Thursday, 18 August 2016

Media Hate

Guardian: “yes media is weighted against Trump” because he’s “rubbish”

Psychosis and coercive medicine

Do doctors rely too much on drugs to treat mental health problems?

If anyone is interested in something I find addresses this issue very positively it is the 'open dialogue therapy' - and a youtube search brings various results.

On the other side of the spectrum I also see that the cultural narrative of 'western developed nations' - and hence globalism - has been corrupted by corporate cartels of financial and energy monopoly - who have used their considerable influence to shape and control the narratives within which we think, live, work - and do science. The linkage between the corporately captured or controlled state regulatory system and the official medical models that are thereby protected against other perspectives that are seen as rival or threat to the revenue stream and societal control, is whitewashed, airbrushed and protected by all the psychological defences that can be looked up online and recognized as part of the human personality structure. Systematized and deliberate insanity operates a trojan deceit through many who believe what their education has instilled in them as true. But the inclination to believe it is targeted just as advertizers and politicians target specific fear seeking protection, or indeed desires for self-specialness. Yet it is more 'disturbing' to uncover a false narrative than to conform within its dictate - hence evasion is also targeted heavily with a wide range of 'medications'.

I also appreciated reading 'Anatomy of an Epidemic'. Our 'defences' do the thing they claim to protect from - and become entrapments to 'perpetual war' management. If fear is too great then of course consider way to make a space in which some degree of self-responsibility can be recognized and grown - and drugs can be part of this.

Meanwhile the list of disorders grows and whatever life remains is medicalized, marketized or weaponized - all for our protection of course. Look up 'open dialogue'.

Hate as poison bait into false currency

I wrote the following in response to an example of hate-speech within the various comments under this article on media bias or lack of journalistic integrity. In itself it would not warrant reply but in a forum where a willingness of communication occurs - I felt to address it:

The venting of hate may give a sense of personal satisfaction - but at what cost?
Apart from feeding rage of a blind destructive denial of life - it poisons the possibility of communication - for hate does not enter into or open to communication - as it 'already knows' what its grievance dictates as wholly justified and therefore asserted as 'true'.

If offguardian comments becomes a hate-fest then anyone coming in will be coloured by the sense of its readership - and as such hate posting is a kind of trolling that amplifies noise to obfuscate the signal - whether by design or by personal reaction.

Any communication about the nature of a perceived deceitful or hateful influence on corporate, political and other key social institutions cannot be discussed without eliciting hate-reaction that then blocks further communication while feeding the very thing it purports to be 'against'. For hateful intent of 'enemy' is needed to maintain a collective identity under threat. But more than this it also triggers guilt and aversion in those who find themselves associating in it as part of questioning or discovering a clearer sense of the situation - for while those engaged in vendetta feel justified in hate - those who desire to uncover truth tend to hate encountering hatred and feel invalidated by any seeming association with it.

Hate, fear and guilt operate a shadow 'power' of a wolf in disguise or a 'hidden agenda' beneath seeming to care. Political 'identities' are no different from any other identity construct and operate the same patterns of psychological defence as are vilified or considered pathological in extremis - but socially invisible in their more general tacit agreements.

The presentation of persona that The Guardian and others demonstrate is a targeted appeal to an 'identity' - where that identity is no longer associated with its original formative movement - such as speaking truth to power and social justice - not least because the penalty for openly doing so is feared.

When someone DOES come out in a simple but steadfast willingness for true accounting - such as Jeremy Corbyn - their own revealed self-hatred will be aimed at him - because he is illuminating something true by which a lie is revealed a lie - and this is fearful and threatening to a sense of surviving, managing or controlling their lives. They may believe the lie is a necessary evil in terms of a larger 'good' - such as their political 'identity' getting into 'power' on some terms of token gains or lesser evil, rather than being persecuted and powerless in an open honest communication.

I note that I cannot make another's choice for them - and that nor really can I judge another from a place of perfection - excepting perhaps in the sense that my life offers a perfect 'education' of self-knowledge and so therefore can I accept that others also learn by the outcomes of their choices as I do - if not always immediately or without significant suffering.

Perhaps I have chosen to respond to you in error - as your proclivity to deny the humanity of others is so persistently voiced - but I feel a sense of betrayal is beneath 'giving like for like' - and is then also harnessed and directed by manipulators who get others to do their dirty work while retaining plausible deniability.

But who manipulates but that they get a sense of power or identity-reinforcement from the lie? And what can this mean except they have fear of loss of power or identity? Hating others will validate and 'prove' their identity in denial and defence. Joining in hate will make a lie of joining without any genuine trust or intimacy occurring - and that lie will provide 'identity' in lie as long as the hate can be maintained through the willing sacrifice of joy in life to appeasement of self-denial or vendetta of self-righteous hate as 'power'.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Honesty of being

'Truthiness' and the death of empathy: When truth becomes disposable we are endangered beyond measure
Archbishop Richard Clarke
The Irish Times

My comment:

Only insanity rises from dishonesty of self - a fragmented dissociation in which illusions of true and false masking the wanted and the feared or hated - relative to self image, battle with themselves in disregard of and diversion from the recognition of true. If you don't want the fruits - do not focus there - excepting to break the spell of a negative fascination. See it as it is - and not as it frames itself - and you - to be.

Self-illusion or 'concept-image' accepted in place of true being, becomes a distorting lens and filter through which all else is mistakenly framed or judged so as to reinforce, justify or validate the self-concept or self-narrative.

Acceptance and extension of true worth is not the attempt to 'become' worthy or to assert primacy at expense of others. It is simply honest acceptance of and alignment in true and a release or letting go of false.

False identity in thought brings feelings and experience of conflict, pain and loss - and rage, fear and guilt arising as a result. But regardless of what we feel, THAT we feel, is a core quality of awareness by which to experience and know the fruits of our thought and deed. Conflicted thought, fruits a painful sense of denial and disconnection, yet hides within the protected sense of identity. We do not recognize our own part in attracting or interpreting outcomes to reinforce an already scripted sense of self.

I cannot feel your pain - but I can feel a like resonance within my own being when with another in pain, and abiding with, as compassion of accepting embrace for my own, extends that quality of presence to you - to your free desire and willingness to receive it - not really from 'me' but from the recognition that is your resonance to the communication coming through me. Compassion is truly love.

But sympathy operates destructively in the 'name of love' to confirm another in their pain or limitation by joining in it's validation and projecting a 'victim' sense of invalidity rather than joining in shared willingness for healing, joy or sanity of true perspective.

Basically judging others, embodies loveless intent - even when seeming kind - whereas the relinquishment of the seeming power or right to judge another, allows the recognition of truth in them to open your appreciation and gratitude for them.

The idea of compassion is of knowing thyself rather than throwing the first stone. Look first within - not in self-blame - but in willingness to be shown what is true, rather than persist in asserting a false sense of self-protection at expense of true.

Because the nightmare is revealing itself truly insane, are we called to wake first to that it is not self-protection hate and blame and scapegoat - but self-delusion. And the honesty to our experience of conflicted fear and guilt wakes the direct and unequivocal need for healing. Such need to know is a true desire and not a self-conceit. A true receptivity of listening and feeling in place of self-assertive thinking.

A split off or hidden and denied sense of thinking has 'made' a complex distortion by which the true is obscure and so thinking is not the basis for understanding or revealing its own false premise. But the willingness to recognize another in and as the love that is your self forgot - undoes the impossibly complex entanglement... at the root.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Zero interest in Truth!

On Off-guardian's site I met
VIDEO: The curious incident of the polonium in the nightclub – UPDATED
and in the comments I met:
leruscino stating:

UK has zero interest in the truth !

and I replied:

IF the truth does not support who you are invested in being and becoming - or reality as you conceive and believe it/you to be, then you will frame truth in ways that only allow inside insiders to know or speak it - with other insiders or in secret within your hidden thought - because without that 'framing' others cannot and will not 'understand it' and it will therefore have hateful or destructive outcome to your sense of self/reality.

The framing is a narrative set of definitions we might call  our 'mind' - by which to make a false reality seem self-evident, but is more like a personal sense of power and control over our consciousness - which includes intuition, feeling and sensation, as well as imagination and thought. All facets of consciousness are integral to and will reintegrate - given freedom to align in unified purpose or joy - which is inherent to Life rather than overlaid upon it as meanings of a mind apart.

This sense of coercive power then operates in relation - in the world of relations - along the same lines as in our 'conditioned' consciousness - as manipulative and coercive - based upon a foundation in deceit - for there IS no capacity to separate from consciousness in order to be a 'different' or 'other' power acting upon it - in truth. But in the imagination and wish of such a power, is true power of desire and intention given to setting up and having the experience and exploration of a personal sense of segregative consciousness - whose asserted identity implicitly conflicts with truth and therefore denies awareness of truth, to have it's experience or fulfilment of an idea.
Whereas true fulfilment is fruited in joy, the experience of successful fragmentation results in a sense of lack, struggle and pain that never actually arrives at victory - excepting as a wished for outcome that seems sometimes closer or possible - like a carrot just out of reach - while pain makes the present into something to escape, get away from or successfully cover over with distraction. I describe a negative loop that is being touted as 'perpetual war' - and this is seen as the basis for our economy and our nature and our 'survival' - because the framing of mind has become our identity and thus the dictate of our 'survival' in an exclusive and unshared or private and agenda of power. But this 'power' operates against Life - as can be readily seen and recognized by any who calm enough to see and feel.
Waking within a nightmare is waking to the need to wake from it. To put down or desist from using or unsubscribe from employing the 'mind' that frames Life lovelessly - or shall I simply say hatefully - but masked in terms that seem 'justified'.
Until a fundamental acceptance of self, frees us from its conflicted assertion within and against itself - truth abides unrecognized and our true desire unfruited and unfulfilled amidst a sense of Life denied. Seemingly by Them, by Others and by a failure of Life to support our envisioned power to make in our own image and thus seem 'unworthy and inadequate' and indeed hateful. But the first act of hatred and denial is self-judging and self hating and all else simply finds leverage through this division that tries then to rule out rather than feel and hold the balance within a wholeness of being.

Until there is a shift of recognition the interest in truth is in ensuring its denial, distortion or subversion to serve 'survival' in framed terms. And the mind is busily engaged in 'finding' and asserting its 'truth' with the force of the survival fears and 'notional security dictates' that are running undercurrent and 'projecting out' through false narrative as a kind of contagion of fear.

True context is part of true 'facts' and any framing will introduce some distortions to that which truly lives and knows itself being. If hate denies the heart - then truth can only be cold and unfeeling. The truth is that hate will corrupt us if given power to operate in and as our name. Under the rage and the hate is hurt and loss of - or sense of denied - love and Life.

If opening to truth includes re-opening rage, hate and hurt to expression - where is the way to hold this from 'self and other - or world - destruction' while it finds a deeper acceptance in place of denial? For the true of who we are needs acceptance - not hate and blame and denial. Not from the outside in - as some permission to hurt - but from the inside out - as a re-cognition or uncovered perspective from which to live truly and truly live - or at least take a good step forth that leads to a greater willingness.

Truth is not just data with which to convict and punish or deny - it is a living and freeing recognition - and thus not available to a mind engaged in its own spin.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Fantasy self-destruction

Online porn: Leading NHS doctor blames easy access to pornography for men's sexual health problems
Easy access to porn has reduced young men's ability to be sexually aroused in real-life settings.
By Léa Surugue

Judging v Discernment

The Science of Why Humans Constantly Compare Themselves to Others
Waking Times

My comment:

Sometimes called the reptillian brain, this primitive layer of seeing everything exclusively in terms of threat or asset, to a sense of self-survival - is part of a consciousness device by which to maintain focus in the physical experience - but is not designed nor capable of the role of control and identity that it has been assigned and accepted as.

Separation trauma give rise to the fragmentation and fixity of the experience within density, contraction and conflict that is associated with Terra - and which tend to operate the denial of the subtler range of experience in persistence of our separation script.

When you have forgotten who and what you are - you are compelled to seek identity in forms of differentiation - principally away from what you fear to be or even fear that your being is in some sense invalid, unreal, threatened and without true place of acceptance and participation or belonging.
And so a fear based identity seeks power to survive and grow power against threat - but also to justify itself in 'loving' terms. Or at least in terms of an acceptability of validation and reinforcement.

The eyes can be used to extend blessing or worth that is then recognizable in some aspect of your world or relationship. They can also be used to gather data and indeed ammunition for the purpose of manipulation and control. The priority of focus is the key - for what belongs temporarily in a subconscious routine for the purpose of a protective response relative to sudden un-anticipated events - belongs only in such eventuality and not as replacement for the living quality of focus that is an active focus of desire and attention.

While consciousness has scripted its patterning in physical terms - the creative remains the level at which definitions are accepted, identified in and believed or validated by acting out. This conditioning has non physical and physical parts - but here in 'waking times' I feel to put a clear priority in the active purpose rather than pretend the power is in the 'persona' or the personification of a world seen through the lens of conflicted self - that reflects and reinforces such sense of self while believing itself objective or neutral.

The command and control mentality is evidenced in the scientific mindset but in the manner of a trojan or hidden agenda beneath or behind the worshipped narrative 'truths'. Narrative because until we wake up to the script that is running - we operate out from and in survival and persistence as and assertion of self - rather than a recognition , reception and extension of self. The assertion of identity becomes second nature as part of joining the human family and world - but then replaces and denies first nature - which is the desire and joy of recognition, discovery and sharing in existence, through the exploration and magnification of what we feel moved to bring focus and attention to.
Learning to fit a box ends up in a coffin if we do not also learn to re-frame in fresh perspectives that align with who we truly feel and know - are moved - to recognize ourselves in.
To merely adapt to run in programmed obedience and conformity to a framing dictate is not Hu Man. The willingness to operate a golem is the invitation to be used by those who want the power you are seeking to get rid of - because you believe that self-limitation is a protective mask - which has become a prohibiting identity. The body-brain is a limiting filtering device and has subtler levels of unfoldment and therefore transformative awakening from arbitrary or out-of-date- limitations.

Discernment is not outer comparison - but a checking of anything with the true of you so as to embrace all that is true and release or put behind all that is not you. That which is part of you but not part of your active willingness or purpose is not demonized or rejected - but simply not chosen now. When the trigger for hate is recognized as bait and not chosen now - and not chosen now - as a new habit of self-worth, then you are 'talking' to your subconscious in act and deed - which is the only language it accepts. Don't give power to an old pattern when it was the thought that set the act that then conditioned the pattern which then persisted until you changed your mind and acted from the recognition of worth or value revealed. Nor think that you can 'think' such patterns away and assert a freedom of self that you have not grounded in act.

If you notice you are comparing - look to what is running and check for whether you are coming from a self-honouring place. For if you are not - it cannot align a true honouring of others or of Life - and your reflection will reinforce a distortion of others and Life as part of 'surviving' in loveless terms.

Active Purpose

What Does the EU Stand for: Globalization or Universalism?
by William Hawes, Global Research

My Comment:

Conflicting narratives as to what what something is, are ways of obscuring what it is being used for.

No matter what the 'FORM' suggests or is associated with being - its use or purpose is the determining factor of what it is as a 'communication'.

A predatory intent may operate through 'Trojan' ploy' - where ideas or forms of a seeming 'good' or seeming protection from a believed 'bad' - seduce the unwary or indeed bolster and reinforce the desire to operate a private predatory power agenda over others - or indeed upon one's own consciousness.

Discerning true from false depends on first accepting a self-honesty as to the purpose that is active in our own thought, word and deed - rather than persist a controlled narrative by which to both hide from and hide in - a false sense of self. A sense of self that is inherently conflicted and demanding of deceit and coercion as its 'survival'.

Joining in free willingness for what we truly value arises from the recognition-release of the false. When one is no longer bound up in false narrative assertions, the felt quality of Life restores an innate sense of purpose and alignment in joy - following and growing in what truly resonates with who you - at heart, or honestly, feel yourself to be, by acting on it in whatever ways are available.

We each and all establish currency by acceptance and extension of value, and we create culture by embodying such value in act. Living out-from a negative sense of worth can ONLY operate an undermining and self-denying outcome regardless the positive spin of attempting to generate or assert a positive face over a feared or hated sense of self. life and other.

A true positive is an integrative movement of being that arises naturally from felt unconditional acceptance and opens perspective rather than framing and asserting a narrative in terms of fear and loss.

Global communication is serving and being subverted by the attempt to dominate, control and deny. We easily 'see' this motive in others - and in this context in 'globalist' cartels, but are slow to recognize it in our self - not least because a blame and guilt reaction operates to prevent a simple curiosity from uncovering a nonsense to recognize and release identification and allegiance in.

Watching and growing responsibility unto our own experience for what we think, feel, think or perceive, say and do is not and EXTRA burden of activity - but the natural result of releasing a false investment in death and taxes - for the fear of death or loss is extremely taxing on our capacity to receive and embody Life - as a felt quality of aware existence - rather than a narrative matrix of self-protective power.

If we come from an unexamined 'life' we may well run as conditioned reaction in which love lost, abandoned, rejected or betrayed becomes a hateful sense of self, life and others, but masked in forms that seek validation or vengeance as if to regain what is lost by our own power... and by sowing division and doubt in the minds of others as to their power.
If this is what you accept or choose as the purpose of your life then you recognize powerlessness is driving you and not power. True power does not need to use coercion and deceit, nor  can it 'communicate' in such terms - though a desire to deceive or assert the untrue, will experience Life as rejecting and un-supportive, and seek to assert itself to overcome the sense of opposition and self doubt or division it reflects.

Darkness of deceit and false witness

don’t mention Gladio… - an off-guardian article on false-flag terrorism.

My comment:

I hold there is a natural correspondence of co-creational synchronicity in shared purpose. Which may include conscious elements, including turning a blind eye to 'let things happen' or even take part in enabling them to occur through compartmentalised chain of plausible deniability- and of course opportunistically exploiting anything that occurs for a narrative control that can grow to 'run itself' once the story becomes accepted currency.

Thus many who act out are set up and run for other's agenda while believing their own.

If the 'darkness' of fear and division is the only condition in which deceit can operate - and by which hate as projected force of rage or terror and destruction can be "justified" - then all parties who believe they get something from darkness - or have something in darkness that they fear to lose, will defend it against the light of open and honest communication. Hence truth is the first casualty of war - because deceit must be presented, asserted and defended - often in complex patterns - so as to protect from an exposure in which one's own terror, rage, shame, or heartbreak is then out in the open - rather than running undercurrent to a pretence that has to be imposed and denied and defended.

In our times I see at once a complexity of 'reality control' available by nature of technical reach - and at the same time such a lack of ability or willingness to operate without a visible trail of mistakes or give-aways of impossibility or in-congruency. This itself could be seen as another layer of terrorism upon the mind's ability to trust its own basic logic and discernment so as to accept the terror narrative regardless of evidences to other narratives - and this is not just a momentary false flag ruse but ongoing mind-control.

From a perspective of awakening - everything serves the purpose that is given it - and so the acts of deceit operating a terror narrative reveal the nature of the ruse of mind control as it operates in our own consciousness. For the seeming separation from consciousness as a condition of fear and division, calling on a forcefully imposed narrative to assert and enforce control - is part of our own hidden but false foundation by which to engage in the struggle of power within and as separated sense of self. This could be  - and is called - the human condition, but it is really a conditioning.

We all know in at least some part of our life, the quality and capacity of life to flow and know itself as a presence or of balance within a sense of aligned or focused willingness. Our descriptions may use symbols differently - but the core recognition is unmistakeable - but then lost or covered over by the resumption of conditioned reactions - that become reinforced thereby.

We all have separation trauma and scripts arising or persisting there from - and are tending to be defended against anything that threatens such sense of self-separate sense of 'protection' and assertion of 'power' . But the fact is that these devices operate the very thing we say we don't want, and in more ways than we can recognize within our narrative identity, we meet our own reflections and hurt our self over and over, unknowing - although self-hatred does have a conscious trace  as does the desire to 'escape it' by turning it upon your world.

Self-hatred is where you can awaken to the perpetrator and victim both - yet kept divided and apart so as not to recognize or accept the true of you - but instead thoughts and feelings and physical manifestations of guilt, blame, judgement and hatred that rages and denies itself both. A fragmentation of consciousness in which identity is given to a false sense of self-assertive survival by which power is framed externally - or 'given away' to defined externalities that seek and find reinforcement. But the act of assigning power to something is not in fact the act of powerlessness - and more than the permission of an externality truly confers power. The power of the mind creates our experience of our self and world. If we attempt to exploit this deceitfully and coercively we meet an experience and world of deceit and coercion - and if terror is the device by which to believe we have and are such a power - then that is the god of our choosing - while we live out-from such a desire.

I see that we all participate in the world we 'create' for ourselves and collectively and I attempt to link to awakened insight and responsibility and not to an unbearable burden of intolerable hate and blame. Yet I hold such a burden is already active - but hidden - and its correction or undoing cannot occur while investing exclusively in hating and blaming the other - and warring to deny the hated and blamed. A willingness for communication rises from the utter futility of war - of any kind on any level - but note that standing in one's integrity is not itself struggle so much as focussing with a felt and true willingness. How to know if you are in or undermining your own integrity? True founded or deceived? If you truly desire to know, you will recognize and grow trust in your own discernments and reflected experience. Honesty of self is not a strategy so much as abandonment or relinquishment of self-serving strategies and masks in favour of feeling for a way of honouring communication - especially within the hateful or fearful triggers to reaction. If we simply allow ourself to be triggered by our hate and fear - then we give hate and fear the power to run our life and our world - even through the attempt to operate anti-hate and anti-fear. True choice is accepted within a recognition of an integrative movement of our being - and not a framing of choices in terms of feared or hated outcomes - all of which operate to deny any real choice.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Watch out for hate-driven deceits

Acknowledging My Own Racism in the Era of Trump

My comment:

Self-hate, denied fears and denied denials manifest in all sorts of reflections.
That then reinforce themselves as a triggered 'identity'.

Our true identity is not really manufactured but arises within a relational experience.
But the masking persona asserts an identity made upon someone else's loss or in projection of lack or invalidity onto the Other. A loveless sense of such a self uses hate and fear objects to justify and validate itself - as if to protect and thus 'love' itself.

It also uses the hate and fear of owning up to hate and fear feelings and acts as a basis to make narratives of collective reinforcement for collective 'identity'.

If a description of a mechanism becomes a HATE term for personal agenda - such as 'racist' - then such an invested persona diverts and blocks further curiosity or illumination of what is actually operating in place of a recognition and acceptance.

The investment in persona and personified 'reality' is the apportioning and validating of BLAME - by which to invalidate Other and hide a sense of self righteous in the judge.

Humanity has a deep self-hatred that inevitably projects to reflect a hateful sense of existence - and the layers of self that are made to mask and cover this hatred are defended as if our very self. But they operate divisively and towards a fragmented and segregative sense of self.

When we meet that which we hate or have masked feelings of hate toward - we are in touch with aspects of self that are beneath or in some sense upstream of the persona.

The attempt to eradicate or overcome hated or feared 'evil' in oneself is the very means to fix it and keep it as  the unconscious lens through which to seek a PERSONAL validation.

Jesus warned against this - but once self righteous blame is invited in and used as 'power' - a reversal operates in consciousness that defends itself against exposure - in your name.