Friday, 13 March 2015

"what’s gone wrong and who is to blame?"

 Coalition Britain: how has David Cameron affected the UK's reputation?

Few dispute that the UK has lost influence on the world stage – but what’s gone wrong and who is to blame?

When I read the heading - and particularly the sub headline - which titles this entry, I felt no call to read further - for anything predicated on such basis is inherently meaningless or insane.

- - -

"what’s gone wrong and who is to blame?"
This sort of poor excuse for 'thinking' is the nature of the 'problem.
Clarify the definitions - the foundational lens through which we cognize, and all else reveals itself.
Investing in "what’s gone wrong and who is to blame?", may operate in the guise of self protection or an expansion of the capacity to control or manipulate an outcome and thus everyone may willingly blind themselves to the whole - and their integral part within it - in favour of a self-assertive 'divide and rule' mentality that is essentially at war with Life because it is at war on one's self.
There IS a natural honesty of being that CAN be experienced THROUGH willingness and desire to have it. Although the act of exclusively focussing upon or 'seeing'. "what’s gone wrong and who is to blame?" will provide a script of self-justification - a justifiction - in which the OTHER or the EXTERNAL carries the major "blame", it simply operates as a deceit by which to choose against the true of one's being and SEEMING to 'get away with it'.
However the symptoms of DIS-EASE are packaged, toxic debt is the false currency operating as guilt - backed by the FEAR-standard. To base our identity in fearful and shameful - BLAMEFUL - self-definition is to GUARANTEE war, scarcity, deprivation, dysfunction, loss - oh the list goes on but you get the drift.
To drift into a negative or self-fragmenting disposition is a result of NOT living consciousness responsibility. However, we can never truly LOSE our being and it will pick us up the moment we open to listen and integrate with it. Responsibility is a NOW-ability of response, from re-cognition - from a fresh take - from a fresh take - from a fresh take.
Or one can defend a 'point of view' that honestly evaluated, has no true foundation in your joy. Choice is the nature of our human existence and disguising choice within deceitful manipulations is ONE of our CHOICES. One CANNOT change what one first does not OWN. The blame game guarantees non-ownership of false definitions through a sort of negative version of 'pass the parcel'. It works to keep us in the dark. It is a choice made IN the dark. But now you have read this you are within the responsibility of your conscious choice. You are not 'victim' to conditioning excepting you have yet to honestly acknowledge its operation through the use to which you put your mind. Live from a truly integrative disposition and KNOW your participance.