Saturday, 9 April 2016

Masking within 'scientific' consensus

I noticed this phrase in this article wherein assertions of scientific veracity refuse and deny any scientific challenge or debate:
"The vast majority of scientific opinion"
I couldn't make this up!
Politics seeks consensus.
Science challenges it.
If 99.9% of scientists - or anyone else - base their logic on a false presumption - the fact doesn't change because of a 'consensus' - but there is now an investment of reputation, status, privilege and power on the false model being maintained regardless of 'facts'. And so a true humanity is sacrificed to support a world-view felt 'too big to fail' - by those who are the 'Establishment' of power that has grown upon and around the error.

The iron fist shows through as the velvet glove disintegrates - and a 'truth' that is imposed upon us, associated with rage over terror or pain of loss, and is raised up like a god who cannot be named - because its 'power' is fearful and it 'protection' is a racket.

Yet it is a survival urge that cannot allow a breach in its foundation. But what 'survives' is the error - and the tragic consequences of the error persist. A god of fear is a false foundation - but the fear of fear - and the beliefs arising that seek a source of power over a feared nature - are deeply imprinted in and formative of human consciousness. It doesn't matter if it's true or not - they need to believe in it - so it works because they need to maintain the belief - or the St George of Science finds its dragon not only unvanquished but encircling an increasing fear of powerless-ness; the rise of 'irrationality, emotionality and loss of control'. But science is not threatened in any way excepting one neglects to enquire and open to the discovery of truth. Truth is never threatened - but our model of it can seem to be - when we forget it is a model - and take it as true - and live from a false image and suffer it real because in pride we inflated a sense of power that we now cant - or wont - release to what is truly moving here.

It is never the mistake that causes the bigger problem - but the attempt to cover it up. Errors are mistakes from which we can learn. Lies are hatreds we find hard to forgive - and fear of exposure covers lie with more lies. The spell is cast. Who can wake from it?

Down in the comments I saw this:

survivor3305 says:   

It is possible that both sides are correct. Pro vaccine people are right because in its pure form, vaccines do protect and cause no harm like autism. But the anti vaccine people could be right too. It is possible that substances have been added or subtracted from pure vaccines for who knows what reason, causing side effects like autism. One aspect of this controversy is telling. Censorship is so strong and pervasive indicates that a cover-up by some powerful people, which sure makes the anti-vaccine people’s case that vaccines are dangerous in their current form and that a cover-up is in full swing.
To which I responded:

Have a look at the ingredients. I don’t feel ‘pure vaccine’ is linguistically meaningful here. The canary in the mine warned of gas – but the coal dust was killing them slowly.
If anyone crosses that line to research the documentation of a critical perspective on vaccination history, then they walk out of an invisible self censorship that becomes felt IF you give permission to open your mind to listen and learn.
There are many such hidden in broad daylight.

There is an ancient pattern of self-harming or self-limiting as a way to pre-empt expected punishment. This is so pervasive as to be invisibly normal. Or greying down from a spectrum of living contrast to homogeneous lack of vitality and imagination.

There are very many very serious issues with vaccinations that are not addressable because it is enforcing state power, brooking no discussion. Full and true information is necessary for choice to be meaningful. Anti-coercion is an understandable reaction – but a misnomer. Communicate without coercion and deceit. That is not anti anything.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Staged individuality is a mask

Conversation in the themes raised in
The Individual vs. the Staged Collective
by Jon Rappoport

Thanks for this. Your post triggered the following - which I greatly appreciate the journey of writing.

An individual is relational being - that is integral and active within relationships including groups, family's, organisations and cultures. But the "concept" of individuality can be falsely associated with an abstracted and disconnected power to judge and exploit relationships rather than live them. A withdrawal and withholding of true presence under pretext of focusing in what is 'wrong with' the other, the situation or the self. This may disguise itself in forms of apparently positive behavioural strokes and signs by which to pass off a presentation without having to actually connect or relate.

This self-concept is a masked persona with which an individual can identify at expense of real relations and communication, and indeed is invoked or imposed upon the relationship when it is too painful, humiliating, traumatic, or unpleasant to abide or endure and so the sense of independent power is got from the denial of the relationship in which something believed loveless and threatening is being hidden or escaped. This is the basis for the 'wolf in sheep's clothing', the monsters in the 'unconscious, the 'evil within', the 'sinner', and the psychological 'disease'.

Communication breakdown is a relational split that then signifies itself in patterns of behaviour and even physical symptoms that persist until the underlying issue is resolved or re-cognized and re-intgrated to a true relational presence. But meanwhile such 'lovelessness' will spread and replicate by reaction, including being met with suppression, exclusion and denial.

Societal rules operate a 'collective' agreement "not to go there" - as a surface evasion of depth that is generally felt entangling in obligation to be who you are not or to abide what you do not want. The mask allows a temporary form of relationship in which more is unsaid than shared and which soon wears thin, leading to pressure, stress, irritability or depression.

But real relationship denotes a free or spontaneous willingness to share in the presence of life - which is a kind of dance in which we attune more deeply with that which moves us. For presence is not a ritual re-enactment of a past seeking to fill a sense of lack or right a sense of wrong.

Political diatribe conceals a personal grievance in what appeals for collective acceptance and this personifies the breakdown of communication in society writ large. The yeast spreads through the whole batch.

So reclaiming our individuality is a healing of our communication channel that has been redefined in terms of grievance, in which self-hatred always plays a part. This is firstly within our selves in relation to our inner thought, feeling and sensing. Waking up to a network of false thinking and reactive emotionality that operates a conditioned set of responses, is waking to the correction of error - in which thought, feeling and sensing, realign in unified purpose.

It doesn't matter that this awakens a quality of responsibility that seems too difficult. All that matters is the willingness to align in who you truly are and live that as best you can without judging it. The judgement or blame culture, is what is truly difficult. Enacting a 'staged individual' is the root of insanity if at expense of your true feeling being.

Attend and abide in the Living - and let the 'dead bury the dead'. Only the Living can hear this - and those at the cusp of their willingness to accept Life as it truly is. One can only raise from the dead, those who have come to recognize they do not want it, and put it behind them.

Using our perceptions and judgement as a map to our own 'unconscious' or denied mind is bringing the symptom-messengers in that we used to deny and kill... and listening in the heart - in a willingness for wholeness in balance - that is recognisably and tangibly our Life and not a deceiving mind.

Written in response to:

Conrad says:

Yes, do indeed turn OFF the television. Stop being propagandized. But, those who venture into the woods alone get eaten. The Oligarchy doesn’t preach collectivism. The Republican party lauds the individual. They love those little guys who have bought the Trump image of the so-called entrepreneur, those who beat their little chests and proclaim they too can be a millionaire in this land of the free. Those who stand by passively as their beloved shoe factory closes up and goes off to Indonesia, How pathetic. Do we still have to explain why unions are demonized? My father worked for the newspaper industry when workers had some clout. They had worked out a modus vivendi with the industry. They were highly skilled , well paid and were respected even by management. Get this: if a worker wanted a vacation, any time, he/she put their name on a board and whoever was available could take their place for the alotted time off, and no job was lost. Business still made a huge profit, and workers lived a respectful life.
You can band with others and still be an individual. In fact, when the collapse happens, you had better get to know your neighbor. See Cluborlov dot com.

Upon re reading, I also replied:

Terms can flip. Collectivism as I take it, means the subjugation of the individual to the rights of the collective – that are defined and enshrined in law by the oiligarchy (I like that typo, so I leave it in).
Neo liberal – is anything but tolerant. Neo con is anything but conserving a Republic for and of individuals.
The tv operates an extension and reflection of ‘push thinking’ and passively received image without relational communication, so as well as pulling that plug, we can actively pull or attract what is relevant and resonant to who we are – rather than force feed some notion of who we are ‘supposed to be’.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Dystopian Prophecies - can we envision a Future?

Huxley to Orwell: contrasting dystopias
(This links to a letter from Huxley to Orwell - and a page of comments beneath)

This I commented to the main article:

Within the core plot lines, the consolidation of power divides humanity into masters and slaves - not unlike HG Wells in The Time Machine; predators and prey. This is 'hidden' from plain sight by controlled narratives of history, education, and governance. It is a diversionary play by which to manage or bear the life allotted - for stepping out of line will bring down as likely the hatred and invalidation of  a mob of peers - as a result of manipulated opinions that may operate with hardly a little nudge here and there. Because we are in the main so powerless? Or because we in the main are entangled in suggestion by which we limit ourselves, undermine, ourselves, censor and mask our true presence, giving over to those who seem to do for us what we feel unable or unwilling and giving us the withheld position of criticizing and opposing when 'leaders' and 'systems' don't provide what we in effect demand - largely to remain unconscious of our responsibilities as consciousness. The blame game is predicated on guilt and outsourcing as much as possible to anywhere and anyone else. Power-lust is guilt and fear driven - even in its supporting net-bot population.
Ideas are the foundation of every definition, belief and thus of every action and response. But one cannot change an idea with a counter idea - for that only reinforces it. We have to recognize and OWN the ideas or definitions by which we live in order to be in the freedom to choose a different perspective where the old or current identity is found to be not representative of who you or indeed we feel and know ourself to be.
An identity conformed by negatively conditioned 'thinking' operates denial of such a noticing - as a survival trait - and that has been a key role in power on Earth. Terror symbols and triggers regulate our 'consciousness'. Even the 'positive' is generally framed in negative terms of 'free from', power that subdues evils and limitations, but all in the shadow of pain and death.
The human conditioning is so deeply imprinted that challenging or questioning it is reserved for the deranged - for sanity is redefined by tacit agreement to be the adaptation to survive and prevail WITHIN the conditioning - not to abide in Reason regardless of the force of terror - or indeed of rage, shame or self-hatred.
But I point to the 'place' no one wants to feel - but which is pervasive of our lives whether our 'consciousness'  opens to notice and feel it or whether it is successfully repressed and projected away to 'others' who carry the past we don't even recall though it recycles the same pattern regardless the form-changes.
When psychological defences break down - there is a choice as to whether to give more power to externalized systems of control - so as to get back in role, or whether to wake up to wonder what is defending what - and against who. That is to be stirred to a curiosity and willingness to know that is not framed within the social or even human matrix - so much as a willingness to presence that is not fear-defined control. Now I know that when this rises for us we at first identify it with outer conditions which change, seem to betray us or are denied us by forces we cant control. And perhaps we give up on joy in being - there and then and believe love is weak, heretical or treacherous and at best a dream of a private wish that can never be - yet can never quite be utterly banished wither.
There is every conditioning to 'forget' here and little to hold faith with what revealed itself true - regardless that our minds were then triggered into hate and fear - for though we mask it even to ourself - these 'negative' feelings move in us  beneath the heavy overcoat of civilised masking.
Finding ourself painted into a corner - at the end of the line - with no more wiggle room - at our wit's end - so to speak - is the great opportunity amidst the inevitably generated crisis - because - whether we like it or not - we are meeting our 'unconscious or denied feelings and the attempt to contain or control them is increasing DIS-order. ...Shadow government and black ops - with 'leaders' and institutions preying on us or abandoning us  - or finding themselves powerless to act amidst ever more complexity of paralysis and indebtedness. the whole thing is a mess - but yet we live this day. And we live this day. The dire consequences unfolding to awareness are disturbing. This disturbance can be used to align more deeply in self-honesty than we have ever allowed before - and when I say 'we' I mean each of us as an individual, for our own reasons - not a collectivist movement of organised assertion.
If readers take me to mean resort to more thinking - they are missing my point. the denial of our feeling being is a dis-honesty that pictures out on our world as an elitism of disconnected self superior 'mind' over Life on Earth. It is a hateful and destructive power - and therefore not creative or serving and creative endeavour. It has to serve - not lead - as a natural expression of relationship uncovered in place of an ancient hatred.

But yes - one can continue in the Great Game and play the role out. Is there a Great Awakening? Disregard opinion - and look and see... and feel. What other path leads on except deeper insanity in darkness with survival possibly worse than destruction. For if human becomes a monster - and many believe we already are a virus on the Earth undeserving of life - then mutate and toxify and bio-manipulate without check or borders and open scenarios of hateful suffering and misery unimagined - except of course by those avidly working such agenda in the pursuit of their prize.

Other comments I responded to:

shaksvshav said:

The non-fiction bible for thought control is Edward Bernays’ ‘Propaganda’. The methods recommended have proven and are proving successful enough for now.
” The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

My reply:

Power is a short lived evaporation. Admittedly the time scale may seem slow – but the power over life is always the hollow dysfunctionality of an insane choice – and an insane world is no ‘victory’.
For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Judge not – lest ye be judged. What you give out is what you get back. As you reap – so shall you sow.
The reason we are generally a net-bot of hacked minds is simply an acquiescence of will. Or rather it is the conforming within a denial of blaming and guilting true willingness – so as to limit, cage, divide and conquer. But this is not victory – but death. Though for some these are one and the same.
Manipulators do not see their own ‘back-doors’ such is the diversion and seduction of power and the promise of ‘protection’. Of course they can ‘get away with it’ – but their reward is the fruit of their choice – while mine is the fruit of
what I accept as worthy, meaningful and true.
Mind-control is the frequency of ‘possession’ and if your believe your need to control your experience, relationships or feeling being – then perhaps what possesses you is holding onto something you value that costs you a true awareness and appreciation of Life?
I do agree that your quote points a direction – and that is to look into our consciousness and awaken from false foundations by which we are deceived. Because – whether it is fashionable to say so or not – the deceiver is in our midst – and I mean that personally – not merely politically. I say: use the outer reflection to awaken a true communication within. What is that? Try it and see. If I tried to substitute my though for your discovery, I would be joining the realm of deceit or substitution for truth.


We seem to have reached the point where Brave New World, 1984 and The Matrix have melded.

My reply:

The consciousness that fragments to operate world within world is a split mind. My dear friend J says ‘resist ye not evil’. People don’t want to hear this because without ‘fighting evil’, it would have to be owned – reintegrated to a greater perspective, and the war on terror would no longer keep the homeland under notional security. We’d have to discover other ways to live – or at least we have a tremendous incentive!