Thursday, 7 March 2013

Shall we cull the humans, deer?

 An article on proposed deer culling brought a harvest of response to share with you this morning - initially from the many comments that suggest culling humans.

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The comments to this article are peppered with the new fashion in 'green' thinking - that humans are vermin. Humans are writing these comments but are writing comments rather than committing suicide. So it is 'other' humans who are vermin.

Perhaps the 'vermin' is actually a kind of thinking that humans host, rather than humanity itself. Thinking, is not unlike a sort of parasite. There are parasites that alter the minds of their hosts and get the host to behave according to the needs of the parasites. Perhaps, an opinionating warlike and self hating mentality will blossom in a mass cull? The suffering and destruction of which might not bring such a self-satisfied smugness to whoever survives. Mindless destructive urges are helped along by a disconnected desire to make a 'war' for sport and entertainment out of everything rather than desire and participate in uncovering truth.

The urge to control perception and 'make true' is a madness of humankind. But it only takes a little light to heal it. The urge to domesticate our experience attempts culling the elements that keep us awake, humble and respectful - in exchange for a managed, herded, and essentially passive life of consumption in a fenced off field or an artificial cell fed with an intent to keep us stupid and docile.

It is easy to be reactive. Just allow the mentality of the past to run without bringing into a light of discernment in true desire.

I enjoy meeting deer - there are two muntjac in view in the field opposite as I write. Diversity of life is healthy and a healthy mind will not set itself in rigid monocultured lifestyle.

Our world reflects our mind - or even dare I say it - the Mind of God's Son. The kind of thinking we identify with and embody - will reflect back to us as our experience and our world. The spirit of the deer is part of who we are, as is the spirit of the forest - and of all that lives. To act in consciousness of a greater Life than our own personal sense is to share in the wonder and nature of existence. But sentimentality is an undermining of true feeling and emotionalism acts out a projected sense of a false associations and identifications.

Take only as the need is met and give thanks for true fulfilment. Soul-less man will not be able to merely enact this as data, targets and boxes to tick. There is a living context in which we do science, in which we think, in which we truly feel. Without the unifying context of true feeling, man makes himself machine. Yet the delivery system to a true fulfilment, serves the Consciousness of being truly lived. This is not data that can be gathered or analysed - and hence does not exist to a mindset of control, rooted in a 'hidden' tyranny.

If the lack of natural check is from our own interference - which it is - then we are obliged to accept the effect on woodland as an extension of our interference. Our sense of our own 'lost' nature invites projection onto 'poor nature'. Heal yourself and uncover your true life - and then you wont try to 'solve' your sickness as if it was 'out there'.

The willingness to heal must start here - or we become mad worshippers of a false god. Innocence is uncoverable as our essential being. Participance in nature can help us remember. Our thinking does not!

And in response to MikeBoyes comment:

“In the absence of predators the only way to manage them is to shoot them...”
There are strong ecological arguments for the reintroduction of predators such as lynx and wolves.
A proper equilibrium between populations of predators and grazing animals like deer means that overgrazing is limited, and that diverse patterns of vegetation benefiting other species are encouraged, as grazing animals adjust their behaviour patterns to the threat of predation, rather than simply being able to eat everything they can reach, at their leisure.
Unfortunately, the reality seems to be that the instinctive aversion of the public to large carnivores, makes reintroduction of formerly native predators highly unlikely to occur on any significant scale.
Even if that was not an issue, there is simply no way the powerful farming lobby would allow it to happen, because of the threat to livestock.

You can be sure that such an risk-averse mentality is not left untapped as predatory opportunity. Man predates upon his own kind in seeking power - and nothing is quite so dangerous as a template safety of simply believing or assuming one is safe - because it renders us unconscious, on auto pilot in conditioned realities of extended dependencies! However, a true intelligence cant be suppressed by any kind of lobby indefinitely, because ultimately unintelligence doesn't work. When everything falls apart, the power structures associated with the problem lose allegiance. I'm not using the word intelligence here as usually meant. I don't mean cleverness or ingenuity - but an honest wholeness of approach. That which is denied or excluded always comes back to make trouble - as old folk tales can remind us. The study of the mind could have served a transformation of society rather than its manipulation. When it comes to it we vote for fearful attempt to control - or a willingness to open to, align with and accept, truth as it reveals itself. The attempt to manipulate always backfires - whether for a seemingly solid 'worthy goal' or not. So we have to be or embody the change we desire if we are to speak of it with any authority. For congruency of being has a power that cleverness cannot mimic - even if the latter can induce a short term yield. (Yes I know I spread out a bit from your point - so not addresses to you specifically - but into the larger issue of which these others are part)

Monday, 4 March 2013

Fear doesn't work. True Vision is needed

Commented into

UK Explorer: Green Campaigning Has Failed


Teaching fear doesn't work - even when dressed up as a pseudo religion. Nor does living from fear. A manipulative intent feels dishonest regardless of the data set and scientism is so in bed with corporate interests as to acquire a layer of public distrust even apart from its constant revisions or oddball perspectives.
In many ways the mind of science is the mind that created the possibility of man made global warming, because it gives power to the mind of exploitation and control over nature at ever more subtle and powerful levels. Where is the wisdom to use it? Where does wisdom arise from?
Whether influenced by man or not, Global change is in progress, and patterns of climate as well as human cultural assumptions are no longer predictable and no longer work. We are obliged to change, radically.

What we need is not fearful carbon or fiscal austerity mentality, but true vision. This doesn't come from science though scientists may also be visionaries. We need a positive unifying vision of life and the ways of living that extend as expressions of that vision. For when we recognize our heart's desire, we give acceptance and freely embrace it - but fear manipulates and substitutes its own control mentality in place of a true responsibility for life.

(I stopped the comment here and put a link to this blog. I then essayed in the moment, the vision as it is alive in me and as words came to clothe it. It is not in the words, but in the willingness to listen in your being, in some measure of trust and honesty. For what is denied cannot be heard, but what is in awareness can be discerned as to its true gift).

The vision I share must start with the individual in true relation. Unless we uncover a true foundation, there can be no vision. To be open to this we have to be willing to question everything we believe true and be open for insight from within Life rather than imposing or asserting a will upon it. The mind that is locked in its own certainties will refuse this or not even recognize the call. But conditions of our lives in the world will help us question what we used to take as de facto certainties.

The other thing to share now is that this foundation is effectively seeking your discovery. You are not alone. You do not live to survive or as robots to a genetic machine - you live to behold and share Life - and as a direct expression of the Movement that Is Life. The mind that has developed and taken as your own, is a device for experiencing through, and not your wholeness awake. The personal sense, given priority in an exclusive identification, blocks and obscures the  direct expression of Life and thereby experiences its Life as fragmented, chaotic, threatened and threatening. It seeks to escape or overcome its inherent dilemma in ever more complex and dense evasions in dissociation and distraction that work to deny current awareness. But, there is no escape from reality and one has to realign with truth by letting self-illusion go - even as our collapsed financial system is being forced to give way to something that actually serves real value and true wealth.

Reality is not merely external to our mind. This is what humankind is afraid of, and what a control mentality seeks to maintain as its overriding priority; its own definitions of reality, as arise simultaneously to the definition and determination of self.

The polarisation of the mind in conflicted and self-definined differentiation is effecting a defence against a unified Intelligence that is not a controlling intent, but a sharing intent. Each of us is a microcosm of the whole. You will find the world within that you see without. Fear, manipulation, deception and control? They are reflected in your experience. To fight them is to feed them. Look beyond them in yourself for what is beneath them.
Man makes all things in his own image - but they are not as he defines and he is not the maker of truth but can behold the light of truth and awaken that light as the truth of Man. Unless our 'truths'  serve the awakening beyond a mind of control and definition, to a true wonder, appreciation and honouring, they but serve self-illusion rather than free us from it.

There is a natural order that does not  operate on imposed control, but is of a conscious relationship within life itself. This is out of reach of control mentality and none who do not relax, can proceed, for it is trust embodied. Not trust in a believed or agreed outcome - but trust in the Movement of being that IS the Life Force though a Living Universe. It is not 'other' to us like an external god - but we have become 'other' to it and strangers to ourselves and our World.

There are no warnings in what I offer, but action plays out reaction in the nature of Universal Mind. Mind is not as our thought and sensory input defines it. Nor a thing apart at all from anything or anyone. The attempt to divide and rule is not inherent in Mind but in the wish to experience a mind all your own - along the line of your own creation.

Whereas wishes can seem to fill the surface mind to no effect beyond a personal daydream of virtual existence in self-commentary, a wish at the foundation level of the mind can become substitute for your true devotion and identity and set all things false that ARE true!

The setting of a true foundation is uncovered automatically in willingness to look directly upon a false one. It is not the job of a false self sense to atone for or overcome its false self. The meaningless must simply be recognized as meaningless instead of being used fro fear, guilt and control.

The vision is not a plan of control to be implemented upon, as a method of becoming something in our own right. It is the natural inheritance of this and every Living Moment - as it is released from the imposition of a plan of control mentality seeking to become something in its own right!

The undoing of the nightmare, of the grievance, of the hate and guilt of a false sense, is the coming back into a true inheritance - of what can be called a "Living Father" - because we inherit all that we are from the Extension of Living Mind in which all is, as it is - and not as we would think to have it be. The separating sense projects fear and guilt and conflictedness upon Life, and reacts to it as if it were 'outside our mind', but such attempt to push it out are what feed it reality and keep it in your experience; in your mind.

The resources invested in defence and propaganda are released to creative expression and communication. The purposes of seeking a false self protection are replaced with the purpose of seeking the opportunities to share and be grateful. This is no mere overlay, but the release from tyranny and madness. For we NEED to learn and to demonstrably want the way of opening and maintaining our channel of communication and communion in Life - as our context of learning and guidance, from which true relation expresses spontaneously AS the wholeness of our situation.

The desire to think-understand Life is heavily alloyed with the wish to control it. Understanding is given, but as a by-product of acceptance. Accepting Life, you will understand therefrom. But accepting the egocentric mentality, must cover a wholeness of being and set one against another.

Whereas the ego framework makes work of impossible complexity and proportion, true relation requires only the trust in the movement of your true desire revealed. Revealed because a false or surface reaction is no longer accorded authority or validity in your mind.

We are afraid of our true desire, because we are afraid to be hurt at our very core. We carry a memory of being hurt at our core that was so painful, its shadow has carried through the ages and yet each knows as its own separation from love's presence shared.

But where we once made a choice in error and from it suffered division in confusion of fear and guilt, we are now able to look at in a from another perspective. From a willingness to be shown instead of a desire to prevail over. Is this not so?

The desire to control Life is passing, even though it enacts itself writ large upon our world. When a new foundation is set, there is no argument! The desire to argue is the attempt to cling on in suffering, in the mistake that it is reward!

Information is not power, but is called for and given as asked. To learn what you want and ask, is to expect and receive its unfolment in your experience. What you need to know is being offered, but what you demand or try to take will seem to deny you. Coming back into true focus will meet difficulty, but the difficulty will reveal the nature of the mind that can now be recognized and released easily, because one is no longer deceived. To want conflicting things is to want conflict - no matter how ingeniously it is maintained and presented. In all honesty you do not want it - though you seem to want incompatible or warring outcomes. The only way to know and be whole and at peace, is to put down the thinking mind and its emotional hooks and snares, so as to feel the movement of Life as a wholeness of being. You must be willing to make time for this or you will be wasted in time in place of truly appreciating the presence of Life.

The knowing that is inherent to being is not coercive upon you, but if you elect to ignore it over time, you will become as one who cannot hear and cannot be reached, until your world falls out from under you and you wake in fear and confusion without a culture of welcome and recognition for your very Life.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

War, Justice, democracy, deception and Life

The underlying principle in the idea of democracy that is worth standing for by living it - is that of engaging communication AS communication - and not as manipulation.
To be governed by twitter would hardly be to yield our allegiance to the wisdom and discernment that rises as a unified perspective from a willingness of truly listening and speaking into a trust of being heard.

Private interests, put before the true interests that include our own, disrupt communication and seek to manipulate. Not only others - but firstly ourselves. We come up with narratives or stories to justify our agenda - and keep it secret, even from ourselves.

"Oh everyone is in it for themselves - its Darwins's divinely revealed law in our genes!" SEE this as simply a narrative of a separate self interest.

Now the fear of loss - and the fear of being exposed as un-valid, heartless, selfish or hateful - is not a thing to be brushed aside in self righteous immunity, for its is much more deeply embedded into our consciousness than most everyone can admit, because it has become a basis of our thinking and our identity.

Regardless that there are those who seek to use psychological insight to more subtly manipulate the minds of others, they can only reinforce a pattern that we ourselves host and promote - and all of their intent is directed to maintain a state of fear and division in the mind - by whatever means and at all costs. For the survival of an apparent capacity to exert power over another depends on it - and this same power seems to be the only defence against a world of threat and ever shifting shadow enemies that rise up against it in the same measure as it has itself set in motion.

A true state of trust and communication cannot be grown from a mind at war with itself. But the war is hidden by projecting it on the world and making what seems to be a unified mind over and AGAINST the part of our mind that we hate, deny, fear and cannot tolerate.

True justice must bring home the thoughts we hold in secret to a true awareness. The presentation of relative innocence is the maintenance of a state of universal guilt.
True innocence of being is not arrived at or determined by our thinking, but is innate to our very being - regardless of that it is covered over with the experience of a wish to give our private thoughts priority over a truth that we do not make or rebrand or own.

There is an innocence of being where our thought cannot attain or penetrate - yet IS uncoverable to a willingness to put down our self-certainties and listen - as an extension of trust. Because we are alive - and not because of anything we or anyone thinks.

The war upon the surface is a distraction device. Everyone plays the game, but becomes blind in playing it. We cannot manipulate or mechanically leverage our Good - because Life is a relationship in which it unfolds through a willingness to share it.

Not to share it so that everything is measured according to one or another set of rules - but to share in purpose what living truly is- beneath the mind of guilt and fear that robs us of our presence extended.

One simply cannot use the mentality of conflict and expect to rule it. It corrupts - in terms of blinding and hollowing out. It replaces Life with a fantasy.
One CAN awaken to an integrity of being that is capable of communicating itself through us and through the situations of our life, appropriate to the need. This is an expression from a unified self in alignment with what is true in all. It has the feeling of peace of being and depth of connection in it - that no hyped up stimulus of righteousness can bring. It is the capacity to move through fear and release investment in guilt, one step at a time. We only live one step at a time.
To take this step from an honesty of being - grows that quality in ourselves and knows itself in its fruits. Whenever we notice we have lost our way and become reactive, THAT is the call to pause from reaction and listen for the movement of our being. For it is present to be felt when our noise of war and chatter of distraction is allowed to fade. Even if for an instant.

Without the felt connection with our being we are but indulging the fantasy of a mind that seems to have gone off on its own - or been abandoned. This may serve a scientific or religious function but it is not our unified human being where heart and mind are as one and not divorced or at war.

Nothing will get the mind to lay down its own thinking - excepting you awake and bring your attention present.

We cannot expect private self interest to be other than is its job description, but we can cease to employ it. Here's to a brighter future BECAUSE more of the Presence of Life is in its unfolding! (And not waiting on conditions to change in order to be the willingness to uncover and share it).

(I wrote this into comments on the Syria Crisis - relating to Assad's interview with The Times and Hague's reaction).