Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Physics of Governance

Written into comments on "Iraq: The 'Liberation' Neocons Would Rather Forget" by Ron Paul.

- - -

Government has been a cash cow and revolving door for corporate intent for a long time now. Much is ideologically conditioned in either positive or negative terms in which corporate 'good 'or indeed greed and supremacy, is equated with 'American Way of Life' to be fought for or at least preferred to all the other evils that would limit and undermine such 'freedom'.

Most of the above mindset is relatively 'innocent' for it is unaware of the actively evil or purely loveless and deceptive mal-intent that is hidden beneath a false presentation of common interest. They know not what they do. But those who are consciously engaging in the lie, are in thrall to a law unto themselves, of fear that projects and propagates evil so as to draw power from the subjugation of others. While this has a 'satanic' aspect - it is nonetheless the mind-set upon a segregating and separating definition of itself in relation to all else - as the attempt to 'live' by deception. For all things ARE interconnected and of an inter-penetrating Universe - and the very notion of independence from the source and basis of life is a loveless exercise in wishful thinking - given great force of mental, emotional and physical commitment. This 'surge' achieves 'victimhood', which itself becomes a principal witness for disconnection from the true power of Life and compelling argument for the use of any means to secure the segregated self interest of that which 'survives'.

So the set or structure of our consciousness is patterned like the governments we are now suffering rather than being served by.

As long as we identify with the relatively innocent victim, we are subscribed to the realm of deceptive manipulations. To reclaim true governance is to bring the most profound self honesty to bear, that recognizes a coercive will, in ourselves or others, as a deceptive intent and is willing to question or challenge that, in order to uncover the actual agenda from a perspective free of coercion. This uncovers our fears and guilts - and their derivative fears - to our awareness. This is a personally transformative event, because what we took to be our self, is in a sense undone to a greater honesty in which we wake from a greater integrity - a reintegrated being, that has a basis for compassion in relation to that which knows not what it does. Yet is free of the coercive sentimentality of the victim mentality's appeals and suggestions.

Something of what I write here - in one form or another - is part of the new physics, because the consciousness that we identify as, defines and programs all that comes forth from it. Of course this can be readily understood in Religious terms, but I feel to embody a true willingness rather than appeal to a set of beliefs that are often woven into coercive identifications. Our relationship with true Consciousness is not socially defined but is an Intimacy of being that is necessarily or inherently 'secret' from the mentality of a self-presentation. This secrecy is not a withholding, but a true relationship, that the 'world' of our definitions, beliefs and reactions can cover over - but cannot destroy.

Within such an Intimacy of being is a true innocence - that takes not thought for itself - for it rises as a wellspring of true presence, not from a past made in anger. Witnesses to fear and deception are everywhere, but uncovering a true foundation in our consciousness is to learn to seek and find witnesses to the presence of love. Hate and fear simply cannot find these stepping stones or transitional communications of guidance and support.

Therefore 'end-times' are those where we each are obliged to put down our 'self' as we have ourselves made it up, and receive anew of our true being. Without this foundational shift are they indeed 'end' times. But "behold, I make all things new! Sayeth the Lord". Scientifically this is the revelation of the quantum discoveries. A rogue consciousness is an oxymoron, yet investment in it has all the power WE - as consciousness - give it.

Thankyou for your attention.