Thursday, 8 December 2011

What would Jesus Do?

(First comment)
What Love would DO would express what love Is. Mere mimicry in self-righteous force of will is not loving.
All that we 'do' proceeds from what we think and accept true. The thinking by which man is deceived is undone by a true willingness to love. Jesus, may symbolize  and support our willingness to see love's presence and to be love's presence in place of trading in or asserting a false presence.

(Second comment)

Discern the apparent polarity of action and reaction. Step back from 'sides' or personal investments - and listen in the heart for wisdom, in peace. Trust what comes from such a wholeness, be unafraid and don't worry. (or subscribe to any thinking that undermines the 100% of its wholeness). The Spirit of our Source is One. A mind may be legion - but only by fighting its shadow. Are you tired yet?

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