Saturday, 28 March 2015

Warring over truth: conflicting realities are out of true
Offers a portal for Idea as creative art in life rather than ideology of investments and private agenda.
However, it is a video channel without transcript and so it takes a linear process in physical time to watch the conversations take place. Perhaps this enourages participation beyond skimming for those who give their time, but I would see a transcript as a much more available medium of communication to complement the videos.

Beyond Truth and Falsehood: What is real?

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Definition is fundamental to ALL that follows from it.

That which defines all things as relating within Itself is First - and cannot be Itself defined.

But all that relates within and as the extension of Source is of the same kind, and thus creates or extends idea within itself likewise.

The temporary expedient of defining Truth or Reality in image of symbol and idea generates a perspective of self differentiation from Totality and yet shares that perspective within totality. There is no separation.

But the experience of self differentiation may be explored or focused within such as to experience separateness within Mind whose nature and function IS Communication.

The segregative self-sense generates and depends upon an almost exclusively physical framed 'reality'. For there is no other way to maintain such a 'self' but through the denial OF Consciousness in the assertion of conditionalities that effectively generate transactional 'reality' in place of the Gift of spontaneity of a synchronous and unified expression of life.

To the segregative self, reality is war in which all things essentially conflict - and yet within which is a temporary assertion of survival attempt to make tolerable and wherever possible, to extend any capacity to prevail over or exploit the externalised world - for this is the coercive movement by which the creative is confused within the created - as a result of taking image or definition OF Self - AS Self.
When the coercive movement is recognized false, one yield to Source and are restored to true perspective.
However what is true OF you is not within definition so much as a clarifying and transcendence OF self-definition.
And so it is true that war 'survives' or persists as the sacrifice or covering over of truth. But whatever is acted out does not and cannot change the truth of you - because the truth or existence of you - (the very awareness of existence that is you, regardless what definitions are accepted and engaged in) - is Eternally changeless though experienced in infinitely rich perspectives that embrace and transcend linear time or locational properties of space.
What you choose - knowingly or unknowingly - to accept as true for you - must 'create' your conception, perception, and behavioral response that you  have and share as your experience of Life.
But the level of such definition is largely 'hidden' in unconsciousness, and guarded by psychological defence AGAINST exposure, by the personality construct that you take to be yourself.
It IS a working focus within a physically experienced reality, but it is the vehicle or channel of You that has - in a sense - lost the signal - and seems to have got lost in a will of its own that is effectively acting against its own good and burdens itself with attempt to manage or control reality.
The idea of controlling reality is the idea of forgetting its nature. There is nothing 'outside' whereby to leverage excepting in agreement to play the game of being 'outsiders' who know not what they do - and who therefore make their OWN definitions and fight over them as if the truth is at stake.
True relationship is easy because is requires nothing of us - being already the case. Yet is impossible while we define it lacking and attempt to change its condition from a belief in unworthiness of relationship.
Blessed is the one who releases their self-certainty of experience in willingness to let truth be uncovered by which everyone and everything involved is recognized within a greater perspective.
There is no escaping the Embrace of our true Existence - but there is a wish to distract attention within a focus of self-specialness fueled by fear of love that does not know love's gift of unique creational participance as true living - and perceives only threat to its investment of identification in manual and magical control over life.
All realities are valid experience but all realities of experience are not relevant or resonant to the theme and signature vibrational reality OF you.
Getting in direct communication with your core being may be via the experience of recognition of what and who you are NOT. Therefore unreality or untruth serves purpose - albeit unknowing.
All things in the 'world' correlate or resonate or symbolically communicate aspects, facets and qualities of consciousness within, or prior to their embodiment. The light of the projector is prior to the film or the image on the screen. Light is shining. Mind is projecting What you give out is what you get back. But first recognize and own what is already being believed and reacted from, for one cannot change what one has not yet owned.
Thankyou for your attention.

Friday, 27 March 2015

EU "Don’t use Facebook if you want to keep the NSA away from your data"

EU: Don’t use Facebook if you want to keep the NSA away from your data

The issues of communication, privacy, integrity and trust are coming up in BOLD as an increasing dysfunctionality from which we can learn. I read this article and many of the comments at Ars Technica - and posted the following:

The focusing upon and operating within, a coercive mind-set, runs as a segregative reality experience in which communication is filtered and distorted so as to mask weapon or phishing intent of coercive private agenda and corresponding development of defences in the evolution of the founding idea.

But beneath all appearances communication is still true or actually there to be uncovered and discerned.

Listening receptivity of an uncoercive mindset - a mind you neither create nor interfere with, via the mental overlay of personality conditioned reactions, is a SHIFT of focus, at a foundational level.

Focusing upon and within the flow of true communication has no need to pry or snoop in order to know what one needs to know when one needs to know it, Indeed to be coercive upon the flow of communication that IS Life, is to limit oneself to a fearful victim mentality as a reflection of one's own desire given acceptance and belief.

There is a way to listen and act within the flow of relationship as fluidly 'defined' by joy.
The belief in sacrificing joy's true knowing for the 'power' of fear is a false 'god' by which we become at war with ourself - or rather, identified reactively within our own conflicted self-definition.

This seemingly chaotic outcome, activates and seems to demand and compel the command and control mentality to subvert and usurp all natural functions - for it is war upon Life in the name of a separateness of segregated or separated 'life' called "me and mine" - in an exclusive and other-denying sense.
Living in such survival mode psychologically has become a second nature of a conditioned protection racket. This is becoming increasing obvious in our world-experience.

Fear defines 'relationships' as a means to an end because fear cannot SEE that which it interferes with.
Embracing one's relationship with everything and everyone as the living CONTEXT in which our true self is restored to our awareness, inherently de-conditions the mind of pretending it can ACTUALLY exist apart from or outside relationship itself. Such self-illusion cannot 'survive' because it never lived - but one can WISH it true and give it the Life you truly are.

If you followed the gist of this you may sense that our first and only true freedom is of what we accept true of ourself - for everything else follows on from that as a matter of course.
The WORD we each give and receive is the fundamental definition of worth and value in this and any moment. The game of conflict draws the crowd to the arena and the attention feeds the combatants. It is all a matter of choice - but at a level we have trained ourselves collectively to disregard and deny in order to ENJOY the game. When a game loses or is recognized to be joyless - or meaningless - or insane - then the call is to waken to choose differently - in line with you you know yourself to be - now that you have had such a clear experience of who you are not.

Where we are coming from - in any moment - in any movement - IS our responsibility to check in and verify - or else we give our power away to be harnessed in bot-nets of rogue agendas that lose any pretence of connection with anything worthy, sound or sane.

Integrity and trust ARE communication, accept nothing else at face value. The hunger for power speaks of a deeper powerlessness trying to act itself out in the world. The problem is not firstly IN the world and so it will never be healed or answered there. The problem is a faulty self-definition. A failure or breakdown of communication that calls for realignment within integrity - reintegration.

Privacy is a gift of love. Not a right of fear. Communication is what war is designed to disrupt, limit and control. There are many ways of saying 'No' that are honest, direct and open to genuine communication from another. Force is not inherently coercive. A true defence embodies true values. Believing our own spin turns everything to lies - in which anything is what you say it is even if you don't believe it so.

Be true to yourself, all the rest must follow on - but be aware that ID phishing goes right back the the Apple!

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Free to challenge a lack of freedon

A Lack of Freedom Is Destroying the Middle Class, Not Chinese Competition - See more at the Daily Bell

My comment on the use of laws as a weapon against our true nature:

When 'laws' operate against rather than in support of freedom, one must in some sense 'violate' the boundary and limit of the presumed or believed law in the fact of being who one freely and truly is. Or one denies and limits and thus 'violates' the innate law of one's nature in order to fit or join in with an idea that may be collectively reinforced.
'Thinking outside of the box' is now a cliche, having been used as a mask for the same old thinking in a new set of clothes. But a perspective from beyond or outside the definitions by which one identifies and lives by, is only found by those who can connect to their true nature - which IS inspirational imagination of curiosity and discovery.
This capacity or willingness, must yield the personal sense for as Einstein correctly stated; "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." Indeed, one yields into a level in which the problem doesn't exist, or is redefined more clearly, more sanely, thus revealing obvious response thereof.
Love of truth is foundational to such willingness - regardless the alloy of the personality structure. But 'New Wine' can and often is, framed in old Paradigm of a self-seeking agenda rooted in hidden and un-owned fear, and this means that insight is harnessed to the attempt to manipulate and control rather than to the reintegration of a dis-integrity that arises FROM such idea believed and applied.
The personality structure in consciousness and in the patterning of the brain is not inherently fixed. Indeed it changes all the time - even moment by moment. That aspect of our being is fluid, flexible and transformable. However, while we are invested in it as an exclusive sense of self, it is defended against healing change and becomes the attempt to coerce life - as if such power is ours, or is in any way necessary or meaningful.
But the idea of being a separated isolated individual against life and others - who sees others in terms only of what can be GOT from them, is not a law - but passes as such by allegiance and tacit mutual reinforcement. Then one only thinks in terms of the self such idea provides and that can only be healed by bringing the underlying self-defined limitation and division to the light of an honest awareness.

It is possible to immediately accept truths that leave behind all that one had believed to be one's life - but it is rare, and most of us create or demand processes of transition. Indeed one can get lost in transition - that is one can become identified within the idea of process in place of aligning process to a direct objective or desire.

Education or a 'leading out' of a capacity to live and be oneself within relationship, is called for - primarily by example. Regardless that it breaks the unwritten law of truly thinking and knowing for oneself and bringing that to one's relations - rather than seeking and finding the thinking that effectively masks a true presence in allegiance to a god of fear.

Where we are coming from is more important than the form of what we are doing - because the latter without the former is so often a kind of phishing attack by which a stolen identity operates illegitimately.

Global fear agenda

Europe's Real Anti-EU Revolution May Be an Individual One

The above editorial brought out the probability of disaffection and withdrawal of allegiance relative to top-down impositions of globalism, and prompted this comment from me:

Private agenda coercively and deceitfully asserted and enforced, redefines and redirects the energy and purpose of life to an evaporation via the illusions of power within powerlessness.
But there has to be SOMETHING IN such agenda to give it even partial allegiance, or it is simply revealed as a meaninglessness unworthy of a second thought - of giving serious attention to.
Un-owned fear drives private agenda - for one does not WANT to face and feel and know such "powerlessness" or "meaninglessness" of self, and the mind is utilised to script a narrative in which some self-specialness is retained, via victory or victim-hood.
While it WANTS such "unconsciousness" of evaded responsibility, it is not only a sucker for a scam, it drives the market.

The idea of a global imposition of control is the "ego" writ large, driven by corporate amplifications of gross materialism wrapped around the possessive obsession and a fear of defeat and loss of self - which on one level is like a grand chess game determined to be the 'real game' beneath all the illusions of self-vanity - as if  power over life exacts some kind of temporary revenge in the denial of un-owned limitations upon one's will.

The template of consciousness that has become dominant currency over the last few thousand years is itself changing, but not as a result of coercive manipulation - but as an expression of a shifting within consciousness to a different foundation than coercive manipulation.

To overplay one's hand is to expose one's lack of substance and lose credibility. But if a false foundation lacks substance then there is no way of maintaining the illusion of legitimate currency apart from seeking to delay the inevitable in the guise of false growth and protection against self-inflicted division.

Working to avoid the inevitable, or waiting for someone else's bubble to burst - is a delay tactic. It is our own consciousness that is unrecognized in its participation in false self definitions, from which true fulfilment can never fruit.

Global communication and relationship, is part of the emerging technology that represents or reflects the transcendence of limits of space and time. But communication and relationship have been largely subverted to the mentality of war, and winning, in a kind of psychological defence mechanism acted out collectively. Defences against communication and relationship are a war on Self or on Life Itself. Only in darkness can they seem to have any meaning whatsoever.

The drive to achieve or maintain control in the illusion of power generates experience of darkness by which to recognize what one is NOT.
This recognition opens a fresh foundation - even if it seems to be in the context of breakdown or chaos.

True currency extends and embodies and reflects value truly shared, communicated and known AS relationship. Fig-leaves take all their apparent value from a mistaken fear of 'nakedness'.  The mask is implicitly a cover-up and a complicity of denial. There is, however, more to life than prevailing as a masked agenda, over dis-integrity of word, thought, deed and behaviour. A life that knows and grows its abundance rather than multiplying a sense of lack by seeking to get it from others.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A World Without the Welfare State

A World Without the Welfare State
A Daily Bell article By Richard Ebeling

My comment:

"private or political hands"
I have no reason to see any but cosmetic division between these when a financially directed corporate agenda runs or at least holds such influence over the political process.
An more deeply honest -  appreciation of consciousness itself, is called for when sickness of inflammatory conflict, dysfunctionality and breakdown of shared purpose and trust renders life intolerable.
The mentality of coercing and controlling life - including one's own consciousness of it - seeks to persist in out-of-true dissonance whilst masking or redistributing the consequence of guilt, fear, self-invalidation and pain.
Ingenuity contrives ever more complex instruments of obfuscation - such that the half-wit leads the blind. Health is not physically defined, any more than life, Restored wholeness of being - on all levels of what it is to be and not just those given focus by fearful drive to escape fear - is what 'works', and any attempt to replace a real relationship with a 'getting mechanism' - no matter how well intentioned or altruistic - can extend or promote health, radiant wealth, happiness and synchronicity of positive outcomes.
Even to engage in vocabulary of verbal mental linear concept, tends to be interpreted only through the distortion filter of whatever version of reality is accorded 'truth' in the reader's thoughts system.
Such disconnected and destructive paternalism as is operating coercion via the mask of caring, cannot operate without the demand for unconsciousness of self-AND shared responsibility. Waking up to responsibility IS exercising freedom. Running of defaults of ideas that are NOT true of you is to give the power of your freedom away to idols or false gods as if they will save you from unowned and unrecognized fear.
Fear denied becomes a dark manipulating deceit. Fear brought to light becomes the process of shitting off or releasing what does not belong. When one is heavily identified in a fearful self definition it will seem that fear protects by maintaining a segregated sense of personal control over and against the feared and so the process of healing itself is interpreted as threat and enemy.

Ultimately one is either cooperating with a Life aligning process of reintegrating consciousness or asserting an ever more dense and TAXING defence upon the relational communication that is life manifest.
Rationality tends to support or justify and out-of-true act of thought,word or deed. But true Reason is sanity itself - of a wholeness of being - rather than asserting exclusive definitions upon reality.
Seeking a true foundation must arise from recognizing one's own as false. While we want to maintain the false we will busy ourselves with seeing false foundational thought in others and obtaining a reinforcement for our own lack of true foundation by being 'against' what is wrong with the world, others or indeed our self.

Ultimately, eventually, inevitable, it all comes home to roost. BUT the owning of one's own choice is the freedom to choose anew - whereas the projection of one's own subjection of victim status, in lack and loss of grievance, ensures that the choice is hidden and therefore unchangeable. This is the belief in and worship of sin - for the investment in grievance of wound and damage, gives a kind of power over life that those seeking power refuse to yield by restoring their mind to a wholly present Presence.
The power of illusion may be used for creative endeavour, but the illusion of power can only use up or deplete the true resource or foundation upon which it depends for all that it seems to be - even though its relationship with source and wholeness is an ignorant arrogance of a corrupting self-deceit.

There are many modalities to restoring health. But when the intent is to protect and nurture the sickness so as to persist against one's true desire, then none of them will do more than delay the inevitable. Truth is inevitable, because it simply Is - where illusions must be maintained by force and guile, which can only exhaust one's capacity of allegiance. Which is a good thing - though it is not pleasant to arrive at.