Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Bentinho - Be In Awe & Trust

(commentary on a video message by Bentinho Massarro on awakening)

I note the symbol of brain for thinking.
I seem to do things with my arm, but have no direct experience of my brain; the brain integral to the body associated with this particular incarnational instant of consciousness. (I certainly do not have any direct sense of the brain being 'a something' I control as a separate entity).

the use of brain as substitution for mind is an indicator of the elevation of matter to an ascendency over the mind. As if a program is the programmer.
It is ironic to find this in Bentinho's vocabulary - and yet it may serve better to reach those who are at home in such a vocabulary.

A message is an awakening message when it awakens - not when it conforms to rules!
The mind of rules is like a series of programs running. It may seem to be a self protective guide, but it is the way the past seems to recreate itself such that the Presence - the indivisible presence - of being, is forgot or eclipsed.
So that the play of a judging, controlling, manipulating sense of power can be engaged. But what happens when we act upon?
We experience reaction.
What happens when we identify as the doer of the act?
We suffer to be trapped in victimhood to a world that merely reflects our own unowned thinking.
Take back your power - and choose not to use it. True Power Shares itself, and doesn't act out as a separate will in a mentality of divide and rule.
As Bentinho says, is true, we are given what we need as we need it. But if our first 'need' is to be righteous or validated in our thinking - we will only see that which gives us our demand - whether it is there or not!
The opening of Intuition via the pausing or resting or nonuse of separative thinking, welcomes or accepts a basis from which a true Consciousness can grow - as your real life - of a love of truth that is not manufactured and a freedom to be the love that you are. This process dissolves or transcends the fences of the mind - but is gentle to the current sense of integrity.
When that which isn't really you falls away, Aha! So it has always been - but I didn't SEE it!

What we do see, is witness to our thinking. Rather than try to disentangle thinking, (thinking loves that one!), simply notice and abide in the awareness of being. It is easy to notice how STICKY thinking can be when we identify with our thoughts - no matter how 'enlightened' or righteous they might seem to be.

Growing willingness for awakening is potentially the loneliest process at times - because it steps out of the lid that was made to hide the loneliness of the heart. An un-Communioned consciousness is in pain and dissonance of separation-loneliness and tries to compensate out of its own thinking; grasping at the symbols of love and the wish for love and the ritual doings of love - but never Being the love that you are.

We see what kind of society grows from hiding illusion with illusion. (Hiding fear in darkness). But what kind of world arises from a willingness to let being be the Mover of All Things?
This is a pause to laugh because, surely, this is already Fact. But the conscious acceptance and embrace of Life is a Prodigal re-membering of a Source that is our innate nature to align with. Such is our joy.

Thankyou for your attention

In Peace

Limitations and seductions of thinking

(Written as a general reflection into the comment of an article from Robert Lanza, who is a proponent of Biocentrism).
~ ~ ~

Thinking that is disconnected from the felt sense and presence of life as wholeness, flow, be-ing, is like an overlay of experience and identification, running as a virtual reality but lived as real.

To challenge the experience of a world and a self within it that runs as a reversal of the felt or intuited qualities of Life, is to be willing to be innocently curious.

For the seduction of a sense of self as a personal power to determine its own meanings and become something in its own right, is an addictive sort of game in Mind that runs like a trapped mind in ever densifying conflicts, evasions and denials.

While we are actively engaging such purpose in identity, we are virtually blind to the Unified Nature of (Our and All) Being, and experience the Self-Same-Thing as a polarized and self-conflicting perspective, due to the lens of the thought that is held by a wish to see Everything differently; in the framework of an 'as if'.

Feel the utterly convincing power of the reality of this moment as it communicates all that is now - right where you are - (as the awareness of your being), and realize that Mind is not the little thinker in its little experience. Mind (for want of a better word) is the Always Source, Nature and Condition of all experience.

Even as programs have sub routines which have subroutines or as folders on your computer can be deeply nested within folders within their own parent folders, our human consciousness is inherently an expression of a Source that it has been programmed initially to look out and away from. And looking 'upstream' or intuiting our Source, is inherently taboo to the structures of the mind that maintain the continuity of focus that we take as our consciousness.

Hence thinking will always tend to express and support a sense of self that is experience over and against - or differentiated from its experience. This perpetuates the dream of a separated existence and while this is the active desire, all is running as has been set in motion even if the content of the experience itself is distressing, felt to be out of control and suffering victim-hood.

But in opening experientially to receive the wholeness of our current experience - that is, as a 'beholding awareness' in a trust that is free from defining or manipulating its consciousness-experience, we release the conditions which block a true or innate Purpose from acting through us.

In simple terms, the Purpose of Mind or Being is 'Know Thy Self'.
The Self of Universal Being is not the programmed 'self' of the limited mind in a body bag and It does and is Knowing Itself in All That It Is.

Because we associate 'self' with control, we seem to become a mask in a carnival ride, but even so does a mind know itself through its thought-experience.

Thoughts that reflect a fragmented and conflicted dissonance - even if seeming to express a prevailing righteous will, make their experience of self and world.
But thoughts that embody and reflect truth - that are not defined or manufactured by a manipulative imagination, serve to release distorting influence and restore a natural communication of the whole in all its parts.

The attempt to add to oneself as defined is the predicate of loss and suffering. But the realisation of the wholeness through the relations of its parts is the awakening to the Condition in which all things are given because they are not withheld.

Any attempt to articulate the Unspeakable - to define what cannot be separated from in any way and so cannot be imaged or made object or conceived - is bound to participate in the imagination of a separate one. But in the Intent to awaken, it can also serve as a breadcrumb trail or an Ariadne's thread.

To feel one's intuitive sense stirring, is an awakening. To honour and value it is to align to it rather than exploit it. To notice that one exploits rather than loves, is an awakening. To release the exploitive will is to receive and be restored to Universal Will.

I once thought I was an explorer, but I was on the run, and that was my cover. What we are afraid of, programs us, and hides the traces of the program. To be afraid of love is to be afraid of the loss of control, of personal freedom, and the capacity to think and do separate. All this is true - but such thinking doesn't know
the joy of being an agency of Shared Thought - of a communioned sense of shared purpose, of a rested awareness in which an indivisible peace allows all that is needed, to be known.

But we do have glimpses of these things, in inspiration, in working together, in moments of wonder and appreciation.

If this isn't our natural experience, we blame externals - the human condition. But the opening of Mind to its true nature is a call for awakening responsibility for our thought.

Thank you for your attention

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Great Olympic Lie?

Underneath whether or not the article itself is well written or not is the essence of what is being communicated - or attempted to be said. I wouldn't focus on the Olympics itself but on the nature of our mind, our thought, intent and identifications.

I see denial employed in increasingly blatant ways. Denial reveals a tyrannous mechanism rather than a freedom of expression. In ways that are starting to show to many who previously followed or subscribed to a model of thought and perception and identity which seemed real. It isn't really something done to us by others so much as by wishing and consenting to allow fear and confusion to be our basis or guide. It is acted out in scenarios of victim and victimizer, manipulated and manipulator. To remain focused at that level is to be distracted from observing our own mind's involvement and successfully fooled into identifying with righteous opinions. Truth seems to be divided or conflicted and a mind of defence (and attack), seems to rule.
While awareness is denied,illusions are invited and asserted. They are not fake £11 notes because there are no £11 notes. But they are limited and filtered distortions of something real, accepted and defended as reality Itself.

The mind of the individual is generally held to be an independent and autonomous entity - a unique expression of a point of view that is free to think and express itself. But though this has been almost unchallenged as the currency and basis of identity and thought, it is no less loaded with toxic debt than these clever financial instruments; that is to say with wishful and manipulative intent in which nothings are presented as of equal value with something.

When the scam comes to fruit in the collapse of mere idols worshipped as real, amidst the revelation of such devastating error that all thought is rendered suspect and a deeper fear rises, then the attempt to densify and persist in the dream as a delay mechanism by all means available acts as a sort of persistence of the mind that has run off the edge of a cliff - but is determined not to look down. Denial.

To find ways to discern what is actually going on must listen past or feel through the attack on the person, which reflects the investment in one's own person.

Such Prodigal desecration and degradation as our times embody, call for a true accounting. In this admittedly dreadful and un-manning opening of our mind in a willingness for truth, is an entirely different basis for life remembered - not manufactured. Loud thoughts will give way to a heartfelt discernment, because this will be revealed as truly desired.

The attempt to avoid or delay or deny this shift of Identity will bring an increasingly grotesque and unbelievable caricature of the forms that once seemed real. A sort of botox of the mind, freezing into masks that no longer communicate a living presence; a ghastly masquerade.

Yet whatever our presentations, we ARE of a living presence and this CAN communicate and share itself in ways that multiplies joy. The real or natural joy is an innate quality. It may be associated exclusively with the forms in which it was allowed - but that can grow in self-awareness. Hyped up 'joys' are a manipulative overlay of mentality serving a false but seemingly self protective partiality. In amongst the wheat, there are tares. To discern is to tend the harvest; to join with what is real and unsubscribe or disinvest in what is unworthy or meaningless.

"I am not the Olympic sort", I said recently when riding my bike along the coast path to some comments by passing walkers. "I am already Gold". This is a metaphor for a quality of our being that our prodigal mentality denies.
You ARE already Gold - that is wholly worthy of love's awareness now. Not upon your vanquished brother, but with him. We can all share someone's birthday. Giving and receiving worth doesn't have to be a prize in a competition.

Thank you for your attention