Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Porn, society, censorship and Angels

Cameron is getting tough on internet porn, so is a Fantasy Tsar now going to decide what's acceptable?

(An Independent article that I could not get this comment to insert into)

The once private aspects of our mind - of our collective mind - is becoming public.
Some of this are desires that are socially unacceptable or surrounded by taboo, inhibition and dare I say it - a relational consensual willingness.
Some are simply a wandering fascination in what is still 'taboo', out of bounds, hidden from sight, as if one were private in the act of looking.

The mind conditions itself by what you use it for. If you cultivate an appetite for fantasy 'satisfactions' in porn or shopping or any other realm of activity, then you cultivate a mode of private personal control that you get a 'hit' from and then a miss - or a trough in which to look again for the 'hit'. Not everyone has an obsessive addictive approach. Some can spread their addiction across many private satisfactions, like a gourmet, and keep also there actual relational life in some degree of balance. This is like having a compartment or many compartments for different aspects of your personality - but not losing cohesion among them so as to become dissociated in the sense of clinically insane.

What fantasy does by definition, is substitute for actuality. Escape into fantasy is an expression of a lack of joy in the currently framed moment of existence. The uncovering of a pattern of virtual self in its own made up story is a breadcrumb trail of reintegration - if reintegration, peace and joy is actually the accepted desire.
In ultimate sense true being is not damaged by anything because all the ideas by which such experience was had are ideas that are chosen and experienced. But the mind can seem to become victim to its own ideas and suffer as if compelled and victim to forces beyond its control. At this level, trust is the uncovering of an integrity of being that is both ground and guide. What you give out is what you get back - always, without exception. This is a current reality - of what you are currently putting out being the nature of what is reflected as experience. but the surface mentality that identifies a sense of personal control as survival and sanity is by default in denial of its so called 'unconsciousness'. So we are as ones "who know not what they do".
Beneath the surface, beneath the fear and guilt which taboos against looking within, is the be ing of love- apparently suffering the fantasy of our collective 'reality'. But within the loving nature of what we have mostly forgot, is the Angelic realm. One simply stops energizing the jamming chatter, to let a natural whole Communion/communication resume in an awareness that was momentarily distracted by grasping at some image or object or experience as if it could or need be possessed.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Noticing the darknet in our minds

The key to cleaning up the internet is tackling the darknets, not letting censorship in by the back door

Summary: The UK government's proposals for blocking search terms for illegal content aren't only badly thought through, they're dangerous.
Self-righteous presentations work to further hide what is really going on and represent at best a control of perception - with a dark and fearful 'unconscious' aspect that is active and pervasive as a kind of atmospheric 'evil' that can be used to differentiate a moral high ground.

It is all a reflection of our collective minds. The attempt to control minds always and necessarily seeds ingenious self-righteous reactions that then justify themselves over and against the imposition of coercive intent.

But the agreement to place limits on loveless behaviour is integral to any household that values integrity as a condition in which the power of choosing one's own experience of reality can have a true foundation rather than a deceptive, fearful, reactive and self-judging mentality.

While the attempt to use perceived evils as basis for moral self-righteousness prevails, any real process of communication and integration can hardly occur.

The structuring of the Net replicates much of our own mind.
Mind is a communication device that is also a communing medium. It is being used as a separating and controlling device upon its own virtual reality - and this is before the extension of such a mentality expresses itself in external technological extension.

We generally censor and stifle the uncovering of our true mind - because we each have such an investment in our persona layer of consciousness - which is the 'consumer face' of the command and control 'back end' that we all play in the dark - unless we essentially are mask-less in our communications.

The capacity to make false associations regarding specific forms and ascribe meanings to them that are not true and join with others in exploiting such forms with disregard to truth - is so universally active that it is invisible except in the most extreme disruptions to our sense of sanity.

It is wise to limit the capacity of the lawless - but needs to be in the context of growing an appreciation of the actual law of mind. What you give out is what you get back. Garbage in = garbage out.
A true moral integrity is inclusive - as indicated in the story of Jesus. It encompasses and yet resolves or heals all polarities in the awakening of the true desire. Until one owns one's choices, one cannot make a different choice - more aligned with one's true peace, well-being and joy in life. Hate, blame, fear and control are all the signs of a mind at war with itself - seeking to validate itself at the expense of another. This self gratification is a kind of darknet that runs unknown to our surface mentality - in our midst.
I write to witness to that this is so and not to seed fear. Fear is so legion in our society that we cannot see our own minds in action nor the use to which they are being put.

That which we appreciate - appreciates. And that we we resist - persists!