative unfolding of the revelation of ever novel ways to experience and relate and feel and know.

All 'self's' operate against their own Good when they are defined in misalignment with their true desire. Protecting the joyless by sacrificing one's joy is absurd seen in the clear. But the mind protects against being seen in the clear for fear of loss and of change of pain and loss, by which it has conditioned itself to survive against.

Coming back into alignment is also the uncovering of a greater clarity of purpose, of vision and of a more integral meaning from which to live and be. It is our natural inheritance from a prodigal exercise within 'as if' - for Source remains Is - and you Know "I am" as your own Indivisibility of being - regardless that the mind can play divide and rule upon its own models. 'What' anything is and how you choose to relate to it be seem to be conditioned and determined by a universe of cause and effect - but any of this can be challenged back to uncover its roots in the Word or definition/belief we put out - in the understanding that the collective agreements constitute a structure of experiencing that like a classroom, is not an authority to overthrow or a prison to break down - so much as a living framework of opportunity for teaching and learning in rich reflection and shared appreciation.

The mind of revolution/evolution can fade to the appreciation of mind as servant and instrument of truly creative freedom shared. It really is a matter of 'where we are coming from' rather than where we believe we have been and thus are conditioned to repeat round and round in revolving whilst ever struggling to evolve within such self conflicted futility.

Science is a valid exploration within the willingness to uncover truth. But without the love of truth there can only be assertions, coercions and war to establish the version that serves whatever it is that one is choosing to love INSTEAD. Consciousness is inherently responsible in the clear for it sees that it does unto itself. Questioning a version of consciousness that refuses to pause and open to revisit its foundations is not an act of war but of love, though not at first recognized such in a mind that believes division and control as the condition on which its own existence depends.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Figuring Out Life and Friendship
I appreciate the willingness to discuss the world that I see at the Daily Bell - an investment news site that is willing to look at the world at least somewhat from a willingness to observe the ideas and trends moving in our world rather then merely propagate them in obedience or carelessness. This article was more personal in nature - looking at ethics and life and friendship...
(Not speaking personally to you Wendy in all this so much as to the reader in the shared theme you have raised).

'Most friendship is feigning - most loving mere folly' - William Shakespeare.

Contractual relations employ contract to limit - and can be used to disallow a true intimacy. Which is simply a living presence in shared purpose - ( I'm not inferring sexual communion here - nor of course excluding that as a facet of communication).
Conditional love says "I will love you if and as you meet my conditions". And so love turns to hate or disillusion in the wink of an eye. But what is love as traded and contracted, but the mutually agreed upon behaviours that have in a sense redefined love in our own image?

I see we - humanly - are generally caught up in our own image - our own definitions and presumptions as to what is and is not love, or what is or is not genuine communication and tangibly intimate as a synchronicity with no 'middleman' operating as if outside the moment in order to to fulfil a private gratification or appetite.

I also see that uncovering such strategy as operating in oneself is a discomforting and perhaps humiliating honesty that many perhaps feel they cannot afford.... though the consequence unfolds anyway.

The capacity to observe and embrace oneself - albeit through difficult 'lessons' - is the willingness to extend compassion to others as - in their own particular patterning - in the same boat. I don't see this as a struggle between the light and the fear so much as a confusion of identity within both - so I don't now seek to meet in sympathy that defines others negatively - but in willingness to recognize the light in its unique expression. This is in a sense what may be called an honouring of the presence of Life in another as oneself. The term love is sticky with 'getting' associations and strategies of self-deceit (and therefore false to others). It's easy to 'love' when we are getting fulfilled. But actually even that doesn't abide and becomes passing show and rendered hollow and divisive if it is not a truly shared fulfilment. I might add that the mind is ingenious at perpetuating dissociating stratagems to avoid exposure to intolerable dilemma. That's what called it into service as one's persona.

So gratifying appetites in a sort of mutual agreement to free for all market politics operates as a way of simply using others and being used. At that level, are many who would defend it as their life. But the game of powers becomes ever more complexly entangling in its own conflicting self defeat - though the very few may be the last to recognize this because they still believe they can 'win' within a framework that demands enemy, that demands the back door of justified dissatisfaction to avoid relationship or communication.

Another Shakespeare quotes comes up here:

This above all:

To thine own self be true,

And it must follow,

as night follows day,

that he canst be false to no man.

One of the conflicted territories all of us meet in some sense and some of us pass through, is whether to hold to the 'warmth and security' of the partnership, group or culture of one's social identifications, or abide in the truth of one's own being. Often associated with isolation, aloneness and sacrifice in the mind OF the herd. There isn't an inherent conflict between the two - but our conditioning operates a reversal that tends to subsume the individual rather than extend it.

This can come through any number of ways of unfolding but when through choice or apparent misfortune one stands outside the preferred reality of one's friends... they may prefer to not be friends, and in their own behaviours they may not be who one now chooses or is capable of sharing with.

There is a sort of energetic or chemistry at work as to what CAN communicate. I often simplify it to "it takes one to know one".

But there is in one who has made true friend of his/her self - that they no longer are driven to seek outside themself for completion or indeed vengeance! - and can bring a wholeness TO their relationships rather than approach in a getting mode.

A real relating is an allowing of an undefended presence to know and be known. I'd add that I feel this is simply our core Nature - regardless the complexity of the mask and its personal or indeed millennial history.

A relation-ship can easily be a placeholder noun that substitutes in mutual acceptance for actual action-verb: relat-ING.

I don't mean to imply hierarchy in any of this, for I feel life is to be embraced in its unfolding and not sacrificed to some future that never never comes - yet is somehow kept up as a conditioning until the carrot is no longer more than an empty ritual and the stick is become one's consciousness personified.

Despite any or all evidence to the contrary, I hold that you - as everyone, IS a love - albeit obscured by mutual definitions that mask and in some sense usurp that creative freedom to be. Maybe even love is not the word where no words belong.

"Reinventing the wheel" is the usurping mind's attempt to have a controlled version of life. But a world made in our own image has none of the unique expression that reflects and shares our true nature. I feel that that is almost reached the 'Midas point' for most of us now. There's no Life in it.

The prodigal moment is the recognition of a greater belonging within which one can serve - rather than coerce and exploit and lay to waste. In that willingness our original nature is restored. Give only as you would in love receive.

There are synchronicities in one's life that reflect, align and support us in the themes we choose to explore and experience. Perhaps we find no belonging in the world - and seek SOME comfort in the cold. But I still say the really missing piece of the world - for anyone - is our full presence. In the matter of how this manifests, I recommend a real relationship and not a struggle to become a something that actually cant be faked or coerced into existence.

All our stuff (fear and guilt) comes up in the context of a living relationship - that otherwise dictates our mind as a 'hidden power' just as is reflected in our mutually agreed definitions of 'world'.

I did my best with what I had in the moment at hand. If I could have done better, I would have.

Freedom, identity, relationship are a Holy Unity. A two legged stool cannot serve as a worthy foundation.

The idea of serving 'others' is not to become servile and self-sacrificing, but to re-cognize Brothers - and Sisters of the Same Life that then reflect your true nature to You. The rehearsal mind only takes the IDEA without either the living context or the fruit of practice.

So our mind can spin off and forget the heart in apparent betrayal and violation. Instead of exploring that IDEA some more to see what can be squeezed out of such a stone - one can bring the mind back in alignment with the heart. Every morning, put both feet in one willingness - and at any time we notice we drifted off (or are helped to notice by the friending of our life in every kind of way), then we do whatever we have to do to come to the willingness to pause and rest and feel and know we can take a good step forward in a sense of connected peace - even if the external situation is anything but.

One could call this spiritual practice - but it is simply living out from a sense of worth that extends rather than defends.

If you don't love yourself, why would anyone else's be allowed in? If you do - why would you censor and inhibit its extension?

Terror devizes division

Divide and rule is the modus operandi of a wish for power. It can be readily observed as an almost invisible norm of coercive intent in one's own mind and is reflected in our world writ large in every contention that serves a hidden agenda or 3rd party interest.
A unified resolve must stem from a unified appreciation. This does NOT arise from reaction, but from a true pause FROM reaction so as to allow connection with the wholeness of one's being and thus discern the wholeness of the situation, one step at a time - and not in a 'package' of 'measures and protections' that undermine liberty, trust and communication, for a sense of managing perception in 'righteous' appeal to the fearfully unsettled.
Sometimes history reveals events that are staged or secretly set up or encouraged. Things are not always what they at first seem. One has to actually be free to investigate and share the findings rather than repeat or reactively assume anyone's story. We increasingly live imaginatively without really checking in. Such is the attempt to then coerce and manage PERCEPTIONS that the actual events and relations are subordinated to a coercive narrative. The liar falls into believing their own lies. This is how corruption operates.
Terrorism is also used as a device by which to control one's population and consolidate power. It can also be the anger and hatred of those who find a "justified" target to aim their powerlessness at, but these 'movements' are also nurtured and fed in shadow strategies that are supposed to serve notional interest around the globe.
Within such times it is perhaps impossible to know what is actually occurring in specific incidents. But one can observe the WAY news is presented and the WAY that authorities speak and act and thus discern the coercive attempt to CONTROL the narrative. This may be simply fearful on their part - and ultimately MUST be for only fear is coercive upon the truth of others - and often operates along channels of a fearful self interest amidst the dictates of the established patterns of power.
Owning our fears is a step into seeing clearly. The demand or expectation of being protected from our fears GIVES POWER to that which would come forth to hide and assert a narrative of power over others.

'We' can be used as a false unity of assertion of such power, and the sense of powerlessness that knows not who it is, can succumb to such seduction without even a moment of noticing.

- - -
Comment to the above: "Denial"
- - -

War demands truth be denied.
For truth is not a weapon - but an honesty of being.
The thirst for war operates denial of truth.
Wars with words attempt to shape opinion and condition reaction.
But when one notices a coercive intent that is trying to tell you how to feel or how to interpret, you can deny its authority in your heart and listen and discern what comes up to your own curiosity and interest.
Political and corporate corruption seek to exploit everything to their own agenda, some of which pretends to offer a service or represent your interests.
Cultural challenges are to be met with cultural renewal in some genuine expression of transformation. The attempt to break everything down in order to remake it as a new world order of a particular agenda is the failed ideology of coercing or imposing a will upon others. It is not how life works, it is how war works and how a war economy works.
Terror imprinted upon the mind is how mind control works.
The disintegration of identity, family, community, nation and culture operates through the intent to by pass or neutralise the checks and balances and natural resistance of a healthy body politic just as parasites have evolved ways of by passing or turning off our immune system and in a sense replace our thoughts with their own.
There are various factors operating in any scenario that are not accounted for or acknowledged in the narrative of those who seek to use it to reinforce their own justifications for existence.
There are huge amounts of money involved in 'war on terror' and geopolitical dominance of resources. But the money is evaporating from actual wealth to debt and death and sickness. We let ourselves be deceived. Being baited and triggered into fear makes us easy to manipulate, by framing everything in a narrative that makes the outcome predictable. One can use it all to wake up from identifying within the ideas that are propagated or triggered and actually look at them - and then live out from a less reactive and more grounded perspective.
It isn't that there is nothing to address but that the way we are addressing something IS the expression and communication of culture.

If every violent crime is defined as terrorism one can start using every such event to induce national paralysis, shutdowns and the introductions of martial law in disguise. There are dangers to address - but it is never as the 'wolf' cryer would have us believe, and some 'cures' are much more dangerous than the disease itself. In fact such mad agendas are aimed at medicalising wellness and redefining free communication outside the official narrative as potential terrorism and thus subjecting all to a militarised and oppressive society. There's nothing sane about any of it. But that which wakes to acknowledge insanity must be itself a spark of Reason. And the basis of a better way than being held hostage to fear by gunmen or governments.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Unidentified Fear Objects

The nature of free will absolutely maintains the freedom to not accept what is rejected as well as to assert the untrue. Proof of Existence is interpreted... any way you want.
Any choice as to WHAT it is, defines not only the 'object' but the mind.
Who has forgotten their true being as Existence Itself is lost in the mind of definitions and assertions.
The mind that would map and define as an act of control and prediction refuses to recognize the One in All and so has ego-alien adventures.
Honesty is a willingness to observe one's mind in action. To note the emotional dictates that condition the thought to choose one view over another or indeed to invalidate a view such that it cannot begin to be allowed.
Fear is beneath the mind we hide within - as it is the thing we hide from.
Unidentified Fear Objects.
I invite owning our fear as an honesty from which a different experience unfolds than 'giving away power' to beliefs that shut down the mind in fearful definition. Why not?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cultural renewal is an act of individual appreciation

In a conversation on the future and role of a web site for the circle dance network was said:
- - -
Over the longer term, I'd like to see it develop/link to consolidated resources of material such as notes on dances, e.g. their origins, sources of music, cultural notes, etc.
- - -

I felt this rep lie expand out of the question:

So I ask, what is the 'it' that will in time develop and link to consolidated resources for the dance?

The control/withholding/owning  of information feels to me to be a defining paradigm of an age that I feel is coming to its end. I feel that anything operating on this basis will fade with it.

Not that anything 'should' be free, or that sources 'should' be ignored, usurped, dishonoured, repackaged and sold. There is an energetic basis for the communication and exchange of energy that is a living relationship and not a system of steps set in stone.
Life can operate or unfold as a matter of integration as communication of a nature, that the 'control/withholding/owning mentality' obscures, denies, or distorts to render unrecognisable and therefore untrustworthy.

Because I hold the dance within the sense of a reintegrating movement of being, I feel to accept and align with that movement - as I uncover the seeming blocks and relax through them. Indeed I see life as the process of such apparent blocks rising in order to be re-cognized or known again in an original perspective instead of the assertion of a mentality that arises from a negatively or fearfully defined sense of disconnected self - and seeks to eradicate them in perpetual war.

I put that first because without a foundation, there is no basis for change.  The old foundation can only persist in a depleting and burdensome struggle.

So I ask, what is the 'it' that will in time develop and link to consolidated resources for the dance?

There is no 'it', only us - and perhaps there is no us excepting as we each re-cognize our self in the desire or movement of being that is
... the willingness to begin,  
... the motive power to do and sustain, 
... the guiding consciousness to direct, 
... the appreciation of fulfilment shared.

So the idea of the 'it' is all too easily the wishful rehearsal of ideas that perhaps fish for something to line up as transaction without the  transformative process of relationship, involvement and embrace. It is sort of talking in code so as to make our now seem to be 'later' so as to attend to something else given precedence in the 'meanwhile'. 

I don't say any of this in rebuke or blame whatsoever - but simply to notice that we all know how to operate in coded ways that tend to mask or cover over facets of our self or our relationship that we sought to hide from or indeed hide in.

In order to be able to develop and link and share in such a venture we need to embody a different consciousness than the judgemental right/wrong, either/or mentality - much as our personal mythology might be predicated on it.

A process of communication, honourably engaged, has an outcome that all who are willing to share in it, can walk with. The attempt to coerce the outcome is always a denial or avoidance of communication as assertion of personal or private agenda - which is often operating unconsciously UNTIL it comes up to awareness as a dissonance of communication in relationship.

No one 'should' engage in communication or relationship of commitment, but such is life already. A true and honest accounting of what we accept as true of us and are thus committed to as the basis of our relationships is our integrity. If we persist in choosing out of alignment with our integrity, we experience disconnection and loss and thus attempt to operate from a sense of independence that we do not have - although we can assert the wish of a segratively defined sense of self and play its experience out in such a way as to believe we are as defined in the story and are not the scriptwriter.

I know that in attempting to articulate a different perspective, I become unintelligable in the same way that a non dancer can be dropped into a vocabulary of rhythm and movement and neither know what is going on, nor have any handle on it to begin to get with it - until they relax the models that simply don't fit - and be open to receive the living information, guidance or direction that does.

To give oneself wholly to what one loves or is moved or inspired to do - to the best of one' current ability -  is the key to living in any given moment. But to live this is to be willing to challenge or enquire as to how and why one actually IS choosing to squelch or limit or invalidate that which truly, is you.

Being no more and no less but exactly who we are is the condition in which all else is appreciated as it is.  The attempt to defend and maintain who one is not is no longer finding the music to support it - and thus generates conflict in order to 'survive and prevail'. 

Authenticity and integrity are not constructed or derived from external author-ity without uncovering one's own, nor asserted without due honouring of the true authority working through the willingness of others that join and link in shared purpose as the dance of life - which is not really about 'getting there' or becoming someone' so much as being this moment of unfolding as a creative act.

In Peace


Monday, 20 October 2014

Trussed in fear

Prompted my comments:

We tend to use trust for a positive value and use distrust for the lack of such value but actually one always has 100% trust - but in any given moment what exactly is it that we place our trust in? One can place trust in fearful beliefs, coercive and deceitful means, and experience the world through such lens.

One can replace a conscious relationship of negotiated settlement with a  system such as to trust the system and disregard the relationship that the system was supposed to serve - unless of course it was a deceiving attempt to introduce division so as to undermine such relationship and create market or power opportunity for a third party's hidden agenda.
By observing our behaviour we can uncover what we DO believe and choose and give trust to - regardless of what on surface we say we believe or want. "What would I have to believe true to choose to act as I do?". For we always choose toward pleasure and away from pain AS WE EACH DEFINE ourselves in relation to any given circumstance. Many choose the 'devil they know' rather than risk embracing the 'unknown'.

Our definitions are the key - for given a certain interpretation - our actions follow on automatically. Hence the politic of these 'end times' is to manipulate and manage PERCEPTIONS and thus condition the identity with a magnified framework of a negatively defined self that then seeks fulfilment, protection or escape in largely predictable and directed ways.

A fearfully defined sense of self cannot know freedom, intimacy, creativity, love, joy or peace - though it has its substitutes and will assert and defend itself 'free' - because that is what a fearfully defined sense of self does.

I haven't studied the Stalin era in detail - but I do know that several million Ukrainians were starved to death while vast amounts of grain were exported to the West in exchange for industrialisation. This sort of thing does wonders for the balance sheet…

The key to abundance is freedom from coercion, fear and guile. But coercion can define abundance in very narrow terms. Life more abundant is a phrase denoting true riches.

Coercive agenda is deeply embedded in the human condition ing, yet readily observable to even a moments curiosity. Until one can accept and establish an honesty of thought word and deed within one's own consciousness - one cannot extend it  and share a true wellbeing on any level.

So what we are giving out tends to be a masked and conflicted presentation rather than our actual presence - and thats what we draw forth. What you give out is what you get back.
A sense of lack operates as the basis for an abundance of lack. We are deceived in many ways by 'others'  but ultimately by our own thinking. 

Mechanistic thinking is a lovelessness. Alien to our true nature. But everyone has a choice as to how they define themselves to be.

True trust is an intimacy of being because it is undefended to what being is. One may be required to present unto Caesar - but gut feeling and intuition remain key guidance systems beneath the appearance of command and control. 

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery

Someone commented:
If you refuse to fight, they can always force you to...
Which is probably one of the reasons "they" like to have wars...

If you see that you are being baited to react in fear, hate or pride, do you really have to take the bait?
If your own conditioning baits you to identify in such acts, do you have to accept it as you?

If fighting is the only model you know then you will not have any other choice.

Is there any other way to resolve conflict?

There is a teaching that says persecution deepens one's faith - that is the situations that tempt one to revert to old patterns of choice become the proof that YOU HAVE changed - when you are no longer tempted and no longer deny your truth in fear's protection.

"Emancipate yourself from mental slavery - none but our self can free our minds". Sang Bob Marley - and it is so.

Caesar may be able to force his will on behaviours, but only with the result of a hollow outcome - for everyone knows a tyranny is not a free willingness - even if they feel impelled in their current definitions of their situation, to act out the role.

So yes, by setting the traps and the baits to get you to freely CHOOSE to act in the way 'they' (or your fearful self-beliefs) want you to choose, they merely have to uncover your trigger points and then set them off in a particular set of associations - perhaps without their fingerprints, if the scam is an ongoing harvest. Nothing is really really private. We give our hopes and fears away in so many ways, on so many levels.

Repentance in its true sense is not for what you DID, so much as what you believe you did. This is attested by the complete release of guilt that comes with accepting what IS you and releasing all that is NOT. If it piles on guilt it is not repentance but a scam to keep you in the dark. Maybe you don't want to wake up just yet?… then invoke a scam to keep the light out. In that sense war is a scam to keep the mind in conflict with its Source so as not to allow anything true to enter. A lie must generate war, or it would dissolve and cease to 'exist'.

Vengeance seems like justice to the one who has not uncovered their own coercive intent and act. But the saying, what goes around, comes around is true. What you give out is what you get back. Always and in all ways. One doesn't have to look for trouble to find some - but what comes to me I accept as part of my opportunity to uncover more of what is out of alignment within me - so as to correct it. I admit to you that it does not SEEM to be that way while I am identifying in falsely founded reaction that asserts itself as a defence AGAINST uncovering what is felt shameful, inadequate and unlovable in myself - and so I am targeted at WANTING TO SEE IT in others as a device to hide in.

An elitist mentality thinks it can get from others at their expense and be justified by might as the 'chosen' or 'elect'.

Self exceptionalism says "I am special - and none of you are my equal"- and it may also say "I am specially afflicted and must be protected from such monstrous cruelty!" - but beneath its masks it thinks in impotence and rage, "I am deprived and denied that which is mine by right and I will get it back from any who seem to have what I lack - and bring them down to know my rightful due.

Much of this operates under our radar or 'unconsciously' - but there are those who look within to operate in alignment with what seems to them to be power, but which uses them as it does all else to merely persist or defend against change that threatens its self-definition.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Endgame: awakening

I have come across a site called Medialens. I bookmarked it and registered to be able to interact in its Forum.
Another member posted an extract of premises from a book called 'ENDGAME' and after reading it I felt to write the following:

I'm looking around on my first visit here. Attracted to the principles in media as I am to mind-watching.

I 'come from' a background in consciousness rather than from thinking and generally blog or comment to invite and promote what I sometimes call 'consciousness responsibility'.

I appreciate the points raised but feel that our tendency as thinkers is to persist from presumptions that are believed but invisible to us and mutually reinforced as part of the human conditioning, not least by thievery definitions, (That was a typo but I recognised it serves even better than what I was intending to write), by which our particular patterning of human experience is templated upon.

I hold it is the foundation of identity in false and therefore conflicted and fearful definition, that results in unsustainable, parasitic, heart-denying, vengeance seeking, self-hating, death worshipping, etc etc etc.

However, one has to start from where one is - including where one believes one is, and while one believes one's beliefs are unchallengable fact - (and not beliefs at all). IN THIS SENSE there is no shame in where we come from when we come TO a willingness to challenge what I feel you rightly describe as an insanity.

Guilt operates as a denial and invalidation of consciousness as creative and compassionate freedom. What kind of civilisation can shine and flower WITHOUT creative freedom aligned with the Qualities of Life?  Clearly, this is what is being explored in this time - among many other strands of possibility. And part of this exploration is the transformation of consciousness from a sleeping identification within the illusion of power, to the waking responsibility within the power of illusion.

No matter how many millions seem to conform to or support certain ideas, the ideas themselves are attributes of consciousness - albeit reinforced through their cultural manifestations. And they are conflicting ideas  - generating the idea of conflict as self-definition - upon which an attempt to mitigate, or contain chaotic conflict has been invoked, summoned, applied and identified with as the unsustainable but persisting sense of structure, continuity and order, many of us take as our 'self'.

The protection can serve a function of damping the most extreme fears to allow a period or relative stability - IN WHICH LEARNING MAY OCCUR. In many ways this is like the role of parent who holds the conditions of safety and succour while the new member acquires the appropriate orientations and skills to be able to  follow their own life purpose or theme of experience and discovery.

That the guardian becomes a guard and the protection, a racket, is an accumulating fruit of the tares in the wheat - for the oppositional identity is that which denies its Source as the condition of its assertion of independent existence. This is the 'disconnecting or split off mentality that is founded on insane premix of the lie and the father of the lie - which is the WISH to be an independent private authoriser or power in one's own right.

To the mind in its addictive identification within such wish - ANYTHING that would expose its foundation is felt as a direct threat, to which it reacts with whatever defences neutralise that threat.

In short, the kind of devices and deceptions we are more readily seeing in our world, are reflecting the way our consciousness has been predicated. The moneylenders in the template are that interloping or usurping imposition of attempt to own and control that can ONLY result in fearful and life-denying limitation and depletion.

The template is not visible to the drama obsessed because they are so engaged in their own interpretive experience as it reinforces their perceived need, that they do not pause from reaction so as to allow the perspective to rise in which to discern anything clearly at all.

There is both the individual template of idea, definitions and themes, as well as the individual agreement within the collective template. For we are not as separated from each other or our world as our thinking suggests and our perceptions report back.

Willingness to pause or disinvest of the disconnecting, fear based, segregative identity of divide and rule - which operates through any and all masks or disguises, allows the restitution of our truly integrative and creative embrace of Life to undo the misalignments that express and support a self-delusional war with the Life, unrecognised - by bringing them into a true willingness and witness of communication, free of coercion.

Change the template and all that proceed THROUGH IT will reflect accordingly. But this is the very antithesis of coercion, for coercion seeks to fit or force the manifestation into a private agenda whereas noticing the mind-in-act and owning one's own choices, allows one to act FROM the truly creative level of choosing afresh, in alignment with a real relationship, now, instead of re-enacting a past in which change itself became as if the enemy and life an attempt to survive it by asserting defence offensively in attempt to prevail.

True dominion is the sovereign will that recognises itself in others and in life and the world because it embraces and knows its own thought as the shared movement of unfolding creation. When we give negative energy to what does not hold resonance and relevance to our core identity AS Life, we continue to manifest what we reject from consciousness instead of giving it disregard.

The reintegrative movement is not at war with the segregative movement. It uses everything - including the negative - to serve a positive understanding or perspective of appreciation.
Clearly this is not something we humanly DO - so much as something we allow to be done through us in such moment of noticing, pause, willingness and permission to embrace a true authority - that operates unselfconsciously via a release of the inhibition to love.

The motivation is universally toward that which we define as our Good or our pleasure or fulfilment and away from what we define as our pain or loss. The wide variation of behaviours and motivations arises from what we each - in any moment - define ourselves to be, in relation TO that moment, situation or relationship.

The reactive mechanism would be a perpetual motion but for a limit to the capacity to tolerate pain - be that apparently spiritual, mental-emotional or physically defined. Ingenuity seeks to preserve the misalignment whilst minimising the pain. Yet an honest account or owning of the pain serves the waking to the true need and the aligning to its being met.

The kind of society that arises from innate freedom rather than the search to BECOME free is different. Not least in that it unfolds out of its own movement of cooperative communion with Life instead of trying to put Humpty together again in the King's name.

There is no way to think oneself into freedom or awakening as consciousness because such thinking IS the attempt to persist within the misalignment whilst masking the symptoms. But listening and indeed speaking the movement of the heart is not thinking, so much as 'not getting in the way'.

Learning how to be consciousness as a flow of being without getting in one's own way is not an accumulation of techniques to then apply as an act of a seemingly separate will, so much as learning by doing, in which relevant information syncs with the willingness to Live, rather than accept a definition of life in which Life is denied. It is only ever THIS moment in which consciousness responsibility can be resumed/accepted and embraced as freedom at the creative level, to recognize, communicate, relate and appreciate.

What we DO proceeds automatically from what we hold true - unless we inhibit its expression, in which case we do not yet accept what we say we hold true AS true. The feelings of guilt, self-conflict and inadequacy or failure have to be 'reconfigured' to inspire curiosity as to what one is ACTUALLY believing try for such results to manifest. An innocent asking can uncover what a sophisticated and experience-conditioned mind cannot… because the former does not presume it SHOULD know, nor expect that knowing is withheld. While the latter is possessed of loss by seeking private gain.

Loneliness deconstructed

(A headline somewhere recently on loneliness being a primary cause of death in older men, 
Loneliness in Seniors Increases Chance of Premature Death and Loneliness Twice as Unhealthy as Obesity for Older People, Study Finds
prompted me to reflect from a consciousness perspective upon loneliness).

Loneliness amidst Infinite Being is an incredible achievement and a tragic experience in and of itself.
But nothing is in and of itself - save God and God is not alone being the very nature of the radiance of giving by which all this is, is, as it is - and knows itself Good.

Lonely is a sense of private unshared existence. This may seem appealing to a sense of self-specialness seeking power... but less so amidst a prodigal wasteland.

We are few of us awake as to the use to which we put our mind. Mistaking ourselves with the persona we suffer to be conditioned by our own falsely egocentric definitions and beliefs.

The baby is all wonder. The mind shuts it down to a trickle. Forgetting who we are is part of growing a human personality structure, but it may then serve as a vehicle for reintegration of a wholeness of being. Putting fear and loss and loneliness behind you.

Therefore challenge your experience - for it can shift as a result of a shift in perspective - even without any external changes. The so called leap of faith is simply the stirring of Who You Really Are (but had forgotten). It may start as a conviction that one's life, the world, is insane or meaningless, and thus one disengages from a total allegiance to 'Caesar' which opens the freedom to notice and appreciate what IS meaningful as truly shared moment truly lived in distinction to a 'world' that is DESIGNED to deny such life. But look again and see it is not the world that is mad so much as the thinking by which we 'see' such a world when we could see the same thing ENTIRELY differently.

It's all a matter of 'where we are coming from'. The saying is; 'smile and the world smiles with you'. Though others may not see it if they are not in a like quality of appreciation.
Human beings trap themselves in their own thoughts. But the way out of such a trap is to recognize that thoughts CANNOT trap or confine or define what MIND IS. Be mindful as to WHY one chooses to believe a world that denies our innate joy in existence. There is always a payoff or the choice would not be made - albeit unconsciously.

There is (infinitely) more to life. The curiosity one is born with is only covered over by distractions and disincentives. Loneliness is a deep pain from which we hide for we ARE love and to NOT be/share what we are IS pain.

Who seeks for love outside themselves believes hatred is within or they would simply rest and let it in. Love comes to those who are willing to share it.
If we define love in a framework that distorts and denies it, we receive in abundance as we have sown by the 'word' of our definition.

Choice is active within our experience. We never choose alone but always as a joining with something we are in relation to. Thoughts are powerful. The illusion of power is but vain and futile thinking - as is apparent to every naked emperor, once the innocent simply exclaims the obvious.

Don't Feed The Troll!

Abusive verbal or written behaviour can be checked FIRSTLY by establishing and maintaining a culture of honouring communication. This is the Law that aligns with Life rather than being imposed upon it. Our media and politicians do not tend to demonstrate this in general but employ or are employed by the so called 'dark arts' of persuasion which are coercive upon communication rather than entering and engaging IN it.

"Don't  fee the troll!" is the practice of responsibility FOR communication. To allow oneself to be baited into reaction is to play out a troll's agenda. The 'troll' is unwilling to actually enter into communication excepting where its agenda operates to undermine your communication.
Persistent and malicious nuisance is something that can be dealt with in exposing the identity and agenda of the perpetrator, applying disincentives of, service bans, fines and or community service. Jails are not corrective or useful excepting as a last resort. Psychiatric rehabilitation would serve a better result.

"Troll' is an internet term that once had a meaning that - whatever its appearance could have meant a meaninglessness or waste of time and energy that - once fed - consumes and interrupts a meaningful communication/relationship mutually and freely engaged.
It is simply being used as a derogatory term now - which actually FEEDS the troll - where trolling is attempted, or is USED BY the troll to interject a block to a free communication.

Off topic is not trolling in itself - but may simply be misplaced. Persistent attempt to avoid and disrupt communication through forms of apparent communication are false witness to oneself and others.

Legislating so as to COERCE and CONTROL communication is an 'attack on the very nature of our being'. The capacity TO communicate cannot be truly lost, but mechanically managed slave-mind is a TROLL upon the creative consciousness that we ARE and that we know and grow by SHARING.

Those who choose to refuse to communicate resort to force and guile in order to assert lies in place of true willing. They put themselves in 'Jail' by so doing and 'have their reward' in a fantasy that enslaves them rather than frees them.

Give as you would in truly honouring appreciation of yourself, receive. Don't feed the troll that thinks it is you or tells you who you are or how you should be. Abide in a true willingness for communication WITHIN yourself - and thus live forth from an honesty of being.

Addressing the issue is never attacking the person.
Persecution can be used to live from a more deeply self-honouring commitment rather than playing victim within a framework someone else has devised for their own blind agenda.

Responsibility FOR consciousness is LOW because the ego-persona is indulged as if it were YOU. But mistakenly identified as such it operates perpetual war - as our world is reflecting more clearly to us.
The Law is not a weapon, but a protection - when used to serve a re-alignment or correction of mistaken identity. 'Weapon-thinking' is a war-mind. Trolling is simply one facet of an intent to disrupt communication and divert attention.

Useful communicative devices are soon subverted, devalued and diluted by misuse. The deceiver is not ultimately more than an unwatched mind running out of true, under the delusion of necessity or compulsion that denies exposure TO awareness AND communication. Jesus said 'resist ye not evil' in the same way one might say do not feed the troll. But he did PUT IT BEHIND HIM!