Thursday, 28 October 2010

'Haitch' or 'aitch'? How do you pronounce 'H'?

Reflections on language and its usage.

Our ego identity or self image is expressed and in part maintained by adopting particular and peculiar terms and modes of expression.
In other words we are not only expressing a class or regional instance - but are expressing a  - lets say - generational or current consciousness.
This is so obvious when looking and listening to archive tv.

in all our expression and presentation we can fulfil  the desire to self-differentiate as individual or as a group member - as well as to blend in for acceptability or mask oneself so as not to suffer exclusion or unwanted attention.

I tend to discern between consciously intended language and cloned template delivery - in the latter I see a mask that can ‘lock one in’ as well as seeming to keep risk - or life - out.

So I do not so much care for the form in itself as for the purpose in consciousness that the form serves. I enjoy language that has a sense of care in it - as well as a richness of expression. Much of human 'communication' is a facade designed to avoid communicating? (That’s not a real question - but a reference to the intonation often brought to the close of a statement - a la Neighbours-speak)

That there are deeper strata of causative influence at work behind all change - a kind of development and evolution, (or perhaps mere kaleidoskope), of collective idea - is perhaps evidence that our so called independent identity - with all its proofs of presentation - is itself just an expression of an idea and not real in and of itself. A collective mind that plays at being a free market competition?

So I have a sense that differentiation is an algorithm built into the human mindset/genome that introduces random mutations or changes  so as to maintain a capacity to play the game (of an independent thinking organism) and believe it.

But - so what for me and my verbiage!

Communication is at root a miracle!