Saturday, 26 March 2016

The Persecution of Heretics - Easter 2016

I have been appreciating Dr David Healy's witness and perspective among others giving voice for sanity regarding an insane drug-coercion based psychiatric model - embedded in the power of the State -  that is actively making society deeply and profoundly sick in mind and body in guise of a false kindness.

One of many videos available was this one at The Persecution of Heretics

I felt to put this comment to the site comments - and here too.

The underlying pattern here is of mis-identification of investment in self-concept.

This is very exacting to bring to light because the nature of self automatically defend its foundational beliefs as survival instinct. When something out-of-true is entangled and co-fused with the foundations from which a sense of self - of legitimacy and power - arises, then to try to remove or address it is felt by such invested identity as akin to threatening to bring down the whole.

"Too big to fail" - because the belief that is recycled as a highly charged emotional imprint of fear - even terror - is that the necessary 'evil' must be the lesser evil over and against the fear of exposure in, loss of power amidst overwhelm - that includes shame exposed to rage, weakness that can never be owned or shown - amidst the conviction of a sense of hostility, denial or lack of acceptance for your existence.

The parable of the tares amidst the wheat indicates that they are to be separated at 'harvest' - as the damage to the life-sustaining crop is too great while they both grow together. What is the harvest but the acceptance and witnessing of the true as a wholeness of being - by which a conflicted sense of self is released or indeed 'put behind'.

To find unwillingness within ourself to align with or support and recycle hate and lies under guise of kindness and help is not a result or achievement of a system of moral coercion - but an honesty of being that is wholly worthy of embrace - despite the social or cultural context by which one will largely be perceived as the exposure that must be marked out to be hated, reviled and invalidated or criminalised and perhaps even crucified - in one form or another.

Persecution baits reaction by which to be lured back into hate as the dominant 'power' behind the mask - in the form of self-righteous outrage that takes justification in hating from perceived evil in the other.

This is talking about the foundations of human consciousness as we have been living it for millennia.

The issues David Healy brings witness to, are just a facet of a global loss of truly felt consciousness to the lie of a power that is destructive to us - yet we suckle on and align with it as if it is our protection and our very life. That there are agencies and personalities of expression of dis-integrity is evident - but if one stops at the level of form, then even a seeming victory will at best be a shifting of form with some limited sense being sacrificed to buy off true witness for a resumption of business as usual. Dead prophets are easily incorporated into the script of a directed narrative that dictates what is acceptable and demands allegiance and conformity - as a sense of self that must seek and 'find' validations anywhere but where truth is shared.

Insofar as I share appreciation - indeed love of truth - I open to and extend a shared worth of humanity that is not at war within itself.

Is true humanity a struggle to be born? - or a bearing through all sense of struggle to a focus and willingness for an unconditional acceptance or embrace of what is - as it is - rather than the insane attempt to defend our model against overwhelming contradiction.

The freedom of not knowing is a pure receptivity - without the baggage of the past - but in a freedom to appreciate all things in a new light.
This is written on Easter Saturday. I feel an Easter message in what I bring willingness to say here. But the focus is not on the thought that knows not what it does - because it fears to know its true purpose openly. Look not through such a lens.

It can seem that the demands of relational responsibility disappear by denying and ignoring them - to then be without any contradiction and thus be 'right and might in a purely private psychic light'. But the call to relationship is the call to Life - distorted through the veil of loveless thought to seem only an unworthy and unwanted disturbance.

Beware attacking and denying the symptoms - without which you would not even know an out-of-true is calling attention present - and without which you would not be able to be reached and reintegrated to your sanity and wholeness of being.

Without the willing extension of worth - we can not have and be it, and Life is in a sense flattened to a form of data that cannot Feel by an intensity of denial of feeling that it cannot break out from without a truly loving invitation to come in. But why would a hateful intent to exclude Life be made welcome once its true nature is revealed?

The choice to embrace Life on Earth is not apparent in the form of the temptation to hide in the 'power' of hiding. I do not advise 'coming out' in any way that is not your true and grounded willingness' but I do write toward the checking in with what we are in fact giving willingness to...  as our responsibility within a love of freedom and a freedom to love.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Conditioning and Free Willing

 “ISIS attacked Brussels? The US created ISIS? Therefore?”

I notice that a war on Is operates a false narrative. That Is Is is undeniable but the false association of Is with something that is NOT - allows the idea of opposition to deny Is Is while believing it is denying that which denies Is.

That was a meandering prelude in wordplay to this writing on the nature of a split-screen reality and the loss of traction for fixation in its framework:

If the economic union of EU was expected and intended to result in a chaos - that would then coerce a political union - and consolidation of power in a technocracy wielded by shadow power, then perhaps the martial law raised around a 'Gladio-2' - and the weaponising of forced migration all 'make sense' to breakdown as a prelude to the open dictate of NWdO. Whatever 'plans' or confusions are afoot - the destabilising of Everything is unfolding as events within which we each choose our own perspective. Or sacrifice the power to choose to loveless image.

The lust for power, the fear of chaos that calls on 'control', the increase in latent disorder as a result of 'controlling', all polarize the many into a tighter knot of frightened fish for predators to feast upon. The use of terror to trigger imprinting and effectively 'control' goes back to primal imprinting before thought grew to establish consciousness.

It also triggers rage into breaking out that was also - like terror - heavily suppressed beneath a 'control' consciousness. Rage is a lust for power for it hates what is - as far as its sense of burned out receptivity allows any sense of relationship to Life to connect to anything present - and seeks to remake it in its own image - which is an image of hatred born of terror.

The rage-driven align under cold 'power' to deny their terror to awareness, and the terror-imprinted hide from power by guilt-inhibiting rage from moving. Rage given to hate operates as a denial of movement of Will - excepting to lure it to be killed or subverted to a will-less-ness of power devoid of feeling Life.

Refusing to give power to hate allows feeling to move without being channelled or triggered into hateful act. Only in feelings moving can we reclaim our Life from a power trip that splits consciousness from a natural awareness into a 'control-mentality' that seeks power upon the sacrifice of its own Life. Fear is an evacuating movement - finding ways to stay in a willingness for heart - evacuates what is hateful. Guilt is hateful - but without feeling-awareness of its device, guilt will direct your thinking as if your protector. It protects only itself from exposure through conflict that shuts down your capacity to be still and know - to true receptivity and expression.

It is I that is transformed by stepping out from ancient conditionings - and that I is of a perspective that is not set in terror by rage - to replicate its pattern over and over again. I have no 'control' over Life but I have relational communication within it through an inner honesty and openness of feeling awareness that I now know not to deny, dismiss, invalidate or rationally redefine as 'dominion over'. For what we embody reflects back at us - and the attempt to force reality is to invite insanity to take its place.

When it came out, I watched 24 - Series 1 for a few episodes - but when the same plot was recycled and the only point of it was to induce anxiety-fixated attention disorder! So I simply left a split screen story and got my Day back. Perhaps it isn't the 'end of the world' so much as the end of any capacity or interest in following an insanity framed at expense of living this Day - in Its own terms - that is as unfolds out of a natural inclination to an integrated sense of being - in which feeling and knowing are a depth and richness of communication rather than artificially contrived to block or screen off such relationship in narrative diversion.

Perhaps there are those who want to take it deeper into darkness - but if they represent a choice that is not mine then they serve a clarity in my own. Reading symbolically is part of recognizing your own creative imagination - but this can be well hidden in a split-screen presentation in which you seem to be but one of the characters in one of the frames and not the versions of everyone else that you also made when you called up your 'self' to save you from what you did not recognize and so denied acceptance of.

Looking Within - is really simply the allowing of Presence to notice - rather than fixating away in split-screen 'control' sufferance. For the justifiction of hate is the entry ticket to the 'separation' experience. However, the experience of crucifiction is as real as the hatred of the thoughts that know not what they do - regardless WHAT they seem to do. Are there rogue 'thoughts' in your mind that have power over your willingness to accept them? Are these 'compulsions' running on power you gave them un-knowing? Was a desire to explore a sense of power not part of calling forth such framework within which to have the experience - and maintain its reinforcement and continuity as a rich and dense feeling of reality?

I am aware we are on the cusp of Easter. Don't let a Good Story go to waste on anyone else's narrative interpretation - when you have your own Native Imagination aligned exquisitely to the core signature vibrational presence of your being.

The idea of death can be seen from many perspectives in a split-screen world - but it can also serve a shift of perspective while embodied in the focus of physical experience. If illusions don't kill you then it is the illusions that have to fall away. All illusions are imaginable and experiencable at some level - but only those that align with your true being can be freely engaged in without oppositional distortions in which attack and disconnection take on malevolence and fear in misidentified guilt.

The Mind is Projector regardless what is given focus. To be awake is to be on purpose. The world of split-screen reality is designed to help you forget your purpose in conflicted self. To forget your self in conflicted purpose. When the cause and effect are not two - you know your fulfilment as the very movement of communication within relationship. To look for fulfilment in the never never is to overlook it in the Now. How does this moment embody an unfolding fulfilment? Maybe start off by not hating and denying it the right to be here as a reflection or feedback that can be read in different ways than a fixed judgement asserts and insists. Why do we hate ourself above all else - but hide it so craftily? Because it once served a purpose that is not alive in me now. To release from service is not the same as hatred and denial.

You can imagine a different future from the imprinting of the past - though the same pattern can mutate endlessly as if 'you' can escape a while, or win awhile. Instead of a fleeting moment in which presence can never unfold and flower, but to be sacrificed to a past imprinting a future like itself. Wake to presence in which the re-cycle of hate can be truly felt. Vengeance is not healing. Beware of the seduction of a false investment.

Only the 'switching' of operating systems will constitute the change of heart in which the disconnecting mind finds no support. And as long as one looks OUT and believes what he or she sees - and says "It will never happen" - indeed Thy Will Is done - but you cannot know it is your Will while hating, denying and masking it in fearful symbol to which you kneel in terror or rage at in impotence.

Spring sounds through the open window - human sounds of activity amidst the calls of birds all somehow carrying the feeling of this particular light - indoors I hear a bath running - a sense of tuning out of this sharing and into the unfolding of this day. Sharing doesn't stop when the focus shifts perspective - but if the mind locks into false association, it identifies defined conditions as the reality - rather than as the vehicle of its communication. It looks for the 'past' and cannot feel what is presencing Itself ever anew.

Seek you first?

The Daily Bell is a 'libertarian' investment news commentary site that attracts thoughtful or considered commentators - albeit with a tendency to blame the state for everything and identify in ideas about an ideal of freedom. This article questioned whether Trump is in fact a 'controlled opposition'. I may have written other comments in about Trump and power games - but in this I picked up on the last concluding summary of their 'advice' relative to such times as are painted so dramatically:

Quote:// Conclusion: Conserve your energy and husband your resources. Advance your personal goals and improve your professional
circumstances. Look to yourself first and the larger system second, if
at all.//

This at first seemed reasonable - even wise and kindly - but is it not the very predicate of the problem; the philosophy of elitism?

It can be read as "hold back on moving with or deny what moves you, and hold onto your private stash to use what profits you and gains power and privilege without regard for context or relationships - excepting they impinge on or support your private arena of power".

You may not intend such a meaning. I will now look at what I first took from it because of how and who I identify 'self'.

I know a lot of Americans (and others) use religious insight as weapon - but I invite looking at this phrase as a pointer that can be re-found in whatever terminology suits you.

"Seek you first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things shall be added you".

This can be reduced to 'put first things first and all the rest follows'. Or simply 'get your priorities right'.

Obviously this phrase has not been used or appreciated in the meaning I accept or the world would be different than it is. The idea of a private authoritative and elitist self 'getting to heaven' or achieving enlightenment or Validation is deeply imprinted in human conditioning - regardless the symbols for fulfilment. It always ends in tears.

The idea of balance and alignment in Life is also one of healed communication and indeed communion; a FELT QUALITY of Being as the expanded CONTEXT of living a truly human existence. Without which is a flat or dimensionless struggle of obfuscation in which a sense of disconnect operates within a mind of judgement and control within its own narrative framing. A negative loop.

Because 'seeking' can be interpreted as if to find in some OTHER moment it may be worth using 'a willing desire to be found in' balance and alignment with what and who your truly are - rather than running as a 'self' presumption set by conditioning to think without feeling - in other words - to look only to its private thoughts and defend against or ignore anything that does not conform or fit.

I do believe we have to look to ourself first and release investment in 'systems' of thought that are not truly relational communication - though they may affect such a presentation. The capacity to Feel is the capacity to truly be with what is real- moment by moment - and we do not have such capacity within our own investments and identities as to what we define and determine real. And so we withhold or run from communication that threatens our sense of personal abiiity to control the narrative. AND the mind does this in ways it does not even notice.

It is telling to notice that your own definition of what is 'outside' or beyond self is called 'system'. For this is your world-reflecting as system of control rather than as relational communication. Yes there are systems of thought and behaviour that are part of our world experience - but beneath these are relationships. Perhaps messy, chaotic and out-of-control relationships! And is that not a large part of what power is sought to protect against? (within as without).

If we are out-of-true in ourself we meet that reflection everywhere - but having (all) learned to see what is wrong with everyone else - does such a world profit or indeed fulfil us? But if we first honour and align with what is true of us - we are then in a connected relational capacity to relate from strength and wholeness rather than distrust of mutually coded contract.
The fear of love - of real relationship - is the fear of sacrifice. Any love coming into this world meets the experience and demand for sacrifice - and forgets who it is for an adaptive mask.

The word "I" can be assigned anything within a range from a reactive subconscious reflex to the "I Am That I Am" of G-d. (If you regard the G-d term too degraded from misuse to use, just Feel the part within the double quotes).

Verbal mental concept and language itself is a set of derivative short-cuts that originally connected with direct experience that was substituted for by symbol, and basing our currency of thought on symbols of Life, is Life Itself made invisible - except to be enslaved and exploited by a worship of false thinking.

An Individual is integral to the Whole as an expression and extension OF Individuality and Indivisibility. Taking out of context is only possible in Concept - because you are as you are created to be and not as your thinking asserts you to be. However, you are free to prioritize your thinking over your relational communication - but you will then need to sell yourself for a power to deny Life and set you in in a narrative of justification - such that Life is seen as worthy of denial and denial as power to survive and prevail.

I'm not having a go at you Daily Bell. I am inviting a look at fundamental issues that can be seen to imprint themselves in every aspect of our lives. They are as hidden from our sight as any hidden power agenda - but in this arena we are free - are we not? - to open to communication.

footnote: The DB did not read this except to bracket it as 'pursuing 'spiritual' goals and fit it into their schemata of a private sense of personal determination. 'Freedom' can be defined to apply to its opposite - but that does not mean it has become what it is asserted to be.

Communication breakdown calls for healing - not reinforcing

Though written into comments on a Jon Rappoport article about the Media and the emergence of Trump, this comment is nothing to do with the what of that but picked up on the way of communicating - which is very much to do with political and media attempts to contest, manipulate and leverage the public mind.

I don't presume to judge anyone nor write to promote a private sense of specialness - but I do appreciate truly sharing a free willingness. Words can indeed over over and seem to break a quality of an already intimacy of communication - it really depends on where they come from -- what purpose they embody.

Jon asks "What about efforts directed at trying to highlight the fact that man is afraid to look in his own mirror?".

I am recognizing I have (am) true choice by choosing to consciously appreciate using it and in my case, writing into the issues and event of our times with a perspective beneath the personality drama is one of the forms it takes. There is an invitation and a sharing - but not an attempt to get anyone to be who they do not want to be. Becoming aware of pain and linking to cause often allows a healing release to a more joyful quality of being. But it is possible to worship pain, sacrifice and struggle as part of a very serious sense of self. No real joy. As I see, we've been in that for Millennia. Now there is a backlog of denied hate, rage, pain and shame - a mess! But it is at root a mess arising from misidentification and false definition. When communication is restored - a breakdown in communication is a symptom without a cause - and will fall away by itself.

We meet or attract synchronicity with others who are in a sense 'sharing the same learnings'. This is true whatever our vibratory focus - but only in freedom do we freely see the Law in action.

Understanding in the heart, knows where to call the mind and when to rest it.
"Behold I make all things new" is a phrase from Revelation that applied to each and every instant of creation - when appreciated AS creation - rather than through the lens of judgement - which I might call a private sense of creation that reflects a private sense of self- and power. If our world reflects us condemned - then it is our judgement on it that we suffer. Human consciousness explored hiding the link between cause (thought and intent) - and effect (reflective experience). So much so that the physical experience seems to no longer be within us - but we seem to be within it - and defined by it and suffering it. A remarkable feat!

Setting that up was an expression of a purpose of limitation and segregation that actively forgets. At some point we shift to a different purpose and can no longer live that 'self' and wholly believe it - or maintain it. And so like a pupating transformation - we shift from our thinking to feel (wordlessly know) more and reintegrate rather than segregate. The ego still thinks it runs the show of transforming, working on or releasing itself - but that never was so. Purpose operates from a prior 'level'. Know your active purpose and you know your will - be it free or denied - but if you know you are denied - you are free to question "Is That So?" - and "In what way am I denied?".

There is nothing that gets in the way of learning what we are willing to know - because 'obstruction' and 'block' is really PART OF the relevant learning and not an imposition or violation - unless you choose to define it so. And if you do - then what do you get out of that? There's always a payoff or a believed payoff for behaviours. If it doesn't show true when examined - it undoes the 'block' or the habit to a choice that is free to evolve or change.

I wanted to illuminate a practicality of enquiry within the ordinary moment of our living - rather than a separate spirituality that is then presumed to be something to then 'apply' or hold onto when life dances with us and the concepts don't really hold water.

Awareness rises of itself when we stop pushing it down!

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Joining in that which is itself transformational

More Trump catalysed conversation from Daily Bell Forums:

I do not have a 'should' for others though of course I have preferences and I communicate who I prefer to be by demonstration and invitation - rather than using guilt to mask intent or coerce outcomes. I am awake enough to recognize that active definitions are where true power lies, and lies are false or incomplete foundations lived and acted from as if wholly true. So what IS politics? I see politics as our means of arriving at how, and to what degree, we organise and structure our society, and at this at root reflects our relationships. The divide and rule mentality sees politics as Them vs Us - where Us is where I feel my identity reinforced rather than threatened. It also sees hierarchically - with self-superiority and status operating at the expense of 'losers' or discards.

I feel you assign Trump a great deal of power, and greatly underestimate the globalist agenda - or even the 'mafia' readiness to protect their revenue stream. I haven't engaged in any of the personalities excepting in brief glimpses and short readings.

I look for and appreciate and join with any witnessing and willingness for Humanity - and in that sense I am political - not as an attempt to manipulate so much as joining in that which is  itself transformational. There is always more going on that meets the mind - and fearfully identified minds give all power to evils born of fear and not a lot to love - because fear is a state in which love can be forgotten and redefined in terms of masking a loveless agenda.

Fear is also a self-fulfilling prophecy. The limits to the capacity to maintain the illusion of control is also the discovery that alignment of intent and action disintegrates.

I have been conditioned to believe in the power that the world worships - but I don't worship it. I look for human willingness to feel and act from an integrity - which includes recognizing where we are at (regardless of where that is) and aligning with or leaning into integrity rather than intensifying the mask of a disintegrity. I want communication to occur - at all levels of Humanity - and if you limit communication to 'words' you will not understand much if anything I share here.

People want pleasure and they don't want pain. Without exception. But people are living through their conditioning so as to define themselves in ways that make the devil they (think they) know seem less painful or threatening than the fundamental change that really freaks them out so they choose the pain and fear and hate as the lesser 'evil'. That is why my political communication is all aimed at raising the definitions and ideas by which we live into the light. Warmongers don't want anything to come along and question or challenge THEIR right to fight evil and so nothing I can say can mean anything excepting if it got a following which would then be seen as a threat - because it draws attention and allegiance away from funding and supporting their war.

I invite you to engage in all your relationships from a place of integrity that is not manufactured artifice. Be genuine - whatever that might turn out to be. And that includes your relationships with these political players. All of which has many layers or levels to it - unless you rigidly assert that all meanings are fixed and your judgement is final! Whatever genuine is - it is definite but not pre-defined.

(On Trump's honesty)
Just watch a good movie to see how people can authentically play a role. Trump believes in Trump and in that is something refreshing because most don’t believe in anything excepting to aligning where the power and wealth dictate.
One can be honestly wrong – and then the test is whether they are willing to learn on the fly or cover the lie when it is first found not to be true.
I feel the test is not to judge another so much as to be honest to oneself and then discover what and who you meet through the heart of you.
Reagan lied through his teeth about dirty tricks and black ops and when he was exposed he said something like – my mind knew – but my heart wanted to tell you it wasn’t true. That is – he played a fatherly kind role that many Americans felt comforted and reassured by. He may have believed it too – many celebs start to believe they are who people believe them to be and feed to them.
I don’t feel to be cynical here – but nor gullible. I feel the best thing we can do for the future is to leave it open – that is – not shut it down in terms of a past made in anger.

"People seem to operate on fear"

There's the core of it all. Only I would further refine it a bit to say that a mis-identification operates through a lens of fear.

The first 'war on terror' was the attempt to cover and escape it. It was also fuelled by rage born of of powerlessness.

You know the scissor, rock and paper game? All the parts bring forth and reinforce each other in a perpetual war. Society can to some degree disguise it - but it is built into the core programming that the separate-sense mind operates in.

But your observations are the direction I celebrate seeing. We are each a model of the control mentality that we love to hate in others  - but as we notice this it shifts - because the one who notices is not the fear-based compulsion to suppress or deny the seeming chaos of creative expression - and in fact is the quality of abiding in and as the 'chaos' in a way that knows itself within its own balance rather than trying to manipulate or coerce symptoms (or others) to force an concept of balance.

It is All a matter or Perspective. Where you focus your energy and attention is up to you.
The Idea that there is One External Earth in One Linear Reality is one idea that can be held in focus. It is not the Only Idea of Earth.
Nothing can truly be outside That which is being All There Is - right where you are.
The Idea of pushing Life Out as a projection of power is a loveless definition of power - for Power extends Itself and knows itself shared.
A loveless power operates denial of Life. Be vigilant to truly know your choice. For deceit operates the mind that thinks it thinks alone.

The Last Trump?

Conversations on Daily Bell Forums on Trump:

My sense is the 'government' has all the bases covered in terms of political movements. How could they not? I also sense that the political process along with the Media has long been subverted and is part of a virtual front end to maintain appearances as part of managing populations. Such intent has been engaged in the globalist agenda for a long time - and holds key influence through innumerable kinds of leverage.

What other people do not control is your consciousness - though in most cases they are confident that for all intents and purposes they do - because they can effect carrots and sticks to mould and direct your mind. Indeed the idea of identity, mind and consciousness is either something you get from external conditions or it is something prior to and in truth, independent of conditions.

I write here inviting anyone who is disturbed at the world that unfolds around them or opens up beneath where they thought the ground was, to start looking within - at the constant screen of thinking that effectively filters, interprets and determines all meanings that seem to really be 'out there' at the same time as looking out - being involved and active in whatever your life is unfolding of You.

You will also notice carrot and stick devices within your own mind that will rise to stop you looking and stop you moving with and from what you see that then shifts in meaning - because you are looking at the thoughts rather than operating from belief they are locked in or self-evident truths.

When you make the determination to be responsible for and as consciousness - you shift from struggle within presentations toward guarding from or goading outcomes, to a more present capacity to discern amidst all that is present at any given moment - what is truly relevant and resonant to who you are actively discovering yourself to be - anew and anew - rather than working off an old conditioning template you don't even know is there - or think you are free of!

What you get is your Life - now. No waiting, no hoops and hierarchical ladders to get through. Just feel the dead end of the world as it is painted and seek the place where the paint box is - which is not in a re-jigging of the same old identity.

Now it might be - though I can only feel for possibilities here - that the fear agenda or globalist power consolidation, is part of engineering outcomes that will not be what they expect at all - for the conflict with and denial of Life is so part of the identity seeking power, that it has no support or capacity to hold itself apart from what Life actually Is. This is beyond what the linear and local physical mind can imagine, approach or tolerate. But no one and no thing is actually what its exploited meanings reflect. And no matter what consensus of determinations that truth is fixed or locked down are operating - they have to pay the taxes implicit in keeping it down because illusions do not rest in or reflect truth if they are not true of you.

There are many pathways through every instant of existence and we are generally looking in our rear view mirror (the past) when we think we are perceiving the present and anticipating the future.

When a developing baby comes to term - there is not a lot of room for manoeuvre. This is not because everything has gone wrong.

Looking for hope or help or completion in purely external terms becomes a tacit refusal to look within. Paradoxically when one is willing to look within - which means pausing the control freak long enough to allow another channel of communication to rise to awareness. One the child you were and somewhere still are - knows intimately. Then live from there and appreciate your investment by true appreciation. There will be personal, family, cultural and global shifts as a result of individualities reclaiming their true sovereignty from but they will be in step with who you are accepting yourself to be - as they always have.

Your face does not cause its reflection in the mirror and the mirror does not intend to reflect your face. Have a look at your face in the mirror - if you will - and see that it reflects where you are looking from. The mind is very quick. One has to let awareness in but one may have to give the mind very simple things to do so that it calms down and doesn't interfere.

When you vote or choose not to vote - you can tune in to something you are communicating through that vote - even as writing communicates something 'between the lines'. This subtler communication is part of the Human Presence in this or any moment - and regardless what the apparent outcome seems to be - you are in receipt of what you extend - and you walk a different perspective in the world as a result.

If there is any way to 'communicate' to that which is out of communication and nose diving in its inverted beliefs - its is a match of the subtler currents aligning synchronicities that cannot be pre-planned. They seem subtle and weak to a SHOUTING MIND that has desensitized itself to its true feelings.

True feelings may at first flow a bit crazy - but they are the only residual consciousness that is not 'manufactured'. The alternative is to choose this control freakery mind that promises protection from such inner fears - but is increasingly unable to even SEEM to deliver.

The mirror is Our Reflection regardless we are willing or not to accept or recognize what we see there - through the thinking layer - or what reveals itself obvious in absence of coercive bias.

A mind in endless rehearsal for Life is a dream of a life. An observer may choose to see me typing this out as a series of predetermined consequence of already defined causes. But the writing or the form of anything is only - but not less than - the vehicle of conscious purpose. I enjoy flowing with what is resonant and relevant to me and that joy is not waiting on anyone to resonate or join with or trollshit on. I know my purpose and rest in it. Not in some static personal achievement - but as a movement of active willingness that I am learning not to shut down or be diverted from with carrot and stick.

If Trump or anything in the world disappoints - then look t who set up the appointment and notice more about how you set yourself up to 'fail'. It doesn't help being needy, when forming or opening a relationship - because you invariably attract someone with a corresponding fit - over and over again. True needs are truly felt - neediness is a mask of manipulative intent. We are all involved in a very tricky mind and our forebears often warned to be vigilant against deceit as a primary responsibility. But if you are already hacked - then there is a bit of housekeeping to do - and that may find us in similar acts in our world. We don't HAVE to skim the surface. The power to maintain and present Image is not the only way power operates in Life. Its a matter of what we give most energy and attention to - and that does include what is actually going on in our consciousness in total and not just the screen version.

Jim Johnson commented:

I am witness to the surging interest in my County. I am hugely impressed with both the intelligence and American Street-smarts that nobody will be steering our Delegates down any further paths which conflict with the original intent of our founding Constitution. I trust their future debates will expose the Hidden Hands, especially using the tools provided by such outlets as our Daily Bell.
To Jim Johnson:

There is already a shadow gov that has the power to suspend the Constitution in the event of designated emergencies. I'd say the situation is well primed now - in fact they keep lighting the fuse but it's not quite dry...
As you find truth reflected in that Constitution - Live It! When people don't live their truth, it becomes lips service or some holy symbol. But we have to live something to know it and embody it. it simply wont work by magic - for more than a brief bubble of manipulated belief.
I don't speak cynically here - I believe that both deceits and truth are illumined together - for to change the status of a believed truth to a deceit - is to become free of it and open to true information.

I see it that as the deceits are revealed as deceits - allegiance is withdrawn and they lose capacity to work as 'reality' There is a limit to how many deceits can be used to cover and hide other deceits - and there is a loss of Consciousness in the minds that subscribe to such a house of cards.

Misidentifying beneath all misconception

A Waking Times article:
7 Massive Misconceptions Many Never Question


Dig deeper and find all within yourself. As long as 'THEY' are given power, the unified appreciation will be lost to a conflicted drama. Defining what would otherwise be an intimate experience, through the lens of the judgement of good and evil is to have an 'experience' of Experience - that is... a virtual spin-off.

You meet that which is correspondent with your resonance. And you meet it in terms of what you are currently and actively extending as a result of who you are accepting and defining yourself to be in relation to it - whatever and whoever that may uncover to be.

So yes, you are 'disturbed' out from what you took as real - and as your self. But don't build on fighting or controlling disturbance - embrace and expand perspective in curiosity as to what exactly is going on - without pre-framing it in terms that reinforce a fear or guilt agenda. That is the framing OF disturbance, dissonance and division.

Fables as Rich Information:
zabelisa joachim (wrote into general comments):

Don't bother with religion. I am quite happy with scientific explanations and don't care much about fables.

One day science will discover the richness of information that is encoded within us and opened or triggered by fables.
Such expansion opens beyond mapping and control in any other way - since it is already perfect communication. But while a virtual mind in 'control modality' works within a limited copy, the map works to distort and filter Reality so as to support the illusion of control.
Relation is substituted for by fixed definitions of contractual interaction. But while that is 'played out as real' the real relationship never actually went away.
Religion was corrupted, adulterated, diluted and substituted for by fig-leaf thinking. The same happened to science. The FORM of something is used out of true context to mean something else - and carry hidden agenda or bias.
One motivation for this is asserting a sense of self superiority as a result of being "more real" or "standing in truth over and against falsehood" but whatever terms it dresses up in, it is an expression of a lack of self appreciation. Competition can be fun as a game but often ends in tears.

Beware the fascination with conflict, evil and horror

This is a bit late getting blogged here but the theme of my response is not old news.

Finger pointing: Obama blames UK and other European states for post-Gaddafi Libya 'mess'
You don't have to read that to get the gist of this - which addresses the gap and disconnect between who we present ourselves to be - to ourself - and who we present ourselves to be, to others and the disconnect of a mask to any clear communicative ability.

Such is the nature and the gap between conscious presentation, and undercurrent realities - and the disconnect of both of those in relation what truly Is.

In this world there is the instance of a hypnotized or otherwise traumatized and reconstructed 'mind-control' subject - who operates a specific personality aspect while carrying the latency of other personality aspects that can be triggered by specific instructions.

This is a replica of what human consciousness already is - in its fragmented and conflicted sense of split off personae masking undercurrent guilt and fear of pain or loss.

Everyone Else can see what the US - which is itself a puppet of powerful cartels and lobbies - is up to but those who spin in their own narrative. They thus seem to be evil or at least liars who speak freedom while denying it to others. But if one reacts to them - or anyone in such a situation - from a self righteous attack upon them - they find reinforcement in their own narrative spin by seeing such a one as 'threat' - instead of a messenger or valuable feedback.

The primary Imprinting that is undercurrent to human consciousness and relationships was traumatic and involves mis-identifications or partial truths taken as exclusively true. We each and all carry different and dynamically related 'fragments' of such Imprinting.

Some of us are less heavily invested or identified in the fear-driven 'survival' mentality that is triggered to re-enact its past without recognition or perspective on that this is happening, and because we have moments of such awareness we also grow a capacity to 'heal the gap' by truly embracing emotional honesty rather than being run by denied emotional energy aka unconsciously compromised narrative.

Accepting healing (rather than merely associating with rationalities or modalities about healing) opens a quality of presence and communication that operates directly to a wholeness of being whilst finding the forms that willingness allows.

The primary diversion from prior wholeness is a self-rejection projected away onto Other. The force of this is the force of a self hate that has been misidentified or 'split off from'. We recognize the vibrational nature of what is moving by its resonance in ourself - if we are aligned and opened in our feeling of discernment. Denial evokes a like reaction. Becoming conscious of or noticing what is happening 'in our name' is a step to uncovering our own trigger-points. This is similar to finding back-doors or trojans by which we are hacked, compromised and 'infected' - so as to close them and release or sweep out what does not belong. This is 'inner work' from which we meet a different outer reflection. It is not inner work to coerce or manipulate a different outcome in outer reflection.

Anyone who lives their true willingness to embrace Life rather than reactively assert a substitution of their own mind-spin is growing perspective in Everyone - as it can meet and find a like willingness that was in a sense 'waiting' on release from a falsely framed subconscious identification.

The devices of deceit can be studied as ways to empower deceit - rather than a true recognition in which Who you are stands clear because who you are not can no longer pass off as true. Truth is not a warrior - but in standing in and witnessing your core integrity - you embody it. The primary Imprinting of separation conflict and identity trauma is disguised by personae but when that disguise breaks down, what it concealed is revealed current. We have to uncover willingness within the triggered state of fear or hate by not letting them choose us - which may call for embracing the feelings without fuelling with judgement and reaction. Anger can serve inner alignment and fear can evacuate unneeded baggage. They are not in themselves negative - but what we use them - or anything - for, is what gives them the meaning they hold for us.

Beware the fascination with conflict, evil and horror. For what we give attention to we feed and attract and make welcome - regardless what our surface mind asserts.

The blockbuster movie called Reality

The blockbuster movie called Reality by Jon Rappoport

This is a worthy story to take a journey in - along the lines of a common modern theme in lietrature and movie - that of false realities within realities.

Here's my comment:

Story and myth communicate on many levels - but always has some element of 'evil' in it.
Creation itself is a wholeness that is simply one with - as a synchronous act/event - for there is no element of fear in it. While the mind is fragmented as shifting personae in story it true nature as creative is 'given' to a miscreation of conflicting wills - oppositional wills.
Mind creates story - and focusing through mind-in-story - experiences itself in richness of meanings that are multidimensional. There can be an infinite 'russian-doll' arrangement of movie theatres within movie theatres - each seeming to open to reveal a 'reality' that is 'more real' than what was believed real before. But the reality of our experience is our experiencing it - and while we are 'journeying' an experience of a certain sense of linear unfolding, the energetic space or living context of what we had taken to be a self or a mind is at some point no longer experienced and identified as myself or my mind - though the language is still there. For what is now signified is no longer exclusively defined by concept.
There is no judging another's journey of unfoldment of Life Experiencing Itself. Nor is there any way to shortcircuit the gift of Life and attempting it meets the denial of a holy will - for at the very heart of creation, Will is Creation and any seeming by which an oppositional will has come to reflect or interject division is itself part of a hidden creation. Operating via denied Will - 'unconscious'. Some will only use the word creation to signify the Eternal - because the miscreative or divided and fear-seeded creation is but a generating of a lens of distortion that fragments and filters and creates nothing at all - but only feeds on the Light while acting as if it was itself the power to define, determine, judge and decide.
Creation in truth Embraces and transcends - both. Judgement that actively rejects - perhaps as the shadow of a self-assertive script - and therefore denied from conscious awareness -  meets the reflection of its own self-denials - be they fear, doubt, guilt, hate or even denial of power in fear it will be loveless. Whatever forms it takes, it is a net within which struggle entangles deeper - and yet deeper and yet deeper - until movement of Life is impossible because it triggers so much defence against threat and one succumbs to death as the logical outcome of an attempt to control Life - as if you were separated from or threatened by it - in forms that seem as separate as you thought you wanted to be.

Who thinks he has the truth and shall awaken others is premature and comes too soon with more judgements than are yet uncovered.  But who lives the willingness of their true desire will meet everything that serves it - if understood in the context of that desire rather than believed to be an oppositional force to it.

So I just wrote another story - perhaps we recognize something unspeakable instead of trying to resolve the drama in its own terms.

If there is a sense of victimhood to circumstance - what am I getting out of playing or hiding in that role? (And is that what I want now?). In short - how is the way I am defining and seeing this (any) situation serving me - or who I think I am. And this in particular for what we SAY we do not want and have yet attracted into our experience - albeit with little or no consciousness of having done so.

If you WANT an externally imposing "reality" that absolves you of responsibility for Consciousness, whilst justifying a use of hate as POWER in reaction, just persist in validating hate as power and aligning in its dictate. Hate feelings when they come up - which will be much more frequent than you might expect - are the opportunity to recognize an old conditioned imprinting and transform it to a choice - by simply not choosing to identify it. Finding ANY willingness for healing amidst any form of hatred is 'stepping out of the fear-matrix' - for such willingness is a rising within consciousness of what could be called an alternate foundation from which to live - one whose imagination is free to operate in alignment with the call to joy - which is the ORIGINAL or true Call to Live - that has been lost or covered over by a substitution in which fear-survival served a mistaken identity.
there simply is no way out of a mind trap... excepting to recognize you are not in it. Paradoxically this calls for experiencing the conditions that the mind is predicated to fix, heal, escape from or overcome. We don't like this. You haven't got to like it. But that's the territory of being found in truly fresh perspective - not the realm of struggle - though we know how addictive that can be.

It is not wrong to call for protection when we are overwhelmed - so as to maintain a continuity of responsibility within choice that then learns more of what was bringing imbalance into the relationship. Nor is it wrong to walk out of the things that served us when we discover a deeper quality of balance within ourselves. Embracing what is - allows recognizing all that is actively present - within our own being - and consequently having a natural relationship that finds right place, right timing and right communication in serving our preference - without negating others from experiencing and growing in their own choices. The introduction of a fear-framed script will always reject and deny elements of what is here and thus leave us in the dark to stumble and mistake symptoms of a need for healing, for attacks. If we notice such a script is already running - be curious as to what is going on rather than reactive in its terms... IF you recognize that awakened responsibility is not sacrifice - but freedom. Otherwise you simply must hide out for as long as you can in a protection racket. (But it really does take your life in exchange for a dream of a life once you buy into believing it).
Not wanting to enact a hate and deceit agenda is enough to open imagination to another purpose - a spontaneous and unselfconscious movement of life. THAT is the Feeling being who has been denied a life. Look to your capacity to truly feel as your Life - even in its negative aspects - but unhook the conditioned and denied feeling from hate's trigger finger. Without a compassionate sense FOR yourself - you have no 'love' to share anywhichway - only presentations seeking validity, and then hating to find a world that loves and recognizes you not. (Because your true presence was not in it).

Consciousness is reflective: Control and Controlled

I was reading Jon Rapports blogs which are passionate in an appeal to free the imagination - but still framed in a sense of 'being controlled'

Here is something I commented into that conversation:

Consciousness is reflective - or rather, what is held in consciousness reflects back.
The notion of being controlled is a reflection of a control mentality.
Defending self concept rather than evolving it is a simple beginning for such a control mentality.
This control mentality may operate 'in the dark' - that is - behind a mask of 'justified anger or defence'. Such 'judgements' seem to be a one way pronouncement. It associates a form of something with a negative intent - and in the same reflective quality 'sees' deceits in the other such that regardless what the other says or does - an undercurrent of distrust keeps the option of attack handy - but concealed. It 'see' then, this hidden 'enemy' everywhere.

As the Consciousness is identified in dramatic or narrative representation - it is only able to allow a very limited trickle of distorted communication - which is filtered for threat or advantage. Only that which conforms to the self-concept is able to share.
While the drama takes on its cat and mouse action and reaction course into a more and more complex and fragmented set of denials - the need for 'control' is ever more underscored - excepting in areas that are abandoned as no-go areas that become a deadness or walled off lack of any capacity of response - because the only response left is too dangerous.
As the sense of being inundated by a wave of negative reaction rising that allows no further manouevre; as the sense of being denied and deprived the capacity to live and feel and move freely; as the various reflections and shadows ripen to crises from which no further holding back or control over is possible...the original separation trauma that was sough to be escaped or controlled by 'self-concept' reveals itself as like a 'Beast rising out of the Deep' - And the original concept of imposing upon Creation; which is the denial of the freedom of Will in conformance to an IDEA of self then blames the WILL for seeming to be hateful, evil, deceitful - when all along it is the core definitions defended against change in the false belief that God is a Static Perfection! That self-concept is to be an immutable - from which all else shall order and align itself.

In short, we kill ourself in complex shadow manoeuvres that guilt acting through fear triggers into act UNCONSCIOUSLY - and resumes a hindsight view to fit the continuity of self-narrative. This mind is legion - whilst attempting to consolidate or unify its splits through the operation of psychological defences of denial, projection, dissociation, fragmenting with diversionary distraction operating a blindside or 'forgetting' to notice such that the persona can serve as a mask for the denial of and power over the 'unconscious' evils and terrors that have all the force of denial with which to 'attack'.

Waking up can be to a nightmare - in which REAL enquiry is entered directly because the NEED is acute and visceral. The force of NEED is the desire for healing in amongst the routine operation of the desire for vengeance. These two are mutually exclusive - so until that wakes as living insight - the nightmare intensifies in flip-flopping irreconcilables. Perhaps a negative choice exists here to choose vengeance and let healing (embrace of life) go - which collectively looks like a re-cycle of density in 'will-less-ness'. But the willingness of choosing to embrace Life has to back up from drama and re-visit and re-invision its imprinting, conditional and defences all the way back to the core beliefs that have been regarded AS Self and lived or acted and reacted FROM rather than brought out to the open in willingness for Wholing, Sanity and a true Peace in which joy in life rises freely and spontaneously - Just Because! - and with no need for justification or apology.
Waking up to anything less than a felt wholeness of Communioned being is a stepping stone - and one that like every step you have ever taken - is part of the unfolding of who you truly are - even amidst the experience of what you are NOT.

If you put all your understanding and insight in terms of the world - or external actors and forces - then you are not abiding in the power in you that is prior to any interpreted experience and which is your timing and timeliness as to where and how to be in relation to anything in your life.
If you put all your wealth into 'thinking' then when the banks fail - there will be no currency of use or meaning. The banks are failing. A slow motion crash is holding open the space and time in which to accept a choice that is in us to recognize and join with - regardless that fear says that without its protection you will be defenceless and meet denial and rejection - because WE KNOW what we do to a Feeling Will - and have joined in hate beneath attempts to mitigate the pain and subscribe to the 'human conditioning'.
But embracing Life is no dream of a life - and regardless the outer symptoms - the inner connection is a pearl beyond price. But no one else can accept for you - though they can root for you and join with that in you which is yet alive and has eyes to see and ears to hear.
Elitism is not the same as excellence. Finding a place of integrity and excellence within and growing it is not the same as competitive superiority in self-specialness. If you need losers to feel a winner - you have yet to even glimpse what true worth is. Uniqueness is 'God-given' or innate - because you are the only you there is - and this becomes a unique gift when our presence illumines from within - be that happy or truly felt sad - it is the transparency to Life that communicates the true of you, not ever more subtle capacity to mimic the natural and pass off as if it was you - and thus feel isolated and invisible (or superior and powerful if that is your spin).

I'm writing her in resonance with Jon - regardless he uses different words and stories to communicate a core realisation. The words don't communicate the living fact - and taking the words as if the fact is the old error of identifying in concept as if to control a relational outcome.

Here is something else I put in to one of Jon's Blog comments:

Beware of hindsight that suggests ignorance was bliss – for it was NOT – it was whatever occupied you to the exclusion of a perspective in which the feeling of being – even in dissonance – holds the call to wake. Don’t stop at disillusionment as if that is not also an illusion. Why not exchange the false clarity and critical light of hindsight for Compassionate acceptance? -For what is denied must restate itself in terms of denial until owned and resolved within our consciousness.
One more thing: the ego is not the power to Imagine so much as the power to limit and focus attention in specific framing. By staying on focus with what is resonant and relevant to who you truly feel and ACCEPT yourself to be – the ego serves Living purpose that communicates through the ‘Spirit Channel’ of Imagination in whatever ways work for You.
A disconnected sense of imagined power is the sense of being disconnected from Imaginative Freedom. Thus the ‘freedom’ to avoid responsibility in relationship rides roughshod over others to ‘get a private fantasy fulfilment’. But freedom TO relate as the presence you are uncovering to Be – is a Gift that Relationships open and share. But note a real relating can be lost to the concept of a relationship. Concepts operate fixed linear and exclusive identity – IF one is drawn to identify in ego rather than with what comes through the channel – so to speak.

From Qu├ębec says into the theme of Creative Imagination:
How does the Individual power work in a thermonuclear WW3?

I responded:

It attracts such manifestation by personal focus – which operates a parallel reality line in which your will is done on Earth – but not in ‘Heaven’ that is it is not yet a balanced true willing of the synchronicity and alignment of Heaven and Earth as One.
Birds of a feather flock together – and as you choose to ‘tune in’ so do you receive the channel of your choice. you may think you are taking ‘everyone with you’ and that experience too is your ‘choice’ and not anyone else’s choice.
In my timeline, you woke up to the absurdity of what you had gotten your ‘head’ into and allowed yourself to believe that your negative judgements did not in fact hold all power in Heaven and Earth – and left a bit of room for Imagination to shift you in the nick of time.
In an alternative timeline you disappeared one way or another.
One way is to a see a fleet of buses leaving a terminus and for a long time you have been able to be in many of these – flipping in and out of different ‘channels’ or frequencies of experience – but now they are prismed to separate into distinct parallel ‘realities that become harder and soon impossible to shift between for a nother epoch or so. Therefore – check in with yourself that you are in FACT on the bus that you prefer – because if you like whining and complaining that THEY took your power away – then that is the world you have accepted into your asserted limitations of Imagination.

Pharmaceutical rape

Pharmaceutical rape pt.1 by Laurie Oakley

After reading the article featured in Dr David Healy's blog, I commented into its conversation:

I have been educating myself in bridging issues of integrity in observed consciousness (the only one I have ;-) with reflections in our world - of collective consciousness.  There are many destructive and deceitful arenas active within a cultivated normalcy of social invisibility that include medicalisation of our consciousness, of our body; our biology - including toxic exposures and bio-technological interventions to our environment - that themselves are symptomatic of a corruption of the currency of our thinking - such that a pervasive 'institutional' disease embodies a distorted human consciousness - socially and culturally disposed to deny and hide the true power of communication - such that any movement to embody or give witness to a true communication - in feeling and form - will not only meet suppression but which has a conditioned inhibition against being spoken or heard.
I appreciate this article. I support THAT we feel outrage where it is sane and healthy to feel it - and that use this to find communication rather than be baited or triggered into conditioned reaction - which is easily manipulated and used against us.
Trust has been established with regard to a scientific and medical establishment by which we abnegate our responsibility - our voice - our consciousness of discernment - for  external 'authorities' who likewise are conditioned to follow edicts coming from what is effectively a closed cabal of private interests that hide within our wishful worship of science as saviour, like Trojans in a wooden horse. Not that integrity in consciousness is anything but scientific in its willingness for uncovering and sharing fresh perspectives within the already true - but that dis-integrity of consciousness operates a segregative mentality - that is in a sense - held private or masked from open communication so as to engage in power over upon what would otherwise be relationship. Fantasy personae act out unconscious or denied fear and rage - with al the force of such denials.
Sooner or later, if we value consciousness of shared and felt existence, the unseen role of denial has to be addressed and I believe that addressing it politically, socially and individually is one purpose - but that to only address the external symptoms is yet to be diverted from an inner recognition of our re-integrative sanity by a hate hidden in righteousness.
The corruption of consciousness could be summarized as hate, justified and hidden beneath the masking appearance of righteousness. There is nothing new about the mind's capacity to deceive. But Culture in its true sense is our sense of worth and purpose embodied - and this is always something to rediscover anew - or else we fall asleep in forms and appearances that invite and are open to 'other' purposes of ungrounded and un-relational fantasy to usurp.
I didn't know what I would write in joining with this article in spirit - but I share a willingness to find Voice - to find ways of communicating, owning and addressing, that which a loveless and dysfunctional definition of ourselves gives rise to. This calls for a pause from what and who and where our current sense of ourself operates from. For listening within rather than reaction. Perhaps only the revealing or revisiting of traumatic imprinting will allow this willingness to listen - for who 'already knows' has no need to listen - and so operate a mind they think their own - and yet is it their consciousness of presence or is it the mask of adaptation to a 'loveless and fearful world'?

There is an underlying unifying issue in the article that I  recognize - and that is the reclaiming and voicing of the power of communication within a psuedo-culture that has been conditioned NOT to recognize it as communication - because it is already invested in issues of the denial and control of an imposed narrative upon communication, as its identity.
I don't feel to use the term rape in this context - but I see that the imposition or assertion of a deceit or coercive force is NOT a true willingness of communication and indicates a fear or hatred OF relationship itself.
So the 'power' that is enacted on the sacrifice of relational (Life) is not true power but a deceit of un-owned fear, rage and associated sense of Life-denial.
I agree that 'war on is a false framing by which futility and tragedy of perpetual war is guaranteed. (to paraphrase your sentiment!).

I feel to join with you in valuing our own individual responsibility for the language we use - so as to wake up from being conformed by it's shifting and indeterminate usage and be definite as to what we are voicing - regardless whether we uncover new information that revises anything we have said. Then we are extending our presence rather than 'just' voicing opinion. There's a different ring to presence than a presentation couched in 'acceptable' forms. If you don't feel the communication of integrity when living your own - as best you have of it - then be ware! But this is not our cultural conditioning - is it! - We are generally told to 'trust' and conform to - and not challenge or question.

A warless world is being born - open the Silence

A world war has begun. Break the silence – John Pilger

After reading this article I wrote the following into the commentary:

I share with you in willingness:

War is propaganda ; the dictate of a 'disconnect-mind' over true willingness - embodies in sacrifice that then is called upon as proof of  'power over Life' that validates 'disconnect'  or 'refusal' of relational communication as 'power'. (We all have a 'war-mind' unless we have completely re-purposed it. It is in our earliest conditioned imprinting. It lurks just beneath the surface to be triggered over and again).

The consolidation and focusing of this 'power' that is perfected in the idea of killing and death as victory of a mind apart from the living - operates as if such an exclusive unipolar 'mind' could even seem to continue to have any existence without the Life upon which it both feeds upon by denial and yet depends on for awareness of existence.

A 'power' directing a coercive narrative founded in deceits deemed NECESSARY against a feared outcome. But truth is not a narrative form so much as true witness in true willingness.

Forms of asserted deceits hidden in or among 'truths' that are plucked out of a context of true relational communication are targeted to elicit a false sense of self-inflation, power or specialness so as to then trigger defensive survival reaction in having such a sense of 'self' threatened.

IF such propaganda succeeds in hacking into and running your mind - you will be engaged in 'identity politics' - in that you will be drawing your sense of self from what you hate and fear rather than from a true presence of willingness and witness.

Life identifies you perfectly when you free-willingly align in receiving and extending true witness. You don't have to deny anyone or anything else to be who you truly are. You simply choose wholly what you prefer without using the charge of hatred or rejection to 'empower' or validate your choice.

The 'war-mind' simply cannot conceive of or recognize relational communication UNLESS and excepting it serves a war-agenda - for it is polarized into offensive defence as its primary motivation - while what is being defended - is itself defended against any exposure or communication that may threaten its 'power' and justification to survive and prevail against a believed or feared 'evil' that is projected OUT and away from a conscious awareness in the greater fear of owning it as one's own conflicted motivation.

War is firstly an attack upon One Self - in which a self-segregation asserts a narrative mind and plays out its personae as a would-be god. There are no narrative terms for what One Self feels and knows itself to be - but our Life redeemed from loveless purpose reflects this spontaneously - in any moment of true relational willingness.

Such witnesses are no given appreciation - and a resumption and assertion of continuity of 'self power' airbrushes and redefines a narrative of diversion into distractions so that free attention is too scarce to notice and grow any Consciousness within the gapped off sense of separate 'power' over Life.

I write in willingness to be found in the movement of a life that is my willingness - but not a loveless master or slave. Living from such willingness is within the art of presence - that mind-in-presentation pre-empts from revealing itself - because the false currency can no longer be traded in and passed off as 'real' in the actual presence of Life lived and shared.

Insofar as we are invested in false identity of masking what is felt too fearful to own or express we need transitional steps of addressing such fears without demonisation, for in a sense we all trigger each other's shadow denials and communication is the first casualty to war.

There is nowhere in the world to run, hide or evade or really 'prep' for the exposure of our core separation trauma - that in a sense our narrative of a world was made to hide from - and hide in.

To arrive at the beginning and know it for the first time - is to see with new eyes. To persist in the old paradigm is to repeat the past and the war-mind - no matter how checked and balanced, operates the endless, futile and tragic repeating of a past made in anger.

"Stop the world, I want to get off!" - can be translated to mean - "pause the war of a directed narrative-mentality, I am willing to listen and Feel for what is true here".

A world born of willingness for true feeling willingness - has to pass through the 'trials and persecutions' of being 'baited' - or it is not your willingness to recognize truth first and use the mind to reflect and embody it as felt or relational word and deed.

We simply cannot understand this with our mind unless we first change our mind about our mind. Unless we expand our imaginative freedom to experience and share in 'the more' of what is here - and who we are - rather than actively deny it in loveless definitions masking behind 'acceptable' faces.