Sunday, 12 February 2012

Time for the tumbrils (The degradation of language)

I join here in the thrust of acknowledging the degradation of language, from terms that initially mean something and have a freshness of relevant usage - into those same terms being either deliberately of mindlessly misused to serve hidden agendas.

Perhaps the deepest conditioning pattern associated with humankind, is that of the loss of Wholeness of being to the conflicted mind of right and wrong. Where it becomes a matter of prevailing in the determining of judgements, that is seen as the validation or vindication of self.

But reality is not consensual - although our cultural definitions may be so influenced. Reality is a wholeness of being and has its own perspective - not as an assertion of an isolated and insecure self-will - but as a Movement of wholeness towards the unfolding of a true fulfilment.

It is the underlying purpose of the communication that is in FACT being communicated or shared, but in a world of partiality, attachment and identification with form, the mind that has lost touch it its own heart or wholeness of being, is easily deceived or tricked into accepting a scam - not least because it is engaged in self protective attempt to preserve a sense of independence from Life itself. For the mind of judgement enacts power over Life.

Debased language can be redeemed by unapologetic conscious usage, but usually benefits from being dropped when it has become too conflicted to be meaningful.

Wholeness of Being is not a construct of parts, but naturally expresses as a directly experiencing Unifying Consciousness, as a Knowing rather than as a 'someone' who knows or has status or validation from knowledge. Finding the language of the expression or embodiment of such heartfelt peace is the art of being.

At the moment I am using an articulation that may seem exclusive but Truth is felt in the heart. BUT beware that our mind is more than tricksy enough to substitute an emotion backed substitute for the heart that attempts to be united over and against the 'other'. So this amazingly cunning tool has to be put aside if we are to listen more deeply, THEN it has employment as a set of clothes to serve communication - but NOT as the prime mover.

Deception is inherently a bedfellow with power OVER. Power SHARED is of an intimacy felt in common. We are learning about our MIND. But until blame is recognized as a deception, a true responsibility for life cannot emerge in any clear or stable culture. The old Wisdom is ageless, but the forms of expression have to be redeemed or discarded in favour of a fresh appreciation.

In Peace