Monday, 31 October 2011

What if we aren’t alone after all?

Curiously, I believe that we tend to operate as the alien 'intelligence' that cuts itself off from our Unified and Universal Being - in order to play out a fantasy of imaginative independence by which to experience ourselves as creators and determiners of meanings.
To release the distractive interference of self-will is to become receptive to the 'Music of the Spheres' - which I choose a symbol of the Universal Communion of which we are not at all separate, even if almost totally unaware.
Our notion of life is self-projective. Which is to say we tend to see through a 'self' lens darkly. If the self presumption is directly investigated, then the basis of thought itself is brought into question. Surface thoughts may seem to be irrelevant fluff - but the nature of thought, intention and desire cannot be in any way separated from experience. And thought is not unlike a field of flowing energies in which the mind constructs its models.
Perhaps, we approach a new stage of evolution, in transcending the proactive and reactive movements of life, and opening to a cocreative conscious relationship at-oneness with the Movement of Life Itself - which is not defined or definable - yet constitutes the totality of the experience of being - right where you are - as a node or individual expression of Is.

Because our language is completely inadequate, any attempt to even point to THAT anything is - as a Conscious Being-ness - which contains all that it is and needs within itself, reads as a nonsense.

Yet my first point is that the presumption of self evident being - as a disconnected mind in a mechanically existing organism/Universe, is a nonsense. Man usurps his very Being and believes it!

Our experience of and relationship with the Universe - as conceived to be outside - reflects our inner communion of being. When the model of what is taken as the self shifts - so will our cognizance of all else. Focussing on things screens out relationships. The scientific model is a divorce from the true heart - and hence blind.

The so called aliens that are yet dangerous to themselves and others, are like ourselves, very safely limited in our scope of influence. But that which could be said to represent our potential is also present in a supportive but honouring relationship.

The nature of progress is not of a special destiny of becoming something in our own image - but of serving the integration of the whole. Ideas and symbols and teachings have been given and largely usurped and degraded by the mind that thinks it thinks alone - and lives to get for itself. But energetically the seeds are available in the conditions for their activation.

Human experience is a teaching learning opportunity. It is our own mind that we teach - according to what we want to learn. This is a fundamental and unchangeable responsibility of Mind. Seeking and not finding is itself evidence of looking where the answer is not, or in terms that filter, distort or deny the findings. But unless we know the question that activates our consciousness, we will not recognize the answer even if nothing BUT the answer is in our face.

It is - as far as I know - quite possible that this writing embodies a shared intent - far beyond little binra's capacity to construct - but entirely within his capacity to receive - express in a language of concept - and appreciate.

I feel that Everything is alive - not organically - but partaking of and sharing in Universal Being. As we have judged our beholding of reality - so have we 'been judged'. Not by a God - but by the law of action and reaction.

In the way of resonance, we may yet unfurl our true wings - which is to say awaken at a deeper and more inclusive perspective of awareness itself. What is the speed of thought? Not a question because distance is inapplicable to mind - which is nonlocal - even if our human interpretive structures collapse the Infinite to a trickle so as to be able to resonate and relate to it.

The aloneness of man is not in time and space - but in his orphaned consciousness that has yet to awaken to its true Source - and so sees all things evidencing his own mind - made in his own image.

 Said Anthony:
It will be more sobering a discovery to find we ARE alone.

Now, that would be truly scary.

Take any relationship - any at all - with any one or thing, and see if you can allow it to be the intimate embrace of your full awareness now.
Aloneness is withholding the extension of your presence. (Your love).

This is a secret to the lonely - who think that something else has to occur in order to be distracted from aloneness - which is felt to be a painful existential reality. But an all oneness that intimately embraces all that it is - and is aware of - is hardly bored, disconnected or trapped in a mind in a body in a mechanical universe of death ;-)

It is true, we can subscribe to thoughts that seem to mean conflicting things - but what could this mean except that we are choosing to be conflicted and play both sides?

So in a sense I am agreeing that there is an aloneness that is associated with taking thought for oneself at all. But I do not regard the latter as inherent to a communioned sense of Self - for want of a better word.

Thinking - in the sense that I am using it - cripples the intuitive feeling being. Like being an anemone with its tentacles crunched inwards and knotted up in convolutions.

But yes - scary - that is the draw of the mind to drama, excitement. challenge and a feeling of thrill not unlike a drug - but that's not sharing life - though its on the menu to choose if you want it.

The thoughts that carry the feeling of alone do not have to be used. "I notice feelings of aloneness" allows a spacious relationship that can feel what is beneath the experience - whereas "I feel alone" elicits identification and reaction - resulting in leaving it unfelt and unrelated with.

We can only discover now.

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