Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Cognitive Dissonance and Conscious Choice

An interesting typo there Brian. Is the 'muslin' being pulled over your mind. If you confined yourself to investigating only these muslins - you would discover a false narrative presentation - and would have to consider why - for what purpose and for whose agenda?
Welcome to Terrorland: Mohamed Atta and the 9-11 Cover-Up in Florida by Daniel Hopsicker.

But I suspect you wont - perhaps because you want to put it behind you and get on with a less troubled life. No blame - but if it is an active agenda then it is not and wont be 'behind you' but simply out of your mind - and thus more freely operating without your awareness or consent - excepting your conditioned response to look away in the convenience of an 'officially asserted' narrative You accepted true. If you don't understand that loveless and indeed hateful agenda operates in secret - then you do not yet recognize the human conditioning around the issue of power.

Cognitive dissonance or deep disturbance is freely available via any of the possible accounting for what happened, who did it and why. The question is are you willing to own it and feel it so as to use the energy of such dissonant feeling and thought towards a conscious sanity of purpose - rather than be used by it AND project your un-owned stuff onto others who may or may also be run by their reactions - or may be consciously integrating within an integrity of being instead of being terrorized into a sacrifice of integrity for a conformity of thought. When judging others - are we not really justifying a self in which a significant element is kept secret? Covered over by an assertive narrative seeking validation or reinforcement?

Regardless of any of what, how and who, one can still observe what resulted, is still resulting, who benefits, and how the event is still being used as a shape-charged reinforcement to a narrative view that was called the American Dream but is revealed as global nightmare. Self-specialness is a back door for deceit to enter. Call it elitism if you want. Deceit is simply one of the tools of blind and blinding power

You can choose and are choosing who and what you accept yourself to be, relative to such a sense of power. It promises power and protection but delivers perpetual war, indebtedness and captive dependency to persist in seeking and needing its power and protection. I believe that if the true nature of the choice were in the open of a conscious choice - rather than default patterns of conditioning - there would be no real choice to be conflicted in - and so no need to persuade anyone - but a genuine call to illuminate the nature of the choices available.

As I see it cognitive dissonance goes far deeper than we think - and so thinking is not the tool to illuminate its true nature - and resolution. The zero point of our being is not destruction or destructive - but more like a clean clear and fresh awareness rising as a wholeness of being - recognisably you - and yet recognisably Universal.

If devotions to hate and vengeance are allowed to be in our foundation - then wholeness is made unwelcome, and unlike the violating force of blind power - will not oppose your will. But of course we encounter such thoughts and feelings from a sense of being denied. But do they just get stuffed down into the dark - to operate through us unknown? Or do we revisit such core separation issues within a desire for sanity or peace that we did not have or want when we originally set such patterns by living them.

Sufficient unto the day be the evils thereof. I recommend living from and towards a joy-felt existence - in which - the sense of conflict, dissonance, struggle and personal frustration that comes up in the issues of this day are timely and in context to be addressed. That is, vigilance for peace is not 'looking for trouble' - but is actively mindful of when 'trouble' insinuates or interjects itself in place of a felt awareness, as a mental-emotional reaction. In this I invite a different way to live than giving away power to Others - or indeed getting a sense of power from hating Others. The power of choice, or will acceptance, is a light prior to the muslin screened battle of wills that keeps us in the dark theatre of conflict personified. There is no victory in division unless death is the prize.

If there were a different choice to Life as Creation what could it result in but death - or blindness to the Feeling and knowing Life?

You have plausible deniability in your own terms and are free to choose not to know your choice while its outcomes seem 'too big to fail'. But there is no deepening, developing or improving of a false foundation but that it is persisted in. So seeing the false as false is one with no longer using it - and this opens the way clear for a fresh perspective - indeed a now-knowing that is not bottled in old paradigm concept.

The personal sense can be aligned within Universal sense - and in fact recognizes its belonging. The personae sense is not an intimacy of being - but the mind's attempt to both deny and re-define being. When learning to walk we lose balance but learn through the experience. I feel that learning to re-integrate consciousness within being is of a similar nature - excepting we terrify ourself and attempt to shut-down and control - in place of opening to receive and feel our balance.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

The Divine Right of Being

Daily Bell article:
Delhi Cuts Copyright: Why Are Government Courts Involved at All?

This in response to the comment shown below about divine rights.

Deceit and Power; the Post Separation Mind

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Tim Groves
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https://off-guardian.org 911-how-it-costs-you-friends

Well said. THAT power of such a nature operates our society - our minds - to distort and dictate the currency and framing of our thought... is marked or openly declared by its acts - not just of terror-hate, but of the replacement of any process of discovery, or accountability to truth with obvious deceit that presumes itself un-opposable and effectively untouchable - as 'gods' over a sub-humanity that is both seen and cultivated to be 'programmable' cattle - to be used and discarded at will. And of course the 'programming' is what we take to be our thought - or give allegiance to in place of our true will.
The tares are part of the roots of the wheat. Pull them up and the harvest is lost. "Too big to fail". Pay tribute for the right to exist. Truth is the first sacrifice to the god of the war-mind - which is another way of saying the split or war-mind is a deceit.

If we have to 'war within our self' to become manipulatable, then being inflamed and fixated in the dynamic of conflict is the 'device' of deceit.
However, the war-mind of 'fight or flight' does not allow release of such polarized and binary reaction - equating it with weakness, loss of control and indeed loss of self. And so nature of this deceit is self-replicating and re-enacting of what might be called 'separation trauma' that are effectively rendered unconscious or 'shadow' power from which the surface mind is 'protected' so as to live out from and within such concept as is held hidden by denials that are accorded some power of protection and some sense of survival from a pre-rational and compulsive sense of terror.

This IS 'Old Religion' - in terms of loss or sacrifice of an INNER communication of true being, to an EXTERNAL sense of power in hope of appeasement or favour to a segregative and separate sense of self. Such external sense of power operates the 'deceiver' - or the willingness to join in deceit.

And for deceit one may also use the term 'as if'. Of running a focus within 'what if' with such intensity and force of desire that it is experienced 'as if' true.
How to set up such focus without somewhere agreeing NOT to know - as a precondition for the experience within what we might call the human conditioning.

Awakening to that 'reality' is not what it seemed or was believed and perhaps trusted to be is disturbing - but desire for truth uses such dissonance rather than being used by it - for whatever masking of strategy or role is enacted, running away from oneself gives power to the mask of false thinking - to the presentation of life in terms or forms of lovelessness, or masked non-acceptance asserting a corrupting spin on truly felt presence.

A false harvest sought power and gains powerlessness. But a true harvest recognizes what is true and shares it as truly moved. Instead of seeking to make a weapon of truth against the feared and hated  -which is the 'back door' to such influence to 'use your mind' lovelessly. Self-righteousness is a false friend. One cannot truly 'join' in hate. But the wish to draws upon the power of Mind for witness of support and reinforcement. It operates a vibrational resonance of a jamming signal to Communication, upon which false gods 'lord it over' Life in apparent reversal of the Law. As if what you give away is actually got rid off, rather than multiplied in returned receipt or 'harvest'. As if what is gotten or taken for self is kept rather than lost to an evaporation that can never satisfy and so can only enrage a sense of denial that grows on a sense of being deprived its right.

Special hate survives a sense of seeking special 'love' in conditional 'contracts' - but the nature of true worth is not separate self-seeking so much as the exploring and unfolding discovery of unique qualities of being - that are both gifted of and gifting into the whole - as who you truly are. Only self-honesty can restore what self-deceit thought to have thrown away and ESCAPED! Re-cognizing is to know again or indeed to know anew - what was falsely confused or mis-took for something else and identified AGAINST. Be willing then to question Everything in the light of a genuine desire for sanity of being - for such desire is the stirring of willingness that cannot be wholly eradicated - because it is part of who you could never escape being - however covered over and defended against.