Monday, 31 October 2011

Gadaffi the human, the symbol, the teaching

Did Gaddafi not believe he actually was what he thought he was - born of a deeply felt demand to escape the terror of a mind at war with itself?
In this does he not share the human condition of identifying with thought, protecting it and projecting to exclude.

While it seemed he had power, he believed he was powerful and violated his own people to maintain and protect power for himself. And in the same mind, did he also deal with other leaders who see love only as a disguise to get what cannot be got with force more directly?
When it all fell apart, he was powerless against the very forces he had once thought himself master of - and which played out the same mind of vengeance upon his body.

When we see such a figure on the world stage, do we see the role he played in a war of conflicting powers? A madman who succeeded in losing his mind to a blindly fearful manipulation of life that embodied the very conflict that he thought to escape.

As long as fear is hidden so as to protect a lie, we also will suffer a tyranny by which we seem both served and suffer. We might think we can keep it ineffectually private and under control - but it permeates the whole house up from the basement in which it is locked - and leaks out to re-enact its ritual wars and diseases.

The Holy Spirit will not allow anyone to Really lose their true mind and works with every opportunity of willingness to restore faith and integration.
But a mind intent on vengeance will not cooperate in its own healing.

Hate enacted out upon the hated, is not a cause for satisfaction, celebration, nor justice - but is the ritual sacrifice of God's Son - the Life we recognize as one with our own - upon whose death a lie is raised as if alive. That is the tyranny which slips in and out of men's minds unnoticed while setting up new hosts as it abandons an old one.

Abiding in truth is to be without judgement or knowledge - but at the unfolding of the recognition of truth at the threshold of our awakening.
Let us learn to submit all seeming power to the love and wisdom of our true Holy Spirit. Again and again ... and yet again. So as to open our lives and our world to the power of love. Love unifies where fear and hatred divide. May love enter and work through the hearts of all who actively seek to share Life. May it cause us to pause of our rituals of hate and fear and instead - cast out the mind that insinuates itself as if our own, as a faithless deception of our own thinking.

And may all who call on love find mercy. For such Call can only be made by the stirring of love within.
Our hearts are the prayer of our communication - and are but temporarily blocked, while asking for what cannot be and yet insisting it be found.

May the stirring, wake us from distraction to the true desire that moves us and is our life.

In Peace


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