Saturday, 2 July 2016

Synergies of effect

Skin Cancer Cases Soaring Among ‘Sun, Sea and Sangria’ Generation Of Over 55s, Charity Warns
Cheap package holidays may be to blame.
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There are synergies of effect that can work positive or negative outcomes. Focusing on co-factors out of context of their natural context scapegoats falsely - leading to interventions that tend to add negative co-factors. Stephanie Seneff offers very interesting perspectives.

Some negative co-factors include dietary deficiencies, and toxicities along with drug interventions, and environmental exposures - including so called healthy protection.

The synergy of huge international business lobby and false but heavily asserted science is evident in such issues as the demonsisation of saturated fats and promotion of transfat as protective against evil and therefore healthy by association. The Media is a primary co-factor in the injection and uptake of such false notions of immunity and protection. The willingness to ask questions is a different tack to the desire for comfortable answers of dependency on seeming experts.

An awakened self-responsibility is a primary context for aligning in health. Whatever sources of information one accesses or is exposed to, an inner vigilance and discernment is a presence of curiosity and willingness to learn and grow. Otherwise one unwittingly consents to a managed sickness within a system that is no more considerate of your true needs than you are. The wish for magical answers corresponds with the association of imbalance and dissonance with evil scapegoats.

Our capacity to hate and fear our true nature is proportional to our attempt to power over Life - and belief that we have and are such power to remake life in our own image - at least in the image of the those who protect and manage a sense of control over the narratives of our thought, as over our social and political life.

Our willingness to not exercise self-responsibility invites and even demands that others step in to replace our true willing relationship with systems of ideas that are themselves open to error and corruption.

You have to operate with your belief system - but with is not the same as exclusively identified in. Beliefs that war to prevail are not at rest in an inner honesty of being. Fear of exposure to light is the realm of lie - but feeling right relation within the light is the realm of balance - and a rejection of the whole seeks to impose balance rather than uncover it. The more you push - the more are you pushed back - and seem to need more power to push. True receptivity is a living feeling recognition. But Life is a dance - not a mechanism.

Views on Brexit

Two views on Brexit

(The linked article presents) ... two widely divergent perspectives on the meaning and the prospects opened up by Brexit, both originally published by Defend Democracy. The starkness of the contrast – between the view of a former World Bank officer and that of a self-identified  revolutionary socialist — is, we think, itself of considerable interest.

I offered mine:
I regard outcomes arising from a genuine willingness of communication as alignments of integrity - (as compared with outcomes resulting from coercion and deceit) - even if disguised in the form of rational communication.
So although the campaigners offered little sense of vision as to what the positive opportunities might be as a result of Brexit, many did have a sense of having been lied to and deceived - and when the scare campaign was offered for the remain - it was not successful even though given a strong media and government backing. This feels good to me for opening a conversation that would not happen if we merely assent to continued management by faceless  unaccountable technocrats representing corporate and US led globalist agenda.

So by no means do I see Brexit as an answer - for of course it all depends - as always - on where we are coming from and what we use it for. But genuine communication always brings a shift of perspective in which opportunities open that were otherwise not.

What I mean by communication is both within us and between us.  And much of what we accept as currency of communication is as false as the debt and war based economy that false thinking embodies and attempts to 'justify'.
The legalized corporate system has usurped true governance. Its framing operates the 'technocracy' of psuedo-scientism in which relationships of willingness are replaced with mechanism of dictated correctness operating in the name of humanism while undermining or denying the human spirit for private and fear-driven agenda.

Such a corporate society is farmed or indeed pharmed - for medical and scientific corruption operates state control in ways that hide in plain sight under a false consensus targeted to human guilt, fear and powerlessness.

While the term corruption is associated with hate and blame - I feel to look beneath personality politics to illuminate the corruption of true communication with falsehood or deceits - much of which is a result of denied self - or 'unconscious' but active self definition relative to our world. True responsibility is lost to guilt and blame conditioning - and true justice to vengeance. So much so that few reading will have a clue as to what I mean because blame is the currency of thought that we are conditioned to identify in.

Without a core sense of worth - there is nothing but managed worthlessness seeking to validate or atone, overcome or redefine itself. Neither the state nor the corporation can give a true sense of worth - for this is something that extends from the willingness to receive and share it. Divide and rule operates against communicating true presence - and is the 'mind-control' of a masked or split off sense of self that passes off a presentation that masks what is felt unacceptable or unworthy or fearful.

That we are being lied to needs also to include that we lie to ourselves - especially when we do not want to be overwhelmed or exposed to experience in which we feel loss of control - or loss of self - an upsurge of invalidity and unworthiness that may be felt as denied worth and so associate with hate and rage.

Self-honesty is something we may think we have until we actually watch ourselves in the thought, feeling and act - and blame absolutely works to prevent such exposure - until we learn that we need a true foundation as a point of grounded sanity and ignore the fearmongering of guilt agenda by separating from that which separates us from a true willingness for Life - on Life's terms rather than persisting in attempting to coerce Life; each other and our world, to conform to our narrative identities.

If Life on Earth is our desire - then our thought and word and act needs align within this desire - not as guilt-based correctness but as a freely accepted self-honesty.

I speak to the foundation because without it - nothing else can really take, or work, or grow. Everything is a matter of where we are truly 'coming from' - for that is the measure of what we experience. The fact that we have such difficulty relating or communicating, is a reflection of our relationship with our self. This may sound insane - but note that when you are out of accord and in conflict within yourself - NONE of your relationships will reflect harmony - excepting those dedicated to evading and denying such honesty. In other words psychological defensive strategies of mutually assured distraction.

I see no future for a conscious humanity without a willingness for and valuing of  inner honesty, for otherwise manipulation and deceit are given belonging in us and attract the same in our lives. our relationships and endeavours and our world. Wake up within what seems real and uncover a native curiosity.

Our future unfolds out from our presence. But what we take as our present is often defined in terms of a past sense of denial and sacrificed to a future like the past. 'Mindfulness' serves an inner balancing and navigation within a wholeness of being - but conditioned reaction only thinks it knows, for a true noticing or what is here and our sense of self definition within it - opens perspective that conditioned sleepwalking cannot access. Few look here because problems demand attention and disallow life-time in free awareness. But the call of Life is always your Now.
If what is here is a pause from succumbing to a managed mind that believes itself free because it is protected from having to question and feel for itself - then here is a call to embrace questioning and feeling for yourself - because this opens a true relationship - a true Union - even with people you have not met, be they of any background. But I said feeling rather than thinking because the illusion of thinking for yourself is the signature of divide and rule substitution.
Split off thinking operates at expense of wholeness. It is not true or worthy currency and generates a split off world in which power seeks order in forms of unity that overrides and deny free willingness. But the Law is made for Humanity. Humanity is not made to be sacrificed to 'law' in name and form that has no true willingness in our hearts. Such is tyranny of coercion upon the Gift of Life - or self-blinding ignorance and arrogance as a lesson plan.

Friday, 1 July 2016

Power addiction and perpetual war

Someone recently (no link) suggested in commentary on  that the geopolitical game was all about money...

Money is not the motivation of power addiction but operates one of its key leveraging points and so is an increasing overhead to the maintenance of addiction as it spirals out of any sense of control or proportion. The parasitic stripping down and hollowing out of one's own world and kind, embodies a rage and hate worshipped and yielded to as power and its ultimate expression is the power to enslave and destroy life to achieve dominion - and to destroy it if it cant have it.

I write to invite the illumination of what might be called inner or denied and generally unconscious thought and feeling. As I now see, this is the nature of  'shadow power' that we hate to see (and see to hate).  Read on if and as you are moved to be curious - or move on elsewhere with whatever resonates with a sense of relevance to who you feel and accept yourself to be...

The 'dynamic' of identity in power struggle being played out globally operates the breakdown in communication that is insane (self-contradictory) thinking passing off as if worthy currency. If such thinking runs in your operating system - then you can use the noticing of it to illuminate the underlying conditioning of beliefs and identity that must be running in place of the feeling and freedom of relational being - whereby the fight or flight of a primitive subconscious routine is given jurisdiction over all other faculties. Such is war. And so everything is interpreted as strategy in a 'life' now seen AS perpetual war - erupting occasionally in 'justified' open war - but always as the art of deceit by which to 'protect the sense of self-power' from any change or transformation to its sense of being in control.

The sacrifice of true-feeling life in relation to this idol of self-image is paid in death and taxes on all levels of our being. The living 'dead' are so invested in concept of life that they literally know not what they do - but 'see' only as such thinking dictates and hate and fear any interference to such 'protection' or 'power'.

The reflection of our inner fears as the world we experience is both personal and collective. We are set in seeking to solve an inner conflict, externally,  and so are casting and 'using' others and 'world' in ways that prevent any real recognition of who they are and what life moves us to be. And in the thrill of the chase and the addiction to the hit, truth may stand at the door and knock... but no one is listening. At least until they bottom out to recognize their own prodigal recognition.

Ripening for recognition corresponds with the fading or disintegration of the compulsion of the drama as diversionary tactic from false foundations. And so the energy invested in drama can be released to call forth a true foundation - if we are tired of and unwilling to persist in self-dishonesty knowingly.

Feeding hate and fear as if to gain power in overcoming symptoms of a deeper denial operates a set of diminishing returns that result an unworkable indebtedness or bankruptcy of options. Just as broad spectrum dominance asserts its 'victory'. "We got the cancer but we lost the patient". War on Life can have only one logical outcome. But false thinking can be recognized as such and not accepted as currency from which to live.

Deceit frames choices of no diversion and displacement in order to hide that would otherwise be Obvious. The embrace of Life on Earth is not a rehearsal or enacting of war-game. It is the original movement of being by which you live this Earth. But investment in the control-mind brings an increasing disorder of discord regardless the medications.
Interprets this as opportunity to use disorder as means to suck out more 'power' in turning wealth and cultural inheritance to evaporations of debt and sacrifice to transnational 'state' religion - that feeds off of Life in the name of power and protection from its own hidden hatred.

How is hatred hidden? By mental justifications that frame it in righteous assertion of relative innocence to the focus of guilt upon the other - and the more demonic and inhuman the guilt - or the consequence of not guilting - the more self-righteous the pre-emptive strike by which to eradicate the 'evil'. However the dependence on hating 'evil' for a sense of self-worth is not so secret excepting to those who demand it be so. Divide and rule begins closer than we think.

Brexit and the fear campaign

Influencing outcomes by manipulation and deceit includes presenting and usurping forms of communication... that may seem to pass off as acceptable or meaningful, but carry different intent and agenda than the form suggests. They feel different.

And once the currency has been thus adulterated, by mutual reinforcements of the fear of communicating, such behaviour becomes normalized to operate as codes of power in place of any actual receiving or revealing of true being. Such a heartless game or dance of 'power over' Life or in denial of Life presents a persona that feeds off of denial to seem a power in and of itself - validated by that which it has rendered powerless or invalid.

Where a genuine process of communication arrives at an outcome - that outcome will have a win-win practicality along with a tangible sense of connection from which to step forth.

My sense of true sovereignty is not of coercive power over, but of a free and true willingness to live the outcome of a true communication - which is never merely outer forms but always an inner discernment.

Unless we are restored to such an alignment within our selves - as our true individuality of expression, we operate a 'mind' of denial and opposition that refuses to listen - not least by identifying in forms of conceptual fixation that blindly operate conditioned reaction. Those who are in denial of the fear that conditions their 'survival reflex' must embody the scope of its fight or flight dictate and only 'know what they do' in terms of a compulsion that runs in place of their true willing and is defended to the utmost against exposure to change - which has become associated with pain, loss and death instead of the Movement of the unfolding of Life unto Itself.

Life is what is really 'going on' but the narrative definitions we accept as if true, are the experience of it that we are filtering as a limited and distorted mentality. This sense of the need for power to judge reality arises from self-differentiation from our own; as a masking or self-limiting act - that seems creative as a personal sense of power. But without a balancing within a presence of communication, self-conflicted experience generates a sense of disconnection, loss, pain, rage, guilt, terror and impotence.

This is where the power that could be given and accepted as communication, is instead given to coercion, pretence and denial - backed by the force of feeling that seeks to escape , hide or overcome a dissonance of being that has been thus placed out of bounds. Out of self-acceptance and recognition or denied conscious awareness.

Fear operates our world-experience because we believe it protects or empowers us. But is it the power its seems or the power we - each - give it.

We are always 'voting' to align with our joy in integrated being or with beliefs that dictate the invalidation and denial of our being.

In the brexit 'campaign' such as it was, fear was the underlying issue as well as the division according to where that fear was directed. Competing fears seeking power or protection. But in the process the manipulating deceit of fear had some measure of exposure as a fraud.

One can focus on deceit so as to be the righteous crusader against it or awaken to a game that is not true of you and stop playing it. Then we may be able to address some of the fears that are beneath the need to resort to it - as a more honest conversation from which a truly helpful outcome can arise naturally - without empowering hatred and coercion - though we feel it and hate how it feels to be denied.

Sovereignty of willingness has hardly been 'discovered' or allowed to embody on Earth - because we fear loss of power and loss of self. But I ask you if clinging to such a sense of 'self power' is not actually the sacrifice of Life for a hollowing and fragmenting ritual of powerlessness seeking validity?

Where we give acceptance and focus is our will - or the denial of true will for something 'else'. This is where we have freedom - not in the framing of the 'something else' - that believes itself free to enslave and deny Life - while outsourcing the consequence to 'others' and getting high on the hit of an evaporation of worth and wealth into pain and destruction.

The corporate ego is our own writ large as a collective expression of individual focus and default choices. There is hateful consequence from such loveless exploitation - but I don't trust hate and fear to result in anything but more of the same in perhaps adapted or subtler forms.

We get to experience where we are coming from - but are free to use such feedback as a way to come from a more aligned perspective - or invest in blame and divest ourselves of compassion.

Psyops - War on Consciousness

NATO and ‘News’ Media Pump for WW III
by Eric Zuesse

My comment to the above article:

Psyops, are a pervasive and persistent attempt to undermine the ‘enemy’. If true communication is the quality by which a lie is revealed to be untrue it is thus ‘the enemy’ – and so consciousness has to be degraded to the acceptance of conformity with the narrative.

Shock and fear largely work to trigger powerless compliance, or mob support for ‘protection’, to be implemented without too much oversight or challenge.

And so wedges are driven to deter or prevent EU getting cosy with Russia and the exercises and provocations may be more about conforming members to a NATO directive rather than any actual intent to engage open hostilities.

But… is there a psychopathic hatred of Earth existence that would destroy Earth if it could? One way to tune into this is to notice how many are seeing humanity as a virus to be eradicated or a faulty robot to be upgraded and replaced, a paralysed and stuck impotence to escape or overcome its powerlessness, a cynical despair confused with clarity amidst a sense of utter worthlessness or meaninglessness.

We all have some part of ‘death wish’ hiding in thoughts of invalidation, heartbreak and rage – but usually socially masked in forms of relative acceptability. Is it so that a collective focus in seeking to escape the sense of a failed, denied or spoiled Life, fuels or supports the urge to withdraw and withhold from Life by withholding it from all? This is a pre-rational urge that operates undercurrent as an intense rage of hatred that is denied conscious acceptance and is thus hidden in vengeful and invalidating acts and intent – or suddenly released in ‘rapture’. “Here I am – See me!”

Honesty and discernment

The Dalai Lama Speaks the Uncomfortable Truth about Immigration

The Dalai Lama Speaks the Uncomfortable Truth about Immigration

Weapons operate like the Trojan horse - in that a hate agenda can be hidden within forms that are considered unchallengeable or such that any challenge to expose what is in fact being done can be met with what seems to be a justified hate and penalty because of being painted or portrayed as taking a hateful stance.

Presentations of 'love' are manipulative and manipulatable. Hate is active undercurrent but has to justify itself to act openly. The hatred that is being raged against the people of Earth is couched or hidden in all kinds of narrative 'justifications'. The dominant powers operate this narrative under the guise of protecting, guiding and supporting those who give them power by accepting and believing in such protection. Scaremongering and false promises are not a reliable basis for decision but rather a basis in which fears operate unquestioned.

To ask what to 'do' in a seemingly impossible situation is not workable until the narratives and definitions that frame the situation are themselves addressed. Fear and rage run us more than we think - and guilt and lack of worth invalidate and undermine what presence we might bring forth.

The thinking that manifests as globalism is loveless and without any real capacity to feel the suffering that results from loveless choices and impositions. Yet it uses the fear of suffering and the wish for love as levers to engineer outcomes in consciousness as in social and political relations.

Love - as a currency of meaning has become almost meaningless because it has been so degraded and diluted by misuse. In a meaningless self and world we need to regain a true foundation from which to live and grow culture of worth extended - rather than exploiting relationships for what we can personally 'get' out of them.

There is no real vision of cultural expression allowed in a terror driven society - regardless the narratives by which such a dictate is propagated and imposed. The fear has to be addressed rather than hidden or ran from - and this means owning one's own feeling and associated thought rather than using external diversion and displacement.

An honest embracing what and who we feel ourselves being rather than protecting a narrative identity from feared change.

A false protectionism operates a hatred of change - unless increasing one's sense of power and control. Life is change and relationships are transformational by nature. That we have power issues and corresponding hatred of loss of power invoking desire for vengeance needs acceptance - for while we pretend the 'sin' is in the other, a false power runs our mind and replaces our heart with a conditional 'love' that is never really met or fulfilled.

Reclaiming authority is disengaging from false thinking so as to be found in a recognition of true - and not a device of manufactured diversion. There is love in such recognition that is available to live from - and not 'towards'. The world we meet is always through the extension of self we give it - but those who are poor in Spirit and divided in purpose do not know the blessing that is theirs to give. This may seem an impossible task - but self-honesty is not a task so much as a yielding to feel that which is truly moving and - if you will - allow communication of an order that demand for power cannot and will not allow. Power over Life corrupts - and blocks the communication of the power that Life is.

Elites are the idea that only they can decide power outcomes - but framed in a sense of power that denies communication in order to seem to exist. Communication is firstly within - but not as conditioned or oppositional thinking - but as an honesty of an open feeling awareness. Everything else is already manifesting the checkmate of power struggle - for there are no winners in war - regardless the narrative. Do even the debt-collectors 'win' Life truly lived and shared?

Something Terrible Has Happened

Something Terrible Has Happened
By Daily Bell Staff
- - -
My comment to the above article:

Truth is NOT 'out there.

But if you believe there is no truth within You-  or at least none you will open to or accept because it is too terrible - then you MUST seek 'outside' for the completion or fulfilment of a sense of being denied or deprived a fundamental acceptance and validity of being.

Seeking validation in external terms is a ruse to mask a sense of invalidity within.

The true Nature of Conscious Experience of Reality is covered or filtered by many levels of conditioning - such that a fragmented sense of self operates under the belief that external conditions define it, when it is a now hidden level of Consciousness that defined itself relative to conflicted inner conditions that it then sought to externalise as an attempted solution or expediency of escape and avoidance.

Lies are not neutral. Out of mind-sight is not really escaped or evaded - but influencing or usurping your thought and perception to beliefs that keep it hidden and 'protected' from exposure.

Self-honesty is no longer willing to turn a blind eye to a narrative that is a pretence given defence in one's own Name.

Only in self-honesty can the true be recognized true - but of course if you want - or believe you need - to fool yourself then fool must you be and fooled must see the validation of your self - despite the assertion of your power to limit and deny, evade and misconstrue Everything - so as to seemingly have what your falsely framed thinking dictates as your belief in yourself, your world and your purpose or function in life.

The information era has to give way to one of Discernment - that is aligned in the heart and not a power struggle of mind-fragmentation. Or true presence is forsook to a robotic hollow mentality of terror defined rage - masking as an illusion of power - alone and comfortless.

The Electro-magnetic quality of vibrational relation is one of resonant correspondences and synchronicities. Experience is within and of the field of such vibrational communication. The reflected embodiments of accepted Idea have an experiential validity from which to grow or expand the current sense of Existence, but fixation in self-definition against this true movement of Life unfolding unto Itself is an out-of-true dissonance given investment and identification.

Reading one's experience truly is yielding it to Source Awareness instead of keeping and using it for judgement of a presumed dominion.

In ordinary terms - this means pausing from reaction and instead allowing one's peace - that is - a freedom from coercive interference. Even with heated passion or frozen fear, this is the grace of true feeling recognition and the shift of insight to an expansion in which what seemed to besiege can in a core sense be embraced - and brought into relational awareness such as to take a step in a connected sense of being.

Without this connected sense of being is everything necessarily and inevitably  interpreted and used by the 'program' of dis-integrity - including of course the presentations of kindness and respectability in forms that mask the denied but active fear, rage and heartbreak that we individually and collectively struggle to suppress or scapegoat and kill or render powerless.

We live as if everyone ELSE has to wake up and get the message - but are the last to wake up to the ploy that kept us from truly aligning and integrating rather than judging and coercing our self, our relations, our world.

But my judgements say more about me than about the true of the world or anyone in it. Or rather - they reflect partial distortions that can be traced back to their roots in my core beliefs - some of which are personal and others collectively held.

If enough people get stuck in the same place, they call it reality. A working model serves the purpose that you recognize as truly enlivening and fulfilling to who you feel and know yourself to be. Then you LIVE this presence which communicates itself - without having to impose or assert your own self upon others - nor accept invalidation or denial from others.

Truly the Movement of Being defines and identifies us perfectly - as we accept and allow - but Life is never pinned down in fixity for the Context or Perspective Shifts in ways that our linear 3D thinking cannot embrace - much less control.

If you depend on the evil or the false to gain a sense of validity and righteousness - then of course you must accept perpetual war - for true victory would leave you without a power source.

I cannot tell anyone what to accept or look out from as true - and nor can anyone else but your heart recognition. This appears to be the very last place anyone looks and so everything 'else' has to be tried first because when Something Terrible Happened - we lost our sense of connection and communication to a hate that rages and a fear that guilts and undermines any capacity to stand.

Deceits can be like jokes that inadvertently reveal the mind game that thinks itself invisible by assigning its own agenda to others.

Hating evil is easy - but reciprocated in a like conviction. Uncovering the deceits by which hatred operates 'divide and rule' in our OWN mind, and narrative beliefs and definitions has to FEEL enough to recognize what is truly moving rather than give blind hate a backstage pass. It's no use denying or rusing our inner conflict onto others - except to 'create' a hateful world out of a loss of love or sense of love denied. If we were not love - we would not hate losing it and insist that love is unreal so as to assert a self made in hidden hate and 'love' this grievance as our source of power over a world that 'fails us'.

Reality is experience according to perspective. Look to the framing mind or indeed to the free Imagination of your calling. The call to joy is the movement of reintegration in which the energy bound up in conflict is released to align freely along the lines of what you truly are unfolding and recognizing yourself to be. You cannot be what you are not and truly appreciate yourself or others thereby.

A Righteous Cause...?

A Righteous Cause...?

My comment to the above article:

Standing in integrity is not righteous war - but embodying a presence that communicates of itself. Self righteousness is the flip side to the 'enemy'. Both are experienced within you as two facets of the same mind in division or judgement. Unified purpose is not an evasion rejection or overcoming of hated and denied self.

The en-trance to the human experience of 'separation amidst a world of conflicting forces is the investment in 'righteous' hate - everything else follows the pattern of denial and fragmentation and ... here we are. Resisting 'temptation' to be the power of judge over another is forsaking the seduction of a false sense of power.

Until we recognize our participance in the experience we are attracting and acting from as true, must we point always away from ourself and throw the first stone in order to seal our denial with 'loving to hate' or hating in the 'name' of love.

I don't suggest denying feelings of hatred, rage, heartbreak, powerlessness and terror, but withdrawing automatic investment so as to ask and receive anew within the moment of their movement - expressing in ways that do not fuel the recycle of hate and hurt.

This is not attractive or pleasant - but nor is a rising tide of rage and terror that rises to awareness as our world regardless whether we try to 'see' it in other's ignorance and arrogance or step back to enquire within as to exactly what is 'running here as MY take on what and who I am in relation to what seems to be going on.

A mis-take can righteously assert itself in ignorance of its arrogance. I am not taking blame in opening to my own participation in lovelessness. Rather I am putting blame behind me in accepting an awakening responsibility for the thought, intent and purpose that I accept as true of me.

Use your 'experience' of your relationship to awaken to a true quality of relationship within. It is all up on the Big Screen for you to recognize what you are NOT and so release or awaken in what you ARE. Deceit makes a war of this, but truth does not communicate with - much less respond to - illusion. Illusions fight only with themselves - at cost of the sharing in an appreciation of awareness of truth.

Be wary of the call to war - but discern a call to stand in Integrity - which witnesses for all.

Parasitic thinking

Trading Places: Neocons and Cockroaches
By Robert Parry

The article above explores the imaginary retrospective from cockroaches inhabiting a post apocalyptic world as a result of neo-con policy.

It brought the following comment to which I then replied.


Even cockroaches have their problems

There is a small parasitic emerald wasp (Ampulex compressa) that uses the much larger common household cockroach (Periplaneta Americana) to perpetuate itself.

It does this by first stinging the cockroach’s thorax with gamma amino butyric acid (GABA) which paralyses its front legs, and then by injecting neurotoxins directly into the cockroaches brain. These neurotoxins stop spontaneous walking. The tiny wasp then leads the cockroach back to its nest, where it lays a egg on its abdomen. This hatches out and then devours the cockroach in an orderly sequence that keeps it alive (ie ‘fresh’) for as long as possible.

The only human analogy I can think of is the relationship between one small middle eastern country and a country defended by the worlds strongest military force.

The parasitic image is apt. The seeming incapability to recognize or respond to a plight we are induced to actively bring upon ourselves is a triggered terror – and rage conditioning whose very nature is antithetical to our ‘conscious’ mind – which runs upon the denial or evasion of such feeling intent. Thus for the most part we ‘think’ along such different lines and from such a different sense of self-protective survival and thrival that a ‘psychopathic rage’ of a primitive hate and defiance of any other power and coupled with the sociopathic manipulation of anyone and everyone as a right and duty of a superior intelligence, master race or as gods over man and world.

Waking up – as I feel it – is not merely the disintegration or recognition-release of a world-view/identity of evasion and denial in masks of diversionary self-illusion – but the expansion or opening to notice the trigger points within my own consciousness by which in some sense conditioning replaces or takes over from a truly relational being – the presence in which I know my existence through its natural extension as opposed to a tyrannous compulsion operating through the yielding of conscious willingness to ‘unconscious urge’.

Another image for this is the bot-net, in which seemingly functional computers are compromised by trojan ploy or masked deceits so as to be open to being taken over upon receiving specific code that has gained access to ‘direct the thinking’ of executive instruction.

Clearing the moneylender out of the template is awaking to one’s own responsibility for true presence – because once a mind is compromised it is simply not your own – or perhaps better said; not aligned with or representing your true willingness for life.

It can be said that the ‘predator’ can be used to illuminate the hidden or unrecognized lack of integrity and that re-alignment in true is enabled by the alarm. But a herded and domesticated prey become dependent on their ‘state’ and are retrained to ‘love’ the hand that milks them, puts out the feed, fences out the wolves and leads to the slaughterhouse.

Neuroplasticity and epigenetics are two fields that bridge scientific thought to open a possibility of change where our thinking belived none was possible – but the desire to embrace Life has to stir – for the survival urge fuelling the desire to escape fear of pain and death in life undermines our capacity to recognize Life apart from ancient re-enactments of ‘separation trauma’.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Light on Regeneration

The Natural Way to Regenerate
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Stephanie Seneff's studies also have some bearing on sunlight as health-giving. Subject to cholesterol sulphate being abundant. Cholesterol deficiency and lack of sulphur in diet (along with other toxicities and deficiencies) operate a negative synergy instead of the positive synergy of such energetic communications as this video indicate.
Breaking Life down into parts so as to manually 'improve, control or replace' it, always persists the original split-mind that expresses and embodies a sense of war with our nature, rather than a balancing within our nature.

As long as the god/evil polarity operates coercively in place of a felt relation within the whole, will a reversal or anti-bio force fuel its negative reflection.

The self-righteous mask over un-owned 'evil' or dissonance of conflicted identity - blindly persists a hate agenda. Letting light in is not a loveless analytical exposure to cold mechanism - but is a receptive willingness of desire or attraction to a fulfilment in like kind.

Therefore I do not see any outer intervention as in itself being able to substitute for or replace the willing desire for health - though it may operate as a permission slip for such desire to find conscious acceptance. And then how truly is our desire for health a movement of love for unconflicted  wholeness of being - and how much are we deceived by the attempt to evade, hide or deny and eradicate the sickness of a feared outcome? There is a difference in going wholly for what you want and defining yourself in terms of what you don't want. The latter drags its baggage wherever it goes.

The energetic communication of Life at all 'levels' of our existence - including our body - is mind-blowing - or infinitely beyond the scope or capacity of a mind-mapping attempt to command and control. But our maps and models can replace a true foundation so as to meet an entirely different reflection that of course reinforces where we are coming from - for that is the way the 'experience' is designed to be. To play out. To work as feedback to our balancing within.

Coming back to Stephanie Seneff - I like her willingness to consider that if the body does it - it embodies a positive reason within stress or deficiency and not a rogue oppositional evil to (therefore) block or eradicate. I see that science inherited a lot from the old religion it thought to have invalidated - and embodies the same hatreds operating in the 'name' of reason - or any other of its trojan horses.

Re-visit and Re-Vision (your experience of reality)

Mutually agreed definitions - albeit often operating tacitly, "make" one's experience of reality - but regardless of who else or how many others reinforce your belief system - and thus what you are capable of receiving and sharing in - it is entirely up to you and not 'THEM' as to what self definitions you accept. Blaming others for what you choose is a trick by which to get something you want - or think you want - without acceptance of conscious responsibility for yourself - and thus operate in 'victim-mode' - which includes attack mode as the prevention of further victimhood.

This 'attack' mind is always predicated AGAINST others unless of course they agree or conform. It is very subtle in its range of deceit so as to largely operate beneath a mask of social acceptability.
Sharing in attack-thinking as if it is genuine currency feeds the power of hate in our personal and collective experience.

Your core definitions start from specific self-defining thoughts that are emotionally imprinted from the earliest conditioning and much of it is designed to hide from conscious awareness of the hateful state of conflicted thought of such separation trauma - while persisting the patterns of such trauma in mitigated or redistributed forms. And this false 'matrix' of self and world definition is defended as if it were your survival and your very self - and so it is very different to challenge the narrative of your own mind thinking, its emotional and physical reinforcers - along with the actual or imagined reactions of others.

One has to put down the weapon in order to open a channel of Communication - for a negatively defined imagination feeds a negative outcome no matter how much it seems to empower or add protection. Waking to a different foundation from which to think, see and live is not a matter of will so much as willingness of opening and allowing. This may seem humiliating to the addiction to power but this moment passes to a deeper acceptance and alignment with a truly Felt Experience - free of coercive guilts and deceits. The habit-mind may interject over and over again but now you know it is a choice - and that it is within you to allow another choice through you. No one can save his or her self alone - because the true of you is always a relational expression of a wholeness that awakens within what seemed to be a polarized fragment of a conflicted contradiction.

Accepting a real relationship is putting down the attack mind - if even for a moment - and through that moment, any willingness serves a realignment within and as the true of You - which cannot be communicated or given to that which attacks and denies it in order to seem a power unto itself.

Don't 'believe' anything - feel within your heart and mind for the true of You - and then step forth AS that with belief that embodies a knowing rather than a disguised set of doubts in search of validation.

Sooner or later the 'Them' who serve as the hate-goats have to be recognized as a role within your own casting consciousness. This recognition releases self-hatred - for even as ye do unto the least or the worst ye do unto your Self. Living from integrity of being because it is integrity of being is not pursuing vengeance - and within integrity it becomes more and more easy to recognize hidden hatred BEFORE it goes forth in your mind, your words and your acts. Everything you accept for yourself you share - at a level the physical mind cannot conceive of or imagine. This places you in charge of your thoughts - for regardless what is attracted to awareness - only that which you validate by reaction is active in your own experience - and as your communication.

Form does NOT define reality - excepting you lock forms into set meanings and WANT them set!
Purpose is the determiner of all things - therefore be sure to know your purpose and abide awake! "They" and indeed the "World" are dead-set on forgetting or undermining true desire by asserting the false in-form-ation. So of course the 'mind' is persistently forgetting - and this is where persistence in remembering true purpose - Just Because - is called for. If you seek to 'do' this to effect and outcome, you still have the effect before the cause. Be who You are first - not in order to get anything or anywhere else. Conflict is difficult. True acceptance is different. You are not an 'attack-mind' because you can observe it and recognize it is not your true vibrational signature.

You can recognize your self and that which is resonant and relevant to You - regardless the disinfo of attack-mind that you set up to keep your heart safe in a loveless world.

Shock, disgust and anger

Life in a Modern-day Debt Colony: The Truth about Greece
by Michael Nevradakis

I recommend at least considering the article linked above for a perspective on Greece, the EU and a masked agenda that is working by design - and not one of encountering accidents or errors of negligence.

My input is into the article and shared commentary but placed it in the context of the last few words of  elentis who ended his post with:

...We must dare to finally speak the UnSpeakable and do this loudly and backed up by research. At least our fellow Europeans, the majority not in the feeding trough, deserve clear and true information. Believe me, the result of this information is disgust. Shock and disgust – and anger.

My comment:

"Shock and disgust – and anger".

These feelings are unlidded (within us) by events. All of us carry the lid of social civility that generates a mask of personae under which is the attempt to coerce outcomes in alignment with (at least temporarily) escaping or delaying the shock of a broken identity in self and world; the disgust of (and at) the hatred that is thus exposed in the raw, and the survival sense that denies and projects hatred to instead focus almost exclusively in a relative self-righteous justifiction - in which hate of OTHER is seen as absolutely justified and therefore replaces the love that is denied within the hurtred of hate and rage. And so we 'love' to hate and hate to love - for hate has made of love a victim - an invalidity - an un-reality.

I have attempted to sketch something of the imprinting of the human conditioning that 'sets' the human condition unless we feel through it to an expanded acceptance of embrace and perspective.

The hate that embodies an anti-Life globalism, hates the Life that - in its experience - failed it. There are different facets of separation trauma - but we all share in and embody such archetypes that are locked in polarized conflict of 'divide to rule' or indeed to rule out what we cannot bear or tolerate.

There can be no relationship or communication to a mind exclusively identified in vengeance or in terror. But only what is believed to be necessary and justified deceit and coercion - in the framing of the goal of power from which all else derives whatever use or meaning it is allowed to have. Power operates a false sense of protection - or rather a protection of an incomplete sense of self falsely asserted as an exclusive and authoritative power over its own experience.

And so terrorism - whether masked or in the raw, operates the act of the hate upon its own - as a coercive conformity to asserted and imposed 'idea' under which, the living will - the freedom to feel and move as one's being - is sacrificed and denied. The illusion of power 'paints itself into a corner' as checkmate! But the board is a two dimensional representation of a polarized oppositional identity.

If the illusion of power is unsurprisingly self-defeating - does it not invoke curiosity as to the true nature of power - or perhaps there is no term for it in a world so long entrained and enchained to darkness in which NOT being hit can seem like love.

When our hated, feared or denied feeling finds acceptance in the movement of its being - without being given reactive access to trigger harm to self and others, then a fresh take can replace a mis-take and a quality of compassion within ourselves can automatically and naturally recognize opportunities and willingness for communication and relationship hitherto unseen or discarded - in which the power of true presence is extended and honoured in place of a 'relational usury' that seeks to 'get validation from others' by offering a false presentation as substitute for the power it believes lost - and so does not rest in and share.

The inner recognition is not a strategy or replacement for integrity in relationship - but a questioning and opening of foundations so as to truly know and align in purpose - rather than be-guiled within evasions that feel justifiably compelling and necessary.

Is not tragi-comedy a gift of cultural inheritance from early Greek culture? Using the reflection to uncover recognition in which what seemed exclusive polarities are both owned - and instead of an overwhelm, we open the freedom to focus differently - to accept a different choice than a split compulsion.

How anything 'works out' is beyond me - excepting that what I write here has relevance to living a good step - from which a fresh perspective opens its own good or recognized guidance. This is so 'different' as to seem too difficult or indeed daft. But questioning our foundations in desire for true being is not in order to get a better handle on power and protection in the frame of the 'world' - but to receive and thus bring forth a 'different' world from what separation trauma painted and defended as our life.

Illuminating the 'checkmate' of a 'victory' by which life is made hollow and meaningless is part of growing willingness and desire for Life and for truth that is truly receptive and not pre-loaded with demands and conditions.

Our original nature can be covered over and denied - yet must first BE that denial can seem to operate a replacement. Denial is a part of focusing - but we do not have to hate or demonize the choice that does not resonate with who we truly feel and know or even prefer ourself to be - in order to live that freedom and learn of it freely. A coerced or conformed choice is no freedom to feel and learn and grow. The old world order replicates itself over and again as the dictate of a seeming 'separate' mentality - presented as if normal and self-evident - yet predicated on hate and fear and locked in by guilt.

I have only the English translation of the adaptation of Arnisi - used by Theodorakis in Sto Periagiali - I sign off with it in solidarity with and gratitude for an awakening Humanity.

Sto Periagli (Mikis Theodorakis) Based on (Arnisi) DENIAL by Giorgos Seferis

On the secret seashore, white like a pigeon (dove?),
we thirsted at noon, but the water was brackish.
On the golden sand, we wrote her name, but the sea-breeze blew and the writing vanished.
With what spirit, what heart, what desire and passion we lived our life:
a mistake! So we changed our life

[English trans : Edmund Keeley and Phillip Sherrard]

- - -
I’m sorry, but the Stasi were there to protect East Germans from the horrors inflicted on Greece.
My reply:

I feel you are mistaken. The apparatus of Soviet state control - extending to making everyone a spy on everyone else - may have been initially 'justified' in terms of protecting against foreign terror threat - but operated to consolidate a power elite who masked in a 'collectivist' appeal at expense of the quality of Life shared - excepting of course, within the conformity of the official dictate.

The identifiction of 'sides' is unaware that deceit works both or all sides of opportune or manufactured conflict to influence outcomes in its favour, without seeming to play much part - except perhaps as saviour.

 I am not suggesting that protection is not required against deceits that carry heavy consequence - but that the very quick minded position themselves 'upstream' of events so as to operate 'insider' leverage by which they become defacto 'elites' making the decisions that frame 'the lives of others' who have little or no awareness of what is in fact going on beneath appearances - excepting they feel denied of their core humanity by a tyrannous dictate - but induced to blame and inflame their own divisions.

Likewise western 'intelligence' gathering is used for corporate/political advantage in globalist power struggle even though it was ostensibly to protect against the 'bad guys'. Corporate or mercantile power tends to be one foot (or many) in front of the attempt to check and balance it - but it is the consolidation of power that operates - for when transnational corporations have served their nation-destroying role, they too will be relived of any temptation towards undue influence or threat to the power dictate.

However, without the belief in the evil enemy - such society cannot remain ordered - for the inner conflicted purposes that are 'unified and displaced' by the dictate of centralised power rise up as a creative chaos through which a different way of living starts to come into focus than coercion and deceit.

However, I note that the terror that external power was supposed to hide or protect us from is leaking out everywhere now - so a 'creative chaos' might be the only option left. The creative is of course what we bring as presence to that which we find disturbing or unsettling. If we only fixate in anti-evil identities we let ourselves be defined over and against the thing we hate. Defined by hate is not creative freedom - even if ingeniously marketed and spun to a fear of change.