Friday, 23 June 2017

Loss of a Virgin Wholeness of being?

Extra-virgin olive oil reduces risk of dementia, Alzheimer, study says

...Why no link to the study?

While I already hold extra-virgin olive oil to be a beneficent part of my diet, I am aware that there is a huge market in fake or diluted extra-virgin olive oil that - like so much else - does not suffer challenge or checks by regulatory bodies or mainstream Media - so much as captures or weakens them to leave corporate profiteering unchecked.

'Studies' in and of themselves are suspect - as the art of setting up and presenting predetermined 'findings' is simply an extension of Corporate PR.

If you have any consciousness that is NOT captured as 'mindshare', use it (allow it) to pause ANY assertive or suggestive narrative, so as to discern its nature - or indeed its 'spirits'.

While I hold that there are detrimental and toxic dietary and environmental exposures as well as beneficial support for healthy function - including detoxification and regeneration of health AS an expression of wholeness - the nature of our consciousness, and its relations through patterns of mind, body,  and feeling response, is complex and does not resolve to either 'one size fits all diet' nor a 'good v evil' guilt and blame narrative.

While the Internet is NOT shut down, a wealth of informational perspective is available - but to access this you have to own consciousness by acting from it - rather than subordinating (sacrificing) innate curiosity TO a fear and blame agenda - for that is what underlies loss and fear of wholeness, and the attempt to prop up 'sickness' of a self-conflicted and self-destructive model (or identity) by adding or masking over with 'good' things only persists the reversals (evils) that are inherent to persisting in a false investment - at expense of true.

So don't let fear direct your diet - but be vigilant and curious as to fears for what they bring to awareness - for they do not cease to be active just because you find ways to look away from them - and so bring the very thing you thought to avoid.