Monday, 9 March 2020

Fear CAN call forth a deeper self-honesty and alignment in being

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Very well said Edward Curtin.
Fear CAN call forth a deeper self-honesty and alignment in being.

I would expand 'fear of death' to fear of pain of loss.
This hasn't the same dramatic ring to it, but consider fear of utter humiliation, rejection, exclusion and isolation; fear of denial and deprivation of needs; fear of impotence and helplessness relative to the inflicting of pain and death on those you love and upon yourself.

Death can thus offer 'salvation' or escape from such pain - and in a sense is often accepted in such terms when life becomes too much of the above to bear. Because we can unfold the experience of our fear in a 'care home' or a diminished life that has become a terrible isolation or meaninglessness - with or without the manipulative leverage of the FEAR of the above as inducing belief in it as our impending reality, and thus reacting 'self-protectively' along the lines of a contrived agenda.

Fear itself - regardless to what it attaches or associates is thus the toxic debt or conflict that an ingenuity of mind seeks to hide from - and yet hides IN, as the masking or repackaging of a sense of self-defence that escapes fear by flagging it AWAY. Casting it out to the evils of 'others', world and a sense of love and life rendered treacherous and unworthy - and thus to be controlled, replicated and replaced as a 'new order' that runs as the management of life as fear-conflict-threat-pain-loss.

What then at root is fear - BEFORE it is flagged to 'outside agents, forces, inheritance or pathogens?

The root of fear is conflicting purposes - or a split mind at war with itself.
Divide and Rule Out! Is the illusion of control, GIVEN power of allegiance or love of protection and support.

Unified will is the power of DECISION, and releasing what we thought we wanted or were - for what we truly accept and align in now - is to put fear behind you and attend the living as the capacity to discern the true need of the situation as a whole - instead of using it as a means to persist a narrative of self-evasion.

Integrity, then is simply wholeness of being - as distinct from a narrative assertion that dis-integrates or segregates a private sense of fear of pain of loss and its masking controller. We cannot add it to such a 'self' but can recognise and align with the felt quality and movement of our being.

Because the split of mind is hidden,or kept from conscious awareness, the 'control' facet is dissociated from the facet of subjection. The victim from the victimiser. The rage from the terror.

Fear of loss of control is the fear of helplessness and undefendedness to not just the 'barbarians at the gate' but to the rising horror of disclosure of an alien and loveless 'will' within us.

Lies will 'out'!
But here - instead of damnation, is redemption.
How so?
Truth is alive.

The true nature of immunity is wholeness or integrity of being. 
A secondary layer operates as the protective boundary to the unfolding experience of our being in life.
We are conditioned by our past experience - unless and until we bring it truly present and release what does not belong, by aligning and accepting a true belonging.
This is not a rational or verbal-mental process, so much as a recognition and re-alignment or renewal.

Fear of reliving conflict and trauma from our past, stamps upon the face of a present that cannot find and share a voice - because 'control' is redundant in the light of true presence.

Alignment in integrity is resting in a true or non-coercive authority - as the power of the heart's command - which in this sense is the alignment of the whole in all its parts - and not the surrogation of true power by force. In simple terms, there is no coercion needed to be who you truly are. It comes into play as the means for exploring the experience of being what you are NOT.

The complexity of adopted structures of 'control' are of such an entanglement that even well intentioned attempts to control them, serve instead to reinforce and tighten their paralysis of life as the systemic abnegation of  the freedom of the will.

The 'Name of God' is not... 'God' - which refers to a status and quality of Cause, Source and original Nature. The Name of God is 'I Am' or 'I Am That I Am'. Anything we add to qualify this is given power in the mind.

The quality of awareness of being is our true ground zero, not the broken ruins of self-attack under deceit. But the wish for power IN the world is the subjection to it. Be mindful what you wish for...
Or be caring in what you will, as the extension of what you be.

The already deceived must protect their currently accepted self, even if it kills them. But in willingness to align in support of freedom to re-cognise or know again is the capacity to release a mistaken choice for a more truly aligned acceptance and alignment in a living and practical workability.

The 'control' mind is blind and desperate beneath the seeming clarity and simplicity of identifying in power struggle that reduces the realm of living and creative dialogue to polarised or binary data instruction. 

The word 'virus' derived from 'toxic liquid'
Its association as infectious agent from 1728 in relation to venereal disease. Guilt and fear are bedfellows in more ways than is apparent, for abusing self and other lovelessly or callously sacrifices the relational for a 'getting' mechanism that indulges 'selfish' illusion instead of shared worth instead of within an honouring of life. This is then given power by demonisation of attack under the ruse of a moral superiority in which the fearful deny their own 'selfishness' by making such attack the sign or substitution for virtue as a socially reinforced narrative identity or coercive social 'correctness'.

I have posted elsewhere on OG as to the toxicities and imbalance that trigger 'clearing and rebalancing' symptoms that we assign as the disease and often compound with toxic or deleterious interventions, perhaps at cost of the actually needed art and skill of nursing through sickness as bringing forth the condition of health.

I am always posting to the effect that reaction from fear makes it real in the mind by emotional investment, but no one owns the fear that is assigned to the pathogen or to the pathological or psychopathic, because its was set there in the belief it made us safer.

When the realm of 'cure' is allowed only for PR for pipeline discovery, and the 'treatments' become more dangerous than the original conditions, we have a world in which 
“Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health,  Lawyers destroy justice,  Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom,  Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality". ( Michael Ellner)
But the way to reverse or undo the reversal is not further layers of reaction, but re-aligning in the Heart of simple honesty. This shall 'cost' us our illusions of control, as a capacity to run at cost of a greater truth that is feared until remembered.