Thursday, 30 May 2013

Man-made catastrophe?

Change is a function of Consciousness.

Consciousness is thought to be a mind in a body in a world. But much of what we call 'conscious' is actually a kind of unconsciousness in self-validating distraction from the Instant of Existence - that cannot BE encapsulated by thought.

No one has control over Consciousness, yet the wish to be 'as if' in control is the very predicate of what purports to be an independent conscious self - among other selfs, in a material universe of time and space, in consensual agreement to separate.

I feel fundamental change is in fact the disintegration of a 'consciousness' of control. We are obliged to either accept that our 'control' is not effective or existing, or merely intensify the attempt to control.

The essential aspect that I reject in the consideration of climate change, is that of guilt and fear-driven agendas. This 'religion' is fundamental to the 'consciousness' of control or coercive will, and is the urge to 'survive' or prevail as an independent 'consciousness'.
The shift I see occurring is so fundamental as to be below the radar of the 'consciousness' that believes itself to be self-existing. Yet when the ground moves beneath our feet, we have NO power to change excepting to recognize the error and futility of the attempt to prevail over Life and thus yield into what is in effect our true or greater Being or Self.

This will still look like taking action or indeed desisting from reaction, but will carry a different tone and quality, for it is not of the 'mind' of fear and guilt, but is an expression of the love of wholeness.

Pausing and quieting the mind, is the way to uncover a discernment of wisdom. Not as a personal leverage or possession or status - but of a true helpfulness received and extended.

The fear and guilt operates as if it were a defensive protection. But it is a mistake in identification being protected from correction.

Earth changes are part of a shift. There are those who party on to the very last minute - but in the dawn, the night-games fade. No one here (in terms of the sense of independent entities) survives. Yet there is That which is truly Alive or Present beneath all overlay of personal or cultural illusion.

Wake up OR 'party on'. The perspective of the latter hates and fears the light, yet within the perspective of the light, the 'game' of fear, guilt and a private authoritative control, is seen as a nonsense which  blinds the mind from its true appreciation and function.

Our human world is bloated with nonsense from which we seem unable to escape or even address. Walking out of the allegiance to the old habit is the willingness to be found in a better one. Common sense is  a working model that can be replaced with a deeper or greater perspective. It makes sense to care for our world, each other and our selves. But is our thinking actually an expression of such caring? - or is it a mask for a rapacious and predatory intent at the expense of the 'other'. (A mask we 'love' to project upon the 'other').

To let go of an identification with thinking is to open a perspective of awareness of it - and thus be able to wake up or see what it is we do without knowing we do it. Forgiveness of ourself, also releases others.

The attempt to avoid reality leads to crazy substitutions - as if the 'world' can be investigated and defined and controlled as a way of denying the consciousness that dictates or programs all our perceptions and conceptions.

The level of thinking is largely lost to the propaganda of the mind at war with itself. I write in a willingness to witness - not to persuade.

The like-willingness of listening is no less freely available. But the mind that dictates what you are allowed to think or open to consider is not your friend.

(This was written into Tim Yeo: humans may not be to blame for global warming).