Wednesday, 2 November 2011


 I was offered a link to Marianne Williamson Occupy LA October 12, 2011.

(The Youtube of a video of a recent talk).

I felt prompted to respond to the use of the word smart.


What does 'smart' mean to you?

Does it mean wise?

Does it mean clever?

Is the mixing up and confusing of these capacities the basis by which clever deceptions dis-empower the 100% of their True Inheritance?

The heart is wise.

The mind is clever.

I wrote something on this earlier in the context of the fall of a dictator:

I write into the mainstream news sites with a simple willingness to witness to a perspective that is usually not communicated or available in the mainstream mind.

I write in the trust that the desire for 'a better way', has not been altogether usurped or taken over, by reaction and the manipulation of reaction.

For unless we have some awakened understanding of the nature of our capacity for deception, all 'miracle impulses' will be distorted and misdirected.

Deception always involves hate, fear and judging against - or rejection.

In my experience, the blocks against seeing what is really going on (in our mind) are so self-wilfully impenetrable, that they often require the self-sickness, exhaustion and helplessness brought by war or fundamental struggle.

But in the willingness for Light - for an innocent awareness - we may find we are ALREADY 'painted into a corner' - from which the obvious and necessary path is ALREADY offered us; to release our futility and realign with the Movement of Being - that IS our life felt in wholeness.

To speak openly of our heart's truth is a power - because it is an extension of trust - with no strings attached - at one with the Movement of being.

All else is of the mask and witnesses or 'shares' the power of the mask.

But even a little willingness to drop the mask and allow love's direction, invites a spark to come through. And the nature of the spark is of the same nature as the Light Itself.

All miracles are maximal teaching-learning opportunities.

"A miracle is a service. It is the maximal service you can render to another.
It is a way of loving your neighbour as yourself. You recognize your own and your neighbour's worth simultaneously." ~ A Course in Miracles

If we think that 'Waking Up' is what we do after we have climbed Maslow's pyramid - then never will the 'Kingdom of Heaven' be established in our hearts, our appreciations and our world.

But this is not something to ask of others - but is for those who DO feel the Call, the stirring, the Movement - however dimly.

'Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven' is to pause of our own thought or reaction, listen and feel for the Movement of Being - as the re-opening of the vital component of our every act, and not a 'something to do' that can be added later when everything gets sorted out ...

Because without willingness to doubt or challenge our own experience - questioning our own mind of its thoughts and perceptions - it runs as a blind program whilst giving the illusion of life to a 'special one'.

Blindness not only stumbles in its own confusion - but rides roughshod over the call of others to be heard.

Their call therefore becomes our salvation, because where we actually hear it, is where awakening to Wholeness occurs.

BUT our mentalizations of what their call is imagined to be, are the block to awakening - and allow us to not only avoid our heart's knowing - but use the 'plight of victims' as a weapon in a battle of wills that we are full participants of - and which constitutes a state of wilful ignorance relative to the nature of love, to your Original and True Nature - that you share perfectly with everyone, because you didn't make it.

In Peace


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